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peer tutor || montgomery de la cruz

request: Pretty please with a cherry on top can you write something with Montgomery where the reader is a shy/sweet/innocent/nerd !!!! Love you sooo much 💕
pairing: (y/n) x montgomery
word count: 1 173
notes: okay this is v rushed and v not good and i feel terrible and my content is not quality okay cool
listen to: til’ kingdom come - coldplay

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“(Y/N), can I please speak to you and Montgomery in the classroom?”

You, the sweet, introverted, band geek, were just finishing packing up everything from your locker for the long weekend, until you were interrupted by your teacher, who was busy talking to Montgomery De La Cruz, the cocky, extroverted, asshole jock.

Quickly bidding Alex Standall, your closest friend, goodbye, you picked up your bass and backpack, and made your way into the classroom with the teacher and Montgomery, who might I add, was staring holes into your back the entire time.

“Look, Montgomery. I’m going to make it very clear that you are on the rim of failing my class. You’re passing, currently, with a 53%. I’m also going to make it very clear that the likelihoods of you getting into any college with a mark below a 60% in English is very, very slim.”

You had a slight idea of where this conversation was going, and as much as you found Montgomery physically attractive, he had a personality that definitely did not match his looks.

“(Y/N), you may know where I’m heading with this topic, but I want you to tutor Montgomery in English, until he gets his marks up to at least a 70%. I’ve already talked to him briefly about having a peer tutor, and he specifically asked for you. Now, what’s in it for you, is that this could potentially be used as extra-credit. As well as volunteer hours which look stunning on university applications, especially UCDavis.”

Your eyes widened, stunned at the idea that Montgomery wanted you as his peer tutor.

What am I to him? Why would he want me as his peer tutor?

Sure, you could sometimes feel his eyes on you in class or in the cafeteria, but you only thought of it as him looking at you because your the shy, quiet girl who doesn’t talk at all to anyone except Alex Standall; who’s practically Montgomery’s worst enemy.

You looked over at him, and saw his hazel eyes boring straight into your (e/c) eyes with a smile gracing his face.

Not his usually cocky,
or lusty,
or arrogant smile.

But a genuine smile that seemed to convey so much more than what it held.

And it was at that moment you broke. “Yes, Ms. Clark, I would be more than willing to help Mr. De La Cruz with English.”

Montgomery seemed to release a breath that he was keeping in for the past minutes and the teacher clapped her hands happily. “Perfect, okay! You’ll start today, I’ve reserved a table for the two of you in the library, happy studying!” She ushered you out of the class and shut the door on you before you could object.

Her quick change in behaviour slightly startled you, but you took nothing important of it.

You shuffled from on your feet awkwardly, not knowing how to approach the situation of talking to an attractive boy that seemed to show some interest in you. “Should we… go to the library?”

Montgomery smiled at your awkwardness and let out a quiet laugh. “Yeah. Yeah, we should.” And with that the two of you began your silent trek to the place of quiet and learning.

You were quite comfortable with silence, Montgomery, however, was not.

“So, you play the bass? I used to play, when I was smaller.” You immediately piped up at his incorrect grammar and fixed him.

“Younger, actually. You used to play when you were younger, not smaller…” Trailing off, you realized what you had said and thought that you had ruined your chances of being able to befriend him.

“Right, right, see? I’m glad I have you now as a tutor. To fix all my mistakes.”

The two of you exchanged a smile and walked in silence to the library.

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A set of sponsored adoptables, commissioned by deviantart user hellebee!
They have selected/kept The Judge, most of the others are now open for anyone else to purchase/adopt!

Availability status, prices, and contact info below the the cut!

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Draw your OTP! Haha I’ve seen a lot of “Draw Your Squad” memes, so here I am, jumping on the bandwagon. This one’s a bit venty.

You may edit the lines however you need to in order to fit your character (changing height, width, gender, expression, etc.), just don’t claim this as your own, trace or repost my work (reblogs are okay), please!

Free to use by anyone. All I ask is that you credit me with the lines (:




  • Any fanart/pairings/fandoms
  • OC’s
  • NSFW
  • Furries/animals (attempt lol)


  • Mecha/robots/cars/etc.
  • Bara daddies lmao (sorry)


PAYPAL ONLY. (If you have an easy alternative option, feel free to suggest it!)

OR, if you just feel like donating, my paypal is !!


  • Email me at or PM me via Tumblr messenger.
  • Payment in advance! (I can send you concept sketches beforehand if you wish. These will be VERY rough.)
  • WIP’s will be sent to you if requested
  • Deadlines must be brought up and planned upfront– otherwise, i will give you an estimate on when it will be done. (It probably wont take more than a week or two- this may be subject to change due to irl schedule changes.)
  • You may be able to use your finished commission however you please. Just dont claim it as your own, obviously. Credit would be nice haha
  • Your finished commission, based on the context, might be uploaded and used for a print on my Redbubble @ CaptainTearoll
  • On the rare chance i deny your commission– i have every right to do so. Though, I wont drop your commission if you’ve already paid for it and i’ve agree’d to do it. I ain’t gonna scam ya haha
  • No refunds– unless I cancel it due to irl circumstances.

***Prices & Details may be subject to change anytime. If your commission is already in progress when these changes are made– they will stay the same as when you paid.***

sorry not sorry for using USUK as my examples lmaooooo


Maytal_Error Challenge.

So I have seen some challenges based on months, mainly on @xtaleunderverse and @loverofpiggies so I have decided to make a challenge for my darling daughter (since she calls me Mop mum on stream) @xedramon

So here we go, the Maytal Challenge! Fatal Error belongs to @xedramon, Cross belongs to @jakei95, Geno, Error and Fresh all belong to @loverofpiggies. Make sure to credit the owners of any characters you draw (and credit me for making the challenge), and make sure you use the tag Maytal_Challenge so that both myself and the creators of these characters can find your attempts at the challenge.

1-      Fatal be Cray Day! It’s Bank Holiday Monday, and Fatal does NOT like Mondays. Draw a Crazy Fatal_Error! Anything will do!

2-      How would Fatal react to Cross and his recent transformation? (See Underverse 0.3)

3-      It’s Mop Mother’s birthday, and Fatal has had a little too much snowcone syrup! Draw something to represent this!

4-      May the forth be with Fatal Blog! Celebrate the anniversary!

5-      Grey text day! Speculate who/what the voice is, perhaps even draw them!

6-      Say what? Fatal’s freaking out, draw him speaking incoherently!

7-      What if Fatal actually DID find his Papyrus?

8-      CPAU Fatal. Go wild!

9-      Fatal meets Kid!Fatal!

10-   What would Fatal dream about?

11-   Fatal in your favourite AU – let’s hope he leaves it in a better state than Outertale eyyyyyyy!

12-   Fatal in your favourite game – let’s hope he doesn’t glitch out your save.

13-   Human Fatal. Have fun!

14-   Who would Fatal consider as his family?

15-   AuntXed – how to deal with a glitching ball of anxiety and cuteness.

16-   Fatal finds Error. On a scale of ‘glitchy mess’ to *warning system error* how doomed are our computers and eyes for this fight?

17-   The Peeper. Fatal finds the UVStudio. What does he see?

18-   Movie night! Draw Fatal’s reaction to a movie!

19-   What’s Fatal’s Pokemon team?

20-   Fatal’s reaction to Nintendo Switch and the red and blue controllers.

21-   Fresh_Hell coming fresh outta hell *finger guns*

22-   Draw yourself meeting Fatal for the first time.

23-   Memories. Take from this what you will.

24-   What does Fatal keep in his red code strings?

25-   Chibi Fatal. Draw the squishy glitch bae.

26-   How would Fatal react to meeting Chara? Your interpretations here!

27-   Fatalberry fluff. Go wild!

28-   Fatal’s reaction to a sugar rush.

29-   Fatal wears someone else’s clothes. Do they glitch?

30-   Fatal is hit with the feels. What happens?

31-   Last Day! Draw anything Fatal related as a farewell. Maybe throw him a cake through a portal.

I am opening commissions!

Important info:

My email is If you are interested.

I accept $USD. It must be paid in full before I start. I will send an invoice before you pay though. So email me, we will chat, and we will see what we can do!

Additional characters will be +Half the cost for each character. Max 4 characters.

I reserve the right to refuse your commission if it makes me uncomfortable.

We will communicate with e-mail. Deadlines will vary because I work two jobs. I will send updates on progress. I will send you a finished sketch for you to approve before I color it. If you approve, then want me to change it after I started coloring, it will cost extra depending on what you want.

I will watermark and post it on my Tumblr after it is complete, unless otherwise requested.

Will draw:

  • Most fandoms (send refs for characters I’m not familiar with)
  • OC’s

Won’t Draw:

  • Mecha
  • NSFW
  • Gore
  • Anthro or Furry

You may use the commission for personal use, but you may not use it for profit. It is fine if you post it but please give credit to me when you do.

N*Kim FAQs

Here is a F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions) page!

What tools, programs, brushes do you use for your art?

- I use my WACOM Bamboo Tablet & Pen ($80) that I got during my college years. I don’t think they make those models anymore though. :P As for programs, I use Photoshop CS6! In terms of brushes, I mostly use the default round (soft & hard) brushes already provided by Photoshop. I also use Shiyoon Kim’s brushes, Pork Bun’s brushes and Helen Chen’s brushes. :)

Can I use your art for my youtube video/channel? Can I share you art on other social medias or blogs?

- No. I don’t like my stuff being on other sites! I like to keep my art in my own blogs! No reposts, edits, etc.

Can I use your art for my profile pic/icon/avatar (on any social medias), desktop background, phone background?

- Yes you may! Credit for my art would be greatly appreciated if you’re using it as a profile pic/icon/avatar! :)

Why do you draw so many cats, whales, greens?

- Because they (cats & whales) are my favorite animals! And greens, because I love the serenity/calmness of nature. Although lately, I have been practicing more on urban environments lol.

Who/what inspires your art?

- Norman Rockwell and my illustration professor, Cliff Cramp really inspired me to create narrative illustrations! Also, to get out of my comfort zone and seeing the more technical side of art. Currently, Celine Kim, Meg Park, Grace Kum, Shiyoon Kim inspire me to have fun and be more colorful with my work. Storytelling became a huge factor in my illustrations because of them! I have done narrative type illustrations before, but it’s impact is a lot bigger now. :) There are many more artists that also inspire me everyday (so much to really list them all lol). In terms of what inspires me: music, movies, food, children’s books, merchandises/stationaries, personal experiences are what always drives me to keep creating! :)

Hobbies? What do you like to do in your spare time?

- Lately, I’ve gotten into stretching and exercising/building up my stamina. I also gotten back to playing my PSP lol. My sister and I have drawing trips every week. Love going for walks. 


May issues of Animage (Emperor vs Devil King) and Animedia (This Is Miracle!) Click to enlarge for better viewing quality

If used please credit, thank you!

Also if someone could edit and join the last two pictures into the original pinup I would most appreciate it ;w; I scanned it for you at least?

Thank you @torasj15 !!!!

anonymous asked:

So I saw your night in the woods art and I really liked how you designed the characters. May I use that design in one of my drawings? I wanted to have your permission first •v•

oh sure you can use my designs, it’s funny you ask this awhile I’m drawing better versions of my designs lol (it’s for a video lol) Anyway you can use my designs just give me credit!~ 

Do you have trouble keeping your Tols’ and Smols’ proportions consistent?

Do you agonize over figuring out their exact height difference?

Have you ever wanted to know exactly how tol your Tol is??

Do you wish there were an easier way???

Download Grace’s Giant Height Calculator here!

All you need is a sketch of your tiny (it could even be a stick-figure) and an idea for their general size compared to your giant’s hand, face, or foot. The handy instructions will guide you through the rest!

Finding the instructions confusing? Just send me a message and I can guide you through it. You’ll be calculating heights in no time!

Are your giants on the shorter side? Here are special instructions for using the calculator to determine a mini-giant’s height:

  1. Complete steps 1 through 3 as above, but draw your character on the left instead. If the proportions of your giant are different from those on the left (more or less than 7.5 heads tall) draw your giant character as well with proper proportions, keeping your character’s head the same height as a head unit (☺).

  2. To find g, count how many ☺’s tall your shorter character is. You may need to write this as a decimal. Use as many significant figures as you want for accuracy.

  3. Solve the “Ratio” equation above to find how big your giant’s ☺ is.

  4. All you need to do next to find your giant’s height is multiply 7.5 by ☺. (If you drew your giant with different proportions, just use however many heads tall you drew them as)

Have fun!

Any calculations you find using this tool are yours to use however. No need to credit me for the math, the reference, or your final numbers unless you are redistributing the calculator itself, which you are free to do with proper credit. Thanks!


Commission Status: Closed

Available slots:

  1. Closed
  2. Closed

The Rules:

  • I accept payments via Paypal in USD, and I will send you an invoice.
  • You may use or post finished commissions however you please, but must give credit to me for it.
  • Finished commissions are for non-commercial use only. I own rights to the artwork, but I obviously do not own the characters depicted in it, and I will not use the artwork for any reason.
  • Visual references are highly preferred, but not required; it also helps to include a little bit on personality. Be sure to include any details you want in the commission prior to when I start it.
  • For anything that’s not a sketch commission, I will send work-in-progress pictures, to make sure you’re happy with how it looks.

I will draw nearly anything, but I will NOT draw explicit themes (no porn), any offensive material, or backgrounds.

Prices may be increased depending on the complexity of the character/drawing! Adding additional characters does not include flat colors, that must be added to the price.

Feel free to ask about other options beyond what’s listed here!

If you’re interested, send me an email at

I should reply within a day or two at the most. Please do not message me on Tumblr asking for a commission, but do feel free to ask any questions!


      In this here gif hunt you’ll find 205 gifs of of Tessa Thompson in the movie ‘Creed’.  All these gifs were made by me, so please don’t claim as your own. Do NOT put into other gif hunts.  If credit is given, you may use them as sidebars, crackships, etc.  Trigger warnings for: violence, injury, some vaguely nsfw content.

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i was bored last night so i decided to make some valentines day cards with the mystic messenger characters (*^ω^*)
lol i hope all of you enjoy them as much as i did making them 💒
some of the sayings may be lame cause of my lack of creativity but you get what im trying to do here :3

like/reblog if you plan on using!
{make sure to also credit me lolz}

((ps: i messed up my watermark on the yoosung one but i was too lazy to fix it oops))