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Viktor's conflicting feels about Beka headcanons

-He may or may not pretend he can’t pronounce “Otabek” correctly.

-Viktor once tried to get Beka drunk so he could prove he is irresponsible…Viktor got drunk instead, Beka was the designated driver.

-drunk!Viktor often cries about how beautiful Otayuri is and how happy he is for his son.

-Viktor has Beka’s contact saved as “Son In Law that Wants to Steal My Baby”

-He may or may not have secretly installed a tracking device on Yuri’s phone and that’s how Viktuuri always “conisidentially” runs into Otayuri on dates.

-He’s always “complaing” about Beka to Yuuri “Ugh look at the stupid loving way he’s gazing at our son! Flipping jerk always thinking about his safety…HE WOULDN’T NEED TO IF THEY RODE SOMETHING NORMAL INSTEAD OF THAT DEATH TRAP!!!” Yuuri rolls with it and tries not to laugh.

-Beka’s motercycle is nothing but an accident waiting to happen to Viktor and he sends Yuri a million messages whenever they ride it.

-Part of Viktor wants to marry Otayuri right where they stand the other part wants to take Yuri somewhere far away where no gangster will ever lay their filthy paws on him again! (his words)

-“Pffft at least he’s not JJ!!! But I still hate him!!! Change your hair or something Otabek it looks too much like JJ’s!!!”

-One day they have this nice father/future son in law day. Viktor bought Beka a suit and Beka paid for their eXpEnSivE mEaL.

-It was all going perfectly until they got home and Yuri glomped Beka and ignored Viktor.

-Viktor has to smile and deal with it when Yuri’s hair is in a nice braid because “WOW MY PRECIOUS SON YOU LOOK SO PRETTY” and “OTABEK BRAIDED YOUR HAIR?! PFFT I COULD MAKE IT LOOK BETTER!!!”

-Viktor may or may not have been the first one to use the ship name “Otayuri”.

-Of course when no one is around and someone talks bad about Otabek Viktor goes into full on rage mode “WTF DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY SON IN LAW?! HE IS A HERO AND WILL MAKE SURE MY SON IS HAPPY!!!!”

-Speaking of the “Hero” nickname Viktor may or may not have written a very fluffy fairytale AU about the Hero and Fairy.

-In which this Hero cowers before the Fairy’s very handsome father and does like a million trials to prove his love!!!

-Viktor really does care about Beka and trully thinks Otayuri is perfect he just takes the Overprotective Dad™ role waaaaaay tooooo faaaaar

BTS Reaction to Their GF Finding Out About Their Erection

Incognito; my request for you is a bts reaction to their girlyfriend finding out about their erection??

Note: I totally forgot I made this a while back lmfao I crack myself up | REPOSTED *credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ He felt it slowly spring to life while you two were watching a movie at the movie theaters. You were too engrossed with the movie to notice how uncomfortable he was sitting, and as he put the popcorn container on the floor, your hand instantly went to his lap to grab more—only for it to jab his clothed erection. He stiffened and you flamed red, looking to Jin wide eyed as he slowly turned to you only to stare you down. “Sh.” He whispered, and you nodded; quickly turning away while not being able to keep your focus on the movie anymore.

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Suga ➳ He was sitting on the couch while you glared at him, his fingers were holding the loops of your pants while he pulled you closer to him and had you sit down on his lap. You felt something poke the inside of your thigh, and you wriggled around to find that your suspicions may be true once Yoongi tried to stiffle a moan. You raised an eyebrow, staring at the man as he gave you a mischievous grin and as you quickly tried to get back up; he held you in place. “I-is that your-?”

“Yes, yes it is.” He said, nodding while he slowly leaned in before catching your lips in a soft kiss.

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J-Hope ➳ You two were laughing madly on the bed before going to sleep, finding a hilarious video online and watching it over and over again. It was sort of sexual, but you passed it off as something normal and apart of the joke. The only thing is, someone else took it seriously, having some thoughts slowly drown him in. You threw your phone on the bedside table, turning off the lamp while you still giggled about the video until you pulled yourself into Hoseok’s chest, feeling something poking at your torso. You looked up to him, eyebrows furrowed and he winked at you, a small smirk reaching his lip. “Do you still want to have fun?”

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RapMonster You were annoyed with how Namjoon kept squirming and being outright awkward while you two were at a family ball. You had enough when someone tried talking to him but he just plain out ignored them, so you grabbed his hand and took him somewhere quieter, looking to his pocket and seeing something bulging out. You became angrier, glaring at the confused man. “Really? So your fat ass was hiding food?” You snapped, quickly reaching in his pocket only to nearly rip off his clothed erection.

You froze, slowly looking up to the man who was flushed from embarrassment. “Oh dear god.” He murmured in pain and you just walked away, too petrified to face him.

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Jimin You had both been watching Fifty Shades Darker, and you couldn’t help but laugh at the sudden atrocious scenes that had taken place in the movie. You turned to Jimin to see if he found the movie as hysterical as you did, but when you found him blushing madly and struggling to keep his breath normal, you glanced down to find the large bulge threatening to rip itself out from his sweats and make itself known. “Oh,” you whispered as you smirked sadistically, leaning towards Jimin who was mortified and looked away quickly in embarrassment, “you must really enjoy this movie, huh, Jiminie?”

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➳ He was innocently sitting on a bench at the park while he waited for you to come back from a clothing store nearby. You saw him, and on instinct ran while throwing yourself onto his lap and he immediately threw his head back, a groan escaping his lips as he turned to glare at you. You instantly got off him, apologizing over and over but he was still in pain. “Really?” He spat, looking towards the softening covered bulge. “Not only do you frustrate me but you also get to hurt me?” You began to splutter, looking away in fright and he only grabbed your wrist, pulling you to him as he got your full attention. “It’s time to go home.”

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Jungkook ➳ You both were outside during the night, staring towards the stars littering the dusky sky. The air was calm, and as you kept teasing Jungkook he couldn’t help but smile at how happy you made him, that was, until you stumbled a little and grabbed onto his jeans, ahem, his clothed member to keep your balance. Your eyes widened, quickly letting go as you wondered if whatever you had felt was really there and when Jungkook’s smile vanished as he stared at you expectantly—time froze. “We should go inside.” He suggested, and you gulped, agreeing with the man.

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Energy Manipulation Exercise: for beginners

This is a little exercise for anyone that wants to begin going into energies and such. Do a little or as much as you’d like every day and you’ll find other exercises easier after having this foundation.

So, to begin, sit in a comfortable position and space. You can sit however you’d like, just make sure you have your hands available. 

Start grounding yourself. You can close your eyes here if you feel comfortable doing so. Take a 3 second breath in through your nose and a 3 second exhale through your mouth. Continue doing this until you feel your heart and lungs begin to sync up and your center aligning. 

Take your hands out in front of you. Personally, I find having them lined up to my ribcage the most powerful, but if you feel like you get a better reaction by holding them above your head or where ever, go for it man. With your hands out, face your palms together with your hands slightly cupped.

Start with your hands closer together, but not touching. Visualize your energy moving from your chest all the way down your arms and into your hands. You can visualize anything here, sometimes a visualization or sensation just happens, if this occurs, roll with it and embrace it. This is your energy.

Visualize your energy coming out of the palms of your hands. Now, at this point, start moving your hands away from each other and back closer again very slightly. You should just be slightly wavering your hands. If you feel a bit of resistance between your hands when they come closer to each other again, almost as if you’re squeezing a ball, then you’ve successfully created a ball of energy. Continue squeezing the ball between your hands. 

This is generally a good starting point. It may take a few tries for you to feel anything, but once you do, get comfortable making a strong ball of energy between your hands.

But, if you want continue, the next step would to be to make the ball bigger. As you’re wavering your hands, start taking longer pulling them apart. Go bit by bit farther apart from each other. You may feel a temperature difference if you’ve gone too far away from your ball compared if you are close to it.

Aftercare (I guess you could call it lol) consists of you recharging. For someone who has never done energy work before, it can be draining. How I like to close this exercise off is by bringing my hands together all the way until they are clasped together. Feeling the energy dissipate or be reabsorbed by my hands lets me know that I don’t have any residual energy wafting around.

Afterwords, take a break. Drink some tea, watch a movie, do whatever that you like and recharges you that you don’t have to put a lot of effort into. Regaining the energy that you’ve let out into the world is an important part of energy work; if you don’t do it, then . you’ll just run yourself dry and ragged.

✰Have fun!  ∩(︶▽︶)∩

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Cat @ everyone
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>@ Kara:</b> Leave that twat and move on, you can do much better than that meninist *plays "bye, bye, bye"* *not because she knows she loves NSYNC but because she knows Kara is bi as hell*<p/><b>@ Alex:</b> Congrats on the coming out, I could see it coming like you came last night *winks @ Maggie*<p/><b>@ Maggie:</b> Please do not call your dog Gertrude<p/><b>@ James:</b> Cover your eyelids as the Guardian dear, wasn't that hard to figure out<p/><b>@ Lena:</b> Make a move on Kara, and tell her you know about her "secret" identity, mention the glasses and cardigans<p/><b>@ Man-Hell:</b> Please gtfo of our lives, and return to make "Daxam Great Again"<p/><b>@ the President:</b> Please tell me you're still a democrat<p/><b>@ Winn:</b> You're great dear<p/><b>@ supergirl:</b> I know you're Kara Danvers, you may have tried to fool me once, but then a shapeshifting martian was public knowledge and I knew right away<p/></p><p/></p>

Elijah x reader

5. “If you walk out that door… don’t you ever come back”

11. “Will you just shut up for a minute and let me think?!”
47. “Go on, I dare you”

“What was that about?” Snapped Elijah as he walked into the room, closing the door behind him.

“What was what about?” you replied, glancing up from your phone.

“Oh don’t play dumb, Y/N, you know perfectly well what I’m talking about. The argument you just had with Niklaus.”
“What of it?”
Elijah turned and glared at you, as you eventually put down your phone and gave him your full attention. “I am trying to make and keep the peace in this family. I thought you realised that,” he said, making the effort to keep his voice under control.

“I do, Elijah.”
“Then why do you provoke him like that? You know exactly how to get under his skin, at exactly the right time. Why? Does it entertain you? Are you bored?”
“He’s not a child, Elijah, don’t treat him like one. Klaus can fight his own battles, I don’t need you on my back as well.”
“It appears you do. There was no reason for that dispute, and you know it.”
“No reason?!” You exclaimed loudly, standing up. “He tried to kill me! More than once! Now you may be willing to let that go, God knows in this family anything seems to be acceptable, but I’m not. I can just about manage to make pleasant small talk, but don’t ask me to actually work with and get along with your brother.”
“Please do not insult my family, Y/N.”

“Why not? Someone has to call some of you out on your bullshit, may as well be me.”
“Why do you stay then, if you dislike us so much?”

You raised your eyebrows in shock at his comment, surprised he would ask. “Because I’m in love with you, Elijah. Or at least, I thought I was. Right now I don’t know. I don’t know why I stay, why I don’t walk out of there right now. There’s something keeping me here.”
“Go on, I dare you,” said Elijah, his voice low and almost threatening. For the first time, you realised what you had got yourself into and felt a little afraid of the original vampire stood in front of you.

“Dare me to do what?”

“Walk out of that door. If you don’t know what it is that keeping you here, then go.”

“Oh, will you just shut up for a minute and let me think?”
“No!” He slammed his hand into the wall to emphasise his point and you flinched. “No, Y/N, I will not. If you don’t know what it is that you want, then don’t stay here to look for it.”

“Fine,” you said, trying to keep your voice steady but struggling to hold back a sob. You knew that this was all your fault, that he hadn’t done anything wrong and that you should be more willing to compromise. But you were sick of always playing second fiddle in Elijah’s life to his family, when all they had done was betray him. You had been there, constantly, since the pair of you had met, and he didn’t seem to appreciate that. Of course, you were far too stubborn to explain all of this to him. It had all been brewing up inside you, and you had taken it out on Klaus, and now on Elijah. You turned, and started to walk towards the door, deciding to find somewhere to cool off for the time being.

“If you walk out that door… don’t you ever come back,” voiced Elijah from behind you.


“You heard me. Either you stay and we resolve this now, like adults, or you can leave.”

Gatewatch Reinforcements

Strap yourselves in Vorthos - We’ve got weeks until the plot of Amonkhet begins, and I’m nowhere near done speculating. Today I’m going to be looking at which allies Ajani may be trying to find out there in the Multiverse. He mentioned Bolas has many enemies, and they might have many allies - but who would actually turn up for a fight with big bad Bolas?

Keep in mind, there is always the possibility - and outright likelihood - of new planeswalkers allying themselves with the Gatewatch. With that possibility acknowledged, let’s look at who else might be Team Curbstomp Bolas.

Presented in no particular order. Keep in mind, they don’t have to join the Gatewatch to be allies. They just have to not like Bolas.

Dack Fayden

Faithless Looting by Karl Kopinski

Knows Bolas? No.

Who: Dack is the Greatest Thief in the Multiverse, and while he might play at being a rogue, his heart has always been in the right place. He goes out of his way to save his friends, and if you hurt them he will track you down.

Why: Fans have been speculating on when we’ll see Dack again, and now seems like the perfect time. We last saw him heading into the underworld to fight Ashiok’s scheme on Theros, and the old theories were that he’d be how Elspeth is revived. Looking at it now, if Ashiok is involved on Amonkhet, I could see Dack meet up with the Gatewatch while tracking him down.


Learn from the Past by Chase Stone 

Knows Bolas? Maybe.

Who: Narset is a seeker of enlightenment, whose spark ignited when she learned the truth of Tarkir’s past. Now, she’s affiliated with the group known as the Story Circle.

Why:  If Ajani has learned anything about Tarkir’s past from Narset (Remember: he was looking for info on Bolas, and Narset has a loose connection there), he may want to recruit her to aid in the fight. She has a great deal of experience with dragons, and may take it as a personal affront that Bolas once tried to end the progenitor of the dragons of Tarkir.

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Follow up to the Angewoman Fashionization I posted on sunday because i lack self control.

If I actually had a digimon it would 100% have plant powers, so Lilymon has always been a favorite of mine. 

This one was actually kind of tricky because the original design actually has clothes so I had to figure out how to reference them without looking -too- costumey (I am not actually sure I managed to make it out of costume territory now that I think about it, but I tried really hard). I may kind of change some things once I sit on it for a bit, we’ll see. 

Here’s all my fandom Digimon stuff if you’re interested.

❝45 texts to send to my muse: Music Edition:❞

Warning(s): Alcohol, Strong Language, Blood, Implied Violence, Drugs:

  1. [ text ]: I need some help. Some inspiration.
  2. [ text ]: I’ll hide my behaviour with wine as my saviour.
  3. [ text ]: Do you swear you’ll stay forever?
  4. [ text ]: If you were an ice-cream flavour, you would be my favourite one.
  5. [ text ]: Damn, I’d love a boat by the beach on the West Coast.
  6. [ text ]: It all keeps adding up. I think I’m cracking up.
  7. [ text ]: The truth hurts worse than anything I could bring myself to do to you.
  8. [ text ]: I didn’t mean to hurt you. I never thought we’d fall out of place.
  9. [ text ]: I don’t really blame you, if I was in your shoes I’d probably do the same too.
  10. [ text ]: I’d pay to see you frown.
  11. [ text ]: You drive me crazy, I can’t get enough.
  12. [ text ]: I’ve never been this far away from home.
  13. [ text ]: If you stick around, I’m sure that I’ll be fine.
  14. [ text ]: The drink will flow and blood will spill. If the boys want to fight, you’d better let them.
  15. [ text ]: Remember when you tried to write me off?
  16. [ text ]: I may have fooled around once or twice, but I really need you.
  17. [ text ]: I can read you like a magazine.
  18. [ text ]: It was always going to end like this.
  19. [ text ]: No matter how hard I try, I always find a reason why to waste my day with you.
  20. [ text ]: Truth be told, I’m worried about what the future holds.
  21. [ text ]: It’s not okay. I don’t feel safe.
  22. [ text ]: Come on, make it easy. Say I never mattered.
  23. [ text ]: Why’d you leave your keys upon the table?
  24. [ text ]: Shut up! I’m not like you. 
  25. [ text ]: There doesn’t seem to be anyone around.
  26. [ text ]: Give me the drug you know I’m after.
  27. [ text ]: Teenagers scare the living shit out of me.
  28. [ text ]: Fuck you. Fuck you, very, very much.
  29. [ text ]: Tomorrow is cancelled.
  30. [ text ]: I’m the best worst thing that hasn’t happened to you yet.
  31. [ text ]: She will steal your soul.
  32. [ text ]: Maybe if I act like that, that guy will call me back?
  33. [ text ]: Right now they’re building a coffin your size.
  34. [ text ]: I thought love was only true in fairy tales.
  35. [ text ]: I could throw you in a lake, or feed you poisoned birthday cake.
  36. [ text ]: I want loads of clothes and fuckloads of diamonds.
  37. [ text ]: He ain’t gonna rest ‘til you’re in jail.
  38. [ text ]: I’d rather go to Hell than be in purgatory.
  39. [ text ]: I hear the trash you’re talking.
  40. [ text ]: What I do from here is none of your concern.
  41. [ text ]: I don’t know why I came here tonight
  42. [ text ]: I lost a bet to a guy in a Chiffon skirt.
  43. [ text ]: How did you afford this ring that I love, honey?
  44. [ text ]: Nothing compares to a quiet evening alone.
  45. [ text ]: Remember when you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor?
~When You Ask Them to Choke You~

Jin: He’ll question it a bit, but when he realizes how much you want it, he will choke you. Probably getting a bit turned on in the process. 

Yoongi: Yoongi would have done it way before you asked, but if you ask one night, he would gladly do it. Probably getting extra turned on in the process.

Hoseok: Hobi is going to pause and look you right in the eyes for a second before grinning. “Really, now?” He will only lightly choke you.

Namjoon: Namjoon would be absolutely okay with this-no questions asked, as he nails into you harder, deeper, his hand reaching up to wrap around your neck.

Jimin: He is going to stop mid fuck, and just freeze, but when it hits him, he is going to get hella turned on

Taehyung: Like Hobi, Tae doesn’t like too much of ‘serious’ sex, so he may do it a little bit, but end up joking and teasing about it.

Jungkook: He will be a little hesitant at first. You may have to show him, but once he tries it, he will love it so much. The first time you ask, it will make him blush like mad!

Nygmobblepot reunion (or how I like to imagine it)

“You’re here.” The words that tumbled from Oswald’s lips came out as hardly more than a shocked breath.

“I’m here.”

Edward Nygma. The love of his incredibly unlucky existence. Here he stood, right before his own eyes. He was supposed to be furious. Wasn’t he? Oswald could see no sign of that madness in Ed’s eyes—that very madness he once witnessed when he barked into his face last year, angry, strangling him.

But now he was standing at the doorstep to his mansion, wearing an evergreen suit and to Oswald’s surprise: a hat.

“I feel as though I should explain myself.” Ed continued vaguely. The man before Oswald took a deep breath and held it there for a moment, his eyes flickering to the ground, his head staying motionless.

“I’ve… forgiven you, Oswald.”

The words sounded unreal. Surprise washed over Oswald, a great joy that almost couldn’t contain itself making him stand a little more upright but then… Suspicion.

This man had tried to kill him once, after all.

“M- May I ask,” He tested the waters. “What exactly has brought you to this…” He nervously gestured into the air between them. “Decision?” The corners of Ed’s mouth twitched up, small but honest.

“I need you.”

Oswald barely realized his own mouth hanging open.

“Y- You-” The smaller man cleared his throat. “You need me for something? A favor?”

“No.” Ed said boldly, almost breaking into Oswald’s nervous ramble. “I am telling you we’re fine.” he hesitated, seemingly taking a moment to think, eventually adding: “If you’re… alright with that, of course.” He quickly looked away. Guilt tugged at Oswald. Guilt that shouldn’t be there.

This man had tried to kill him once, after all.

It was as if Ed could see how Oswald’s mind was rattling, coming up with questions and inner conflicts. What happened next was unexpected and practically came out of the blue. Oswald tried to register what was going on and for a moment he tensed up, afraid of getting hurt again, AGAIN.

But Edward Nygma was kissing him.

His lips were soft, he could feel his breath. A tingly, pleasingfeeling shot through Oswald and how couldn’t he fall right into it? He’d imagined this a couple of times. Or perhaps a bit more often, actually.

Fuck, and pardon Oswald’s french, but he definitely HAD imagined this before.

None of those fantasies could have ever felt as good as this. Their noses were brushing, their lips moving against one another and suddenly Ed’s hands were burried into his sides, pulling him closer.

The disgusting butterflies that tickled Oswald’s body and clouded his brain made him shiver. He sighed then and it seemed to make the taller man speed things up, the kiss deepening fiercly with every small movement of their heads. He could feel his heartbeat picking up its already quick pace and he thought, if this wasn’t a reunion worth celebrating, then what was?

Beneath You: An Analysis of Buffy and Spike

I am not a Spuffy shipper. There are many reasons for this. Some of them are personal, but more of them are character and story related.

On a personal level, Buffy’s relationship with Spike reminds me of some toxic romantic situations I’ve been in and it makes me uncomfortable that it’s something people could possibly aspire to (I’m aware not everyone who ships them does, but I know some do). However, I am not a slayer, nor were any of my love interests vampires… that I know of. So there are some extenuating circumstances. This reason is entirely personal, has nothing to do with anything but my own icky feelings this ship brings up.

However, on a story level, Spuffy has always bothered me because it always felt contrived and forced. Not due to chemistry or lack of between Sarah Michelle Gellar and James Marsters – those two are great. The storyline itself felt forced to me. Season five felt like a culmination of something: the thing we’d been building to all along. And then Buffy was brought back in a way that completely undid her as a character, stripped her down to bare bones (literally) and built her back up into a new Buffy I, honestly, didn’t like as much as end-of-season-five Buffy. And her biggest story arc in season six was her relationship with Spike. It became the A plot instead of a B plot. It was the most major thing she had going on, and that was new for her. Even with Angel, as important as Bangel was, it was just part of a larger arc. I had a hard time buying into Spuffy at all, particularly as the thing that carried the season. Spike also had to undergo a bit of an overhaul, and in some ways it made sense – the chip and his frustration juggling what he wanted to do and what he was able to do. In some ways it felt rushed or contrived, like the fact that he always just happened to be around when Buffy was the most vulnerable. Even his assault on Buffy and his resulting quest for a soul felt a bit “wait, what?” So, I do have a lot of legitimate problems with the ship that have nothing to do with my personal feelings or the ship itself, and everything to do with the way it was presented and put together.

However to the however… Someone recently pointed out on my dash that whenever Buffy has implied that Spike was somehow beneath her or that he didn’t matter, she actually meant the opposite. Which I thought about for a moment, and it suddenly made sense. The example pointed out in the post in question is when she reveals to Spike she was in Heaven, not Hell, and that being back was her Hell. I always thought she revealed this to Spike simply because he happened to be there (conveniently) – literally a captive audience because of all the pesky sunlight keeping him there. And she had to tell SOMEONE who wouldn’t go spiraling into an existential crisis as a result of the news. The line highlighted “I can be alone with you here” and Spike’s sarcastic, possibly mildly offended retort “Thanks ever so” was something I always interpreted as a remnant of their once antagonistic relationship full of barbs and jabs (both physical and verbal). I never considered the possibility that Buffy meant she could be who she was, feel how she felt, in that moment with him present… because he wouldn’t judge her. We’ve seen everyone in her close circle judge her at least once in the series. Xander probably does it the most, particularly when it comes to her romantic relationships. Willow was the first person to confront her about her exit after killing Angel, and everyone else was quick to jump on the bandwagon, save Giles (who was busy trying to save the world from zombies). But, Giles and Oz boarded the judgment train when Angel returned from Hell and Buffy kept it a secret, Giles reminding her what Angel did to him and Jenny while Oz called her out for kissing Angel (I forget the actual line/context of that, but it definitely felt like he wasn’t really on Buffy’s side and he was the one with the least at stake in the room). Then you have Spike, who, when he has judged Buffy, has usually been impressed by or threatened by her. It’s a different kind of judgment. Yeah, the guy may have tried to kill her once or twice, but he never got all high and mighty with her (“How could you do that? How dare you?”). Tara also never did this, just to point it out and give her some kudos. 

In a way, Buffy has always been able to be completely unfiltered with Spike, even if you look at their combat. He’s formidable, gives her a run for her money, and she’s scrappy and resourceful and does the same for him. That’s something that’s always been there under the surface in one form or another. Season six was a perfect storm of circumstances that allowed it to manifest into something else. Another moment that comes to mind is when Buffy learned her mother was sick and snuck out on the back porch alone to cry. Spike arrived, supposedly intent on killing her, but sat with her instead. Then, of course, there’s the moment when Buffy beats Spike to a bloody pulp calling him disgusting and some other colorful things. All of these are examples of Buffy revealing her innermost self to Spike because, for some reason, she feels safe doing so in a way she doesn’t – never has – with anyone else.

This is a big deal, and it’s a thing I never noticed until I really sat down and thought about it. Even the toxic stuff, the ugly stuff, the icky stuff, it’s Buffy’s truth at that moment. If she’s hurting herself and him, it’s because that’s where she’s really at inside – she’s trying to feel, to punish herself, whatever it is she’s doing – and, yes, it’s toxic and it makes me feel icky. But, when put in its true, full context, is it really an abusive relationship? An unhealthy one? Or is it simply what it is at the time? What would this relationship look like when the two of them were in different, more healthy headspaces? These are all things I’m genuinely curious about.


In conclusion… Alright, Spuffy shippers. I get it now. I buy it. I amend my previous “I just don’t see it” comments on this ship. Kudos to @spuffy, @buffytags, and @spikesjojo who blogged/reblogged/commented on that post I saw that blew my mind. For some reason I can’t seem to link it (is there a way to embed links of gifset posts? If someone tells me I will link it here. It is the last thing I replogged before this post, for those who want to see it).

I will take any Spuffy fic recs if you have ‘em. I’m partial to fics that are kind of deep and explore character headspaces and what if scenarios. But, if there’s a bit of smut in there it’s not a dealbreaker, and if it’s fluff or silliness, or what have you, that’s not a dealbreaker either. Long or short, canon or AU, I’ll read it all. However, if there’s smut in it, particularly smut that’s a bit violent or what have you, give me a warning. As I said, icky personal feelings do occur for me and I may be in a wrong headspace to read it at certain times. I also may be reading on my lunch break at work and I’d rather not have a coworker go to ask me an innocent question and happen to glance at some smut I’m reading. 

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All I want in a Lancelot AU is one where Lotor is the awkward "Zuko friend" because yes he MAY have tried to kill them all once or twice or more but he's TOTALLY good now, and no-one really trusts him and hell, maybe he really is just trying to manipulate them. But Lance with his big puppy dog eyes decides to trust him because no-one with hair that good can be completely evil, and bit by bit Lotor becomes smitten and stays up at night quietly whispering "What the fuck" to himself

lance has no boundaries and keeps shoving his face in lotor’s hair and cuddling him like he does hunk

the zuko in lotor only intensifies

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hey,could you explain how you draw Akaashi's hair,please? it looks so simple and yet so hard!

now that you mention it i thought it was easier to explain than to do it without thinking. yes, most of the time i draw characters without thinking about any particular way to go about it, so long as it looks similar and possibly realistic.

okay, i think akaashi’s hair is actualy weirder than it may look, once i tried to make a wig out of that mess and i did not get anywhere near what it looks like.

i actually kinda tried to make sense of his hair? his bangs are symmetrically cut, they are short in the center and get longer at the ends, they are slightly parted and combed to the sides. the rest of his hair is a general mess, could probably rival kuroo if it wasn’t for the fact that he has shorter hair/bangs and they actually curl up in many directions. if his hair was straight he would definitely not look the same……

so as you can see on the picture on the left, his hair is kinda all over the place. even more so when you look at the anime references where it seems his hair is a bit shorter and even more messy. i stipulate that he doesnt even bother combing it in the morning except for the bangs in his face, and it just naturally stays like that. does no one in haikyuu care about their hair?

look, i tried making a rough step-by-step, but i think even with the arrows it wont look very clear.

see how it seems kinda easy but actually when you try it it may be tricky? i think the most annoying part is the back of the head. the manga actually draws the roots in the neck a bit differently, but that’s entirely up to you for how you want to draw it..this is like just a general guide/overview i guess.

if i can give a bit of advice on the matter, always stroke your pen/brush in the direction of the hair (from the root/origin to the tip of the hair. always try to keep a guideline for the rough skull shape in a layer below so you dont accidentally end up making a huge mass oh hair or too little of it in the contrary.

keep in mind the things i said about the bangs & the shape and basically u got it.


Since nobody said any ship I’m gonna keep it general, if you want any especific ship tell me!! 

-Okay, so to put thinks in context, Fukuzawa founded the circus to take in ability users because in this AU they are rare and not well seen. They are really popular, but also get into a lot of fights because of people mistreating them. They are a close community and a big family, protective of each other.

-The circus takes Atsushi in when they receive word that a tiger has been terrorizing a town at night. Atsushi is more feral than in canon and couldn’t barely talk or understand basic human behavior when they took him in. He usually sleeps with the lions and the other beast. It was really difficult to make him understand that he could sleep with the rest of them, but he eventually understood, he still goes to sleep there when he is upset though. He gets paired with Akutagawa and does the beast show with him. They are really good together and the show is quite popular. He doesn’t like Akutagawa at the beginning (I’m gonna repeat this sentence a lot aren’t I?) because, well, he tries to “tame him” and he doesn’t like that. But he clings to him by instinct, especially when people say mean things to him outside of the circus. Imagine Atsushi is clinging to Akutagawa’s coat and hiding behind him when townspeople call them freaks, but he doesn’t want to do anything because he is afraid of hurting someone.

-Akutagawa is the beast tamer, using Rashomon for that job. He likes beasts better than people and doesn’t interact too much with the rest of the crew. Even so, he is really protective of his people so if somebody says shit about the circus they get their assess kicked by Rashomon. He seems to not like Atsushi at first, but is actually fascinated by his tiger form. (Tsundere Akutagawa). He used to sleep near the animal cages, but now that Atsushi sometimes sleeps inside in his tiger form he sleeps with him there. If asked he is going to deny it.

-Dazai is the host of the show. He wanted to be a clown (and everybody agreed that yes, it suited him) but let’s say… his humor wasn’t really appreciated. “But Kunikida-kun, why can I be a clown anymore?” “Because making a noose with balloons and trying to hang yourself from the flagpole is not appropriated for children!!!!” Yes, he did that. He then became the host, because with his cheerfulness and charm, he attracts people to the shows. He tends to make jokes while the others are performing, especially Chuuya and he loves it. He was a rich heir in the city, but decided to join the circus due to some circumstances and Fukuzawa agreed because his ability is really useful.

-Cuuya is the trapeze artist (is this the correct word?) With his ability to control gravity it’s a peace of cake and his shows are spectacular. He is really popular has been the “poster girl” (cue to Dazai’s teasing) a lot of times. He is furious with Dazai because the bastard keeps cutting his rope as a joke. He also makes some shows with Kenji. Together with Kouyou-ne and Higuchi, he helps with makeup and dressing for the rest of the crew. He also kicks the shit out of any idiot that causes trouble for the troupe, especially with perverts that prey on the girls.

-Ranpo is the physic of the troupe. He really believes he has supernatural powers and can read peoples minds and predict the future, but in fact is just his super deduction. Fukuzawa started the circus with Ranpo, who was jobless orphan trying to survive with his so called powers. He may have tried once to move objects with his mind and somebody (*ahem*Chuuya*ahem*) moved it for him out of sympathy. They didn’t do that again because next time he tried to fly jumping from the balance rope.

-Kouyou, Kyouka and Gin are the jugglers. It’s one of the most beautiful shows in the circus, inspired by the traditional Japanese shows. They do the traditional one with the ball on the umbrella to throwing knives. At each other. Kouyou has very expensive taste and usually buys high quality clothes for the girls and wine for Chuuya, Yosano and herself, that are out of budget, the thing that drives Kunikida crazy.

-Higuchi is a general assistant. She takes care of tickets, make up a dressing and making sure everybody is fed. You may say it’s an unimportant job, but this circus wouldn’t function properly if it wasn’t for her hard work.

-Yosano is both the doctor for the troupe and the vet. She sometimes messes the treatments, but doesn’t matter because with her ability she can mess up as much as she wants. The rest of the crew believes she is experimenting on them. 

-Kenji is the muscleman of course. He lifts the animals of the circus as a show (yes Atsushi has suffered this) He sometimes works with Chuuya too.

-Tanizaki is a magician and Naomi is his assistant. He has a lot of talent but gets nervous easily. His sister covers any mistake by deriving attention.

Duplicity the Cat update: he also found the Canadian goose, and rediscovered the Strawberry-Scented Weiner Dog (which students of history may recall he once tried to nurse on after discovering that my shirt wasn’t doing the trick).

Also it’s 5:00 AM and he hasn’t stopped zooming around for even ten minutes at a stretch. I had to let Bu into the bedroom with me; he is weary of the orange boy who messes up his toys.

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How do you think each of the paladins + Alura would act when they get sick and their S/O insists on taking care of them?

YES! Omg I love this so much!!!!


  • He’s actually kind of surprised that you want to take care of him. He accepts your offer immediately and enjoys your company. If you hadn’t have offered then he would have asked you to anyways. He’s a bit moody when he’s sick, so be ready to handle his blabbering.
  • He’s going to want you by his side 24/7, he won’t even let you leave the room without you telling him where you’re going. He’s so dependent on you when he’s sick and he only wants you to take care of him. He’s actually really good at taking his medicine, but only if you’re the one giving it to him, otherwise he may throw it across the room. Hunk tried to once when you were taking a nap, it didn’t end well.
  • He really enjoys cuddles when he’s sick because they make him more comfortable. He won’t even think about you catching his illness until you already have it. Don’t worry though, he’s more than willing to take care of you!


  • He refuses any help at all at first, you’re going to have to do some serious convincing. The only way he’s going to let you help is if it gets so bad that he can barely function on his own. Then he’s practically putty in your hands for the next hour or so until he gets some rest.
  • He doesn’t mind your help once he actually lets you, he actually enjoys it. At  least for the first few hours. Then he gets really restless and insists he’s okay enough to get out of bed. You believed him once and ended up finding him passed out on the training room floor after his fever spiked. Don’t make the same mistake twice.
  • It honestly doesn’t cross his mind that you may catch his cold because he’s too busy trying to convince you to let him go. If you do get sick then he’s going to be a hypocrite and not let you leave your bed no matter what until you’re better.


  • It super rare that Hunk gets sick, he has the best immune system. If he does manage to get sick then he kind of just stops functioning. You won’t even be able to get him out of bed, he just wants to sleep.
  • If you feed him soup he will be so happy. Seeing you smile while feeding him makes him feel a bit better and he will gladly let you care for him. He won’t even try to leave bed until he knows he’s better because he’s not an idiot and he know that he won’t get better if he’s out running around.
  • He’s so used to helping people when they’re sick because he has such a good immune system that he forgets that you’re not like that. If you fall ill afterwards then he’ll take such good care of you.


  • Why would you want to take care of her when she’s sick, she’s so freaking cranky. She wants nothing to do with people, she may be a bit nicer to you, but not by much. It’s honestly a miracle if she agrees to let you help.
  • She doesn’t sleep, she doesn’t take her medicine, she doesn’t want to eat, she snaps at everything, and she’s honestly the worst patient ever. That is unless she’s really sick. If it  gets bad enough then she shuts up completely and lets you take care of her and she actually does what you ask because she feels so miserable.
  • She knows the risks of you staying around he when she’s sick, but she lets you do whatever you want. If you get sick too then she will say “I told you so” and take care of you as well as you took care of her.


  • You’re not going to know he’s actually sick until he literally collapses. He doesn’t want to worry everyone with him being sick so he tries to take care of himself. You won’t let him though and even though he protests a bit, be is actually really glad that you want to help.
  • He’s probably the best patient ever. He takes his medicine without complaint, unless it’s really bitter, but he’ll still take it. He still can’t sleep very well unless you’re with him, but he won’t ask for you to stay. Thankfully you catch on and keep him company throughout the night. Be careful if he has a fever though, his fever dreams are not fun to deal with and he’s a mess until you bring his temperature down.
  • He knows you’re going to get sick and he warns you about it, but you still insist on taking care of him. When you inevitably do get sick he’s right there to take care of you. He won’t leave your side until you’re better.


  • She doesn’t tell anyone when she’s sick, but everyone just knows that she is. Her moods switch dramatically when she’s sick because her patience level drops significantly. She is so happy when you insist on helping because you’re so much easier to deal with instead of a chattering Coran.
  • She’s not the easiest to deal with, she insists that she can take care of herself even when she knows that she can’t. The first time she was sick you actually let her do some things on her own and her soup ended up spilled everywhere, you had to leave the room after cleaning it up because she was so frustrated.
  • She can’t think clearly when she’s sick so the thought of you catching her sickness completely passes over her head. She’s going to take wonderful care of you when you’re sick as a  thank you for what you did for her, because she knows she’s not the best patient.