may plays the sims

                                       I’m a shell of who I used to be, 
                                  My shadow doesn’t walk beside me
                                   Because I’m only awake at night
                                         You remember that, right?

Silly bbs

Mini Semi-Hiatus

The Short: 2 posts a day until Thursday. I’ll announce the heir tomorrow, don’t worry. If you see me around tell me to leave tumblr & get back to studying ❤

The Long: Basically it’s currently Monday night and I have two days to write two essays and study for a maths exam on Thursday at 8am. I took a lot of screenshots to make sure you had content over the long weekend while I was away from my sims computer, which I thought I could easily refill when I got home on Tuesday. Unfortunately, I have vastly under-studied and have to knuckle down and not play sims (probably. I may be a bad study noodle, we’ll see).

Only I have almost run out of screenshots to use. So there’s going to be 2 posts a day instead of 5. The heir will still get announced tomorrow, but I won’t be able to change their traits or set up their storyline or jazz up my theme until Thursday. If I get in a lot of study maybe I’ll play some sims??? and you’ll get more posts??? but it’s unlikely because this maths exam is worth 80% of my grade and I’ve done nothing and I’m terrified of failing it so oops.

Thank you for sticking with me, and being such an amazing, supportive community,
Zoe ❤

TS4 New Beginnings Challenge

This challenge gives you the structure you need to build districts and neighbourhoods of your choice, based on your own gameplay preferences and moods. You may want to make sims today; tomorrow you may be inspired to build houses or decorate a lot from the Gallery; you may get bored with playing the same sim for too long; or maybe you just need a little more order to your gameplay. If so, then this challenge is for you - you get to decide what type of lifestyle your sims will live (whether they live in poverty with only basic facilities, live in expensive apartment buildings or elaborately decorated homes) and what kind of districts and neighbourhoods to develop. You do not have to build all of the lots to complete the challenge - you only need to do the tasks required for the careers and lots you want in your world.

We have infrastructure and power/water so we can live as normal, no starting over, but the lots are empty here. No houses, no workplaces, no schools, no stores, no police etc – kids have to travel out of town for school and any homeless sims with jobs also work out of town. We need to start filling our lots with everything a new town needs – sims, homes, jobs, shops, schools, entertainment – so our sims have everything they need.

Full details of the challenge can be found here

If you release any pictures of your challenge please tag #TS4 New Beginnings Challenge - you need to follow this tag if you want your posts to show up and to see others.