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New prehistoric animal banners from my RedBubble!

These are available as stickers or art prints*. Represent your favorite extinct animal with their respective hashtags (in the RedBubble entry descriptions for each animal). 

These will be updated regularly with every new prehistoric restoration I churn out! Check out the ones I’ve got done on my art Instagram or Tumblr tag.

Thank you & have a lovely day!

*continued interest may spawn the creation of other merchandise with similar designs for each animal in the near future; throw pillows, shirts, etc.


ladies and gentlemen may I present to you my latest and greatest creation,


May 2016

Creation Chicago 2016 - Lana Parrilla afternoon panel [partial clip 2] [clip 1]

Reasons YJ should have continued...
  • BATMAN: Superman, get over the fact that Connor's other parent is one of your enemies, that he was created without your knowledge, that his existence makes you figuratively a deadbeat dad and that he was literally trained to kill you. Take the boy in hand.
  • SUPERMAN: (holds up Damien by scruff of neck)
  • BATMAN: God dammit.

Ain, the Envoy of The Goddess, Is Making His Way Towards Elrios. He’s Descending Soon!
By GM Amelia

Heya adventurers! Remember that silver-haired guy? Who knew he was so important to the El Search Party that he became a member! Just goes to show that you too can become a member if you have silver-hair, are good-looking, and an angel sent by a Goddess! Believe in yourself, adventurer! We have all manners of Christmas-y stuff for you at the Item Mall to get you in a jollier mood, so don’t forget to check that out tomorrow!

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A Dua for The New Year

Oh Allah, renew our child-like awe for all the wonders in this world. Let us be humbled by and filled with purpose to protect all the Majesty of Your creation. May we remember You more often than we did the year before. May we seek you in times of triumph and times of despair. May we understand that all has been perfectly designed by You, and that we are exactly where You have decided us to be. May we continue to build and improve our character.

Oh Allah, You recreate the entire universe and beyond at every infitisimal moment, recreate our own life so we can be guided back to the straight path. Oh Allah, for our problems that seem insurmountable or unfixable open pathways we did not know exist, for only You can create doors. Oh Allah, for all the tears I have shed, forgive those who have caused me pain and bless them with the best in this world and the next. Oh Allah have them become the source of inspiration for my own character. Oh Allah, for all those I have caused pain to, allow me to correct my transgressions and improve upon my soul. Oh Allah, open up a pathway that cements a better relationship, and one based on trust and love.

Oh Allah, I’ve committed so much wrong this year, steer me back to You. Oh Allah, forgive me. Oh Allah, let me become the coolness of my parents eyes. Oh Allah, heal any pain in my family. Grant us strength and patience and resilience.

Oh Allah make us like those who bring lightness to others souls, who lighten the burdens in this world, and expect nothing in return. Oh Allah, let us be those who bring relief to communities in pain and torment. Oh Allah, prevent us from being oppressors. Oh Allah, allow us to grow and humbly correct our wrongs. Oh Allah, make us aware of our prejudices and wrongs so we can become more loving, compassionate people. Oh Allah grant us compassion and forgiveness.

Al Ghafur, eraser of sins, erase our sins so it was like they never existed. Al Wadud, the most loving, grant us your love so we feel secure in our Islam. Ar-Rahman shower us with your Mercy.

Oh Allah grant all our loved ones jannat.

The Final Problem Reactions

Alright. So I watched the episode last night, have talked with my best friend about it and have read countless posts about how so many people think Moftiss was queerbaiting and how it was not a good episode. 

I’m sorry, but after sleeping on it, I think that last night’s episode was really, really good! I may be in the minority, but Moftiss has said that they weren’t going to tell the Johnlock story, like in the screenshot below. I know, I was kinda hoping that we were going to get a kiss as well, but Moftiss did what they wanted to do, not what we thought they should do. They’re the writers of the show, let them tell the story that they want to tell. We still have our imaginations and can still put John and Sherlock together in our minds and our creations. It may not have actually happened, but the writers can’t take our imaginations away from us. So don’t hate on the writers just because they didn’t include Johnlock. 

Anyway, last night’s episode was really good! 

1. We finally found out who “Redbeard” was and how he wasn’t a dog, but a person, and not only that, but SHERLOCK’S BEST FRIEND! Sherlock had a best friend when he was a kid! Who would’ve thought! 

2. We get to see more of Mycroft and Sherlock’s relationship. Like when Sherlock told him that he did well playing a character (I can’t remember the name of Mycroft’s character that he played).

3. Sherlock finally says “I love you” to Molly Hooper! Yeah, we all would’ve preferred it if he would’ve said it to John, but again, we’re finding out that Sherlock has feelings!

4. The Holmes parents make an appearance! They finally find out about their daughter and what she is. 

5. The ending. John and Sherlock put the flat back together and they were happy and their lives were back to normal, solving cases and taking care of Rosie together!

6. We see Rosie again!

7. We finally see Jim Moriarty! I don’t know about you, but I kind of missed him. It’s too bad that he helped Eurus make this sick minded plan to torture her brothers, but he had some pretty cool scenes, like when he got off the plane. :)

8. Sherlock calls Greg GREG! He actually remembered his name for once! xD

All in all, it was a dark episode, but Moftiss did tell us that this series was going to be darker than the rest. I enjoyed it, it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

I do sincerely hope that they do a series 5, but with Ben and Martin’s schedules being so busy, I don’t think that there will be any more. If you find evidence that there will be a series 5, please tell me! Until then, I’ll be rewatching these episodes again and again. 

Until next time,

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Blogger (Ann) <3

Let’s not forget Eve was created later on for Adam

Before she came along, it was just Adam basking in the beauty of the Holy One. God created that special basking time and called it singleness; that way He and his creation may have a one-on-one meaningful relationship. 

Yes, God did create singleness, not to torture us but to reveal Himself to us before He gives us our adam or eve that we may have them for better or for worse. The same God who created singleness, is the same God who created the relationship Adam and Eve had and called it a romance. He created this kind of a relationship that He may also reveal Himself to both, adam and eve as they become one

Don’t hate the season you’re in. Being single may be hard, but trust that it is the same platform Christ uses to make Himself known, as He does when He unites two people together. Embrace the season He has you in, He knows what He’s doing


Tonight is the first night of Chanukah! 

On the first night of Chanukah, millions of Jews  in Israel and abroad will Light their Menorah’s and shine that flicker of Light for the world to see in the darkest of corners around the world.The Menorah’s light symbolizes a beacon of hope–reminding us of the Chanukah miracle,the struggle and–ultimate victory–of the weak Maccabees reminds us to never give up hope.

To all of Am Yisrael, and to all of the world, Chanukah Sameach. MayHaShem bring us the geula, and with it peace for Am Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael, and peace and joy for all His creations.

May we all have a happy and healthy Chanukah. Chanukah Sameach!

חנוכה שמח


May 2016

Creation Chicago 2016 - Rebecca Mader Sunday panel [partial clip]

anonymous asked:

is there any canon information for red sand ? Like when it was discovered and does it really work like some kind of space cocaine?

I’m really sorry I’m so late in replying to this. 

So there is information.
From the wiki: “Red sand was originally created by criminal triads on Mars from refined element zero, and may take its name from the planet. As eezo is also used to create medicines, red sand’s creation may have been a "fortunate” lab mistake.“

I would think, since it was discovered on Mars in our system with element zero, that the creation of red sand is pretty recent.

I remember having a discussion once about red sand and whether or not it was more like weed than cocaine and a lot of people intervened to say it was definitely more like cocaine. It’s a stimulant that enhances biotics, but non-biotics take it as well.

From the wiki: "When taken nasally, red sand creates a brief but intense euphoria, and gives the user very short-term telekinetic biotic abilities. Side effects include red-tinting of the user’s vision, discolouration of the teeth and longer-term withdrawal symptoms.”

Does that help? The wiki link will definitely give you all the information!

Just yesterday i got to know there is a man in my local area who leaves food for birds every morning. And every morning the birds wait for him near his house because they know he’ll feed them. And it just reminded me of that hadith where the Prophet (ﷺ) mentioned a man was granted paradise for removing a branch of a tree from the road.

Subhanallah, and it’s little deeds like this that Allah loves and appreciates so much that He forgives all your sins and enters you into His paradise because of it.


You got me thinking twice to just breathe
Then you say I won’t survive if I leave
But I got a couple of tricks up my sleeve
I no longer need your attention, at ease