may this team play all their matches in the south then(

Liverpool ace Sadio Mane is teetotal and a devout Muslim… he’s far from your average top-flight footballer

Sadio Mane leans back in his chair and giggles. He is a serious kind of man but this time, he just can’t help it.

He has mentioned that he comes from a religious family in Senegal and so he has been asked how often they went to church when he was a child. ‘They are Muslims,’ he says, still laughing, 'so not so much church.’

Mane is popular at Liverpool’s Melwood training ground. He is friends with everyone, known for being humble and self-effacing. If some Premier League footballers give the impression they have been consumed by celebrity lives, Mane does not fit the stereotype.

Many, though, saw his signing as part of a trend under Jurgen Klopp’s management of Liverpool. Klopp, like Sir Alex Ferguson, buys players for their character as well as their football ability and Mane is a man to admire.

He grew up in the small village of Bambali, deep in the south of Senegal, where his father was the imam at the local mosque. When a Senegalese reporter visited last month, he was told that Mane had recently paid for the mosque to be reconstructed.

There were also rumours, the reporter noted, that Mane, like some other high-profile African footballers, was planning to plough money back into the region and start more projects to help local communities.

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Things Knight is Not Allowed To Do in HEMA!

1) Still forbidden from using a wet towel as a substitute weapon, though only because the big wig names of the HEMA pantheon will hit me. Hard. Not (just) with sword. With big heavy stick.

2) Forbidden from using cats, dogs, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, hares, ferrets, and any and all animals of the small variety as substitute weapons.

3) May not dual wield small animals.

4) Even if I somehow request the judges to wear casual clothing, this does NOT mean the rules are now “relaxed”.

5) “DEUS VULT” is no longer a permitted battle shout.

6) “BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD” is no longer allowed.

7) “HEMA FOR THE HEMA GOD” is no longer allowed.

8) “BANZAI” was funny exactly once, and the afterblow killed it.

9) Battle shouts are now no longer permitted from Knight.

10) Fruit still are not permittable substitute weapons.

11) Throwing your pommel does not mean an insta-win in tournament, regardless of what the source manuscript says, memes be damned!

12) Grenades and projectiles of the gaseous, cluster, fragment, stun, and holy variety are NOT allowed, I don’t care WHAT the rules do or do not say!

13) Substituting your pommel with a cleverly concealed mini-frag grenade is very clever. It still violates points 11 and 12, and several segments of the Geneva Convention. No.

14) May not ask any Scottish fencers to help me recreate Braveheart’s best/worst scenes mid combat.

15) I am not obligated to ask for Confession for every doublehit.

16) Axel Petterson is NOT HEMA Jesus.

17) May not refer to John Clements as “The Adversary”.

18) No more HEMA cults, damn it!

17) Eating the flesh of your enemies is discouraged, particularly if they are still alive. ESPECIALLY if they are still alive.

18) Cannibalism has no place in HEMA.

19) Even though mounted combat forms a section of most fencing manuscripts, it is to be assumed most tournaments do not plan for you to begin your bout astride a frisian warhorse, made to trample down your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the women.

20) Sharpening your Feder is super banned.

21) While technically, wrapping your feder in barbed wire is not strictly written against in the rules, and while it does not count as direct modification to your sword, outside of Brooklyn, you can forget it.

22) If handling First Aid, medical equipment had better consist of more than just a bone-saw and bottle of scotch.
(Regardless of what Jakub may say).

23) For the sake of prolonging your life-span, recording the Esfinges bouts and releasing the tapes as “HEMA Women gone wild!” is in extremely poor taste.

24) No mocking German Longsword fencers with Nazi propaganda set to a groovy disco beat.

25) Armoured cavalry of the modern variety is right out.

26) While the name “Astolat” was deliberately selected, may not go to said tournament, beat everyone there, then gallivant off without introducing myself to anyone, claiming I’m channeling my inner Lancelot.

27) Tournaments really do require you to register by name: we no longer accept obvious pseudonyms, Heraldry, Black shields, or claims of being “an anonymous knight fighting on behalf of a wronged Lady/Noble.”

28) While a swift kick to the kiwis is actually a technique laid out by Fiore for the purpose of dueling, and while it may be technically valid for some tournaments, a “Duel” in tournament standards may now be confined to the two individuals listed as fencing, not the uppity judge that claims it “lacks proper validation”, even if it was very satisfying.

29) May no longer wear a Luchador mask under the helmet, to dramatically be revealed when entering into grapple-play.

30) Talhoffer has a single segment on using a crossbow, on horseback, while retreating at great haste. Unless these terms are met, please refrain from pod-shotting your opponent mid-bout.

31) If the weapon you use can score a hit with laser precision from the next building over, it is banned.

32) So is the method of firing it.

33) May not quote Lichtenauer verses as if referring to Biblical script, just to annoy the German Longswordsmen.

34) Until the Pope takes up HEMA and is willing to back you, no declaring a Crusade upon any club, system, individuals, or landmass involved in HEMA.

35) Declaring a Crusade on the ARMA is currently pending.

36) Using EXCESSIVE force is not the same as THE Force.

37) Blessing your feder before a match does not give you a +1 to hit.

38) Declaring Smite Evil on your opponent doesn’t really do much, sorry.

39) May not ignite your feder at any point, for any reason, no matter how “Freakin’ sweet” it may look.

40) HEMA is not Dark Souls, you can stop dodge rolling now.

41) Any act that may associate you with Don Quixote is right out.

42) No more hiring HEMA people to help you; “to banish the long night” and embark upon a magical adventure straight out of Malory. Again.

43) No more referring to poncy rapier fencers as “Team Sewing Machine”.

44) Referring to the Polish branch of ARMA as “The One True Protestant Church of ARMA” is no longer allowed.

45) Introducing SCA and LARP fighters to the Mordhau is grounds for court cases under Murder Law.

46) No assembling the Sabruers to re-establish the Prussian Empire.

47) Using a bike, quad-bike, tricycle, or unicycle is right out.

48) While we encourage safety in HEMA, both in and out of practice, putting a condom on any or all of your kit or person does NOT meet with standard safety requirements.

49) No longer allowed to assemble the Spaniards under team name “The Inquisition”.

50) No longer allowed to assemble the Japanese under the team name “Reverse Weeaboo”.

51) No telling noobs that they can beat the Swedes with a rolled up newspaper.

52) HEMA stands for “Historical European Martial Arts”. NOT for “Hittite Empire Making Appearance”.

53) Or “Hillbillies Extreme Macho Apparel”.

54) OR “Hussars Euphoric over Massive Armaments”.

55) OR “Hussies in Extreme Massive Anal”.

56) Knight is banned from commenting on what “HEMA” stands for.

57) No longer allowed to challenge someone to a duel, then whip out a period pistol.

58) No calling bad rapier noobs “Errol Flynn”.

59) Not obligated to speak in a bad South West accent when using a saber, nor wear an eye-patch, save for International Speak like a Pirate Day.

60) Never allowed to repeat the phrase: “…more than 1,000 innocent lives” in the company of any HEMA practitioners.

61) Not allowed to refer to any weapon, equipment, or persons as a Marital Aid.

62) No HEMA organisation has monopoly over any motto for the community at large, and the motto sure as hell isn’t: “Let’s stick our dicks in some history texts!”

63) Nor: “Because the Olympics is for twats!”

64) Or “The Swedish take over the world!”

65) No such thing as HEMA faeries, sorry.

66) Not obligated to change outfit, weapon, and fighting style, then re-enter into any on-going tournament after being knocked-out of the rankings, claiming “I rolled a new character”.

67) No longer allowed to shout “To the HEMABILE!”, or use any throwing weapons here-after referred to as “HEMArangs”.

68) “No attempts to cause serious injury” now includes redundant organs.

69) While appropriate, may not call any ARMA guys “The High Order of the Red Shirt”.

70) Rapier fencers are not against my religion.

According to @longswordsinlondon, #26 & #27 are now acceptable. If that’s not the true meaning of Christmas, I don’t know what is.

fuckthatsuckthis-deactivated201  asked:

I know this is terribly OOC but I cannot get over the idea of a big Andreil wedding, like a bunch of people are there and it's in a huge banquet hall and there are colors and lights and dancing, coach wymack walks neil down the aisle omg

this may be ooc but for the sake of both of us, i’m going in indulge

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50. We are not allowed to hide the Slytherin Quidditch Team’s brooms in the Forbidden Forest before a match.

“Where are they?”

“Where are what, Professor?” James asked confused, glancing at his teammates.

“The brooms, Mr. Potter, where are the brooms?” Minerva McGonagall responded, her voice wavering slightly as she tried to control the volume.

James glanced around the room, his eyebrows furrowing deeper as he answered back slowly pointing over towards a closet door in the corner, “There are extra brooms in the broom cupboard, Professor. You know that.”

Minerva inhaled sharply, closing her eyes as she quickly counted to ten.

When she opened them back up, every member on the Gryffindor Quidditch team attempted to swallow down their nerves while having to be in the same room as this powerful woman who was clearly angered.

“The Slytherin’s brooms have been stolen,” she spoke calmly, shooting a sharp look at the quidditch members when a small burst of whispers broke out.

Effectively silenced, she continued, “They were in their locker rooms last night, but have since disappeared. It has been suggested,” her lip sneered, as though just saying the word was leaving a bad taste in her mouth, “that the Gryffindor team may have had something to do with the incident.”

Immediately, every member of the team broke out with their protests.


“No, it wasn’t us, Professor! You have to believe us!”

“I can’t believe – why would they think – ?”

“But, Professor, what does that mean for the game?”

She held up her hands, signaling for them to quiet down, once more, “Madame Hooch has decided that if their brooms are not found or returned within the hour, Gryffindor will have to forfeit the match.”

Their protests were louder this time than they were before.


“No! Professor, they can’t do that!”

“That’s so unfair! It wasn’t us!”

“It wasn’t?” she asked sharply, her vision tunneling in on James who looked pale and was unusually quiet, “Mr. Potter, please assure me that you and your friends had nothing to do with this.”

James looked up slowly, a grimace on his face as he rubbed his jaw line, “I promise I had nothing to do with this, Professor. You know I’m just as serious about Quidditch as you are. I’d never to anything to put our winning streak in jeopardy.”

Minerva’s shoulders slumped slightly, knowing the young man was telling the truth.

James continued, “I can’t, however, promise that the others were not involved.”

There was a collective groan throughout the room while a chaser moaned, “I’m going to kill your friends.”

“Get in line,” James replied, with a roll of his eyes, “Do you want me to – “

Minerva shook her head, cutting off James’ question before he had a chance to ask it.

“No,” she replied, glancing around at her students, “I’ll go question them about it. You seven continue preparing for the game. We will play if I have anything to say about it.”

“Yes ma’am!” James replied with a nod, before turning back to the team and straddling the bench, “All right you lot, this changes nothing. Don’t go loosin’ focus on me now.”

Minerva left the locker room, quickly crossing the field to the Great Hall where she hoped James’ friends would be.

She sighed in relief when she found all three of them there, laughing as they ate their breakfast.

“Black! Lupin! Pettigrew! Follow me! Now!” she barked out, causing a small group of first years sitting next to her to jump in their seats and squeal in surprise.

Sirius, Remus, and Peter all looked at each other confused before hopping up and following her down the hall.

She led them into an empty classroom – a room that hadn’t been used in years – and signaled for them to have a seat in the dusty chairs.

“I’m only going to ask this once, where are the Slytherin’s brooms?”

The three boys looked at each other, before Sirius asked, “The Slytherin’s brooms, ma’am? They’re probably in their lockers…”

“Oh, cut the crap, Mr. Black. Let me tell you the situation as we know it now. The Slytherins had their brooms in their locker rooms last night. As of this morning, those brooms are missing. The Slytherins suspect that the Gryffindors have stolen their brooms, and because of this, they are claiming foul play. Madame Hooch has declared that if the brooms are not found by the top of the hour, Gryffindors will be forced to forfeit and Slytherins will win by default.”

“What?” Sirius shouted back while Peter gasped, “No!”

Remus was quiet, leaning forward in his seat and he looked thoughtful.

“Now,” Minerva continued, “As I’m sure you can guess, this is not something that I, or our Quidditch Captain, your friend, Mr. Potter wants. So, I am asking you, please tell me where the brooms are.”

The three were silent, shifting awkwardly in their seats as they tried to avoid her and each other’s gaze.

“Let me put it this way,” Minerva spoke calmly, “If you tell me now so that I may retrieve them and Gryffindor can still play in the game, I will only take away ten points from Gryffindor. However, if you do not tell me, and Gryffindor is forced to forfeit the game, you will all receive a suspension, detentions every night for the rest of the year, and fifty points taken away from Gryffindor. Each.”

“Now,” she looked around at each of them, “What will it be?”

Three full seconds hadn’t passed before Remus spoke up, “They’re in the Forbidden Forest. Just on the edge about five minutes South from Hagrid’s House.”

Peter sighed in relief, while Sirius groaned, “C’mon Remus! Why did you tell her?”

Remus hissed in response, “Because I don’t want James to be pissed at us for being forced to forfeit. He’s bad enough to live with now, can you imagine how irate he would be then?”

Sirius frowned, nodding his head solemnly, “Good point.”

“We’re very sorry, Professor,” Remus answered, his head held down, “When he hid them, we weren’t thinking that this would be the consequence.”

“Well, what on earth were you thinking?” she asked bewildered.

The three looked at each other as they thought about the night before.

12 hours earlier

“I hate the night before a big game,” Sirius complained, flicking his wand to cause sparks to shoot out of the end, “James is always gone and it’s so boring!”

“You know how passionate James is about Quidditch,” Remus responded, “He just wants to do well.”

“Yes, but it’s boring without him!” Sirius whined, “You guys are boring!”

“Gee, thanks,” Remus replied dryly.

“I wish there was something we could do to help him!” Peter said wistfully, watching as the sparks started forming patterns from Sirius’ wand.

“Like what?” Remus asked.

Peter shrugged, “I dunno. We could polish his broom or something.”

“That sounds so dirty,” Sirius muttered with a huff of laughter under his breath.

Remus shot him a look, rolling his eyes before answering, “You know we’re not allowed to go anywhere near James’ broom.”

“Yeah,” Sirius agreed, sitting up, “He’ll castrate you for even looking at it.”

Peter huffed, folding his arms petulantly, before asking, “Fine, not that. But we should do something.”

“I’d rather prank the Slytherins, thank you,” Sirius answered back, leaning back onto his pillow.

Remus set down his book, looking at the other two, “What if we do both?”

Peter and Sirius glanced at each other before turning their full attention of Remus, “We’re listening.”

“We could steal the Slytherin’s brooms and hide them – just until after the match. That way, we’re alleviating your boredom with a prank, but we’re doing something to help James.”

“I like it!” Sirius declared, jumping up from his bed and racing for his shoes.

“How does that help James?” Peter asked confused.

Remus shrugged, “Well, if they don’t have their brooms, they’ll probably have to use school brooms or something which puts them at a disadvantage, meaning that Gryffindor will win the game quicker – “

“ – and James will be back, pranking with us in no time!” Sirius finished.

“Alright,” Peter replied, nodding his head, “Let’s do it!”


Remus shook his head, not wanting either boy to tell McGonagall what they were thinking and replied, “We clearly weren’t thinking, Professor. I promise: it won’t happen again.”

“Somehow I doubt that,” she answered dryly, “But, as promised, only 10 points will be deducted from Gryffindor.”

“Yes, Professor.” “Thank you, Professor.” “Sorry again, Professor.” They answered in unison.

She waved her hand, “Now get out and go to the game. If you ever try and pull a stunt like this again, I will do all those things I promised before and worse, do you understand.”

They nodded and quickly scrambled from their seats.

Before they were able to leave, Minerva called out, “Oh, Remus?”

The three paused as Remus turned around to look wide-eyed at his professor.

She said, “In the future, please try and refrain from allowing your friends to come up with such idiotic ideas.”

“Yes ma’am,” Remus replied as both Sirius and Peter scoffed and sputtered, “I will do my best!”

He grabbed the sleeves of the other two and pulled them out of the room, leaving Minerva alone.

She was relieved when the brooms were returned, safe and sound. The game was able to continue, as scheduled, and Gryffindor won in nearly record time with the snitch being caught 7 minutes into the game, and the score ending at 180 – 10 Gryffindor.

12 Pieces of Advice You Don’t Hear in Most Mercy Guides
  • At the very beginning of a match, try popping off a few shots to help build your ULT faster. Once your team gets low on health, then you can switch to the caduceus staff.
  • However, if the enemy team is at your door from the start, hang back instead and keep your healing beam on the team. Wait 5 seconds, or until the danger has left, and then catch up. (This applies mainly on attack, and if there are snipers, Pharah shooting from above, Junkrat or Sym traps at the entrance, etc.)
  • If you’re on defense, boost the snipers first. They may be able to get some quick kills right from the get go. Once the enemy draws near, switch your boost over to the DPS characters.
  • Be aware of your team and the enemy team’s locations at all times. If you have the “toggle” for your beam ON and the “guardian angel prefers beam target” OFF, you don’t need to keep eyeing the person you’re healing. Be a lookout for backcappers or enemies sneaking around. As a play-it-safe character, you have the layout of the land, so you can let your front line teammates know what the battlefield looks like from a viewpoint they may not have access to.

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RWBY Japanese Limited Blu Ray has English Subtitles

The subtitles follow the original English dialogue, so certain Japanese lines may not fully match, since not all humor or puns translate 100% from English to Japanese. Still, this makes the RWBY Japanese blu ray (at the very least the limited edition, which is what I bought) is import friendly for English speakers if you have an Blu Ray Player that plays region A. 

Blu Ray Region A countries :   America, Japan, Korea, South East Asia

I used my PS3 for playback, and the language setting is English on my PS3, I do not know if setting it to a different language like Japanese will change the the RWBY Blu Ray menu language.

When you begin “Play Movie”, this shows up on screen

Rest in Peace Monty. We miss you. The Japanese voice acting is amazing and I am sure you would have been happy and proud of the work Warner Bros Japan did for RWBY.

The D.S. al Coda

What did all those coda symbols mean, what happened in those 17 days, and what did it mean when Gimple said they were playing with time. I think I may have cracked the code of the season 5 outline.

I want to start first with this question that was asked by Entertainment Weekly to Scott Gimple that was posted on September 29 2014.

What can fans take out of the season 5 trailer, because you have also insinuated that there is maybe a bit of misdirection at play in parts of that.

One aspect of the information you’ve seen in the trailer is that there is a lot of playing with time in this first half of season 5. Things you are seeing happening, some of those things are happening currently. Some things are happening  — and I don’t just mean montage, I’m talking about in the season and I’m talking about in the trailer — but some time is condensed. And we did a little of that, I suppose, last year. A little bit with the Governor stuff. That was much more full flashback kind of stuff than I’m talking about. I don’t want to give the impression like ‘Oh yeah, they’re on a trip to Washington and it’s a crazy flashback. Everybody forgot that they knew each other!” No. But I will say that time is scrambled up a little bit in the season.

I want to draw attention to this statementThings you are seeing happening, some of those things are happening currently. Some things are happening  — and I don’t just mean montage

Like, what a strange thing to say. You are seeing things happening? Some things are happening currently? And I think he was going to say some things are happening in the past but he didn’t want to let that slip but anyway this entire answer is extremely confusing unless you can understand how the Coda affects the timeline of season five.

This may seem off topic and some of you may already understand this but I need to explain this in case others have missed out or the have misunderstood the concept of a coda.

I am vocalist and I sing a lot of musical pieces that involve codas so I have had to follow a coda in music before and I know how it should flow.

For those of you who don’t know a coda is a symbol that tells the musician to go back to a particular part in the song indicated by the Dal Segno symbol and to repeat the last part of the song. See the two symbols below.

When you go back to a Segno symbol of the song you beginning singing the musical part exactly the same as before with the same melody but usually with different lyrics. Once you you get to the D.S. al coda symbol you skip that section song and move on to play the coda which typically has a more dramatic finish then the first time around.

Now if you look below you will see an example of how a coda plays out in a musical piece. So as a vocalist I would sing this part all the way through ignoring all the symbol until I reach the word Coda (indicating the first acknowledged coda symbol). Once I see that symbol I would go back to the segno symbol and sing the entire line again. However, this time the lyrics are probably different. I would continue to sing until I see the first coda sign and I would skip the D.S. al Coda and continue on to sing the coda to the end of the song.  

How is this music lesson going? Is this making sense? You may be wondering how this relates to the coda in Season Five.  Take moment and tuck this knowledge you have just learned about codas in a musical piece away and I’ll explain.

Gimple said that Season Five would “play with time” and none of this made any sense. That was until everything had been played out. Let me explain how I believe they played with time in this season.

Morgan was behind the group for some time. This was me clear by the evidence left from Team Family and the termites.  When we see Morgan return in episode one we also see the first coda.

A lot of time has gone by since the group left Terminus and Rick covered up the sanctuary sign with mud to keep other people from returning. So when we see the first coda sign we can assume that some time has passed, probably around two week or so.

This coda symbol just like the in the musical example above tells us to go back in time to when all of this began. This would be when everything from the moment began. To go back to the Dal Segno.

We find out where the Dal Segno begins in episode two “Stangers” where the first coda symbol was created by the Termites when they marked the trees to be able to find their way back. This is the start of the flashback. See Morgan is in the present time and we are going back in time in episode two to see what has happened in this place in the past. 

So the flashback begins with “Strangers” and flows all the way through until the mid-season finally of “Coda”.  During this time we see the family arrive the church, Daryl and Carol leave to find Beth, Rick and company kill the termites, half of the family leaves to find DC, the other half go to Atlanta to save Beth, and then both missions go wrong and end up failing when we find out Eugene is a fake and Beth is shot during the prisoner exchange.  

So during this time we are going back and replaying what happened. So the end of episode eight happens where Beth is shot and Daryl carries her out into the hospital parking lot and instead of silence or sad music we get the theme song which was strange for everyone because she was a season regular on the show. Everyone is really sad but then all of a sudden we are fast forwarded into the future to present day where Morgan is still following the coda signs on the trees. We see him find the second symbol right outside the church.

Remember that when we are replaying the segno and we see the first coda sign we are supposed to skip the D.S. al Coda? Well after we see this flash forward that is exactly what happens. We are taken back to the first coda and we are brought up to Team Family’s present moment in “What Happened and What’s Going On”. We totally skipped what happened to Beth body, how they got out of Atlanta, and the explanation as to why Beth didn’t get a funeral. 

The musical piece instructed us to skip ahead to the moment in time when we first saw the coda (when Morgan finds the first tree with the symbol in episode).  The writes played with time by putting us in Morgan’s timeline and giving us a flashback of Team Family.  They did this a little bit with the governor when we saw him outside the gates of the prison in season four and then we saw flashback to how he got there. However, this story line for season five is a little more complex than that. The present moment is Morgan’s time and Team Family is in the past. Once Morgan meets up with Daryl and Aaron the timelines finally match up. This make the musical piece flow together perfectly because the coda plays itself out until the season five finally in which Morgan is reunited with Rick. Season five is a complete pieces of musical art everything flowing in prefect harmony.  But what it leaves us to wonder is what happened in those 17 days during the D.S. al Coda?

Well we know that when we go back in a musical piece to replay the Segno the melody is almost always the same but the lyrics are usually different. So in the first D.S. al Coda everything went wrong and no one’s plans succeeded. D.C. was a bust, Beth was not able to escape, and exchange when south. I can only assume the opposite occurred during the 17 days that was skipped. This however is all speculation since I have no evidence at all to say what happened in the 17 days. We can guess that Beth was left in a trunk of a car given Maggie, Ty, and Daryl’s issues with cars and trunks, we can guess that something happened between Daryl and Rick since things seem to be goofy with them. We know that Ty was filled with regret about something but we don’t know what. All of this is just guesses from putting together jumbled up pieces to a puzzle. 

However, given that Scott Gimple said we would see a lot more flashbacks in season six something tells me that we will go back to those 17 days to see what happens.

With all the signs pointing to Beth being alive these 17 days has to be included in those flashbacks because we deliberately skipped those 17 days of the story line as instructed by the sheet music.

All of this proves that the writers skipped this time on purpose and we know everything happens for a reason and they won’t leave us hanging much longer. They are hiding something from us for a reason I believe it’s because Beth is alive. 

The signs are all there you just gotta know how to read them. 

Euro 2016 Champions: Portugal!

I think by now you guys know that my fav teams have always been Spain and Germany. Spain naturally because I am a Real Madrid fan. So, when the final ended up being Portugal vs France, I was shocked because Germany was the best team in the tournament in my opinion but I was slightly bias towards Portugal because of Ronaldo and the fact that he plays for Real Madrid. So the win would still be in the family somehow even if my two fav teams were out. 

Then when the match finally started, he was injured 2-3 times and couldn’t play on. At first I thought oh it’s minor accident he’ll be okay but it just got worst to the point where he actually called himself off and cried too because it was the finals and he wasn’t going to play. I will never understand why some people make fun of him for crying. There is nothing wrong with a man crying about something he is so passionate about. It’s actually beautiful. I like a man who can cry and smile. It shows he has a heart and feelings. And in return, I started crying while watching him be carried off the field. It was so sad. He’s so passionate about football that all I thought was you have got to be kidding me!? Why is this happening now of all times? The entire mood in the stadium just went downhill from there. Even the commentators didn’t know how to express joy for the rest of the match. It was just a dull and bitter atmosphere. It was as if the winner had already been announced so there was no point in playing. I feel like losing Ronaldo to an injury right at the start of the game not only affected the Portugal players but the France players too. No great player should have to leave the field like that, beat them in the game, don’t injure them so terribly. 

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Erik Durm's 11Freunde article in English!

WARNING my German is not the best! Italics are me! 

Knight of the Coconut

One year earlier Erik Durm was a striker in the third league, now he is taken to the World Cup in Brazil – as a full-back. He didn’t play in Brazil and yet had the time of his life.

When the telephone rang, I was sitting in my car. I had visited a good friend and was on my way home, when the national coach called and said that I was in the preliminary squad and would be going to the training camp in South Tyrol. The telephone, thanks to God, went to speaker, so that the risk of causing traffic accidents was limited. But I stopped short, and it was, I hope, not the worst, and I sat.

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The legend I never saw - A Tribute to Eusebio, ‘O Rei’

By Dominic Vieira, writing from Lisbon

The amount of times I’ve walked to the Estadio da Luz from my grandmother's apartment to watch a Benfica match is countless. The trip with my father and brother is always the same: a repetitive route with Benfica scarves wrapped around our neck all, where all we’d talk about was our club. At that time the heroes were Nuno Gomes, Karel Poborksy and Joao Pinto. It had been years since we’d won the league, and European glory was only sensed in black and white photos published in dusty books. I had no idea how great Benfica was. None at all.

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Raising Pulses - Part 1 (Sehun)

(Sticks and stones may breaks your bones, but this doctor’s words are like knives.)

You were six years old when you held your very first volley ball. You also happened to be six years old when you suffered through your first mild head trauma.

The power of the spike that had landed smack in the middle of your forehead was enough to knock you straight out of your seat on the bleachers during a local high school game. The spectators were naturally horrified, the players even more so, and to this day you still have the official apology letter framed on your bedroom wall.

It was signed by all of the players who later came to be South Korea’s most treasured national volleyball team.

Three weeks after being released from the hospital, you’d begged your parents to join a beginner volleyball class for children.

That was the start of a long and arduous journey to your professional career that has so far earned you a trophy case brimming with awards and medals, and a ticket to the states for overseas study and training.

You don’t like calling yourself an athletic genius like your parents brag about to their American friends every now and then, but upon your return to Korea for a home game after seven years of foreign textbooks and championships, you couldn’t help the tiny bit of pride that swelled in your chest.

It felt good to be home.

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The Key to Courtship (pt. 3)

Fate is a persistent thing. If one fated meeting isn’t enough, then maybe the next will be. Or maybe the one after that. Or the one after. You get the point.

After all, love will find a way. 

(Modern AU where Korra meets Asami (or Asami meets Korra) for the first time again and again until they finally see a trend)

Next part here:link

Previous part here:link

First part here:link

3. They meet at an airport

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Can the Indian Super League wake a sleeping giant?

By Greg Lea

An initial glance at the latest FIFA World Rankings yields few surprises: world champions Germany sit top while Argentina, the runners-up in Brazil, are second. However, as you scroll further down the list, one name sticks out above all others. Way down in 158th place, below Puerto Rico, Curacao and Kyrgyzstan, are India.

In Soccernomics, Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski argue that population, football experience and per capita income are the best indicators of the strength of a national side. With 1.2 billion people and the world’s tenth largest economy, India – all set for the launch of the Indian Super League on Sunday – are undoubtedly the planet’s biggest underachievers.

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The Passing of a Generation

By Zack Goldman

Call it what you’d like: The end of an era, the collapse of a dynasty, or just, plainly, expected.

Whatever you term Spain’s past week, it was not what they had in mind when arriving in Brazil to defend the World Cup that they won with such heart and tenacity in South Africa four years ago.

It had all started so well.

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Narry 2014: MAY

OKAY OKAY let’s just right in, theres a lot to get through…

May 1- CHILE



standing next to each again backstage

Drunk(?) Narry at the hotel in Chile

May 2 - Buenos Aires

May 3 - The famous Narry hotel video

Im only posting one photo because though I love Narry, i do believe this was a huge invasion of privacy. It’s different if this was public, then I would be all over it, but they were in a hotel hallway. This was not meant for us.

I don’t know what actually happened in the hallway, i have not seen the video for i refuse to watch it, this was enough, sorry

May 6 - Twitter

family yet again mentioning the other 

Uruguay Concert

May 7 - Brazil

Hotel Pool


Statue of Christ


Date Night

May 8 - Brazil


Zayn catching Niall staring at Harry

May 9 - Brazil

Another Narry Date

May ? - Chile

Rumored picture of Narry making out in the hallway of their Chilean Hotel

May 10 - Brazil

Singing Singing in the Rain

Q: If you could be any celebrity for 24 hours… Niall? aka Harry knows better than Niall himself 

May 11 - Brazil

Harry singing ‘You and I’ to Niall

May 14 - Twitter

Harry supporting Niall’s charity football match

May 23 - Dublin

The “Hump”

such intimate touching to whisper

Narry irish dancing

May 24 - Dublin

Radio 1 Big Weekend

Harry Styles and Niall Horan flew out of Glasgow airport on one private jet and the rest of 1D flew out on another on Sunday morning after their Radio 1 Big Weekend gig

How do you know that Niall?

Concert #2

May 25 



Im pretty sure they’re attached at the hip backstage

May 26

Harry scoring a goal

May 28 - Sunderland 

Dressing room shenanigans….

Well played Narry! Well bloody played!


May 30 - Manchester

Niall his eyes are not down there


May 31 - Manchester

“Fuck! It feels so good to be a fucking Narry girl right now” — Every Narry girl right now (source salutingnarry) “Harry’s been looking a bit dehydrated lately thirsting for Niall’s attention.” – salutingnarry So that’s all i have for the month of May. Woah…i need a breathe, that was hard to go back through all those wonderful moments… deep breath…it’ll be okay I wanna thank every single Narry shipper out there that captured these moments, i absolutely love you! It’s kind of insane how many moments there actually are this month, they’re idiots and need to just kiss on stage already! See you next month! If i forgot anything please don’t be afraid to mention it in my asks or whatever! Peace!

When Sudan united for 90 minutes

By Wael Jabir

You’d be fully excused to think of war, famine and poverty upon the mention of Sudan. The country has been the stage of the world’s longest running civil war that started in 1955 (even before the country was officially independent) and despite a ten-year-long ceasefire in the 70s, the war only ended with the signing of the comprehensive peace agreement in 2005. The agreement effectively led to division of the country into two, ‘Republic of Sudan’ in the north and the creatively named ‘Republic of South Sudan’.

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Bare Hands

Or, five times Fitz and May don’t talk about the shooting, and the one time that May does.

Notes: For thewasabipea, who requested a Five Times + FitzMay fic, and for leopoldfitz, who is my inspiration for all things FitzMay.


They don’t talk about the shooting when they’re scavenging what they can from the Hub, weaving back and forth in a mad dash to load up the plane with supplies.

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A World Cup Preview

To start off our World Cup coverage , I thought I’d run through how I think the 2014 World Cup will play out. I am a respected journalist person with an internet connection, so the thoughts contained within this piece are only my thoughts and not the result of some sort of well calculated research that I’ve spent years working on. These opinions are mine and mine alone, so the rest of the staff here may, and probably does have differing opinions. Feel free to let me know how wrong you think I am though. 

Group A
The winner of this group seems pretty easy, something really crazy would have to happen for Brazil not to make it out of the group stage, and I’d almost say something shocking would have to happen for Brazil not to win all three games. Mexico was once a team that looked to be a lock to move on to the knockout stage, but their time has passed. Samuel Eto'o has also seen his better days pass him by, and I don’t think Cameroon will be able to do much to get through. Look for Luka Modrić to help push Croatia into the next round. 

Group B
The third match of this World Cup is already a rematch of 2010’s Final. It really doesn’t get better than that. Spain won the whole thing last time, and while I’m not sure they can easily win it all again, it’s hard to not see them make it through. Australia made a surprise visit to the knockout stage in 2006, but couldn’t quite do it in 2010. This group is too tough for them to pull that feat off again. Chile is an interesting squad, and they’re playing in South America, so some upsets are likely, but I don’t see them moving above the Netherlands to claim 2nd. The Dutch side had some problems in Euro 2012, but they’re incredibly strong and I’m not sure they’ll mess up like that this time. 

Group C
This group is interesting. Colombia would be a lock to run away with the group if Radamel Falcao was healthy, so we’re missing out on seeing an incredible striker work his magic. Had they landed in a tougher group, I could see them falling out, but this group doesn’t look that strong, so they’ll go through. Greece is a rather interesting team, but quite frankly, they just don’t have the strength needed. It’s a bit of a tossup between Japan and the Ivory Coast for the final spot, but Ivory Coast is full of aging superstars, and I just have the feeling Japan might be able to make the jump into the next round. 

Group D
A rather stacked group, short of unicorns showing up on the pitch, I don’t see Costa Rica doing much, so we can get rid of them. Uruguay had some troubles in qualifying, but Luis Suarez has been absolutely on fire this last year, and he could continue his hot streak this tournament. Italy has been experiencing a changing of the guard and only 4 players remain from their 2006 winning squad. England however has a number of veterans who I think can see them through to the next round. 

Group E
Like a well made timepiece from….somewhere, Switzerland lacks star power, but makes up for it in a pretty strong level of talent across the board. Honduras has some talent, but they’re lacking enough that they won’t make much noise this year. Ecuador will make some noise in battling the Swiss for the second spot in the group, but will fall just short. Meanwhile, despite losing their best player to injury, France will redeem their disaster from 2010 and win the group.

Group F
You’d be foolish to think that Argentina won’t run away with this group. Iran won’t challenge anybody, sorry guys. Nigeria have a very interesting and potentially exciting team, but I think Bosnia and Herzegovina has some surprises up their sleeves and they will take the second spot in the group. 

Group G
Obviously this is Germany’s group to lose, and I doubt they will, even with Marco Reus down with an injury. Before we get into the second team to qualify, I must admit my full on bias as an American. That said, I think Ghana lack the strength to compete in this group and will be left aside. If this USMNT side wasn’t the US and just some random team, I’d pick Portugal, but it’s not and I just have to pick the USA to go through, sorry not sorry. 

Group H
This is a weird group, Belgium should have no trouble coming out on top here. Algeria is probably the worst team in the tournament, and they’ll see the door rather fast. South Korea isn’t awful, but they’re not better than Russia, who should also have no trouble making their way to the knockout round. 

Knockout Round

Brazil embarasses the Netherlands, while Spain is able to easily take care of Croatia. England shocks the world, and themselves as they take down Colombia. Uruguay walks their way all over Japan without needing a Luis Suarez hand ball. Bosnia and Herzegovina has the shock of the tournament as the hand France a loss that gives Raymond Domenech a good laugh. Argentina makes the Swiss miss (sorry, I’ll show myself out), while Germany shows Russia the door. Finally my American dreams come to an end as Belgium knocks the USA out. 

In the next round, Brazil makes all of England come back to reality, and Germany makes sure Bosnia and Herzegovina’s luck doesn'tcontinue. Meanwhile, Spain knocks out Uruguay’s hopes of repeating their dream run from 2010, and finally Argentina is just too strong for Belgium. 

Germany shocks the hosts with their deadly precision, and Argentina makes sure it’s not an all European final, though in the end Argentina makes sure a South American team still wins the whole thing.