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UCB's Founding Members Announce Reunion Performance
The foursome’s on-stage reunion will serve as the kickoff for the 20th annual Del Close Marathon, a days-long improv festival named for the man whom many consider the father of modern improv.

Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Matt Walsh, and Ian Roberts — the comedy quartet who became the founding members of the UCB — will bring a performance of the long-running A.S.S.S.C.A.T. improv show to the hallowed concert hall for one night only on Thursday, June 28, 2018.


He likes to picture the sufferings I have endured. He listens to all of it like a child listening to a fairy tale. I must confess that it reminds me of you, Dr. Jordan. You were as eager as Mr. Walsh to hear about my sufferings in life. Your cheeks would flush, and if you’d had ears like a dog, they would have been pricked forward with your eyes shining and your tongue hanging out, as if you’d found a grouse in a bush. And as with Mr. Walsh, I may have changed some of the details of my stories to suit what I thought you wanted to hear.

Alias Grace (2017)

New favorite thing: Jayma Mays (Carol Anne Keane from Trial & Error) and Adam Campbell (Greg from Great News) are married in real life. They both got critically acclaimed NBC shows at the same time, shows that aired in the same spot, and both had parts where they play the lead character’s love interest. I don’t why but that is so cute and funny to me.

(Also both got second seasons!!!! 🎉)

anonymous asked:

but Hook didn't even get his memories back after he kissed Emma but Graham did. Maybe that's why it didn't work because hook isn't her true love, it's Graham

yes, clearly emma’s true love is the guy who appeared for 7 episodes in the first season and died and has been barely mentioned again, instead of her main romance that they’ve spent 3+ years developing and have confirmed as always being planned and “they truly love each other” over and over and two explanations given in both camelot and storybrooke for why the TLK didn’t work after they both attempted it, as well as andrew chambliss (writer of the episode) confirming it on twitter

yep clearly graham, totes graham for sure

although not everybody can follow a simple story that has been signified many times by the writers, cast, interviewers, etc so i shouldn’t be so snarky, i could also assume that possibly the anon did not read this question before typing it into my askbox (or my faqs either apparently) so hey we all make mistakes

even though this is a fictional story created by writers with narrative intentions, not happening in a void, and considering everything both they and i have explained many many MANY TIMES about how storytelling works and dramatic tension is built and foreshadowing is used and why a TLK was never going to be successful in episode frigging 2

notwithstanding the fact that it doesn’t even make sense that graham would get his memories back if he was emma’s TL, but their kiss obviously didn’t break the season 1 curse, because you know, graham wasn’t her TL it’s henry

actually no i think walsh may be her true love, has anyone looked into that

yeah i got nothing, someone want to help out?

i’ve just got some coliver feels, okay?

like, connor shows up at oliver’s door scared out of his mind

and don’t get me wrong, i feel terrible for connor

but my heart breaks for oliver

even after being cheated on, lied to, being used

he still let’s connor in

says: “it’ll be alright. you can tell me anything”

and connor repays that with another lie

and i’m just


I will unfollow you if you post Hank Johnson: Agent of Hydra

Just a heads up with the release of that worthless piece of shit “Hank Johnson: Agent of Hydra” this week I will be unfollowing and blocking (so I don’t accidentally re follow in the future) anyone who posts or reblogs panels/covers anything that’s not critical of it, that literal nobody david mandel (seriously this is his first marvel comics, but he did write Eurotrip and The Dictator, 57% and 46% on rotten tomatoes respectivly) and that hack and shitty theme haver michael walsh (you may know him from his mediocre art on the most recent Secret Avengers run and nothing else) should be ashamed of themselves and their transparent attempt to normalize and humanize a literal nazi organization

In which Connor Walsh may or may not have a crush on one of the guys on the opposing A Capella teams with the thick rimmed glasses and the really nice voice.

[Yes I made a mix for my Coliver A Capella AU because I’m trash and YES THESE ARE ALL ACAPELLA COVERS I’M QUITE PROUD IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF.  Also horchatita wrote a super cute drabble for me  and shipofthesunflowergirl made a cute mix too I feel like I should mention because I probably unconsciously took a song or two from there  <__< (also Isha’s just always a supporter of my trash so that’s swell)]

Uptown Funk Mike Tompkins and MAX|  Glad You Came Warblers (Glee)| Toxic/Drunk In Love/ Dark Horse mashup  The GW Troubadours| Riptide Chromatones| The Baddest Girl Pentatonix| Do I want to Know Acquire| Style Jonathan Young|  Sugar Mike Tompkins|  Rather Be Pentatonix|  Riff Off Pitch Perfect Soundtrack|  Shut Up and Dance Mike Tompkins and Alex G

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