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Once Upon a Winter’s Morn

Perhaps this is cheating, but since it fits both the Capitol Treats prompt (sort of) for @everlarkedalways‘ #merryeverlark for Dec 12th and the Snow prompt for @loveinpanem‘s Dec 13th challenge, I’m tagging both. Also, I’m posting at a time when it’s technically the 12th where I am but it’s the 13th almost everywhere else. Lol. Thank you, lovely ladies for running these events and keeping the fandom alive. That last bit needs to be said in your best Haymitch voice. ;-)

This is not beta’d and was written rather hastily, so all mistakes are entirely mine. And I need to tag one more person, @ohmakemeahercules, who asked for: “How about Everlark: Peeta recreates the hot chocolate recipe from the Capitol?” Thank you, dear, I appreciate the prompt! <3

The snow storm arrived with no warning, several weeks earlier in the year than usual, dropping three feet of thick powder onto the ground of District Twelve, and trapping its residents inside their homes. As several made attempts to leave their newly built homes for their various jobs in the early hours of the morning, they discovered how ill-equipped they were. District Twelve had plenty of shovels for construction, pointed and spade shaped for breaking ground, but few people had ordered flat edged snow shovels yet.

Each of the Twelve houses of Victor’s Village came equipped with a fully furnished garden shed. Not that Victors were expected to perform such remedial tasks as gardening or shoveling snow from their walkways. Generally speaking, they could afford to hire someone to do it for them. But the Victors of Twelve had never been just your average Victor.

They started their mornings much as they had all done for the past few months. Peeta rose early, gently kissing Katniss’ forehead and brushing aside her hair to ask if she wanted breakfast before she went into the woods. On a gloomy day with snow blanketing the earth, Katniss tended to prefer the comfort of her bed, though. Such a day made her think too much about where she spent her last winter.

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That’s the kind of fella I am. I make my mind up about something and then I do it.

anonymous asked:

Hiyo, do you have any recommendations for someone who is starting to get peach fuzz but has never shaved before (like at all, I may have tried to do my arms/legs like once when I was younger but don't really remember much other than it being tedious)? I don't know what kind of razor to buy or... Anything really. I'm also kinda scared if cashier's might look at me funny if I buy a men's razor cause I am still often perceived as female.

Kii says:

Here are some tips that might be helpful! (It says they’re “for teens” because that’s when most cis guys start needing to shave, but it will work at whatever age you are.)

Honestly, speaking as someone who’s worked in retail, retail workers usually don’t care what you’re buying, and plenty of women buy men’s razors and shaving products for themselves and/or their children/spouses/siblings/etc, so it’s really not a big deal.

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I heard that you like sounding, you kinkster.


     ❝ NNNG — ! I-If you are referring to what I think you’re referring to … th-then – ❞ & his tone drops, his cheeks flush. he speaks, just above a whisper. ❝ I suppose I – may have tried it once … ( or twice … ) But don’t you DARE attempt to abash me for it ! Is it not common, human, sexual curiosity ? ❞ And it is also none of your concern, cloaked one !

((Random headcanon:

((Given that Illya was into a lot of anime and manga, particularly Magical Bushido Musashi, she may have tried her hand at drawing, trying to emulate the anime style. 

((But that’s not to say that she’s good at it. More like, she’s kinda okay at it. Mimi and totes Suzuka are much better at her in that aspect. Though Illya does have a lot of free time on her hands, so she may have tried to draw once in a while. But she’s much better off just reading that next issue of Musashi.

((Or singing. Illya’s got a lovely singing voice, I headcanon.