may the fandom rejoice

It’s official!

Hubs doesn’t have to work Feb. 15, so we’ll be hosting a post-MSP chat, co-starring a certain Noah bug! This is a great opportunity to reconnect with others in the fandom, rejoice/commiserate/process whatever may be coming in the MSP of TWD. It goes without saying (but I’mma say it anyway) - thar be spoilers ahead!

Chat will begin February 15, 2016 at 10:00 AM CST and will run til at least 10:00 PM CST, but will run longer if the room is still awake and kicking. (The next day I go back to work, so…we’ll just see.) Remember, it is open chat - you don’t have to be in from the very beginning, and certainly don’t have to stay the entire time. Come and go as you’re available to do so.

All are welcome to join, but please remember this is a Beth-friendly chat room. Feel free to reblog and invite anyone you think would enjoy participating. I’m tagging those who have expressed interest in joining chats - if you’d like to be added to or removed ffrom this list, please let me know in a PM. I’ll also be tagging everyone the day of the chat with the link to the room so you don’t have to save it for a week and a half…because I’m cool like that.

I leave you with the Bethyl prayer: Oh dear lord, grant unto us patience during this you-awful hiatus, we pray unto thee, plz, for the love of u, let the bethyl sex scene be glorious as we all hope, as sweet and passionate as this wonderful ship deserves, and protect us from all that is evil and cruel as these two are joined. Let the haters be silent, and may the wonderful ship bethyl be fruitful and multiply, giving us a certifiable plethora of bethyl babies. In your name we pray.

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