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Marco, a dead guy burned to ashes, has had more screen time in one episode of s2 than Jean has in the entire 5 eps + opening sequence and I don’t know how to feel about that

So for my non-UK friends, Theresa May has just called for an election in the summer, which now means two months of campaigning from:

  • the Tories; aka: Death Eaters if Umbridge was in charge
  • Labour, about whom complaints of antisemitism and sexism seem to have peaked since Jeremy Corbyn (who goes through MPs like I go through Maltesers) took leadership
  • the Lib Dems, who’ve combated the general unpopularity for their coalition with the Tories by appointing leader Tim Farron, a Britishly nice chap who’s known purely for being quiet and…nice?
  • the Greens, who everyone forgets
  • and UKIP, who’ve just lost their only MP

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-Warped Tour

-Twenty One Pilots

-Pierce The Veil

-Sleeping With Sirens


-As It Is

-Real Friends


-All Time Low

-Never Shout Never

-The Story So Far

-My Chemical Romance

-Bring Me The Horizon

-Neck Deep

-State Champs

-A Day To Remember

-My Digital Escape

-Damon Fizzy

-Social Repose

That last scene with LMD!May and LMD!Coulson is hands down the one of the best scene in the series.

Clark and Ming-Na went all out with their acting and then, those lines from LMD May, whoa.

LMD May pretty much summed up the spirit of May’s character as it was written from day 1: she’s Coulson’s guardian angel, to keep him safe, to stop him when he’s gone astray, to be his support when he needs it.

And she’s 100% loyal to him. Not even the LMD version of Coulson can sway her.

anonymous asked:

Heeeyyo! May I get sum headcanons about how the rfa (+ v and sae if possible) would react if mc worked at a sex shop? Bonus if they found out while they were shopping there ⭐v⭐

[MysMe] — RFA, V, Saeran x Reader

A/N: This is such an interesting request. It sounded really funny to do in my head, so at last, I’m going to write it! Thanks for sending this one in, dearest, this was such a funny one to do. I apologize that this was written horribly; I’ll do my better best in the future.

Rated: NSFW

Jumin: He wasn’t expecting you to work here out of all places. He thought you were working at a local pet shop or something like that, preferably taking care of cats, but this was completely barbaric and unexpected. He stared at you, with a black blindfold in his hands as he gaped at you, and you blinked at him awkwardly. Soon, he chuckled, placing a sexual toy on the counter along with the blindfold and funny looking handcuffs before speaking, “I didn’t expect you here… but now this is sad, you already found out my surprise for you tonight.”

Jaehee: She covered her mouth to avoid herself from gasping so loud, but you had already heard her reaction and you turned around, almost fainting at the sight. It was your girlfriend—buying white-laced lingerie that seemed to suit her own size along with a very sexual toy in her other free hand. You smirked at her, not bothering to say anything, and all she could muster out were questions on why you had an employee outfit on for the specific sex store.

Zen: He was picking out a pair of handcuffs and then he turned around, only to send a swear word to echo across the store as he looked at you with your arms crossed. “Look what we have here,” you said to him as he covered his mouth as a blush rose on his cheeks. He looked incredibly flustered and you could only chuckle mindlessly, hoping for a very interesting night to come once he leaves the shop.

Seven: He was trying to buy some cat ears and a very dashing lingerie; he couldn’t help but bite his lip at the thought of you in such attractive attire. You tried to hide from him, but you couldn’t since you were the only cashier at the moment, and Saeyoung could only laugh out loud, but also feel embarrassed and flustered at the same time as he held some other kinky toys in his hands.

Yoosung: He blushed the entire time in the store. Of course, his hands were shaking and he wasn’t sure how to fully make those steamy nights kinkier since he wasn’t exposed to a lot of anything sexual. But he lost his thoughts once you yelled out his name in surprise, making him drop the toys and lingerie to the floor. He covered his eyes, trying not to whimper as he screamed out your name in response.

Saeran: He knew what he was doing, for sure. Saeran had a lot of ideas in his mind, especially when it came to handcuffs and blindfolds. The entire time he roamed around the store, he had a smirk all over his face. “No way…” you spoke lowly, and he raised his eyebrows, quickly turning around. His eyes enlarged, contemplating multiple ways to ask you why you were wearing a very skimpy uniform that belonged to the store in general.

V: He remained quiet throughout his time shopping. At first, V wasn’t sure if that was entirely a very good idea—to rummage through a sex shop to make your birthday night a bit more interesting—but he was already here, there was no turning back now. And so badly, he wanted to retreat, because seeing you in an employee skimpy outfit while you watched him hold onto those kinky toys very tightly.

just realized Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia season 2 are gonna be airing very soon

suddenly very HYPED

Even on full volume headphones just aren’t loud enough.

  • Nigel: wow, Sonnet 20 is beautiful
  • Shakespeare: yeah, it is
  • Nigel: you know who else is beautiful
  • Shakespeare: *blushes* who
  • Nigel: portia
Destruction of Philia by thatsquirreldoe

Fair skin. Ash blond hair. Vermilion lips. Engaging crystal viridescent eyes. At least that’s what the telescope saw, but Harry’s eyes were transfixed on the figure next to the beautiful princess-on the prince. Louis William Tomlinson. Coffee-colored hair. Sapphire marbles for eyes. Narrow pink lips. And a very fine bum-may Harry add. To sum up, Louis was simply ravishing and drop-dead gorgeous. Harry closed his eyes, and extended his aura towards the prince and Harry felt that Louis was feeling irked. He frowned and opened his eyes. What could possibly be putting Louis in a negative mood?

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