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A list of some of the hardships SNSD have gone and made through:

I know the present situation may feel really discouraging to new SONEs but the truth is that SNSD has made it through worse, and still came out on top. So here’s a list of things you should know/be reminded of:

  • Before their debut, SNSD was a surprise act on School of Rock. The first stage they did was a dance act, and although they received positive reviews from the students who watched them, everyone thought they were just a dance act. So SNSD went back to the producers of School of Rock, and asked them for a second chance to perform their own song (ITNW) at the show. They were granted that wish, but had only 3 days to practice. At the show, the PDs asked the crowd - an all girls school - to not cheer for them so it would build up their strenght as a group. They called the girls back to stage to explain the situation and they finally let the crowd show their enthusiasm - they LOVED them. Remember, they hadn’t even debuted here.  (you can watch Girls Go To School for more details);
  • In 2008, at Dream Concert, they went through what everyone knows today as the infamous Black Ocean. Fans of other groups turned off their lightsticks and shouted Wonder Girls’ name while they were performing for 10 minutes straight;
  • Again, 2008, during an SMTOWN concert, out of pure jealously that the girls had done commercials with members from tvxq and super junior and also gone on broadcasts with them, the fans of those groups held up their lightsticks to form an X, expressing that the girls were not welcome;
  • In 2009, Mnet didn’t nominate SNSD for their music show until the very few last weeks, where SNSD won 9 consecutive times;
  • Fast forward to 9/30, 2014, the biggest reason for the fandom to be so divided. This is a situation that could’ve easily ended SNSD as we know them since we never got a clarification of what happened nor why Jessica was forced to leave and it all only remains as speculation from the public’s pov. SNSD are very known for their strong bond and this made a lot of people doubt how genuine their feelings towards each other actually are. It’s true, part of it is business, but it’s also true that a girl group achieving 10 years together also involves sacrifice, and sacrifice always comes from a place of love. Everyone who was there during this time was deeply hurt and no one really knew what could be done. The girls had just announced their concert at Tokyo Dome, a venue where artists can only perform through invite, and with this situation they had to do that as 8 instead of 9. But they managed to overcome the situation and show that even if they had to part ways with one member, being Girls’ Generation is truly what they wanted to keep doing, and keep on doing, while achieving their own personal dreams;

This not to mention everything the girls have endured individually, otherwise this list would be very, very long.

To balance things out, here’s a list of some of the biggest achievements SNSD have gotten throughout the years, with SONEs help:

  • They were the FIRST girl group to get a Daesang, an award that was until then completely reserved to boy groups;
  • They’re the only girl group listed 5 times on a top 10 of the girl groups (western groups included) that have made the most money on their tours - that’s half the list!;
  • They were the first korean girl group to achieve double platinum in Japan!;
  • They sold out their concert at Tokyo Dome with 55k seats, Kara had previously sold out theirs in 2012 with 45k seats;
  • 10 years into their career, SNSD managed to beat their own 1st week record sale in a matter of 4 days. May not sound like a big deal, but after a 2 year hiatus, and considering that it had been 6 years since they had set that record, this is an amazing accomplishment where SONEs have once again lifted our girls up. You made this happen.

I know how discouraging the present situation feels, I know they deserve better, SONEs deserved better after 2 years of waiting, and SM decided to screw both sides like this. but this is not the time to put down our arms, this is the time to let SM know that SNSD continue to be love and appreciated, the fact that the girls aren’t promoting doesn’t mean that they won’t be nominated for music shows since Taeyeon didn’t really promote Rain and that still won a few first places, so we can’t give up on the girls. It’s in times like this that the girls need us most, and the fandom needs to be united. As the girls have showed us plenty of times before, they will keep on delivering good content together if they have the opportunity. I know this feels really unfair, and having everything in consideration I know we should’ve gotten more, but the girls’ aren’t at fault and we can’t blame them for this as it’s clear that this was not their decision. 

Organising small projects to let the girls know we want them back (like doing a comment project to post on their instagram), get them trending on twitter, melon, naver, daum, and making sure their songs stay on the charts (through streaming), are just some of the few things we can do. The girls truly appreciate us as they have shown many times before, they will fight to deliver more content, but we also have to fight for them in a industry that seems to forget how many doors have been opened thanks to them. So let’s keep fighting SONE!

BTS reaction to their idol rapper girlfriend’s album breaks records

kissesfrombangtanatnight said:

Hiiii! Hope you’re having a good day! May I request a BTS reaction to their idol rapper gf album breaking records in the history of music, like it sells over millions of copies within a day. How would they react to her being that popular?

Hi cutie~thanks for requesting ! .. here’s your requested reaction and I hope you like it >< .

Jin :

I can imagine his shocked face ,a weird smile with his opened mouth .

“Waah ,really ? ..I- ..I’m shocked !”

His feelings would be a mix of jealousy and happiness ,but I guess he would be so hyper about it and cook for you or something ,in summary .. he would celebrate your win with a dinner or a similar thing .

Suga :

As a rapper AND a producer ,his passion for music won’t make him feel but super happy about it ,and his girlfriend be that powerful and break the record ? .. He would be more proud than anyone !

“I just knew you would make it ,you are that talented to deserve such an achievement !”

He would be your date to the awards show and that glad to go with you ,then celebrate with you in a restaurant or a club ,he will satisfy you .. trust me 😉 .

Rap Monster :

He has that leader material ,or dad material ..he would be proud till he be that close to cry and tear up .

“You can’t imagine how much I’m happy for you ,now remember when I told you that chasing your dreams will bear its fruit someday ?…”

And continue his deep conversation about your achievement , success in life and things like that ! .But let me tell you ..he would treat you very well ,like you would live a day in heaven ..he would spoil you so much .

J-hope :

We know how extra he is ,as soon as he heard the news he started dancing and jumping here and there ,screaming and holding you to swing you up in the air .

“Jagiya !! did it !! ..YOU DID IT !!”

After an extra hour full of shouts and things ,he would suggest to throw a party with lots of champagne ,you know why ? .. cuz his biggest dream that moment is to suggest a toast just for you ,and he did it ! .

Jimin :

* just imagine urself v ..I’m soft >< *

As a cute little pie ,he would give you a long hug and shower you with kisses .

“I can’t believe ,you ? ..broke the record ? are too amazing to be true !”

Like he would be shocked ,but that won’t stop him from having fun with you and share with you your success .He would go with you to every awards show and be backstage when you perform ..he would be like your shadow ,and you won’t complain at all ! .

V :

Like J-hope ,he would act as if he had a heart attack or something ,but before it he would make the most surprised face ,repeating nonstop :

“Really ? ..ohh my God !” then he would calm down ,but when his mind couldn’t believe it he would repeat all over again : “are you for real ? ..God ! … really ?”

Like a little kid ,he would make a banquet and tell everyone about what have you done ,then ..every person he would meet he would tell him about you ,and in the awards show he would scream from the audience : “THAT’S MY GIRL !” .

Jungkook :

We all know how competitive he is ,but because you are that special for him he would tear up like a little baby .

“You are the best girlfriend ! are too much ..I don’t deserve you !”

But after a while ,when he would get out from his emotional mood ,he would start being jealous and tries his best to be as successful as you .Then when you want to celebrate ,he would take you on a special date and mention you in his speech in a concert or something ..yes he is proud but he can’t get rid of his habits ,we all know that ! .

GIFs are not mine ! 

Requests : Closed .

-Admin K .

we ain’t such a complicated thing

Hanzo gives his little huff of a laugh and things slip back into a comfortable silence. Jesse is just considering how to redirect the conversation again, sipping from his mug to bide time, when Hanzo says, with absolutely no leadup at all, “I’m going into heat.”

Jesse spits out his coffee. “I’m sorry,” he coughs, pounding on his chest, “what?”

chapter two: ao3

Marichat May Day 17: Balcony Visits

Just for the record, the drabbles aren’t in order. So this is like in the beginning of the relationship or smt

The first time when Marinette found her cookies missing, she knew something was wrong. She just went into her bedroom to pick another piece of cotton for the shirt she worked on. She didn’t expect to find the almost full plate of cookies empty by the time she came back. She looked around cautiously, wondering if that was some sort of hunger akuma or something. She just shrugged it off. Isn’t like she was especially hungry. She was living above a bakery for screaming out loud. If she wanted cookies she could get them anytime she wanted. She would have honestly forgotten about it.

If something similar wouldn’t have happened the next day. And the next. And a whole week after. Yes, something was rotten in Paris. So Marinette decided to do the most logical thing. Set a trap. So that’s what she did.

It was just another night on her balcony, working on a skirt she wanted to do for a while now, while a large piece of cheesecake was waiting untouched on her little table. As she planned, Marinette went back in her room, pretending to get a supply. And then, with all the subtility she could possess, she sneaked back up and burst through the trapdoor.

… to find Chat Noir stuffing his face with cheesecake.

She crossed her arms and smirked. “Well, well, well. Seems like Alya was right. I do have a stray cat visiting my balcony and stealing the food.”

Chat Noir tried to small sheepishly, but his full mouth prevented it.

Marinette shook her head fondly. “Honestly, if you wanted sweets you could have just ask.”

He looked rather ashamed of that. Until Marinette smiled. “So tell me, what would you like for tomorrow?”

“I can come tomorrow?” he asked after he finally swallowed that huge bite.

Marinette reached instinctively to scratch him under his chin. “Yes.”

And in that second, Chat looked happier than she had ever seen him.

I’ve Waited My Whole Life (2)

Part 1

Request: “Could you do a Bucky soulmate story? Like the au with the countdown to the moment you meet your soulmate, but Bucky doesn’t have it because his arm is gone so the reader freaks out a little bit. But it’s all ok in the end. Like super fluffy fluff… maybe leads to smut, whatever you’re feeling.”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (Eventual)

Word Count: 3950

A/N: So I FINALLY got past my writers block! It happened around 3 am on Monday and I just couldn’t stand for this part being any different than what I have right now. So I literally scratched everything that I had done all last week and rewrote all four-thousand words in under two days, which I think may be a record for me. But anyway I hope that you guys enjoy this, part one is almost at 200 notes so this part has a lot to live up to. I love you guys and enjoy! (P.S. It’s opening night of Hello Dolly!)

Warnings: Angst, fluff, (*whispers*) cliffhanger, (Get ready for this roller coaster) 

Tags: @seargantbcky, @lust-for-pan, @38leticia, @barnes-and-noble-girl, @karipaleta, @capandbuck, @camillechan, @findacauseandserveit, @audasia25, @kendallefire, @alicerozenju, @snuggleducky, @thisisthelilith , @boyzines, @ballerinafairyprincess, @axelinchen, @sarahfhealy, @blazeshira, @the-strandedgypsy, @luckylundy13, @fandomtainment

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As the day got later, all of the other recruits decided to head into town for dinner. They didn’t ask me to come. Not that I actually had any money for dinner, but it would have been nice to have been asked. So instead I decided to do some exploring. I walked around the whole lower level, where my room was and then moved up to the main floor, hoping that there wasn’t anyone else there.

I stepped out of the elevator and peeked out into the room, making sure that no one was there before I went in. I didn’t see anyone so I went and sat on the couch and flipped through the channels. I was alone for about fifteen minutes when I heard two different voices walking towards me. I was going to leave the room, feeling a little out of place, but they caught me.

“Y/N.” Bucky stopped me.

“Hi.” I looked at the other guys standing next to him. “Sam, right?”

“Yeah. It’s nice to see you again.”

“You guys have met?” Bucky asked.

“Yeah, he used to work with the VA.”

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(ongoing) schedule - full group

thursday, may 25th: [korea] shinee’s ninth anniversary
thursday, june 22nd: [japan] shinee’s sixth anniversary
tuesday, july 18th: taemin’s twenty-fourth birthday
saturday, september 23rd: key’s twenty-sixth birthday
saturday, december 9th: minho’s twenty-sixth birthday
thursday, december 14th: onew’s twenty-eighth birthday

saturday, april 29th: [japan] shinee world 2017 (tokyo, day ii) (4pm)
sunday, april 30th: [japan] shinee world 2017 (tokyo, day iii) (2:30pm)
sunday, april 30th: (minho) kbs2 - return of superman (airing) (4:50pm)

unconfirmed - mid-to-late june: (key) nylon korea - cover release
tuesday, may 2nd: (jonghyun) kbs2 - yoo hee yeol’s sketchbook (recording)
tuesday, may 2nd: shinee day - ninth anniversary party - ticketing (8pm)
thursday, may 4th: (onew) station mv / single release (with rocoberry) (6pm)
friday, may 5th: (jonghyun) seoul metro training center fansign (6pm)
friday, may 5th: (jonghyun) lotte world cinepark fansign (8:30pm)
saturday, may 6th: (jonghyun) yeongdeungpo time square atrium fansign (6:30pm)
saturday, may 6th: (jonghyun) smtown coex theatre hall fansign (9pm)
sunday, may 7th: (jonghyun) kbs2 - yoo hee yeol’s sketchbook (airing) (12am)
saturday, may 13th: 2017 shilla duty free fan festival in seoul (tba)
saturday, may 20th: [hong kong] shinee world v (lantau island) (6pm)
sunday, may 21st: shinee day - ninth anniversary party (6pm)
monday, may 22nd: (key) mbc - lookout (episode one) (10pm)
tuesday, may 23rd: (key) mbc - lookout (episode two) (10pm)
friday, may 26th: (jonghyun) the agit: the letter (day i) (8pm)
saturday, may 27th: (jonghyun) the agit: the letter (day ii) (4pm)
sunday, may 28th: (jonghyun) the agit: the letter (day iii, concert i) (3pm)
sunday, may 28th: (jonghyun) the agit: the letter (day iii, concert ii) (7pm)
monday, may 29th: (key) mbc - lookout (episode three) (10pm)
tuesday, may 30th: (key) mbc - lookout (episode four) (10pm)

unconfirmed - june: [japan] (taemin) first full japanese album
thursday, june 1st: (jonghyun) the agit: the letter (day iv) (8pm)
friday, june 2nd: (jonghyun) the agit: the letter (day v) (8pm)
saturday, june 3rd: (jonghyun) the agit: the letter (day vi) (4pm)
sunday, june 4th: (jonghyun) the agit: the letter (day vii) (4pm)
monday, june 5th: (key) mbc - lookout (episode five) (10pm)
tuesday, june 6th: (jonghyun) the agit: the letter (day viii) (4pm)
tuesday, june 6th: (key) mbc - lookout (episode six) (10pm)
thursday, june 8th: (jonghyun) the agit: the letter (day ix) (8pm)
friday, june 9th: (jonghyun) the agit: the letter (day x) (8pm)
saturday, june 10th: (jonghyun) the agit: the letter (day xi) (4pm)
sunday, june 11th: [taiwan] shinee world v (new taipei city) (4pm)
monday, june 12th: (key) mbc - lookout (episode seven) (10pm)
tuesday, june 13th: (key) mbc - lookout (episode eight) (10pm)
monday, june 19th: (key) mbc - lookout (episode nine) (10pm)
tuesday, june 20th: (key) mbc - lookout (episode ten) (10pm)
monday, june 26th: (key) mbc - lookout (episode eleven) (10pm)
tuesday, june 27th: (key) mbc - lookout (episode twelve) (10pm)

saturday, july 1st: [japan] (taemin) taemin the 1st stage (5pm)
sunday, july 2nd: [japan] (taemin) taemin the 1st stage (2pm)
monday, july 3rd: (key) mbc - lookout (episode thirteen) (10pm)
tuesday, july 4th: (key) mbc - lookout (episode fourteen) (10pm)
saturday, july 8th: smtown live world tour v (seoul, day i?) (tba)
monday, july 10th: (key) mbc - lookout (episode fifteen) (10pm)
tuesday, july 11th: (key) mbc - lookout (episode sixteen) (10pm)

friday, august 4th: [singapore] music bank world tour (tba)

saturday, october 21st: 2017 gangjin k-pop festival (tba) (tentative)

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Apparently there was a puppy room at the mmvas and most of the stars visited. an article said that "I've heard D has allergies but that didn't stop him" So he voluntarily did something that he's allergic to. Either it's not that severe, or he takes medicine for it because he lives with one. Either way it pokes holes in the anti cc argument

This article is just making me smile (x)

Of all the press Darren received, this is my favorite mention:

I heard Darren Criss was allergic, but that didn’t stop him.

Darren Criss, blowing holes in PR stories each and every day.  And for the record, he may be allergic billboard, but that doesn’t stop him from living in a house with both a dog and a cat. 


to all of y'all saying toppdogg is a flop or calling the group “floppdogg,” i am highkey ashamed. toppdogg isn’t a flop, even if hansol works. they aren’t a flop. they aren’t signed up with a big huge record label, but they aren’t a flop. rainy day may have reached 1M views within two/three months, faster than the others, but they are not a flop. they do succeed in their music. they do have fun picking their own concepts. they. are. not. a. flop. and if you consider yourself part of toppklass, yet you’re calling them a flop, please know that you’re being disrespectful towards them and all the hardwork they put out to please you and everyone else. respect our boys.

a-rainbow-named-ally  asked:

I have a question about hire dates and paychecks and maybe someone can help me. The date I gave recorded as my first day of work is May 31st. However, I just took a look on my paycheck stub thingy, and it says I got hired June 6. My manager wouldn't let me start until I finished all of my paperwork (a lot of tax forms and availability questionnaires and the like). Can someone tell me how to resolve this problem, or is it something to not worry about?

LWYMMD to 1 Billion Views!!!

we can still beat the record for the fastest video to get to one billion views. it is currently held by Adele for Hello which took 87 days to achieve.

currently, we are at .624 billion in only 67 days, 375 more million to hit the record. if i did my math correctly, we should need to gain 19 million views a day to break the record & it may seem like a lot but we did 43.4 million views to break the record on the first day. spread the word!!!