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Hey, everyone! I’m really excited about the new year, so I thought I’d kick it off with a giveaway! For this one, the winner will receive

  • Any cosplay up to $100
  • Your choice of wig from Arda Wigs
  • Any Figma figurine up to $70!


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  • Likes don’t count
  • No giveaway blogs!

The contest will end on January 31st at 11:59 pm MST. 

Good luck everyone!


I’ll make this quick! I love you guys and want to show my love back, so prizes are as follows:

~1ST PRIZE: $50 Amazon Gift Card & $30 worth of blessed RP.

~2ND PRIZE: $30 worth of RP

~3RD PRIZE: $20 worth of RP

LOVE YOUR FACES! I will announce winners March 1st.

Rules & Requirements:

Reblog and must be following me. You may reblog as many times as you would like. Likes don’t count. Keep in mind I have no way of getting ahold of you if your ask box isn’t open.

Tumblr Taraweeh Master Post

I made this post some time ago with the first bit of Al-Ikhlas, and everyone else filled in the rest of the Surah (chapter) with the next ayah (verse).

It gave me the idea to do the entire Qur’an this way during Ramadan. For some of us, it may be the only chance we get to read the book, and it can be a sort of “Tumblr Taraweeh” for a lot of you. It seems like a great way for us to engage ourselves with the Qur’an, spread it to others, learn its meaning, and do it all in a safe place (for those of you that need it).

I’ll start off each Surah (chapter), and tag it as “tumblr taraweeh” insha’allah once I see the surah has been finished I’ll reblog it and start the next one (once it’s finished, someone just put my url in the tags so it’ll be easy to find)  We can finish by the end of Ramadan! 

In order to make it fair and engaging here are the rules:
1. Each person may write a maximum of 3 ayat (verses) that follow the ayat posted before there’s.

2. You may not do subsequent posts, at least one other person has to post an ayah (verse) before you continue with more ayat (verses).

3. The ayat (verses), at their minimum must be written in Transliterated Arabic (we want those unable to read it to be able to pronounce it) and in English (we also want as many people as possible to be able to understand it, Muslim and non-muslim). The Transliterated Arabic should be a standard format, and the English should be italicized to make the surah easier to follow.

Otherwise feel free to add Arabic script or your native language!

4. Optional: You may add the Ayah number in the following format if you wish
[Number of Surah: Range of Ayat] ie. [10:4-7]

5. Tag your reblog with the name of the surah and “tumblr taraweeh”

Here’s an example of a basic post:

“Qul huwallahu ahad
 Say that He, God, is one”

Next Person:

Allahu As-Samad
God the Eternal Refuge

Lam yalid walam yulad
He neither begets nor is born

Ramadan Mubarak! Make the most of this month!