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May Mayhem


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For those of us who let things slip over April and are ready to get back on form! 

All i ask is that you reblog this post and add info about your blog, your goals and your story! Post your updates with the tag #cinderellasmaymayhem - measurements, progress pictures, meals, workouts - All of it! I want to see what you’re up to!


Welcome to May’s Challenge!!

I got really behind with things, and never put up the sign up…so we shall have a slightly delayed start to this month…but maybe 3 days is what we need to get pumped to KICK SOME WORKOUT ASS!!!

This month you will be working in groups to achieve points by working out in order to make your group number one!

Each Group Will Be Representing a charity.

In honor of the group that wins with the most points I will donate $25 dollars to the groups charity!

You Have Been Challenged…

You are challenged to work out as many days as you can, and keep track of the time length of your workouts.

Please keep in mind this is a healthy competition to stay motivated with working out. Please do not try and do more than your body is capable of doing, just to win. Stay comfortable, and be healthy about it.

Each week you will submit to me the days that you have worked out detailing what activity you have done to work out and for how long.

I will post weekly updates on where the standing of each group is.

How Do I Get Points For My Group?

You can achieve points based on the below point system in regards to time length of your workout.

  • 15 - 20 Minutes = 4 Points
  • 21 – 30 Minutes – 6 Points
  • 31 – 40 Minutes = 7 Points
  • 41 – 50 Minutes= 9 Points
  • 51 – 60 Minutes = 11 Points
  • 61 – 90 Minutes = 13 Points
  • 91 – 120 Minutes = 15 Points
  • Over 2 Hours = 18 Points

*Note you have to do at least 15 minutes to considered starting off towards working towards points.

How Will This Be Tracked?

This will purely be on the honor system. So please no cheating, and don’t ruin this for others by lying.

I will ask that Monday - Sunday you keep track of your own workouts and times (week one will be Thursday-Sunday)

At the end of Sunday/ beginning of the following Monday you will then message me or *e-mail me your weekly results so that I can mark them down.

PLEASE include the number date, time length, associated points per day, and overall added total.

*I have had a created e-mail for almost a year now specifically for this challenge that you will be given the information for at a later date.

You need to have specifics for each day, just so I know how you achieved your points


  1. 3/2 (Sunday) - 40 minutes walking = 7 points
  2. 3/2 (Sunday) - 30 minutes Gym = 6 points
  3. ¾ (Tuesday) 15 minutes jump roping = 4 points

*It is possible to earn more than one set of points in a day if you do different activities

Reminder : You have until the end of May 3rd  to sign up for this challenge.


11 months ago you would’ve never seen a picture of my legs. I don’t like them: they’re pale, squishy, and bruised in various places. However, 11 months ago I also would’ve never considered buying a pair of shorts or been seen sporting anything that fell above the knees. But that was 11 months ago when I wasn’t happy or the tiniest bit confident. Today on the other hand is a much different story. Today I celebrate 11 months of dedication to being healthy! How will I celebrate? With a workout, of course!

Today’s target areas: thighs and glutes

Today’s workout (in playlist) with weight modifications: “5-Minute Upper-Thigh Workout,” “Lazy Girls Inner-Thigh Pilates Workout,” “Quick Butt-Lifting Workout,” and “5-Minute Thigh-Sculpting Pilates Workout”

Happy exercising! // 3 May 2017


May the 4th be with you! 👍

Morning run out of the way! I got woken up at 530 with a work call so I decided to hit the gym! (I went to bed at like 940 last night so was well rested!)

A friend who also did the Disney Darkside Half sent me my race pics this morning! They are Disney fantastic so they have everything, was very thankful he pulled them down for me! 😊

I am that guy today that brings donuts to work and puts them in the break room! I am abstaining but man do I want one!

Hope y'all have an awesome day!

Tumblr, your girl... is back.

I know, I know; I never /really/ left. I’ve been here, silently reblogging & posting selfies. But truth be told, I haven’t had a real workout since May.

I’m ready though. I’ve been dwelling all night on the fact that I’m “alone” and that “nobody wants me”. I’m wrong though. I have you guys, and I know at least some of you want me around.

I’m waking up tomorrow and going for a walk, maybe I’ll catch the sunrise, who knows. I’m waking up tomorrow knowing that fitness is never going to wake up and decide it doesn’t love me. Fitness will always be there when I feel like I have nobody else.

I know that it’s not always easy, but when I feel like nothing’s going right, or that I’m not making progress, I’d like to ask you guys to help remind me that I got this. Because I do; I got this.

August is next Tuesday and I can’t remember what my goals were for July, but July was a shit show, so I’m not worried. August is next Tuesday and here’s what I’m proposing, for me and for anyone who wants to join me for a month of rediscovery.


- Try something new, or something you’ve tried before but gave up on. For me, it’s going to be yoga. I’ve never given it a fair chance, but I really really wanna be able to do those super fun poses and just be able to really feel in touch with myself.
- I’m not sure who remembers, but when I started this blog everyday I’d post something I was proud of. I want to do this again everyday of August, and I’ll be tagging some of you to do it everyday with me!
- This one is going to be hard, but I want to give up the scale. I weighed in today at 195lbs and I’m not setting a weight goal for August. It’s too much pressure and I don’t need that in my life right now.
- Drink less coffee and more water. Since I started working I’ve been drinking waaay too much coffee, and waaay not enough water.
- Have fun!!! Yes I’m going to push myself, but my wonderful friend ( @jonesprime ) told me I need to start listening to my body, so I’m gonna work on that too.

So that’s my plan until September 1st. I’m gonna work my ass off and I’m going to do my best to report to you guys as much as I can!

@the-fit-geek @morethanjustanumber @armsintheair @fitnessed23 @fitnessgeekandcoffeefreak @plussizeadventure @running-a-fitblr @quadsasaurus-rex @fatmaninalittlesuit @fatgirlgetsfitatlast @mystoryfortheaudienceoftheworld @jonesprime and literally everyone (I know I’m forgetting some super duper people) you guys are all so inspiring and wonderful and I can’t wait to be more active here with all of you!!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

Finally found your page! You're smoking and a total inspiration, godamn praise. Anyway, I'm rather a beginner at fitness, but I've been thinking about going to the gym. At first I just wanted to lose a few pounds, but I'd really like to get some muscle too, and using my body weight at home doesn't seem to be doing much. What machines/ exercises and reps would you reccomend? Also, may I ask your height? I'm 5'4 and I'm not sure if muscle would show on me like it does on you.

im 5′5″ and muscles will show regardless of your height really its all about body fat percentage.. 

for a beginner workout: here is my example workouts from my faq but ive eliminated any workouts i may find challenging/intimidating for beginners (and ive also taken out any repetitive alternative exercises for the same muscle)

the italicized are COMPOUND movements which is what your workout will be centered around as it involves multiple muscle groups.. generally as a beginner rep scheme is not too critical imo but ill provide it because you asked

Bench Press.. 4 sets 8-10 reps
DB (Dumbell) Incline Press.. 4 sets 10-12
Pec (Pectoral) Deck.. 3 sets 10-12
DB Shoulder Press.. 4 sets 8-10
Side Lateral Raises.. 3 sets 12-15
Front Lateral Raises.. 3 sets 12-15
Overhead OR Rope Tricep Extension.. 3 sets 12-15
Dip Machine.. 3 sets 12-15 

Deadlifts (whole body workout).. 4 sets 8-10
DB Row.. 4 sets 8-10
Seated Cable Rows.. 4 sets 8-12
Lat Pull Down.. 4 sets 8-12
DB Curl.. 4 sets 8-12
Rope Hammer Curl.. 3 sets 12-15
Preacher Curl.. 3 sets 10-12
Rear Delts: 
Face Pulls.. 3 sets 12-15
Reverse Pec Dec.. 3 sets 12-15

Back Squats.. 4 sets 8-10
Calf Raises.. 3 sets 12-15
Leg Curls.. 4 sets 10-12
Glute Kickbacks.. 3 sets 12-15
Leg Extensions.. 4 sets 10-12
Seated Leg Press.. 3 sets 12-15
Hip Abduction.. 3 sets 12-15
Hip Adduction.. 3 sets 12-15

ABS (added to one of the above days.. I usually do this w/ legs)
Leg Raises.. 10-15
Planks.. 60-90 seconds
Weighted Ab Crunches.. 4 sets 12-15 

Alright! Here are my before pictures for May! :) This month I’ll be doing Core de Force and 3 Week Yoga Retreat (both Beachbody programs) as well as the 3x a week 5k trainer with my daughter.

I’ve decided to do a month of no weigh ins because I’m kind of getting tired of feeling tied to the scale! The last time I weighed in I was at 230. So, hopefully in June I’ll be below that.

Anyway, here’s to an awesome month!


Today was my first run in a long long time and it was ROUGH. Not only had a taken a good time off from working out because of graduation/moving out but I also hadn’t gone for a run in weeks. My miles were slow and the last few were tough. But I still tried to run happy because bad miles build better miles, right?


JoJaburn with bands. 🔥🔥 today we switched the ankle weight out with super strong bands. #jojalife

The Gym Master stepped out od the shower and stood there while two of his slave boys dried him down. He had just finished an intense arm workout and was feeling pumped. And when he felt pumped, he felt horny. He decided he was gonna have a look who was on the bench press so he could fuck their hole while they lifted.

After he was dressed, he walked out onto the gym floor and he knew straight away something was wrong. Someone was here who wasn’t meant to be. His eyes scanned around until they rested on the cause of the problem.

There was a cop in the gym.

The Gym Master watched as the cop attempted to ask questions to the slaves who were lifting. He wasn’t having any success. The slaves were only programmed to respond to their Master so they studiously ignored the cop and just kept on with their workout.

The Gym Master quickly walked over to the cop and introduced himself as the owner.

“Hi.” said the cop. “I’m Lt Jeff Davies. Is there anywhere we can go to talk about some possible missing persons sightings?”

The Gym Master led the cop into his office upstairs. As the cop sat down in the chair, the Master noticed how attractive he was. In his early 30s, he was toned, with a small amount of muscle - Handsome. He would make a fine addition.

The cop started talking about how a few guys in the local area had gone missing with some possible sightings near the gym. The Master listened patiently, a fake look of concern on his face as the cop continued.

“I thought your patrons might know something, but they’re not very…receptive.”

The Master laughed. “It’s a new training programme I’ve got them on. It blocks out any excess distractions and let’s them train in peace.”

The cop lifted an eyebrow. “Really? That sounds pretty interesting. I might be interested in finding out more about that myself. I could always use more dedication for the gym.”

The Gym Master pulled out his phone and tapped a couple of buttons on it before sliding it over to the cop. “This video explains how it works.” he said.

The cop picked up the phone, just as the first flash hit him. He couldn’t look away. He watched as the flashes increased in intensity. He felt his mind start to weaken. He was trapped.

The Gym Master smiled. He had prepared for this eventuality. The programme the cop was now watching was a heavily modified version of the one he used on his slaves. This would keep the cops personality intact but make him completely subservient to his new Master. This way suspicions wouldn’t be raised and the cop would be working for him.


4 months later, the Gym Master opened a message on his phone. It was his cop slave. The message simply read:

‘Case on missing persons has been closed Master. Awaiting further orders’

The Master smiled. His cop slave had done well. After he had enslaves him, the cop had signed on as a member of the gym. The Master had given him 2 instructions: Close down the missing persons case and build muscle. The first had finally happened and looking at the picture the cop slave had just sent him of him forcing, the second was well underway.

The Master replied. 'Well done boy. For your good work, tonight after your workout you may allow yourself to be fucked by me.’

Happy Tuesday! Today’s #NutritionTalkTuesday may seem MORE workout related but there is healing power in your diet and habits! CELLULITE, I’m sure you have it or know someone who has it. One thing about CELLULITE, it doesn’t discriminate based on weight.
WHAT IS IT? - CELLULITE is caused by fat cells that begin to push on or through WEAKENED connective layers of tissue under the skin causing a dimpled and lumpy appearance
WHAT CAUSES IT - Hormones (this is why women have it more than men) - Lack of exercise
- Lack of muscle tone (strong defined muscles help reduce fat)
- Poor diet
- Dehydration
- Collagen levels
- Where you carry your weight - Total body fat
- Age (as we age hormones change causing weakened connective tissue)
- Tanning (harmful sun rays can break down connective tissue)
1. Watermelon, cucumber, radishes, tomatoes, bell peppers all that are over 90% water. These help with hydration keeping skin plump
2. Flaxseed has healthy fats that promote cell hydration and prevent dehydration of cells
3. White tea is packed with antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties that reduce the break down of elastin and collagen keeping those connective tissues strong
4. Blueberries are full of vitamin c and anthocyanins that encourage collagen fibers to link together to strengthen connective tissue
In a nut shell, eat clean, workout, and stay hydrated to reduce the appearance of CELLULITE! Fortunately these habits will go a long way for your health and weight in the long run. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments, drop them below!

August Goals

Since July was a win-win, I’m gonna make it goals for August. Start out with workouts

You may have already seen this pic from MapMyFitness on the 7.31.2017 workout post.

Workout for 5 hrs per week. This breakdown into:
- 5x 26-30min runs
- 4x strength sessions rotating days of Upper body, Core, and lower body
- Saturdays will be my 100% day
- Sundays remain static as I volunteer at local animal shelter and it’s a workout in itself lol

- I redid my macros to 50c, 25f and 25p. I’ll may progress this to 20f and 30p if I don’t see the slow Progressive gains I want. So, well see.
- continue to monitor my sugar intake to be around 50g per day with a Max of 63g and never go over!
- continue to monitor sodium and potassium. Never go over 2000mg of sodium and 3500mg of potassium
- monitor my meals, ensuring breakfast is at 35-40% of daily calories, lunch 25-30%, snacks preworkout at 15-20% and dinner at 20-25%, thus creating a downward curve throughout the day while afternoon workouts/EPOC create and upward curve throughout the day

Mental Health & Emotional Health:
- continue basic classical conditioning (exposure therapy, Google it) on myself, by myself, for myself, to push myself to a better tomorrow… because I can and I’m worth it regardless of little kids have to say. Its been working so far and I plan on continuing it!!!! Also, in baby steps, pressing my own buttons, and partially triggering my anxiety in regards to Body Positivity posts, handling stress, fears and talking first to new people I meet rather than having you all come to me first, which can be conceived as rude and off-putting. I get that…. Knowing that my anxiety and fears and stress is just inside me and NOT part of the outside world. And I simply have to teach myself that AND make myself believe that. Proving and showing that my anxiety has no power over me, I have power over it. Always.

- continue to build up home gym piece by piece. Whether that be equipment from Walmart or Target or Goodwill or local yardsales. I don’t need a gym, be around guys and girls with negative fuckboy and fuckgirlish behaviors to be healthy or to workout! No one deserves that.

I probably forgetting some things, but that’s the plan. Lol

Hope you all have a great day! ❤️✌️