may you arrive at my doorstep safely


This one is for @rienerose and her prompt 

“Erik falls asleep at the Daroga’s house. Meg has hot gossip.”

For this one I’ve gone with the movie verse because I’ve just watched it, with the Daroga thrown in. This one’s from his POV.

I didn’t know what to expect upon opening the door, but to my beguilement the little Giry girl stood before me. Immediately, I knew that this would concern Erik; the man that I had finally convinced to find rest in the delirium he had lost himself in. I had left him in my quarters, sitting on the bed with his head in his hands. I had told him that torturing himself over what had happened would not take back what he had done, and it would not bring her back. I had told him this countless times over the last few hours; had tried to appeal to whatever Erik was left in the Opera Ghost I guardedly called my friend. But he had ignored me, or, when I pushed a little too hard; said a little too much, he had sworn at me in both his native tongue and mine.

When I suggested that he try to rest I received a mere nod in response; as good as I was going to get from Erik.

“Monsieur.” Meg spoke demurely, adding a brief courtesy. She seemed on edge. She glanced behind me, her eyes darting around the room as if searching for someone. He was indeed there, but he was asleep. Or at least I hoped.

“Mademoiselle…” I nodded. I did not want to ask what her visit was pertaining to for that would have been outwardly rude, but I could not for the life of me guess at what she had come to tell me. I hoped that the message she brought would not make things worse.

“Would you like to come in?” I asked, opening the door further and gesturing for her to enter. “You shouldn’t be out in the cold. 

“No, Monsieur.” She spoke, she looked down and continued. “I… must be getting back to maman.”

She didn’t want to enter because she was afraid of my new houseguest – this, I knew. I couldn’t blame her.

“As you wish.” I said. I stepped closer to her. “He… won’t hurt you, you know.”

“Maman seems to think the same thing.” She replied, still looking at the ground.

“Did she send you?”

The girl nodded.

“Please come in.” I offered, stepping back again. “You’ll catch your death out here.”

She shook her head.

I sighed.

“He won’t hurt you, Meg. And aside from that, he is likely asleep.”

She looked at me, as if asking me to convince her further 

“Come. I will make us tea.”

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