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hiiii I just stumbled across your blog so I'm not sure if you've done this before, but could you do a 4/4 on how they'd all be as boyfriends?

Ahhh! No, I haven’t done this before, even though I really should have.

Ashton would be such a supportive and sweet boyfriend. He would always want to keep you out of harm’s way and make sure you had everything you needed and wanted, with the effect of being overprotective at times. He would never want to leave your side, and when he did, he would always be thinking of you. Lingering kisses and the smell of his clothes would always be evident wherever you were.

Luke would be secretly insecure about being with someone, who is independent and possibly more experienced than he is in the world of all things dating, and it would show through his unsure tendencies. He would always be delicate and never come on too strong in fear of what you might do, but you would always reassure that he was perfect in every way–always the balanced amount of mindful and thoughtful. He would grow to be a haven for you and really just extend himself to please you, no matter what.

Michael would put up the front that he didn’t care much for romance or the activities that go along with it, when actually the very essence of you had him wrapped up into a disguised ball of emotional mush. He would call you twice before you went to bed, asking if you got home okay and if you’re safe. He would text and call as often as he could, just to ask stupid questions in order to hear your voice. He would be beyond smitten, and he would always want to hold you whenever the two of you were alone. 

Calum would always have your best interest in mind, constantly open and willing to talk to you about anything. He would be steady and confident–ready to do anything for you. Even spending time with his friends, he would shoot you a text and check how your night was going, and i  he needed to come rescue you from any incoming or non-threatening danger. He would give you as much time and dedication as he does with the things that he loves most and is most passionate about.

And so I decided to continue karkatstuck lmao
Featuring limeblood karkat who basically is almost exactly the same as mutant blood karkat, because he’d still be pissed and afraid of people finding out his blood color. He may be a bit more passive though, and eventually when he stops fearing culling he may use some of his cool powers.

Teal karkat takes a lot of his urge to boss people around plus not very many people taking his rants seriously, and mixes it with a thirst for justice, leaving you with basically a troll hall monitor lmao his glasses are round and generally reflect the shape of his symbol

Overcome These Five Common Obstacles to Meditation

Working with the wandering mind is challenging. Here’s why you’re having trouble meditating and a practice to renew your motivation.

Challenges [in meditation] show up in the form of the five hindrances: desire, anger, restlessness, sleepiness, and doubt. These problems are so common, predictable, and prevalent in mindfulness practice that many books on meditation address how to work with them.

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Athena great goddess,
Patron of pages,
I call upon your name.
Be with me for a while so that I may pray and give thanks to you,
For you are a brilliant Theia,
And I adore you.

I thank you for lending me your blessing and making it possible for me to learn,
For each day that I go to school is a day that I honour you.
Every book in the library whispers your name,
My accolades are all attributes to you.
May I walk with pride and responsibility through the halls which I roam,
And pave the way for others to love wisdom as you do.

Your intelligence and knowledge surpasses every mortal,
And all gods save your radiant King-Father.
You are a shining star among scholars,
A forever rising academic,
The one and only professor of all things.
Glory to you, Athena,
Sweetest goddess who quenches the thirst for research and understanding!

I pray for your guidance and power this year.
Aid me in discovering more than I believe possible,
In finding new ways to bring you into my life,
And in walking through the world with gratefulness.

Athena, my aegis baring daughter of Zeus,
I wish you beautiful nights spent reading and writing and learning,
And say Khaire.


Amarantos Argyris

Hymn/Prayer to Athena

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how do you like the weenies? im sending most of you this question!!


i honestly love every person in that group. i’ve been in it for as long as i can remember, and it’s just a place where we all respect each other and express ourselves the way we see best fit.

and they deal with my screaming about louis and tea and being mia all the time so yeah….

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scott eastwood is yummy... hahaha

Hey girl! 

OMG you girls are Tumblr are making me have all sorts of crushes *cough @ariallane @greywindddd @melyssamariev and a ton of other peeps* with Jai Courtney and Scott Eastwood. 

But damnnnn that movie The Longest Ride… I hate Nicholas Sparks films and I was forced to watch it so my opinion about his acting mars my ability to see his hotness… 

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But I’ve gotta admit he’s objectively thirst inducing. Totally a hot white boy who’s my type XD 

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And that’s that :D Maybe Suicide Squad will change my mind? 

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could you do a blurb on luke telling you about his praise kink?

“It’s kind of embarrassing, babe.”

You would look at him and laugh, scooting closer to him on his bed when he blushed at the thought of something he was about to to tell you. The conversation about kinks and sexual fantasies in general rose up after a rather interesting game of 20 questions. 

“I don’t care, Luke. Nothing is too strange.”

He would exhale and and give a nervous smile, looking to the sheets when he began to speak.

“I like it when I’m told that I’m doing a good job. Like sexually. It’s weird.”

You would change positions as he continued, straddling him while his hands found your waist.

“Like a form of the praise!kink?”

 You would kiss him lightly before he replied, his breaths shallow.


With you hands wrapped around his neck, you would whisper in his ear while nipping at his lobe. You were excited to see Luke vulnerable in a new way—and nothing would keep you from having fun with his little confession.

“Hmmm. So let’s see if you can be good for me tonight.”

btw someone reblogged my lina guerin post earlier and i want y’all to know that the olympics may be over but my thirst is not

thank you for listening

“Like an envelope, a hollow figurine, or a coffin, a refrigerator can hold all sorts of things, and they may turn out to be very important depending on what kind of day you are having. A refrigerator may hold and icepack, for example, which would be important if you had been wounded. A refrigerator may hold a bottle of water, which would be important if you were dying of thirst. And a refrigerator may hold a basket of strawberries, which would be important if a maniac said to you, "If you don’t give me a basket of strawberries right now, I’m going to poke you with this large stick.”


(30 Day Writing Challenge) Day 4: On A Date

Title: I Don’t Need Your Advice 

Pairing: Triplet!Kylo x Reader

A/N: Triplet AU idea from thirst-order-confessions

“Father! Can- May I use the car tonight?”, Kylo yell asked to his dad in the kitchen.

“Why do you need the care?”, Han asked with a confused expression. His son didn’t have many, or pretty much any, friends. He wasn’t the most inviting person, unlike his two brothers.

“I- uh- I’ve got a thing to go to,” he responded. He wasn’t lying, he did have obligations for that night. He had a date with the girl from his math class, (Y/N).

Han walked into the living room, where Kylo was,”What kind of a thing?”

Kylo scratched his neck out of worry,”I have a date.”

An expression of proud and even more confusion on Han’s face,”A date? A date with a real person?”

Kylo scoffed,”Yes, a date with a real person. May I use the car?”

Han nodded quickly,”Yes, yes, of course. Make sure you fill her up and don’t damage her in any way shape or form. Ya hear?”

“Yes sir. I won’t hurt your precious vehicle.”, he said as he caught the keys that Han to

tossed to him. He then walked back to his room upstairs.

Han felt pride that his secluded son had finally met someone who he tolerated. Kylo, his entire life, had been anti-social with all other kids. Kylo thought he didn’t need anyone else except himself. Even the kindest children that tried to be friends with Kylo were dismissed by him. Han was happy that his son wouldn’t be alone anymore, at least if this went well. And then the fear of something going wrong sunk down into him.

“Ben!”, Han shouted from downstairs. He needed his son to look after Kylo’s date to  make sure Kylo didn’t mess anything up. Han couldn’t have Kylo walking this earth alone after him and Leia were long gone.

Ben sauntered down the stairs,”Yeah Dad?”

“Do you have anything going on tonight?”, Han questioned his son.

“No, why?”, Ben asked his dad. You never know what odd request Han would have for you.  

“Kylo has a date and I want you to watch over it. I want you to keep me in the loop of what is going on. Oh and also I want you to give him advice. You know he won’t listen to me no matter what kind of advice I give him.”, Han instructed to Ben. Ben nodded and tried to hold back his chuckle.

Kylo has a date? This was news to him. Kylo wasn’t much of a ladies man. Ben’s mind whirled around as he tried to think of who Kylo could possibly have asked, more so who would have said yes. “Yeah Dad, of course. I’ll give Kylo the best advice possible.”, Ben said with a smile.

Han smiled and patted him on the shoulder,”Thank you, Son.”

Ben nodded and walked up the stairs to Kylo’s room. He knocked 4 times on his dark door.

Kylo opened it quickly,”What?”

“Can I come in?”, Ben asked him with a smil.

Kylo motioned for Ben to enter his dark room. Ben looked around and saw almost everything was black and red.

“Very diverse color scheme brother.”, Ben said with a concealed smirk.

“If you came here to insult my decor choices you may leave now.”, Kylo said with an angry tone.

“Relax. I’m here because Dad wants me to give you some expert advice about dating.”, Ben said with an eye roll at his brother. He always was touchy about his love of black.

“I don’t need dating advice. Especially from the likes of you. I’m not sure you have kept a girl friend for more than 4 months.”, Kylo sassed to Ben.

“Well, I didn’t think you were planning that far for a relationship.,” Ben chuckled.

“Look, I don’t need or want any advice. So bug off and mind your own business.”, Kylo retorted. He really didn’t need Ben’s advice. The two were so different that (Y/N) would surely be able to tell that something was up.

“Okay okay. At least tell me where you’re taking her?”, Ben said with his hands in the air defensively.

“If you must know, we are going to Norm’s. That’s all I’m telling you now get out of my room.”, Kylo demanded.

Ben nodded and left his brother. He hoped that Kylo left after his mom go t back from visiting Uncle Luke. He needed that car to spy on Kylo.

Kylo closed the door and laid on his bed. His phone next to him vibrated next to him. He picked it up and saw a text from his ‘friend’ Armitage Hux, but Kylo Just called him Hux.

Ren, are you still going to eat food with (Y/N) from math?

Yes. Kylo responded.

I wish you luck. I know how infatuated you have been with her for months. It’s quite exhausting for me and Phasma and embarrassing for you. It would be a shame if someone were to share how long you’ve been staring at her. I recommend you finish your portion of the English assignment by tomorrow morning or someone will have to share., Hux replied to him.

Alright I will. Just don’t share.

You have my word. Have a fun night.

Kylo verbally groaned at Hux, some ‘friend’. The nervousness of tonight enhanced as Hux’s texts crept over his mind.  He really hoped this date went well, he really did.

-skip to the date-

Kylo sat at the seat across from you in the booth. His palms were shaking slightly and his eyes refused to look at you. He knew that if he did he would be blushing more than he was right now. You looked absolutely magnificent. You looked normal but more put together.

“Kylo, are you feeling okay?”, you questioned to him. He was unusually quiet. I mean he was always quiet but more so right now.

“Yes. I’m wonderful”, he said with smile.

You smiled back at him,”Good. I don’t want you to feel awkward.”

Kylo chuckled,”And I to you. So, what will you have to eat?”

“I’ve got no clue. I’ve never been here before.”, (Y/N) said whilst looking through the menu.

“I used to come here a lot with my family. My mother and father have been on the rocks recently so I we never do family things anymore.”, Kylo responded with fond memories of him and his brother arguing at the diner.

(Y/N) smiled at Kylo,”That’s quite lovely. I d hope your family gets better. I know how hard it is but you have brothers to help you get through it and when it ends you’ll be closer than ever.”

Kylo was about to respond when a loud yelp could be heard across the room. Kylo and (Y/N) turned their heads to see none other than Ben. Kylo felt rage enter him at the fact that his brother had obviously been spying on his date. On a mission to tell Ben off, Kylo stood up and walked to him.

He sat down across from Ben,”What are you doing here?!”

Ben was patting his lap with napkins,”Not now Kylo, I spilled coffee on my crotch.”

“That is none of my concern. I am trying to have a nice time with the person I’ve liked for years and you’re ruining it.”, Kylo whisper-yelled.

“I am not! You’re the one who came over here!”, Ben retorted whilst getting more napkins.

“We look almost exactly the same. There was no where to cover up the fact you were here. I didn’t want to sit there and have to explain why my brother was here!”, Kylo said.

“Fine, fine. I’ll go. Sheesh”, Ben said with a sigh.

Kylo nodded and didn’t let his gaze wander until Ben had exited the building. He then walked back to you.

“Now, let’s see what is here that could be appealing.”, Kylo said with a quick smile.

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so you think james will leave? i just really don't want him to... he belongs hereee :( and the "be happy" on cris' instagram may be something else? like between them? It doesn't have to be a good bye I mean it can be anything


some “insiders” were saying james had just told cristiano he was leaving…

now AS just posted like an hour ago that just before that photo was posted james had just been told he was staying and so basically cristiano’s message was in support of that…

some media outlets seem convinced he’s going, others are saying he’s staying

the body, yes;
yet you have to feed the mind,
to release it from its thirst and urges
throw it a bone to gnaw—
and that, dear, can be found
in the mere flesh
in chewing you’re processing
in eating you’re exciting
those little cells of yours
grey and rotting, grey and wanting
(more, more, more)
so you twist your tongue
and bare your teeth
sink them
into the pages of man,
the inks of man
only then you can read
the paper books,
only then you can see
the painted canvas
and admire, and know
only when you’re bloody and raw.
—  H

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I think it's mainly because Oracle described Bill as a uncaring villian that "destroyed his dimension in a thirst for power." While Axotl's poem implied a much more troubled, and even regretful action. Almost making it look like she's trying to make Bill out as irredeemable. That, and she pretty much lied to Ford when she said that he "had the face of a man who would destroy Bill." Which, as someone else on Tumblr put it, is a dick move to pull when you have a twin, because Ford got his hopes up

(Continuation) and thought that his own plan to destroy Bill would work. It may seem like a stretch, but hey, with Gravity Falls, literally anything can happen.

Honestly, I didn’t see it that way. What she said doesn’t contradict Axolotl’s poem - Bill wanted power, got it and destroyed his dimension. How it went down, and whether Bill had even intended to destroy it - as opposed to his own idea of ‘liberating’ it - is very much up in the air.

Plus, Ford noted that she spoke of him “without anger” - she just acknowledged Bill needed to be stopped. Had she wanted to rile up Ford against him (not that she needed to!), she could have done and said a lot more.

As for the “face of the man who would destroy Bill”, it is a prophecy. Prophecies are vague by definition throughout myths and fiction in history, often with even the one making them not quite knowing HOW it would go down: they get a glimpse, and what they know is that glimpse only. Within Gravity Falls even Bill, the “all seeing eye”, clearly could NOT see it all. 
So I don’t think she purposely lied to him - or, if she was vague on purpose, it is possible that she knew that Ford would need to keep believing he was The One for the prophecy to fulfil itself (read: had he not thought he could take down Bill, he wouldn’t have been in the right place at the right time when the portal opened again). Dick move? If the choice is between a guy’s delicate feelings and the fate of the multiverse, I know I’d have no doubt.


@miriellesandthegiantpeach tagged me in a photo thing!!! thank you ilysm. in case you forgot this was a pro-selfie blog, here are a lot of pictures of me in black.

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