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So as the photo mentions above, this is a series of posts I will be posting for Back to School! I start school on the 5th of September, and so with around 1 week to go, I thought of posting a set of posts to get me back into the school mood.

These posts may include tips that I haven’t yet tried and will try once school starts, hopefully they help you out too!

In school:
As soon as your teacher gives you any homework/assignments, WRITE.IT.DOWN. Trust me, chances are you’ll forget it later on.

On the way home: Check your to-do list/planner/bujo and break bigger tasks into small sub-tasks. Choose one/multiple task/s on the basis of:

  - Will you procrastinate on it later on? If yes, DO IT NOW.
  - Will you be able to finish it before you have your snack/lunch? If yes, do it.

At home:
- As soon as you reach, check your to-do list/planner/bujo and take out the required books/other supplies you may need for all your tasks for the day and keep it on your desk/wherever you study. This will be beneficial for later as you have less reasons to procrastinate (the books are right next to you)
- Get started with your task/s you chose to do in the previous step and finish it.
- Have a snack/lunch (in my case). This is where you can check your phone and other social media sites.
- Rest for a little while. If you feel sleepy, take a nap. If naps make you feel even more tired, either go for a quick shower or simply get started with a simple task.
- Set a certain time to finish all your homework/assignments/studies for the day, and then reward yourself by watching your favorite TV show or YouTube videos, scrolling on Tumblr, reading a book, whatever you like. Avoid doing these activities during your study break, so once your done, you will feel like you deserved that reward.

Some videos on the same topic that may help you out:
1. How To Be Productive After School - STUDY TIPS - by WaysToStudy
2. How To Be Productive After School // study tips + - by @studywithinspo3. How To Be Productive After School + 5 STUDY TIPS! - by Ways To Grow

And that’s it. This is of course, easier said than done, and you’re receiving advice from someone who has spent days just sitting in one place, procrastinating and sleeping really early, feeling exhausted, without even doing much. 

For the first few days of school, try not to be too hard on yourself. You’ll probably be tired and that’s fine. Rest for 1-2 days (if you really feel like you have to) and then hustle harder with full force. If you don’t feel that tired, then hustle harder from day 1! Check out the hashtag #glimmerBTS to see all the posts in this series.

Tomorrow’s topic: How I organize my tasks + other task management systems

Viktor's conflicting feels about Beka headcanons

-He may or may not pretend he can’t pronounce “Otabek” correctly.

-Viktor once tried to get Beka drunk so he could prove he is irresponsible…Viktor got drunk instead, Beka was the designated driver.

-drunk!Viktor often cries about how beautiful Otayuri is and how happy he is for his son.

-Viktor has Beka’s contact saved as “Son In Law that Wants to Steal My Baby”

-He may or may not have secretly installed a tracking device on Yuri’s phone and that’s how Viktuuri always “conisidentially” runs into Otayuri on dates.

-He’s always “complaing” about Beka to Yuuri “Ugh look at the stupid loving way he’s gazing at our son! Flipping jerk always thinking about his safety…HE WOULDN’T NEED TO IF THEY RODE SOMETHING NORMAL INSTEAD OF THAT DEATH TRAP!!!” Yuuri rolls with it and tries not to laugh.

-Beka’s motercycle is nothing but an accident waiting to happen to Viktor and he sends Yuri a million messages whenever they ride it.

-Part of Viktor wants to marry Otayuri right where they stand the other part wants to take Yuri somewhere far away where no gangster will ever lay their filthy paws on him again! (his words)

-“Pffft at least he’s not JJ!!! But I still hate him!!! Change your hair or something Otabek it looks too much like JJ’s!!!”

-One day they have this nice father/future son in law day. Viktor bought Beka a suit and Beka paid for their eXpEnSivE mEaL.

-It was all going perfectly until they got home and Yuri glomped Beka and ignored Viktor.

-Viktor has to smile and deal with it when Yuri’s hair is in a nice braid because “WOW MY PRECIOUS SON YOU LOOK SO PRETTY” and “OTABEK BRAIDED YOUR HAIR?! PFFT I COULD MAKE IT LOOK BETTER!!!”

-Viktor may or may not have been the first one to use the ship name “Otayuri”.

-Of course when no one is around and someone talks bad about Otabek Viktor goes into full on rage mode “WTF DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY SON IN LAW?! HE IS A HERO AND WILL MAKE SURE MY SON IS HAPPY!!!!”

-Speaking of the “Hero” nickname Viktor may or may not have written a very fluffy fairytale AU about the Hero and Fairy.

-In which this Hero cowers before the Fairy’s very handsome father and does like a million trials to prove his love!!!

-Viktor really does care about Beka and trully thinks Otayuri is perfect he just takes the Overprotective Dad™ role waaaaaay tooooo faaaaar

Energy Manipulation Exercise: for beginners

This is a little exercise for anyone that wants to begin going into energies and such. Do a little or as much as you’d like every day and you’ll find other exercises easier after having this foundation.

So, to begin, sit in a comfortable position and space. You can sit however you’d like, just make sure you have your hands available. 

Start grounding yourself. You can close your eyes here if you feel comfortable doing so. Take a 3 second breath in through your nose and a 3 second exhale through your mouth. Continue doing this until you feel your heart and lungs begin to sync up and your center aligning. 

Take your hands out in front of you. Personally, I find having them lined up to my ribcage the most powerful, but if you feel like you get a better reaction by holding them above your head or where ever, go for it man. With your hands out, face your palms together with your hands slightly cupped.

Start with your hands closer together, but not touching. Visualize your energy moving from your chest all the way down your arms and into your hands. You can visualize anything here, sometimes a visualization or sensation just happens, if this occurs, roll with it and embrace it. This is your energy.

Visualize your energy coming out of the palms of your hands. Now, at this point, start moving your hands away from each other and back closer again very slightly. You should just be slightly wavering your hands. If you feel a bit of resistance between your hands when they come closer to each other again, almost as if you’re squeezing a ball, then you’ve successfully created a ball of energy. Continue squeezing the ball between your hands. 

This is generally a good starting point. It may take a few tries for you to feel anything, but once you do, get comfortable making a strong ball of energy between your hands.

But, if you want continue, the next step would to be to make the ball bigger. As you’re wavering your hands, start taking longer pulling them apart. Go bit by bit farther apart from each other. You may feel a temperature difference if you’ve gone too far away from your ball compared if you are close to it.

Aftercare (I guess you could call it lol) consists of you recharging. For someone who has never done energy work before, it can be draining. How I like to close this exercise off is by bringing my hands together all the way until they are clasped together. Feeling the energy dissipate or be reabsorbed by my hands lets me know that I don’t have any residual energy wafting around.

Afterwords, take a break. Drink some tea, watch a movie, do whatever that you like and recharges you that you don’t have to put a lot of effort into. Regaining the energy that you’ve let out into the world is an important part of energy work; if you don’t do it, then . you’ll just run yourself dry and ragged.

✰Have fun!  ∩(︶▽︶)∩

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Detecting your own energy

I’ve gotten some questions recently concerning identifying and using your own internal energy so I thought I’d write up my methods. So why is it good to be able to know what your own energy feels like? -as a witch I can use my own energy to fuel my spells but using too much of your own energy can be very dangerous and can impact your health. Knowing what your energy feels like in comparison to other energy sources will help you avoid overusing it -Being able to identify your energy compared to other energy can help you quickly detect if someone or something is affecting it. -If you have a spirit companion or familiar you can share energy with them -As an Umbra witch I gather energy from the darkness and shadows to bolster my own internal energy. As such my internal energy feels like a cool, black fog that hovers around me. So how do I identify my own energy? -I would recommend doing this someplace private and away from other people. This way you avoid interruptions and also you limit other energies around you. -I would turn off all electronics and lights (you can keep enough light on to see if needed) -Sit someplace comfortable and close your eyes and regulate your breathing -Open yourself up, well to you. Try to feel your body and detect how it feels. When I first did this I felt a slight tingling above my skin almost like someone was running their fingers lightly above my skin -You may see a physical manifestation of your energy (like I said above mine reminds me of a thick, black fog) but if you don’t that’s ok. The importance of this exercise is to be able to distinguish your energy from other sources. It might happen the first time or it may take a few tries and that’s ok. Once you have a feel for your energy it will be easier to feel the energy from different sources. As always I’d appreciate any feedback about this technique

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Cat @ everyone
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>@ Kara:</b> Leave that twat and move on, you can do much better than that meninist *plays "bye, bye, bye"* *not because she knows she loves NSYNC but because she knows Kara is bi as hell*<p/><b>@ Alex:</b> Congrats on the coming out, I could see it coming like you came last night *winks @ Maggie*<p/><b>@ Maggie:</b> Please do not call your dog Gertrude<p/><b>@ James:</b> Cover your eyelids as the Guardian dear, wasn't that hard to figure out<p/><b>@ Lena:</b> Make a move on Kara, and tell her you know about her "secret" identity, mention the glasses and cardigans<p/><b>@ Man-Hell:</b> Please gtfo of our lives, and return to make "Daxam Great Again"<p/><b>@ the President:</b> Please tell me you're still a democrat<p/><b>@ Winn:</b> You're great dear<p/><b>@ supergirl:</b> I know you're Kara Danvers, you may have tried to fool me once, but then a shapeshifting martian was public knowledge and I knew right away<p/></p><p/></p>
The brothers and self harm

Before I do this, I want to say that self-harm is a really serious issue, and you should not do it- I understand certain reasoning behind it, but if you ever feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to you can come to me, I’m always open to help. Causing yourself pain, over emotional pain as well, just makes it worse, and it gives you a scar to remember the bad moment the pain momentarily helped you forget- I know it’s hard, but I promise it gets better. You are loved by many, and hated by some, that much you can’t change, but you don’t need to change yourself, either. You’re special, and you deserve more than that. Please, stay safe.

[ Sakamakis ]

Shu: He would hate it. Like most things, at first he would pretend like he didn’t care for whatever you did, but it would start really messing with him- you were the one telling him about it, but once he found you, whilst in the act, from then on he started doing everything to stop it- for both reasons. Firstly, he doesn’t want you to someday do something worse, meaning he would end up losing you. Secondly, the smell of your blood would travel through the entire house, and it would mean his brothers would try to get a taste, and he won’t stand for it. Overall, he’d try to help.

Reiji: He finds it ridiculous. Why would you even do that to yourself? This time, it wasn’t you who told him, merely one day when you got hurt on a piece of glass whilst helping him with chores, when he was going to take care of it he ended up seeing some cuts on your arm- he scolded you badly over them, and made you promise not to do it again. Part of him knows it’s really not your fault, and that you must have reasons to do it, but he doesn’t see the point behind it, let alone it’s messy. Overall, he would try to get you to stop, and get a bit angry if you do not- that’s his way of caring.

Ayato: He thinks it’s stupid. Not because he doesn’t care, quite the opposite. Humans are fragile creatures who die far too easily, why would you want to waste your life like that? He would always think something could go wrong and you’d end up dying, and he doesn’t want that. Also, why waste your precious blood? If you want it to pour out that much whilst having pain, all he has to do is bite you, and it doesn’t go to waste! In all honesty, he worries something may happen, and tries to keep you away from it- he found out once he smelled your blood, and was about to throw a jealous fit thinking it was one of his brothers.

Laito: He would be devastated. Although he enjoyed the idea of a small cut here and there for him to suck the blood out of, he didn’t like that you were harming yourself because of emotional pain, and would do anything within his power to help you fix it. He would become really protective of you and be sure to be next to you at all times- he would even try to be there during a bath, but you’d most likely kick him out. Without a doubt, he would poke fun at you on a daily due to his personality, but if he saw you the slightest bit sad he would move everything he could to make sure you wouldn’t do it- your life is too precious for him.

Kanato: He doesn’t care. This is really rude, but he doesn’t really care that you cut- he thinks it’s stupid, yes, especially when you told him he said that to you. He doesn’t want you to ruin your precious skin, because dolls aren’t supposed to be broken like that, and he does not get the reason behind it- he doesn’t really try to understand, either. There will be a rare time where he will comfort you if he knows you’re sad, both because he doesn’t want to ruin your skin but also because you’re his significant other, and he might understand that cutting can be bad for you- he’s just really clueless about this stuff and ignores it most times.

Subaru: No! He hates it. He’s terrified of it. What if you end up cutting your wrist and bleeding out? What if he loses you? He can’t afford to even think about it. When you told him, the generally ‘piss off’ vibe he gives off completely broke and he started crying, hugging you and wanting to reassure you that it would be okay. He would do his absolute best to stop you from doing it again, going against everything and everyone that inflicted the slightest bit of pain on you. He would be really sweet about it, even if he found out you did it again, he would clean up the wounds and just hold on tight.

[ Mukamis ]

Ruki: Much like Reiji, he finds it ridiculous. He doesn’t really see what good harm can do, especially when you’re causing yourself pain from emotional pain- now two things hurt, right? He’d find himself punishing you whenever you did it, except it would be in a loving way- let me explain. He would punish you, but not spanking or anything of sorts, he would just force you to say certain things, like you won’t do it again and that you’ll come to him- when you’re depressed, these are, of course, quite hard to say, but he would insist. Whatever could keep you safe, he would try to do.

Kou: He would get really emotional over it. He’d probably even cry, certain times- how could you be doing that to yourself? He would, at all cost, get you to stop. He knows it can be hard, especially seeing his brother do it all the time, but it’s way different- his brother can’t really die from it, his wounds will heal, but yours will not, and that’s what worries him. He can’t let anything happen to you- he won’t lose you, absolutely not! He would probably kiss your wounds very lightly, and suggest you let him bit you when you felt like self harming, because there’s the pain and blood loss- just way safer.

Yuma: He would pretend he was mad, but he was honestly very emotional about it. The last thing he’d want was to lose you, so when he caught you doing it once he freaked out and started yelling- this was to prevent tears from falling from his eyes. From then on, he decided to be with you at every moment, regardless of what you are doing- if said thing takes more than one minute, time he’s not looking at you, he’s tagging along.  He will check for new scars every day, and will try his best to take your mind away from doing such things. He just wants you to be happy and live a long time, with him preferably.

Azusa: He gets it, but hates it. He cuts himself, as we all know, and it helps him feel human again, for a few seconds- but he heals, he has no marks on his skin after a while, and it hurts him when he sees them on you. Being extremely sadist, he also kind of fantasizes about cutting you, but never for an emotional reason, and certainly not to leave a mark- more like small kitchen cuts that don’t stay for very long. He will kiss every single one of your scars and reassure you that you are beautiful and should not do that to yourself- he will probably cry a bit when you tell him, too.


Elijah x reader

5. “If you walk out that door… don’t you ever come back”

11. “Will you just shut up for a minute and let me think?!”
47. “Go on, I dare you”

“What was that about?” Snapped Elijah as he walked into the room, closing the door behind him.

“What was what about?” you replied, glancing up from your phone.

“Oh don’t play dumb, Y/N, you know perfectly well what I’m talking about. The argument you just had with Niklaus.”
“What of it?”
Elijah turned and glared at you, as you eventually put down your phone and gave him your full attention. “I am trying to make and keep the peace in this family. I thought you realised that,” he said, making the effort to keep his voice under control.

“I do, Elijah.”
“Then why do you provoke him like that? You know exactly how to get under his skin, at exactly the right time. Why? Does it entertain you? Are you bored?”
“He’s not a child, Elijah, don’t treat him like one. Klaus can fight his own battles, I don’t need you on my back as well.”
“It appears you do. There was no reason for that dispute, and you know it.”
“No reason?!” You exclaimed loudly, standing up. “He tried to kill me! More than once! Now you may be willing to let that go, God knows in this family anything seems to be acceptable, but I’m not. I can just about manage to make pleasant small talk, but don’t ask me to actually work with and get along with your brother.”
“Please do not insult my family, Y/N.”

“Why not? Someone has to call some of you out on your bullshit, may as well be me.”
“Why do you stay then, if you dislike us so much?”

You raised your eyebrows in shock at his comment, surprised he would ask. “Because I’m in love with you, Elijah. Or at least, I thought I was. Right now I don’t know. I don’t know why I stay, why I don’t walk out of there right now. There’s something keeping me here.”
“Go on, I dare you,” said Elijah, his voice low and almost threatening. For the first time, you realised what you had got yourself into and felt a little afraid of the original vampire stood in front of you.

“Dare me to do what?”

“Walk out of that door. If you don’t know what it is that keeping you here, then go.”

“Oh, will you just shut up for a minute and let me think?”
“No!” He slammed his hand into the wall to emphasise his point and you flinched. “No, Y/N, I will not. If you don’t know what it is that you want, then don’t stay here to look for it.”

“Fine,” you said, trying to keep your voice steady but struggling to hold back a sob. You knew that this was all your fault, that he hadn’t done anything wrong and that you should be more willing to compromise. But you were sick of always playing second fiddle in Elijah’s life to his family, when all they had done was betray him. You had been there, constantly, since the pair of you had met, and he didn’t seem to appreciate that. Of course, you were far too stubborn to explain all of this to him. It had all been brewing up inside you, and you had taken it out on Klaus, and now on Elijah. You turned, and started to walk towards the door, deciding to find somewhere to cool off for the time being.

“If you walk out that door… don’t you ever come back,” voiced Elijah from behind you.


“You heard me. Either you stay and we resolve this now, like adults, or you can leave.”

an entry I did for lil-aptor’s (on steam/twitch) sfm contest! The theme is summer! Just before it’s about to end soon :’)

I really have not much to say, It was a last minute entry so had to hurry asap ;v;

crossing my fingers

Edit: I may need to add that Medic once again tried to put demos eye back…but he’s gonna loose it soon

otabek altin is chaotic neutral

someone suggested this ages ago and i’m so in love with it! i don’t think otabek is true chaotic neutral; rather, i think he’s more chaotic good with HEAVY chaotic neutral tendencies.

allow me to demonstrate:

  • he definitely tipped off the angels so he could swoop in and save yuri on his bike. yuri found out a couple years later and returned the favor on one of his visits to almaty. he tweeted out a picture of the bar they were at, and when some otababes showed up, he slipped out the back door and took a cab back to the apartment. otabek actually paid him afterward because it was such a good move.
  • he once got drunk the night before a competition and snuck into the rink to mix up the music tracks for all of the skaters (including himself) just to see what would happen. he forgot he did it until yuri stalked up to him to play the snapchat he sent of himself doing it and cackling.
  • whenever he wins a medal and jj doesn’t, he’ll specifically send a photo of it to him with a smiley face, because he knows it winds him up. jj always answers with overly-sweet congratulations immediately followed by some new practice footage. otabek will save the footage and send it to yuri just to see his reaction.
  • if anyone needs help with a prank, they immediately go to otabek because he’s not-so-secretly the master of plotting on the low and he loves to kick back and see what shakes out. once, he helped yuuri tie all of yuri’s shoelaces together with box knots and then spent the whole next afternoon watching yuri untie them. he only did it because yuri told them that he was unprankable (which otabek had already proven multiple times to be patently false).
  • he specifically taught guang hong how to hotwire a car because he thought it would be amusing. he taught him a little too well, though, and after one competition everyone walked outside to see all of their rental cars moved around. otabek’s bike was parked two blocks away. he was actually impressed enough to post a picture to his instagram.
  • the only reason otabek still has the reputation of being an edgelord is because he feels like it would be too much work to change it. he definitely owns more sweaters than band shirts, none of his jeans are ripped, he literally only owns two pairs of boots, but convincing everyone that he’s not some bad-ass biker would take too much effort, so he just rolls with it. the problem is, people think it makes him an easy target. he may or may not have left yuri hanging once when a couple people tried to pick a fight with them at a club (he later paid for it dearly and admitted it was deserved).
  • the one thing otabek’s friends hate the most is when he uses slang he’s adopted from other countries. when he’s tired or feeling like a little shit, he’ll specifically slip some in just to amuse himself. the day he dropped a “y’all’d’ve” on them while they were hanging out, one of his friends took off running down the street. he didn’t see him again for five days.
Gatewatch Reinforcements

Strap yourselves in Vorthos - We’ve got weeks until the plot of Amonkhet begins, and I’m nowhere near done speculating. Today I’m going to be looking at which allies Ajani may be trying to find out there in the Multiverse. He mentioned Bolas has many enemies, and they might have many allies - but who would actually turn up for a fight with big bad Bolas?

Keep in mind, there is always the possibility - and outright likelihood - of new planeswalkers allying themselves with the Gatewatch. With that possibility acknowledged, let’s look at who else might be Team Curbstomp Bolas.

Presented in no particular order. Keep in mind, they don’t have to join the Gatewatch to be allies. They just have to not like Bolas.

Dack Fayden

Faithless Looting by Karl Kopinski

Knows Bolas? No.

Who: Dack is the Greatest Thief in the Multiverse, and while he might play at being a rogue, his heart has always been in the right place. He goes out of his way to save his friends, and if you hurt them he will track you down.

Why: Fans have been speculating on when we’ll see Dack again, and now seems like the perfect time. We last saw him heading into the underworld to fight Ashiok’s scheme on Theros, and the old theories were that he’d be how Elspeth is revived. Looking at it now, if Ashiok is involved on Amonkhet, I could see Dack meet up with the Gatewatch while tracking him down.


Learn from the Past by Chase Stone 

Knows Bolas? Maybe.

Who: Narset is a seeker of enlightenment, whose spark ignited when she learned the truth of Tarkir’s past. Now, she’s affiliated with the group known as the Story Circle.

Why:  If Ajani has learned anything about Tarkir’s past from Narset (Remember: he was looking for info on Bolas, and Narset has a loose connection there), he may want to recruit her to aid in the fight. She has a great deal of experience with dragons, and may take it as a personal affront that Bolas once tried to end the progenitor of the dragons of Tarkir.

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Companions plus Edward Deegan react to a super buff f!Sole. The “I’ll kick your butt, then tell my dog he’s a good boy using a cutesy voice” kind of gal

ADA: Ada didn’t really care that much. She thought that as long as Sole didn’t mind the extra muscles, she shouldn’t either. Plus, if Sole could take down a deathclaw with a bat alone, she really didn’t have any room to complain.

CAIT: Cait was pretty surprised. She’s never seen another woman with muscles that are bigger than hers. That doesn’t mean she didn’t think it wasn’t cool though. She wouldn’t hesitate to arm wrestle Sole. Cait would usually lose, but the rare times when she won were some if her favorite moments.

CODWORTH: Codsworth already knew how much of a gym addict Sole was from pre war times. He’d help Sole find gym equipment, or fix up some of the electric workout machines for her. He was just happy to help with whatever Sole needed.

CURIE: Curie, being as inquisitive as she us, asked Sole tons of questions. They mainly consisted of what her diet was and how how she felt about her muscles. She was impressed every time Sole showed off her muscles. When Curie got her synth body, she asked Sole how she could get as buff as her.

DANSE: Loved it. He thought it made Sole look 10× more intimidating than himself. She didn’t even need power armour, and he thought that was kind of cool. The only times he regrets her buff-ness is when she stops in the middle of a fight to coo over a small mutated animal. Happens more than you’d think.

DEACON: Deacon also, unsurprisingly, thinks it’s great. He loves pretending that they’re a couple. Except that he’s the woman, and she’s the man on account of how much smaller he us than her. He finds it funny how it confuses people. He doesn’t blame Sole for cooing over small animals as he himself shares the same sentiment, but he tells her over and over again to not do it while they’re in combat. She never listens though.

DOGMEAT: What’s not to love? Sole can throw much farther than most people, so obviously Dogmeat approves.

EDWARD: You know how gym bros are? That’s how Edward and Sole’s relationship is. They’re always giving each other tips on how they should workout. They highfive constantly, and everyone is jealous of how close the two are.

GAGE: Gage is able to respect the overboss more each time he sees her put one of the gang leaders in their place with her bare hands. He’s only a tad jealous that she has bigger muscles than him, but who is he to complain? He’s always asking her what her workout routine is, so he can get as buff as her.

HANCOCK: The mayor of Goodneighbor thought Sole’s muscles were great from the start. Finn quaking in his boots as he was trying to extort Sole was a memory he would keep close to his heart. Hancock didn’t intervene right away because he wanted to see how this would go. He ended up laughing for 5 minutes straight when she knocked Finn out cold when that idiot pulled out his gun.

LONGFELLOW: As long as Sole could keep fighting as well as she did, Longfellow didn’t really care how buff she was. He will admit that he was a bit surprised at the sight of anyone being as massive as Sole is. But she could kill gulpers almost as well as he could. Who better to pass down his hunting techniques to?

MACCREADY: Mac definitely feels like less of a man when Sole’s around. At least, he did at first. He’s pretty small and scrawny, but he’s still one of the best snipers in the Commonwealth. He soon sees how good of a team he and Sole are, and travels with her more often. Hates it when she talks to him in the same cutesy voice she uses to speak to Dogmeat though. He wishes she didn’t find small things so adorable.

NICK: Admires her strength and drive to get things done. “Well I’ll be. You may be the strongest person I’ve ever met doll.” Nick once tried to give his trench coat to Sole when it was raining. Neither of them could suppress their laughter when she put it on and it was several sizes small on her, making it look like kid clothes.

PIPER: Piper is constantly bribing Sole to let her travel around with Piper on her shoulders. The bribes? Small, cute animals. “Come on Sole. You’re strong enough to carry 5 of me.” She’s also constantly challenging her to fight the toughest enemies every time they go out together. Sole hasn’t lost once.

PRESTON: Preston thinks Sole’s muscles are handy to beat up raiders with, so of course he doesn’t mind them. In fact, he thinks they’re pretty cool. He looks up to her because she can protect anyone and everyone she wants to.

STRONG: “Human smash good! Strong approve!” Strong immensely enjoys killing with Sole. Especially if she uses a sledge hammer just like he does. Its easier to imagine her like she’s a supermutant that way. Unless he catches fawning over a baby or something equally sickening adorable.

X6-88: X6 respects Sole for being so efficient when she’s completing a mission that one scientist or another gave her. Always wondered how she could get that buff, but whatever. He finds it kind of funny to see ‘big bad Sole’ (which is how most people see her) brought to tears whenever she sees a cute animal. He gifts her a synthetic hamster that he asked bioscience to make. He can’t remember a time when she was happier.

This was requested by @penteom. Hope you like it!

❝45 texts to send to my muse: Music Edition:❞

Warning(s): Alcohol, Strong Language, Blood, Implied Violence, Drugs:

  1. [ text ]: I need some help. Some inspiration.
  2. [ text ]: I’ll hide my behaviour with wine as my saviour.
  3. [ text ]: Do you swear you’ll stay forever?
  4. [ text ]: If you were an ice-cream flavour, you would be my favourite one.
  5. [ text ]: Damn, I’d love a boat by the beach on the West Coast.
  6. [ text ]: It all keeps adding up. I think I’m cracking up.
  7. [ text ]: The truth hurts worse than anything I could bring myself to do to you.
  8. [ text ]: I didn’t mean to hurt you. I never thought we’d fall out of place.
  9. [ text ]: I don’t really blame you, if I was in your shoes I’d probably do the same too.
  10. [ text ]: I’d pay to see you frown.
  11. [ text ]: You drive me crazy, I can’t get enough.
  12. [ text ]: I’ve never been this far away from home.
  13. [ text ]: If you stick around, I’m sure that I’ll be fine.
  14. [ text ]: The drink will flow and blood will spill. If the boys want to fight, you’d better let them.
  15. [ text ]: Remember when you tried to write me off?
  16. [ text ]: I may have fooled around once or twice, but I really need you.
  17. [ text ]: I can read you like a magazine.
  18. [ text ]: It was always going to end like this.
  19. [ text ]: No matter how hard I try, I always find a reason why to waste my day with you.
  20. [ text ]: Truth be told, I’m worried about what the future holds.
  21. [ text ]: It’s not okay. I don’t feel safe.
  22. [ text ]: Come on, make it easy. Say I never mattered.
  23. [ text ]: Why’d you leave your keys upon the table?
  24. [ text ]: Shut up! I’m not like you. 
  25. [ text ]: There doesn’t seem to be anyone around.
  26. [ text ]: Give me the drug you know I’m after.
  27. [ text ]: Teenagers scare the living shit out of me.
  28. [ text ]: Fuck you. Fuck you, very, very much.
  29. [ text ]: Tomorrow is cancelled.
  30. [ text ]: I’m the best worst thing that hasn’t happened to you yet.
  31. [ text ]: She will steal your soul.
  32. [ text ]: Maybe if I act like that, that guy will call me back?
  33. [ text ]: Right now they’re building a coffin your size.
  34. [ text ]: I thought love was only true in fairy tales.
  35. [ text ]: I could throw you in a lake, or feed you poisoned birthday cake.
  36. [ text ]: I want loads of clothes and fuckloads of diamonds.
  37. [ text ]: He ain’t gonna rest ‘til you’re in jail.
  38. [ text ]: I’d rather go to Hell than be in purgatory.
  39. [ text ]: I hear the trash you’re talking.
  40. [ text ]: What I do from here is none of your concern.
  41. [ text ]: I don’t know why I came here tonight
  42. [ text ]: I lost a bet to a guy in a Chiffon skirt.
  43. [ text ]: How did you afford this ring that I love, honey?
  44. [ text ]: Nothing compares to a quiet evening alone.
  45. [ text ]: Remember when you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor?

holebias  asked:

Lantok :D hc: *Lance learned to speak the equivalent of ASL of the GaIra. *The tail of Antok constantly graped around Lance when they are near each other. *Lance loves to give Antok massages so that him can relax. *Antok is sligtly jealous of the hero worship(?) that Lance haves to Shiro; he's also jealous of Hunk and Keith. *One time Antok saw Lance dancing with a rope; he can't forget that image and that causes him to blush.

Awwwww, I love all of these!

Lance getting secret lessons of GSL (Galran sign language)from Ulaz and Thace and Antok getting worried that Lance is pulling away from their relationship, only to be so surprised when Lance signs ‘I love and cherish you’ to him on their three month anniversary.

Lance also being sort of startled at first whenever Antok wraps his tail around Lance’s waist, not expecting it and jumping abit when he feels something slither around his hips. But he gets used to it fairly quickly, and sometimes forgetting that it’s even there half the time. It’s a comforting gesture for both of them.

I can see Antok being jealous when they first start to date when Lance seems to hold Shiro on a high ‘hero’ pedestal and many times talking himself down comparing himself to Keith and Shiro, which Antok doesn’t like that at aaallll. He may have tried to intimidate Shiro and Keith once (cough cough multiple times) to try and prove….something or another, he didn’t really think it through, just that his Lance was obviously hurting because of them and he had to do something about it. He tries to do the same with Hunk, but one look at how close Lance and Hunk are, he decides that Hunk isn’t a threat to Lance’s self esteem. (Now, on the other hand, Hunk probably does try to show that just because he’s probably the biggest galra he’s ever seen, if he hurts Lance in any way there will be hell to pay.)

Antok definitely watches Lance doing his little rope dancing and he is so glad that he had his mask on, because he couldn’t tear his eyes away from Lance, watching how he gracefully moves his body around and seamlessly keeping himself hanging off it like t was nothing. (He may or may not have suggested they use those skills in the bedroom ;);););););))

Follow up to the Angewoman Fashionization I posted on sunday because i lack self control.

If I actually had a digimon it would 100% have plant powers, so Lilymon has always been a favorite of mine. 

This one was actually kind of tricky because the original design actually has clothes so I had to figure out how to reference them without looking -too- costumey (I am not actually sure I managed to make it out of costume territory now that I think about it, but I tried really hard). I may kind of change some things once I sit on it for a bit, we’ll see. 

Here’s all my fandom Digimon stuff if you’re interested.

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Headcanons about the Gaston kid’s? (Gil, Gaston Jr, and Gaston Jr.)

- Gil is the youngest, while his two brothers, Gaston Jr and Gaston Jr, are a year older than him.

- The reason Gil has a different name, (thankfully) is because it was requested by his mother. Although Gaston is quite known for being quite the ass towards women, he had accepted her request due to her beauty. (Of course that isn’t the best reason, but at least Gil had his own official name.)

- Although the age difference doesn’t appear to have impacted their behavior. Gaston Jr and Gaston Jr are the ones who tend to fight constantly, always turning to Gil to pick who was right. Eventually the younger got tired of the same thing every day and had met a certain Captain with her devoted first mate, who would quickly become very involved in Gil’s life.

- The Gaston twins always teased Gil for being the most immature, despite how not true it was. They would make jokes about how he didnt know how to even talk to girls, just because he didn’t make repulsive comments towards them like they did.

- Despite Gil being a bit distant from his family had always been clear that Gaston had preferred him over the other two.

- While the Gaston twins bear an stricking resemblance to their father with their thick dark locks and stunning dark eyes, Gil’s looks were a bit different. He had a mop of wavy blonde hair, along with creamy blue eyes.

- In all honesty, Gil blames Gaston for the twin’s behavior. He knows that the way they currently act is due to his heavy influence, and wishes that he could go back in time to prevent them from listening to their father.

- As to not get confused, the siblings have nicknames for the twins. Gaston Jr number one was usually referred to as ‘Tommy’, while the other was known as ‘Garret.’ The nicknames weren’t used outside of their circle, out of fear that their father might find out.

- The twins are also more than a tad afraid of Harry. This may be because they had tried to *flirt* with Uma once, which ended up with them realizing that it wasn’t the best Idea when the son of Captain Hook found out.