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Sex with Brad would include:

- your first time
• him making sure that your first time is special, amazing & unforgettable
• he’d make sure you’re comfortable & to let him know if it hurts
• he’d take his time so you both can enjoy each moment
• even though it was the first time for the both of you, he was absolutely incredible at it

- after your first time & after getting comfortable with each other, he’d be up for it whenever and wherever

- he’d keep it fun and exciting by trying out different positions and in different places to see what feels best

- he’d be a gentleman, always making sure you come

- he’ll show his appreciation to every part of your body

- lots of ass grabbing and slapping

- he loves watching your reaction as he goes in deep

- always having to grasp/grab hold of something as he thrusts faster and harder

- he prefers to be on top but loves it when you ride him

- he’d be very loud and vocal, tons of moaning and dirty talk

- he’ll let you know how good you feel

- he works wonders with his fingers and tongue

- sex in the morning before breakfast

- he’d love to please you and to be pleased

- he’d tease you because he loves seeing you frustrated

- it turns him on when you beg for him to be inside of you

- he looks oh so glorious when he orgasms

- panting and sweating when you’re both finished

- cuddles after you both catch your breath from orgasming

- experiencing multiple orgasms because he’s so good


“He was taking a bite and his jaw locked.”

The fire alarm went off in my building this morning and I had to stand outside in my bare feet for twenty minutes. There was no fire, but also the fire department never showed up, which is a little disconcerting.

EDIT: I added the screencap because nobody I shared this with got it.


Vikki Dougan by Nina Leen, May, 1952 by Tom Simpson

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I’ve been arguing across social media the last few days about the Ghost in the Shell live action film, and about whether or not it is whitewashing the character of the Major.

I am of the opinion that you can’t whitewash a character that doesn’t have a flesh and blood body or a cannon ethnicity. The Major’s body is synthetic- it can be whatever color or look like whomever it is formed to be. There are a few different arguments I’ve heard about it though:

() Ghost in the Shell is a Japanese anime, and therefore the characters are assumed to be Asian.

^ Someone actually said to me that ALL anime characters are Asian unless it’s said otherwise. First of all, you’re attaching ethnicity to art when you say this. Different cultures have traditions and styles, but can you really attach race to them? Also, what about the Simpsons? The Simpsons may be American by nationality, but what is their ethnicity? Every character is drawn to have yellow skin, people have blue hair…so how do you explain that? The Major is portrayed with bluish black to purple hair and blue eyes.

My point is, a 2D cartoon character can be given a race and ethnicity, when it is specified. The Major never gets one true cannon specification. The 1995 film fails to give her an origin entirely; Stand Alone Complex creates a back story, but never says point blank “she is Japanese.” Arise, the new movies, create something entirely different. So what can a live action adaptation do, when there is no set structure for a character?

() The Major’s name is Motoko Kusanagi, implying she is Japanese.

^ I get this. I do. It makes perfect sense. EXCEPT for the little bit about the name Motoko Kusanagi being an alias in one of the incarnations of the series. That right there kills this as support for why the Major should be cast as specifically Asian. Now, if you’ve seen the live action film, you know they work this in and…yeah. You can get huffy about whitewashing with their weak plot device. But it shouldn’t be about the casting choice.

It’s a damn shame and missed opportunity that an Asian actress wasn’t cast in the role where she could have been. That’s all it is though. A missed opportunity. It’s not intentionally taking a character and changing the ethnicity. It isn’t whitewashing. What if they had cast a black actress? Indian? Latina? Would people still be up in arms, or would everyone accept it? What about other live action adaptations where the ethnicity has been flipped? Nick Fury in the Marvel CU, Billy in the new Power Rangers, etc etc. Is the rule you have to stick to the source material 100000% UNLESS you’re casting a person of color? How does that extend to a cyborg, whose body is replacable and changable? Why can’t characters just be characters?