may pole dancing

just imagine a human au where the first time ludwig invites feliciano over and there’s just a pole in the middle of the spare room and a camera and cool lights and feliciano’s like “what’s that” and ludwig has no idea how to tell this seemingly innocent cute little italian that he may or may not pole dance and when feli pieces it together he just starts laughing uncontrollably because he saw ludwig one time while picking up a very drunk lovino from the gay strip club and ludwig is so embarrassed but in the end it just results in ludwig becoming a fucking human pretzel and doing shit like that thing where you just walk up and down the air for his boyfriend’s amusement


The Aries Witch ♈

Beltane is known a fire festival, often celebrated with feasts and rituals (such as May pole dancing).  Beltane marks the return of vitality, of passion. Ancient Pagan traditions say that Beltane marks the emergence of the young God into manhood. Stirred by the energies at work in nature, he desires the Goddess. They fall in love, lie among the grasses and blossoms, and unite. 

Fire is a primary feature of this festival. In ancient times, cattle would be driven between two great fires, to ensure their fertility and to grant them protection through the year.

These are the main themes of a Beltane celebration

  • purification,
  • passion,
  • fertility & creativity,
  • blessings.

And all of these can be invoked in the magick of leaping over a Beltane fire.

Sexualization does not equal objectification. I’ve been thinking about this idea recently and I hate that these two things are often bundled. I hate that people see sexual expression as a way of objectifying oneself or another. I used to be ashamed of enjoying the so-called sexualization of myself. I’ve had a dance pole in my house since I was in middle school and I wouldn’t invite friends over because I was scared of what they may think. Yes, pole dancing is hard work, and I enjoy the fitness of it - but I also enjoy the innate sexiness of it. I admit it, I like being sexy! In admitting that, I am not giving allowance to the objectification of myself. I am more than this body, more than these movements - I am actually a person here not only for your pleasure, believe it or not.