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1. name/nickname: ana

2. gender: female

3. star sign: taurus  

4. height: 5'0 LOL

5. hogwarts house: slytherin

6. favorite animal: cats, owls, dogs

7. hours of sleep: it honestly depends lmao, sometimes 12 sometimes 

8. dogs or cats: B OTH

9. number of blankets: one (1)

10. dream trip: japan, america, australia, italy…

11. dream job: filmmaker / director 

12. time: 21:25

13. birthday: may 16 2000

14. favorite bands: twenty one pilots, panic! at the disco, bts, fall out boy & queen 

15. favorite solo artists: ummmm…beyonce?? 

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My Opinion on the Zodiacs
  • Aries: Crazy bitches; lovable but god sometimes it's hard. Don't know whether they are about to yell or cry.
  • Taurus: Super awesome great perfect. A lottle materialistic, kind of stubborn, and makes friends when they are given food.
  • Gemini: I love Gemini's. Complicated on the outside, simpler on the inside. Don't talk about feelings bc they have so much they couldn't possibly describe.
  • Cancer: The perfect parent. Caring, protective, but catch onto and don't put up with bullshit. Usually funny and already know their zodiac sign
  • Leo: These fireballs go from gentle warmth, nurturing the Earth, to damn near roasting it in a second. Emotional, and yet deny emotion. Usually fun and flirty.
  • Virgo: The nerd friend who gets most of what they know from books or other people. Plays an instrument, reads the instructions but substitutes something different if they know better.
  • Libra: Not as balanced as you may think, they search for it more than find it. Indecisive and patient; hard to frustrate. Loves to care for people and will often sacrifice even needlessly.
  • Scorpio: Also emotional, but has no trouble hiding it. Come in a wide variety and it's often hard to point one out. If you want to get close to a Scorp be ready to be more open than them.
  • Saggitarius: The party guy of the zodiacs. Likes to have fun, go on adventures, and take risks. Never holds a grudge, and is usually an open book.
  • Capricorn: The perfect blend of capri-sun and corn. Maybe you like it maybe you don't. That is all.
  • Aquarius: Argumentative grammar Nazi's who can never keep an opinion to themselves. Some how still lovable. Frustrating yet funny.
  • Pisces: All you sweethearts out there, a thumbs up to you. If you've been hurt, it's okay to take a break but remember who you are.