may the foce be with you


Crowley-sama’s birthday!

Ferid: Hey, Yuu-chan.
Yuu: Huh? Me?
Ferid: It’s Crowley-kun’s birthday today.
Yuu: Hoo.
Ferid: How old do you think he is?
Yuu: No idea.
Ferid: He may be beef, but he’s only 5 years old.
Yuu: For real?!
Ferid: A certain wizard used a forceful growth spell on the poor 5 year old and…
Crowley: Alright, enough with your lies.
Ferid: Hello, Crowley-kun! You’re with child! How many months?
Crowley: What on earth are you talking about.
Yuu: Well, in any case, congratulations.
Crowley: Eh? Ah, yeah. Thanks.

* Ferid is making a bad pun with the similarly sounding ‘omedetou’ ('congratulations’) and 'omedeta’ ('with child’), possibly in a veiled reference to the latest chapter.