may we share a stage in the future

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SHOWNU: Although we may have been lacking since it was our first time, we really worked hard to prepare! I’m really happy and thankful that I can play my music to you guys ♥

WONHO: Because we were able to show stages that couldn’t be seen before, we can now share all of it together! Let’s make good times together in the future!!

MINHYUK: Hi? Monbebe? Thank you so much for filing up stages, that we were lacking in a lot, with your cheers and hearts! Let’s become people that fill up one another in the future too! Be careful of cars when you go back and think more~ about us!! Go back safely ♥

KIHYUN: Our Monbebes, you guys worked hard to come here ㅠㅠ Was today fun?! I hope it was fun!! Thank you for coming and go back home safely!!~~~

HYUNGWON: Thank you so so much for being together with us till the end. Let’s always be together for the next time and the time after that too! You worked hard~ ♥

JOOHEON: Monbebes was our concert good? ^^ We really prepared a lot for it ^^ Thank you for coming, and let’s pray that we can do it again next time ㅋㅋ

I.M: Monsta X’s concert has finally finished! As we were preparing, I was nervous and anxious, and although it was tiring, I was happy during it. We’ll make a better stage next time. The fact that we worked hard days and nights for 4 minutes on stage was all for Monbebes. We will sing for you guys, so you guys just stay right at that spot.

translated by monstaxtrans ϟ take out with full credit.

Even though you can’t see our faces, this picture means a lot to me. This picture was taken at Counterpoint Music Festival which we attended as a pre one year anniversary(May 2) gift to ourselves. We spent the whole weekend walking around listening to our favorite artists. Not only that but we imagined our whole future together. By this time next year we will be playing at major festivals just like that, sharing our dream together. I can’t wait to be on stage playing music with her and spending the rest of my life doing what I love with the person I love.

[TRANS] Cnetz Comments to Wu Yifan’s Speech During Sina’s 15th Birthday

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Source: Sina Ent | Requested post

[+1142] Haha, Wu Yifan didn’t become a professional basketball player because he was 2cm away, I was 2 points away from going to Beida (Peking University, one of the best schools in China). I remember when I got to know about my results, I didn’t cry, all I did was sit dumbly in my room. The good thing is that the result was still quite good, I still went to a very good university. I also gradually understood that, the meaning of dreams, maybe it’s not that you must make it come true, but that during the process of realising your dream, we all unknowingly became a better version of ourselves.

[+570] His story is enough to write a bitter 50 episode drama, yet he glazes over everything and makes it sound so easy, he takes things with a great heart and open mind. Young people can learn a lot from him.

[+578] Various sounds surround him, a youth is a star on the water (using words from a poem form the Qing dynasty). His dreams are shining vividly on the other side of the river, it warmed his peaceful eyes, it boiled numerous silent nights. The wind and fire in his heart never faded away, a kind of belief is continuous. He uses a bamboo poke to push his boat forward against the waves. When he finally climbs over the mountains and cliffs, a person who travels far for his dreams, in the end he will rest in a sea of stars. Yesterday he was Jiaheng, today he is Yifan, I await tomorrow where you will have stars on your wings.

[+525] Although he mentioned numerous times before this about his dream of becoming a basketball player and I’ve been touched so many times, but after watching his full speech I was touched again. On Yifan, there are many things that people who are the same age never dared to have, like his perseverance and courage in chasing after his dream, his understanding of a dream is also different from the average person, a dream to him is a promise between the people he love and the ones who love him, hence the dream is love, how deep the love, how big the dream. I believe that Yifan will walk far in the road where he chases his dream.

[+493] Wu Yifan: If we’re talking about idols, my idol is basketball star Kobe, when I was 14 or 15 I watched a documentary about him, in it he said something that affected me greatly, he said he knows how it looks like at 4am in Los Angeles every single day. After that, for a long time, I practiced basketball continuously with no day and night, I practiced until I was the only person left on the court, I even told my friends that, none of you know what it’s like at 4am in Vancouver.

[+485] I remember back in middle school a lot of guys had Kobe as their idol, and we all knew about the 4am story of Kobe, back then I think someone even made a speech on it. Yet everyone was just touched for a bit, no one really got up at 4am to play ball, no one would really get up at 4am to study either. So I really never thought that, the Wu Yifan who’s always been called gay and weird, in chasing after his idol and chasing after his dream, he can do it so thoroughly.

[+455] Back then he firmly decided to go to a foreign country. After training and growing up he became the idol star Wu Yifan, now, he is actor Wu Yifan, the hard work and sweat on this journey everyone can see. Outstanding youth Wu Yifan, you will be even better. Jia you.

[+431] In your next life grow 3cm more, it will be all right even if we don’t meet you.

[+387] A very grounded sharing, anyone can relate to it and be touched, and his courage to open more doors for himself. He works hard with no regrets.

[+366] Wu Yifan’s sincere speech is very touching. No matter what decision, no matter at which point in his life, he’s always been chasing after his own dream courageously and steadily, Wu Yifan’s youth is full of positive energy, also anticipating his future to be even better.

[+333] No flowery language, this is an honest sharing, every stage of life may shed different understandings towards dreams and a requirement to make a decision, only wish that when you and I experience it, we work hard to make it come true, no regrets to choosing it. Thank you Wu Yifan for sharing, hope that you will achieve what you deserve, choose to believe in and work hard, you’re at your prime of life, it’s on the road.

[+339] His mother’s way out for him became his reason to strive on, his dream is a promise to all those who support him, it’s not that there’s no retribution it’s that the time is not right yet he understood retribution as a positive return, the Wu Yifan who is kind and has the power of forgiving in his heart, really hope that the world will be gentle to you, you will become great.

[+325] Actually he’s only 24 years old, to have state of mind like this is very rare, his future is limitless.