Mercury in Taurus, Thoughts of Value
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We are concerned with what we own; how what we own help us, and how these things bring pleasure into our lives. What clutters our life clutters our mind; how can we simplify and downsize yet still maintain those things that make us happy?

Our minds are concerned with the money we make, how we make it, and how can we make the things we value work for us. Yet the key to happiness here is finding out how we can use our resources to help others.

What things have you been spending too much time thinking about? Are there too many things you have to take care of? – Have these things been taking up too much of your time? Are you valuing those things and money over people in your life?

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May 1, 2013

One hundred and thirty four

It’s May Day! :D hurray! May actually brings a lot of stress and such at the beginning. Today was sort of just an endurance day; I had a bunch of tests, none of which I was prepared for, so I totally had to pick and choose. The morpheme test in English was the throwaway test. I got a 7/10 at best. But it gave me time to study for chemistry, which was more important.

The chemistry test was relatively easy; I think that I did well. There was one question that was a little sketchy, but I stumbled my way through it. And then the ESS final came last in the day. The test was actually extremely easy, bringing an easy close to the ESS class. Now it’s just the test that I have to worry about.

Volleyball after school was interesting. It was all two on two, three on three, and four on four. Coach was super focused on movement and such. It was actually pretty intense for a supposedly “game day.” We definitely took a lot out of the practice, which is good. It’s the final part of the season, so we need to step up.

Finally, we went to the Coronado and Foothill match. This match decided who won the southeast division; Coronado had to win in four sets to win. Both teams came out very strong with a huge will to fight. Coronado was up 2-1 and tied 19-19 when two *horrible* calls over the next six points basically handed the set to Coronado. I have confidence that Coronado would win anyways, but it’s sad to see the referees control a match like that. But either way, kudos to Coronado. They played one heck of a match. We’ll see them in playoffs!

And that’s all that happened to Jack on May 1, 2013.

EDIT: Our volleyball team had an article written about them in Nevada Preps. I had a great quote relating our volleyball team to “Jaws.” And there are some great unattractive pictures of me hitting. Everybody should go check the article out!

I spend so much time outside after work today and it was great. 

My mom texted me before I left work to pick up sour cream for tacos so when I went to the grocery store I saw some flowers that were really pretty so I bought her some purple, white and green ones (and then almost forgot my sour cream at the store). 

I got home and surprised my mom (who never, ever, ever  gets flowers) and she was so so happy, 

I sat in the backyard while my dad finished up the tacos and talked with my mom about my day. 

After dinner I took my dog for a walk to the beach again and we ran into so many lovely people (and their dogs) on the way. Toby ran in the water just as excited as the first few times I’ve brought him so I’ve decided that since the weather is getting warmer beach trips are a mandatory thing for him. We took a walk through the Grove on the way home and it was just so silent and peaceful. 

I painted my nails when I got home (my finger nails lasted a total of 45 minutes before I had to take them off because I’d smudged them so badly), and then made a green tea and went in my backyard to do some stretching/yoga again.

I absolutely love this weather and being able to be outside and not miserably cold or hot or wet or whatever while I’m out. 

May 1, 2013 9:42 PM

I am a mess right now. I am standing in my room looking outside at my nephew :’( it hurts so bad not being able to hug him. This is just so sad. And bad. And I’m getting mad. Whoooooa. It’s a rhyme! Haha. Yeah. I am spontaneous like that :)) I can hear my little man’s voice. He’s soooo chatty. I love it :“> am I making any sense at all? Sorry if I’m not. This is just how I write. Just random things. Nothing in order. If I wrote a book, I’m quite sure no one would want to read it. Coz it sucks. And I don’t want to publish a book anyway. Haha. I wanna say rubbish. I love rubbish. Rubbish. Rubbish. Haha :D

Random thought! How do I ask a girl on a date? I mean like a real date? I’ve never been to one and I don’t know how it goes or how it’s planned or anything. Now I have to label two jars,camera money and date money hahaha I want a camera so I could just take a video of random things. My phone isn’t cooperating with me so I want a camera :) and I need a massage. My body is in reaaaaal paaaaaain. Ooooh. Mani-pedi!!!! I need that! I’m gonna do a lot of things when I get out ^_______^

Just FYI, I am being isolated in my own room because I had RAI (radioactive iodine) therapy. It’s for my hyperthyroidism. I can’t go out till May 9 and it really sucks. Aaaand because of this therapy, I won’t be able to enjoy my birthday. The original plan was to have an all nighter with the friends. But since I got complications coz of my disease, it won’t happen.

This is already a veeeeerrrrrry loooooong post. I shall end with, LOVE IS FOR EVERYONE :D I don’t know why I ended with that. It’s just spontaneous HAHA byeeee :)

may 01/ what being AANHPI means to me

By April D. Rongero, APIASF Staff

It’s cliche, but I was actually on the receiving end of those playground “ching chang chong” taunts. I can still recall the panic, frustration, and anger that welled up in my chest as I shouted back, “I’m not even Chinese!”

Being Asian American – and Filipino American, Texan, and a woman – is complicated. It means I’ve been attempting to understand my identities since my youth. It means I’ve sometimes wondered whether I was too Asian or too American, or not enough of either, and if any of that really means anything at all. It means searching for faces that look like mine on TV, in magazines, and in the movies, but coming up short.

But, it also means having a community with which I can celebrate successes and lament failures, and it means having a rich history that I can only continue to learn from. It means feeling a sense of comfort when I hear someone speaking Tagalog or some other Filipino dialect, even though I don’t understand a word of it. It means pride and hope, and an unconditional love for SPAM. Being Asian American means all this (and then some) to me…

What does being AANHPI mean to you?


day 365: look back to your first post of this challenge, asking ‘Post a picture of yourself and tell us your hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days’ did you achieve any of these goals? And post a picture.


Old Mahathi:
My goals for the next 365 days are really simple. I just want to improve my grades because for now those are the only things that will help me be successful in life. I want to do good on the SAT and i want all my decisions for this year to reflect positively on the colleges I apply to. I don’t really have any personal goals except for maybe i want to stay stress free with a healthy body and mind. For right now im not worried about doing something meaningful with my life, because i have a bunch of time for that later once im settled and all. Maybe i should consider giving up all the awkward gossip and drama….hehe no.
New Mahathi:
haha well i wasnt totally successful with all my goals. i feel like the way i did this year could have been a lot more different. i do feel like i have a healthy body and mind and i know whats right and whats wrong. I am more concerned about my goals and the future and where im headed. and i think i still have the same amount of awk gossip and drama lolol. 

Old Ashika:
Well my goal for the next year is to start being more focused in school and prioritizing my stuff. I am a huge procrastinator and well i want to change that. Also, i just want overall really good grades so i can get into a good college especially since junior year is like the most important year of your life. But then again i also want to be able to get a job soon and earn my own money so i can save up my own dough for my own needs and be more independent. I mean right now, my only concern is acing the APCS test on tuesday :P so yeah . HERES TO A YEAR OF HARD WORK. DEDICATION. FUN.. DRAMA. Life. :P
New Ashika:

Haha well the new me didn’t exactly change procrastination wise, same old me. haha but lol idk i wasn’t too successful with what i wrote here a year ago but overall i guess i have changed for the better. i’m more mature and i guess definitely have become more independent. it’s funny how i mentioned my comp sci AP exam and i just finished up my junior year AP exams. wow. can’t believe a year has actually gone by. I’m actually going to miss this challenge. even though it was just plain annoying to keep up with all 365 posts, in the end i guess it was always nice to reflect back on parts of life and evaluate things i wouldn’t have thought of doing. :) Hopefully next year brings better luck :P

Old Us:

New Us:


Day 043

the first pic is just the screenshot of california tortilla tweeting at me. lmao. i ended up e-mailing them and they didn’t even offer me free fuckin food. they were just like “we just wanted to see if you were ok” like fuck that where’s my fajita platter at

anyway. i ended up boarding the metro at the same time as patrice, same car and everything. guess it wouldn’t be too hard to stalk me, eh? i get on the same car every time. i met up with her at dupont circle to eat pho at some place called pho eurasia. used to be called saigon bistro. dunno what happened… prices got jacked up like crazy. had my pho and had my beer and broke out in severe-ass hives from just the one bottle. we went to cvs afterwards and got popsicles and ate them at dupont circle like bosses.

after work, i headed over to guitar center real quick to check on some equipment i might want to buy… it’s about time i actually get started on recording music… afterwards, i went to popeyes with monty, then we went back to his place and watched community, and he educated me on music equipment i should buy. 

It Was Almost Like An Anime...

May 1, 2013

It was math test day. I was not looking forward to it. I missed most of my homework assignments and I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing. Luckily, with the help of my awesome friends, Isabelle, Clarrise, and Daryl. I remembered what I was doing.

We usual spend time to study at Isabelle’s dorm building like usual. However, I was running a little late because my dad wasn’t home at the moment. By the time I arrived, it seems like the group was almost done studying. Pretty soon, we were done studying and we had an hour left to hang out before Isabelle and Clarisse had to head to class. And so, it seems like a good idea to eat. I wasn’t really expecting this. But I thought the idea was a lot of fun and I get to hang out with them besides studying and doing homework and school related things.

With that, we decided to go to the corner and get some Chinese food, the usual. As we were walking, Isabelle thought of making a “To Do List.” It was going to be filled with stuff that we should be doing in the future. That sounds exciting. We all thought it was great. We started to come up with ideas of what what we should do. We had to brainstorm about some.

(I will put the list in the end…)

After we got some food, the area was crowded because it was lunchtime. I saw available table. But Isabelle didn’t want to sit there because there were people from her business fraternity because she felt a little awkward. But there were no other seats around. At first, we were planning to eat like hobos on the steps. But there was a campus parking structure near by the Chinese place. From there, we were once again planning to eat on the steps. But we got a better idea to go eat on the roof. It was almost like an anime of those typical scenes when the characters would eat on the roofs of their school. The closest thing I got was a parking structure and that works. And so we decided to continue making that list and read our fortune cookies (sadly I don’t remember what everyone’s said I just know that Clarrise was the funniest and using a lot of energy in bed.

That day was a blast besides that math test. But it made me a little excited even though there was a test in a matter of hours. Spending time with Isabelle and Clarrise is always fun. I can’t wait til we hang out again.

I can’t wait til we get started!

To Do List:

  • Dungeons and Dragons (Already coming up with plots and characters)
  • Road trip (Fun to go to San Francisco)
  • Metro
  • Get Jobs(…? I don’t remember if that was part of it… But that is someday)
  • Amusement Park
  • Beach (Like the pier or something) 
  • Going to my elementary school festival (Coming around September)

So today, both of us kinda forgot about this…as a result we thought of the first thing that came to mind which was flowers and feet for Tim while I was saying food because I was starving! So of course, girls get their way so today’s theme was food, which a lovely thing!!

Hannah - Fried Hot Dog and Rice

One of the best comfort foods in this whole dang world!!

Tim - BJ’s Calamari

BJ’s calamari isn’t very tasty. Or maybe that’s due to
my cold…