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Suitors and Videogames

Something that @pumpkin-cinderella and I discussed a while back. :v

Alyn: A decent gamer who would accept his defeat, except at the hands of Leo. He would probably be into Wii games that involve moving around, such as Wii Sports. If ever he tried his hand at any Legend of Zelda games, Leo might need to help him out with a few puzzles. May or may not secretly play Cooking Mama

Leo: He would most likely be into puzzle games that really get his brain working. May or may not have learned how to flirt from playing dating sims games. ;)

Giles: Brain Age all the way as it *supposedly* helps people improve their concentration. He would probably play Neko Atsume as well since he can leave it running in the background and check from time to time.

Louis: How do you hold this… thing? Oh, it’s called a controller? He would get THAT wistful look (you know the one :v ) after his character runs into a wall. Repeatedly. He would be a pro at games like Just Dance, if only the Wiimote would cooperate. >:U

Sid: Would probably play something like Grand Theft Auto and have a little too much fun with it. He’d most likely get pulled into the game and end up cursing it whenever “WASTED” pops up on the screen. May or may not have broken a couple of TVs. Woops.

Robert: Games that involve arting, like Okami. He’d turn those Swapnotes on the 3DS into masterpieces. Do you know how hard it is to make nice doodles on Swapnotes? Robert makes it look easy peasy.

Byron: He would play real-time strategy games that let you build your kingdom, such as Age of Empires. You may or may not catch him saying that “this is not how it works in real life”. As for other games that involve fighting or racing, he’d have permanent beginner’s luck. He’s not a sore loser, because he just wins without understanding how. 

Nico: A pro gamer, except when it comes to strategy and RPGs. He’s the type who’d play button mashing games (with complex combos, like Mortal Kombat) or FPSs, but would accidentally let his Sims die because he forgot about them. Woops. He’d probably get competitive, but would accept defeat with good spirits.

Albert:  What is this lowly and childish form of entertainment? (What, King Byron enjoys it from time to time? So does he.) Nico somehow coaxes him into a few rounds of Mario Kart, which he loses. Rather sore about his loss(es), he secretly practices when (he thinks) no one is watching. He still hasn’t won against Nico. 

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do you know any realistic eyes with small irises?

AlfredAskew’s ‘Model T’ eyes have the smallest irises out of all the eyesets I have, and they’re semi-realistic (or at least, I’ve never seen a maxis-match player use them on their sims :). They may not match everybody’s playing style, but I still think they’re a nice addition nonetheless. I’m also very fond of Alfi’s recolors of Mouseyblue’s Neptune eyes; while Mousey’s eyes generally tend to have pretty large irises, her ‘Neptune’ set is an exception, and these recolors are really lovely. Tealeaf also made a couple of nice eye sets (’Brick eyes’, ‘Embrace the Deception’), and so did Jessi-dot (Her Cats Were All Calico, The One Who Said Goodbye, Keep it All Inside). I listed some of my favorite sets here, but I recommend you also go through her general eye dl tag, as you might find other sets you like.

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I didn't have a huge "I'm bi!" moment. I just noticed that, and this may be weird, when I played the sims I spent much more time on the girls and thought they looked better than any guy sim I'd ever made. Also, I was just a bit too defensive of the lgbt+ community.

yes me too with the being defensive!  i always worried i was an annoying Hetero™,, turns out im just hella gay

TS4 New Beginnings Challenge

This challenge gives you the structure you need to build districts and neighbourhoods of your choice, based on your own gameplay preferences and moods. You may want to make sims today; tomorrow you may be inspired to build houses or decorate a lot from the Gallery; you may get bored with playing the same sim for too long; or maybe you just need a little more order to your gameplay. If so, then this challenge is for you - you get to decide what type of lifestyle your sims will live (whether they live in poverty with only basic facilities, live in expensive apartment buildings or elaborately decorated homes) and what kind of districts and neighbourhoods to develop. You do not have to build all of the lots to complete the challenge - you only need to do the tasks required for the careers and lots you want in your world.

We have infrastructure and power/water so we can live as normal, no starting over, but the lots are empty here. No houses, no workplaces, no schools, no stores, no police etc – kids have to travel out of town for school and any homeless sims with jobs also work out of town. We need to start filling our lots with everything a new town needs – sims, homes, jobs, shops, schools, entertainment – so our sims have everything they need.

Full details of the challenge can be found here

If you release any pictures of your challenge please tag #TS4 New Beginnings Challenge - you need to follow this tag if you want your posts to show up and to see others. 

Guess who is back!

i’m completely off my photoshop game lately, my selecting skills are so bad, when i try to hide it with a stroke or something it just looks so bad and i’m having a difficult time lol.

that being said!!! here is a sim i want to show off named Ash Pitts. I made an icon for him too but im not sure if i actually plan on using him. Is it so wrong to use an icon of a sim u may not play with??? lmao


You may think you like to play The Sims, but Elon Musk thinks you actually are a Sim. You dig?