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Things Obi Wan would say to you:

- “Be calm. Focus.”
- “It’s all in the wrist, (Y/n).”
- “How many times must I save you?”
- “You look beautiful today.”
- “You need to relax. May I help you?”
- “Your eyes are strangely captivating.”
- “Please don’t leave me.”
- “I can handle myself.”
- “Good job. You broke it.”
- “May I kiss you?”
- “Don’t stop, (Y/n). Please.”
- “May the Force be with you.”

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Yui-chan kawaii!!!!*hugs her then whispers in her ear*can we trade places please you can experience the outside and I can be a hermit here *grins and look at the males * congratulations I'm now your new pet hermit *grins and spots kanato* kawaii!!! *goes to hit him but stops and pouts* kanato-sama may I hug you please!!?

Yui: I think I’ll pas-

Kanato: And why would I let a filthy human like you hug me?

BTS In Kindergarden
  • Teacher: Oh, you're such a good child, Seokjin, even if I don't think sharing your cookies with the other kids is healthy...
  • Teacher: Yoongi, please wake up. It's two hours past naptime.
  • Teacher: Darling, Hoseok, may you please stop touching your forehead? You're getting paint all over your hair.
  • Teacher: Oh... Namjoon. Be careful. I don't want the other bookshelf to fall, too.
  • Teacher: Jimin! What the f- uh, what are you doing? No, I don't care if you're showing it to Yoongi, he's asleep and- Jimin, pull your shirt down! You don't have abs yet!
  • Teacher: Taehyung, have you seen Jeongguk? You know he's new and- oh. You're, uh, cuddling. Nevermind.
  • Teacher: Welcome, Jeongguk! Please make some new friends- oh, yeah. [giggles and takes a picture]

To whom this may concern,
Please stop assuming that you know me based off of what I post or reblog on tumblr. Shits getting reall aggravating cause y'all expect a bitch to either pop pussy on a handstand or be metaphysical.
This is a social media site and a mobile app. I could be at Disney land typing a post about how I’m lonely, I could be cashing checks talking bout how I’m broke. Either way YALL DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL I DO OR WHEN I DO IT. So STOP ASSUMING YOU DO.
Thank you,

Fever Dreams - A Brutasha Fic

Okay, so, some poor anon prompted me for this eons and eons and eons ago and I have finally completed it! I don’t think it’s perfect but it’s gotten to the stage that I’ll post it at so here we are. 

Title: Fever Dreams 

Summary: Brutasha oneshot based on the prompt: ‘I thought you were dead’ Extended/alternate farmhouse scene, obvious AOU spoilers, probing into what Wanda might have forced Bruce to see that led to the incident with Hulk in Johannesburg that spills out when Natasha confronts him about it afterwards. Mixed perspective between Nat and Bruce. 

Teaser“The code words, the holding back, the lullabies, the precautions, the control he thought he’d had suddenly seemingly laughable. Paper chains and hollow, wooden shields that, when faced with the Hulk, had been ripped and torn and shattered to fragments, along with their blind delusions that he could be safe, that he could be tamed, that he could ever be anything like a hero.”

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  • [After Smoke and Shadow in the Royal Palace]
  • Fire Lord Zuko: *stares out of a window and sighs*
  • Mai: What’s wrong, Zuko?
  • Zuko: Mai, I can’t stop thinking about Azula. Wondering where she could be, who she’s hanging out with… What is she thinking? Is she thinking of me? And if we will ever meet someday…
  • Mai: Oh, please Zuko, you have to stop sitting around and wondering about Azula. Wondering where she is, who she’s hanging out with, what she’s thinking, whether she’s thinking of you, and if you’ll ever meet someday… you have much more important things to do.
  • Ty lee: Me too, Mai, I just can’t stop thinking about Azula. Wondering where she could be, what she’s thinking… and if she's going to return someday.
  • Mai: *crosses her arms and sigh patiently* Ty lee, she already slapped you, she got her revenge, she has nothing to do with you anymore.
  • Mai: And for love of Agni guys, your mother, Zuko, never stop saying the same thing since her return, so please let's stop this.
  • Suki: *Enters into the large room hastily* Zuko!
  • Fire Lord Zuko: What's there Suki? Is Azula came back?
  • Suki: No, it's about the former Fire Lord, Zuko, your Father.
  • Zuko: What's that about him?
  • Suki: He gone crazy, he just doesn't stop wondering about Azula. Wondering where she could be, what is she thinking, what she has done, and he's going to make her pay and grovel someday.

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Being Peter’s best friend and dating him would include…

  • Helping each other with homework (Meaning you stealing his science papers all the time)
  • Waltzing into his apartment as if it were your own home, because the two of you practically live at each other’s places
  • Stealing his food
  • “Pete, I’m taking your pop tarts, ok?”
  • Being given a spare key into his apartment block
  • Aunt May telling you embarrassing baby stories of Peter, and, even better, showing you pictures
  • “There was this time he got obsessively attached to this teddy bear, he never let it go and-”
    “Aunt May, please stop.”
  • Knowing him better than anyone else
  • Which means you knew he was Spider-man immediately
  • “Peter, you’re a terrible liar. I know that you’re Spider-man, just admit it.”
    “Wha- no… I’m- I’m not Spider-man.”
  • Sassing him all the time
  • Tony taking an instant liking to you when he comes to recruit Peter
  • “You know, Spider-ling. I’m beginning to think about taking your girlfriend to Germany instead.”
  • Peter always being over-protective, even though you’re more than capable of taking care of yourself
  • Constantly scaring him just for the fun of it
  • Aunt May always asking ‘when the wedding is’
  • “Should we have a chocolate or vanilla wedding cake?”
    “Aunt May, please stop.”
  • Being the one to persuade him to fight with the Avengers
  • “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. You can’t turn it down!”
  • Throwing paper wads at him when he’s doing his homework
  • Hugging him from behind whenever’s he’s stressed
  • Stealing his web-shooters and making random words around his room
  • “Y/n, please stop writing ‘dorkasaurus’ on my wall.”
  • Attempting to try on his Spider-man suit
  • Overall being an adorable couple


I. of Melophobia

I just met twenty_one_plants a few weeks ago, and god. Their works mean the life right now. Can not live without. I swear. And I felt I could not go away from the feeling-ocean. I need to try to stop. Yeah. I already know that is impossible.

At least I tried with this drawing…

This is my first fanart for their work but I hope not the last. (Fortunately this is a serie inspired by Cage the Elephant’s Album “Melophobia”, so I am pretty sure, I am going to draw more…)

Read the killer lifesaver: You May Take My Eyes: Spiderhead

Thank you. Never stop. Please.

  • Person: * is rude to me because I ship Sheith *
  • Me: Excuse me... May you please stop..?
Jackson Wang

To all who worry about him:

First off remember that he worries more about us, the fans, than I think we all realize. Please remember he is a strong soul. No matter what he does he will do his best and take care of himself. Do not worry and send much love. He is selfless and I know he worries more about us worrying about him.

Secondly his company will take care of him. I wouldn’t ever dream to think he is being forced into anything. I actually believe he may be denying to stop working. You know he loves to please and make us proud, but also his parents. I hope this post can maybe bring some faith back into Jackson. He may be tired. He may work very hard, but he’s doing what is best. Have a beautiful day all of you. ❤️

Daddy// part. 2 (Derek Hale)

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Summary: Continuation of the first one, here. Part three.

Warnings: Mild language

Word count: 1,240

Word density: “Love”


“Melissa, come on.” You said, dragging her over to where her sister was.

Talia was barely awake. Her head lulled to the left side a little. She smiled at something that the boys were saying to her. It’s been awhile since you’ve seen her smile.

“And then Vader says, ‘Luke, I am your father’, and then-.” Deaton stopped the boy.

“Stiles, may you please take the girls to the back and finish your performance there.” I watched as the boy picked up Talia and walked her to the back, Melissa following.

“I need to know what happened.” Deaton asked, Derek stood beside me.

“Um, the girls went to a sleepover and Talia ate a cupcake. Melissa doesn’t like cupcakes so she didn’t eat one. Melissa said right after she ate it is when she got sick. That was a week ago. I saw a witch, she said it was wolfsbane but didn’t understand how she was still alive.” You explained to Deaton.

“Well if she’s been holding on this long, maybe there’s a chance I could come up with some way to reverse the effects of the wolfsbane. It’s going to take me awhile, but I keep trying” Deaton grabbed his clipboard and walked back to where Talia was.

You were alone with  Derek and you could not be more uncomfortable. You could feel his eyes on you. You could smell the uneasiness coming off of him. All of it was too much too deal with. Your dying child and seeing your childhood crush (that was the father of your children). You walked over to one of the chairs and sat down with your hands covering your face.

“You look tired.” He finally broke the six year silence that was between you two.

“I haven’t slept since Saturday.” You answered, not looking up at him.

“It’s Friday.” He said as he walked over to you.

“I know.” He was now sitting next to you.

“You and Melissa can stay with me while Deaton works on…Talia.” He forced himself to say the name.

“Why would we need to stay with you?” You asked, finally looking up at him.

“Because Deaton isn’t going to let you stay and watch what he has to do to Talia, and Melissa needs a place to sleep. I know you packed clothes, just drive over to my loft, it’s not a burden on me.”

“Derek, I’ll book a hotel room, thanks for the offer but-.”

“But nothing! Look, the six years you’ve been gone have been absolute hell for me. I lost my girlfriend, my best friend, my whole family, and the kids I never knew I had. I don’t know why you left and I don’t know why you never called, but that’s not important now. What’s important is making sure my daughter’s are safe.” He was standing up and yelling.

“You think these six year haven’t been hard on me? I left the only place I knew. I was kicked out of my pack by my own parents! My parents who forced me out of Beacon Hills and cut my connections to anyone from here. I barely finished high school. My pregnancy, sucked! Most women have stretch marks, I have scars! Scars because they were trying to tear me apart from the inside out!”

“Y/N, I didn’t know-.” He started.

“I am not finished yet. You don’t understand how much I loved you, how much I still love you. I just a rebound for you, you never loved me like I loved you. Paige was gone and you were hurt, so you acted like a little child and played with a new toy. A new toy that was begging to be played with, to be loved by you. You took that toy and used it when you felt necessary. I don’t blame you for knocking me up, I blame myself for having sex with someone that would never love me-.” You were stopped by a pair of lips on yours.

Why did you let him kiss you? Why did you allow yourself to get trapped in his beautiful green eyes? Derek Hale was alway viewed as this mysterious man. He had so many layers it was difficult to tell how he was really feeling.

“Mommy.” a small voice called out, causing you two to pull apart.

“Mel?” You turned to see her cuddling a blanket and holding Stiles’ hand.

“Mommy I’m tired.” She wined as she came over and hugged you.

“Don’t worry, Melissa. We’re going to my house now.” Derek said as he picked her up.


“Mommy, how come Stiles couldn’t stay over?” Mel asked as you began to tuck her into Derek’s large bed.

“Because he’s busy, baby. Stiles is in high school. Do you have a crush on Stiles?” You asked and she shook her head.

“No, I like Lydia. She’s pretty.” Mel blushed.

“I think Lydia is pretty too. Come on now, time for bed.” You placed a kiss on her head and began to walk out of the room.

“Night, mommy. I love you more than the stars love the sky!”

“Night, Melissa. I love you more than the moon loves the stars.”

When you walked into the living room, Derek was setting up a mini bed for himself on the couch. Your view on him had changed You weren’t mad that you were a second option, if that. You were mad at yourself for falling in love with your best friend.

“Do you mind if I join you?” You asked causing Derek’s head to pop up.

“No not at all, there’s room here.”

He slid to the side a little it and made room for you on the couch Your head was pressed up against his hard chest, head level to his heart. Just like when you were younger. You thought back to all those night where you would come over in your pajamas with a blanket, those nights where Derek had a stack of movies for you to watch in one night. Those nights where Talia would come home and find you two on the couch cudled up like two bears.

“So, I’m a daddy?” He asked.

“You’re a daddy. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” You sighed.

“It’s okay, I understand that you couldn’t.” He tilted your chin up so that you were looking at him.

“I think I should stay in Beacon Hills longer.”

“Why? You’d miss me too much if you left? That’s so sweet.” He laughed.

“Oh, get over yourself! I think there are hunter back where I live. Plus, I don’t want to drive another six hours with two six year olds-.”

Your heart shattered when you realized that you probably wouldn’t return home with both children.

“Hey, stop. You aren’t leaving, you’re staying here and you’re going to have both girls with you.” Derek protectively wrapped his arms around you.

“I’m scared, Der.”

“I know, I am too. We just have to stay strong.” A soft tear escaped your eye.

“You know you’re wrong, about what you said earlier?” He blurted out.

“What?” You questioned a he pulled you into a spooning position.

“You said that I don’t love you the same way you love me. That’s not true. It took you leaving for six years for me to realize how much I really love you.”

What I think about the signs

Aries: Beautiful. Really energetic ones who loves to tease. Are stubborn and don’t let anyone tell them not to do something. Do you know how hard it is to make sure you don’t hurt yourself if you never listen? Think of how others may feel too. Please stop teasing me, no I don’t wanna fight.

Taurus: Why do you hate to share your food so much? If you eat others, give some of yours too. You’re very lazy, but think of not to take advantage of others to do your chores. Don’t be so egoistic about your family pls. Learn to share.

Gemini: Little bab with so many experiences and too little time to tell all of ‘em. You have a hard time finishing something you’ve started. Trust yourelf the most bc you’re your own soulmate.
You’re not fake you just have so muh going on inside of you. You have the best humor and combacks.

Cancer: Cries as much as laughs. Charming in your own way. Big pleasent eyes with emotions deep as the ocean. A bit clincy. Crybaby but a lovely crybaby it’s nice to have you around.

Leo: Nice nice nice hair. Confident but need very many compliments and you’re so needy. If you find a small flaw with yourself, would you mind not try to change it because God made you perfect the way you are? thanks. Tbh I’m nervous to be around you bc you’re glorious.

Virgo: It’s actually alright if something is not as perfect as you want it to be, please love yourself. Cool person but a bit awkward at first. Can come off as bossy.. But you’re needed and liked. A lot. Sarcastic is your second name. Your sense of humor is so terribile. I love it.

Libra: Probablly the most underrated sign of the zodiac, you’re not just “the nice guy”. It’s so hard for you to choose like calm down it can’t go worse than to hell. Flaunt your talents you’re actually special and it’s hard to forget you. It works better if you don’t try so hard with yourself, that’s life. So positive and never stops laughing no matter where life punches you it’s amazing. You’re loved, you can peel of those layers of who you’re “supposed” to be. We’ll love you anyways!

Scorpio: Hot seducive chilli sauce. I love you because you’re mysterious but hear the banging on your door let me in I want to know what you people think about everything. You’re great thinkers. Playing hard to get is not a game for everyone, try not to hurt people too much.

Sagittarius: Wierd-annoying-chill-talkactive-real life shitposter-adventure searching-trash-friend once you get them out of fifty shades of awkward. If I’m going to travel the world, it’d be with you.

Capricorn: Ambitious little stone. You know what you want and aren’t afraid of it. You’re waterproof. I once befriended one of you Caps and you’re literally an amethyst. Hard simple on the outside but a gem inside, lucky bastard to the one who accedentlly stumbles up on you. Bad and a bit mean and dark humor but it’s okay.

Aquarius: Heyy it’s okay toilet people in, just analys. It’s hard to pin you down but if it’s succeeded, it’s heart-tearing to see you like that. Cheer up, the aliens are watching you, make a good impression. Actuall stoner and your laugh is comforting. You’re the original fangirl. Be proud, and don’t just surrender yourself with positive people, be the positiv person too. Your feelings are legit don’t worry.

Pisces: Trust so easilly you’re like a golden retriver omg. Don’t be too clincy tho because it’s nice to have you around and you’re not alone so don’t be too much. You’re so cute even if you maby don’t think so, you are. Such supporting non-judgemental sweetheart, everyone needs a pisces. Please, tell me all your thoughts and daydreams even if they’re abstract, I personally love them.

Practice (Sam Wilkinson Imagine)


“ Can I please have a preference where Sammy get all mad Bc you forgot to go watch him at his practice so he skips your volleyball tournament just to get pay back please❤️☺️☺️☺️☀️ “

yes you may bb 


It was break time and I stopped, breathing heavily. I looked around the bleachers for Sammy, no where in sight. I shook my head, plus rolling my eyes. He’s never missed any of my tournaments, why is he missing this one? Last one of the season? God dammit..He’s like my good luck charm.

I pulled out my phone, clicking on his contact and hitting facetime. I needed to see where he was, I waited for about 26 seconds till he picked up. He was sweaty and wearing his workout clothes, at the gym. Of course.

“Where are you, and why aren’t you here?!” I ask calmly, before leaving the gym and into the empty lobby.  

“At practice still, alone. Because somebody didn’t show up.”

“Shit” I mutter under my breath, I totally forgot his basketball practice today.

“I’m sorry, I was thinking about the tournament and I just..I’m sorry babe.” I apologized sincerely, I’ve been busy thinking and preparing for this tournament. He shook his head, and sighed.

“Well look like I was busy practicing for my upcoming tournament, and was my lucky charm here cheering me on?” He tilted his head, lifting his eyebrow. He was obviously pissed off, but he was actually hurting my feelings at the moment. We are losing our game right now, and me being the star player hasn’t scored one point. 

“Where were you when I needed you?” He showed the camera to his left, then right side.

“No where to be found.” He added smartly before shrugging to the camera.

“That was just practice Sam, This is a fucking tournament and we’re losing because you aren’t here.” I pulled my eyebrows together and looked at the clock, I had about 2 more minutes left till I had to go back to the gym.

“Well this is just as important to me.” He was getting more angry, and wiped his sweaty face with his spare hand. I scoffed, rolling my eyes.

“You know, I gotta go okay? I’ll talk to you later asshole.” I smile before hitting the end button and going back to the gym, placing my phone back in my duffle-bag. 

Later we finished the game, I was changed and taking out my phone from my duffle-bag. I checked my texts to see a couple from my mom and dad then a whole load from Sam. 

“Babe I’m sorry for being an ass.”

“I’m sorry please answer.”

“I should of been there.”

“It’s your last tournament of the season, and I should’ve been there for you.”

“God, Please text me when you’re done.”

“I will make up for it.”

“I will please you all night.”

“Fuck, Just call me  when you’re done.”

“I love you baby girl.”

I laughed quietly to myself, as I zipped up my bag, throwing it over my shoulder and dialed Sam’s number. I was going to be in for a good night, tonight.