may the thirst be with you

I am seated in a large leather armchair that is a perfect companion to the prized mahogany desk–centerpiece of my study–atop which my feet comfortably rest.

You enter, cautiously, just as the fireplace crackles, and stand silent and still, awaiting my acknowledgement. We both know why you have come.

I take a long drag from my pipe and indulgently exhale the smoke before giving you a sidelong glance.

Mustering the confidence, you raise your voice just above a whisper and, gesturing about at the splendor of the room, ask, “How?”

The sliver of a smile that flickers across my face as I nod toward the majestic 20 foot oil painting above my fireplace does not alter the seriousness of my voice as I reveal, almost wistfully, “John Boyega’s thighs in the Jaeger Pilot costume. They saved me.”

moonschild  asked:

luke is trying to impress you at a club with his "cool moves" but then he fails (for the blurb thingy :-) )

A/N: This is such a cute idea Liz. 

Luke caught sight of you, and it was almost like an instant urge he had to get your attention. 

You were in a group with your friends swaying to the beat of the music, having a good time while being collected and mild. 

Luke would be instantly nervous, as he was whenever he caught sight of a person he would like to get to know. He had already tried his luck at the bar twice before, but at this point he was just getting antsy. 

He knew that he would kick himself later if he didn’t at least try to talk to you.

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imagine riding virgin luke and hes all flustered and he cant breathe and his whole face is flushed pink and hes biting on his lip and letting out these little moans and whimpers and his hands are placed so lightly on your hips because he's still scared and you're telling him its okay to make noise and to be loud and his hips are bucking and he lets out the loudest moan once you tell him its okay kms literally murder me what the fcukba sk

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who are your favorite smut writers? what are your favorite smuts?











And so many others are some of my friends as well as amazing writers. 

Every one shot or imagine that I’ve liked is most likely in my /tagged/recs. xo