may this happen

i’ve been wanting to do FE x animal crossing for years and it has happened at last dkjfldf

also have some variants!

By: @writingsofryanmichael

It wasn’t until almost a year after they died when the world slowed down again for Sirius.

He had been dealing with legal issues with being imprisoned without a trial and all that, on top of trying to get custody of Harry, which is what was listed in the will. And after him, the Longbottoms, and then McGonagall, and Dumbledore knew that. And yet he used nonexistent power to put Harry in the care of his horrendous blood relatives.

It took months of doing, but finally Harry was back with them. But the legal battles weren’t over, so Harry was in Muggle nursery much of the time.

It was a warm spring day in May when it happened. Everything was still going fast, there was the suit against Dumbledore for kidnapping Harry and endangering him, as well as muggle legal issues with the Dursleys.

But it was a Sunday, so Sirius had just washed the clothes and was hanging them on the clothesline to dry (they smelled better that way). Harry was playing quietly in a wizard playpen when he spoke up.


Sirius smiled sadly, glancing Harry’s way. His hair was it’s usual mess, and he had a smear of mud on his cheek.

“No Sprog, Dada’s gone.”

“Dada not gone. Dada here!” Harry was holding onto the rails and bouncing.

Sirius looked around, wand in hand, “Where’s Dada?”

Harry pointed to him, “You Dada!”

Sirius froze before rushing over to the jumping toddler, “No Harry, I’m not Dada.” He picked him up, “I’m Padfoot. Dada’s gone.”

“No! You Dada! Help baff, food, clean! You not uncle or gampa. You Dada! Dadadadadadadada!”

Sirius conjured a glass of water and took a large gulp before attempting to speak at all.

When he did manage to speak, after a few sputtering false starts, his voice was raspy, “I’m uncle Padfoot buddy. We just don’t usually say the uncle part.”

“But. But. You wear pants in the house. Like dadas do.”

“Why not you Dada?”

Sirius walked slowly around the house, trying to gather his thoughts quickly, and without sobbing, “Because I didn’t help make you. Merlin and Mama and Dada helped make you. I just help raise you.”

Harry thought for a few minutes before nodded, “Okay! Lego now?”

Sirius nodded, deciding he could finish the laundry later, “Let’s go play Lego.”

((OOC: ….I don’t know whether to smile or sob right now. Thanks for the submission, Ryan <3))

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So now that your son has seemed to make his intentions clear, what's the next move? Do you still wait patiently or do you have a discussion with him and open up about everything? Been following for a while and I love all your posts...extremely sexy and I get turned on by every one of them

I do intend to have a full discussion with him about this, but I haven’t figured out exactly how to get into it.  This afternoon will be our first time alone without my husband, so it may happen today.

I for one welcome the idea of a female Tommy Oliver. Apparently Tommy can be a female name as well.

Just, please, don’t make a big deal about it, and I’m talking to BOTH sides! It’s not the end of the world but it also isn’t the greatest thing to ever happen! It’s just a thing, it may be kind of interesting, but at the end of the day, it’s just something that may or may not happen. Not a big deal.

Bottomline: if you’re against it that’s okay, just don’t shit on people. If you think it’s cool that’s fine, just don’t shit on people.

That is all.

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Have you seen there's another break in April of 3 weeks. That's really annoying and not so very good.

Yup. Very very annoying. But afraid saw that coming. If they want to finish the season in May it had to happen. The scheduling for this season has been a disaster. From switching to Wednesday’s, to starting so early in September and the short hiatus in the middle. The formula last season was perfect. I don’t know what the people at NBC have been smoking this year but they screwed up real bad with the show 🙄

So about that Nygmobblepot kiss

I have a feeling it’s not gonna happen like…in our faces. Subtle, in other words.

It’ll happen BUT it’s gonna be one of those “bringing their faces close together they can feel each other’s breath on their faces” AND THEN they get interrupted by someone/something. They’ll get flustered after like in 3x06.

Another cheesy thing that may happen is when they do kiss the camera pans away, blurs out or a random curtain covers them so you can only see their silhouettes.

Heck, I’ll take it!

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Here's what I've been thinking : Last year Rbb posted that picture at Heathrow airport with the M25 We all thought it was last year as in March 25 and even May 25 and nothing happened Link the picture with this year's March 25?!It all makes sense Rbb has been warning us for the future The picture has A308 in it A = April Harry in the ad is coming out from the dark to the light through a door The R tattoo could mean Rbb (this may be reaching) It all makes sense and everything's a mess ITS ENDING

Haha idk about everything but it’s ending #confirmed by my insider 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Im just curious. I understand people r tired and this Liam situation for sure has been made more believable so I get people r just tired and can’t do any other BG especially with the first one still going on. But if things started to seem fishy and not add up would u think differently? Again I’m honestly just curious. I’m in the club of the unconvinced at the moment and I’m curious to see how firm the belief is for the convinced.

Yes, for sure. That’s why I say it looks like it’s real, it looks more genuine. But if it goes like Louis situation I will look differently at it 

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LeFou gets sick (after the ball but before they've become a thing) and Stanley gets sad when he doesn't see him around. He gets worried when it's been a few days and there's still no sign of him. He starts to get really scared that something may have happened before he could say how he felt! So he goes to LeFou's house and finds him sick with no one to care for him so he spends the week nursing him back to health and realizes he really truly loves LeFou, it's not just a crush anymore

(i need this fanfiction in my life) Omg imagine Stanley just constantly looking around in the tavern and Tom and Dick getting annoyed because *they know*. So Stanley’s all like “omg where is Lefou? is he okay? did something happen? should I go look for him? would that be creepy?” and Tom would just look at him with a bitchface while Dick just goes “Go find him, Stan. You’re annoying” and just ajnsijcnejdndcbbidu I love this so much

Actual things that happened in the Kingdom Hearts manga:

• The dusks like to fuck with Roxas as he sleeps. They draw shit on his face and tie up his hair.

• Kairi escapes from jail in the world that never was because Demyx was too lazy to watch over her

• Kairi escapes by communicating with Dusks through wiggling

• Kairi is caught by Demyx, to which she punches him in the face repeatedly. She then proceeds to allow herself to get caught again so Saïx wont kill Demyx.

•Demyx finds a stray Pluto and he and Roxas beg to keep him. Saïx allows this.

• Luxord becomes tiny in wonderland and questions reality. He then becomes giant and proceeds to flirt with the queen of hearts.

• Luxord can no longer enter the Castle that Never Was because he’s too huge

• Vexen makes a shit ton of clones of himself, most of which kind of just hang out in Castle Oblivion and harass the Riku clone.

• One of the clones goes back to TWTNW to get revenge against the organization, and ends up killing Xaldin.

• Yen Sid makes a sock for Sora’s Keyblade. It looks like Mickey Mouse.

• Xaldin has an existential crisis about dried fruit.

• Demyx and Xion play Twister

• No one pays attention to Xemnas during his monologueing.

• Xaldin eats a fruit that makes him laugh uncontrollably.

• Xigbar getting a cold is conflict

• Saïx is basically the entire Organization’s babysitter

• Marluxia and Larxene get KFC for lunch

• Sora smushes cotton candy in Seifer’s face

• Vexen, Zexion, and Lexaeus have a chore chart

• Luxord is legitimately upset that he didn’t get a dramatic entrance to reveal himself to Sora

• Marluxia has a cloud of flowers that perpetually floats behind him. The dusks hate him because they have to clean up the petals.

Just to name a few

extreme kabe don should be in the olympics

k but guys, has no one ever considered Magnus’ cat eyes not necessarily being slits all the time??? Seriously:

Magnus: darling let’s binge watch project runway together 

Alec: um im not really into mundane cultu-

Magnus: *gets into Alec’s face*

Alec: *sweats nervously*


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Fantastic Wizards and Where to Find Them: A Field Guide

Close persons and friends may appreciate a list of all things Newt Scamander-related, to help them understand how to care for this unique creature.  Here is a composed list, which shall be ongoing.  Fantastic Wizards and Where to Find Them: A Field Guide - pg 1.

Brief notes and Findings:

  • When very deep in thought, Newt will usually put something to or in his mouth.  Fingers pressed to lips, wand between teeth, or, in unfortunate circumstances, tie being chewed on.  These are the signs of a happy, productive Newt, and should not be bothered.  Make note to check back in several hours, as this Newt is likely to forget to eat.
  • An angered, protective Newt is a very dangerous Newt.  He is very easily recognizable by sharp, command-like instructions, nonverbal spells cast at your assailant(s), and a need to stand in front of you.  Note: This Newt is not harmful to you, and once all external dangers are removed, should be gently and cautiously talked down, both with quiet words and soft touches.  Some outside assistance may be required; i.e. a light calming draught or a fluffy, non-violent creature.
  • When frustrated, Newt can become exceedingly waspish and sarcastic.  Do not take these attacks to heart, and give him space.  Your Newt will come to you with a proper apology eventually, and you can help him work through his most recent problem then.
  • Even at the best of times, a happy and content Newt will forget about basic necessities, such as eating and sleeping.  It is important to make sure that he is getting enough of both, and has regular contact with those outside of his case, regardless of current research.  Note: Exceptions must be made for creature hatchings, births, or injuries.  Newt will not respond to any outside force during these times.
  • While very shy, Newt is an extremely tactile creature himself.  If it’s noted that he has spent too much time sequestered away with his creatures, attempt small, forward gestures and light hair pettings.  A Newt who is comfortable with you may offer cautious touches or hugs in return.  Be sure to accept these, and reward all interpersonal behaviour with smiles, affectionate words, and treats. Note: Chocolate and marzipan are always accepted.  

AoS Ladies Appreciation Weeks Day Twelve: Favorite platonic relationship
              ↪ May and her tiniest duckling