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i made the dadvid au in the sims 3

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It has been a few months, I wonder how things are now…

We’re starting a new (and very short) Matt & Deanna queue with their renovated flat! I figured that since I gave Leigh, a minor character, a cool flat, they might deserve one too.

This is their living/dining room and kitchen.

No idea why there’s a carpet in the kitchen but ya know, my past self probably thought it was a good idea. I built this back in May so…yeah.

Elements Legacy

Hello! This is the first legacy I’ve written. If you want to play it, tag it with #Elementslegacy and #elg1, elg2 , elg3, etc. (what gen you’re on is the number for the elg tag)

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Inspa: Not so berry challenge by @lilsimsie and @alwaysimming
Very Berry challenge by @simmingstrawberry, @sweetersims, @thestolensims, @bluberry-sims, and @simsinablanket <- Deactivated 


- You do not have to make your sim based around the color of the element, but I think it’d be cool if you did! (Hair, Clothes, Makeup, Etc.)
- The names also don’t have to be based off the element but I recommend it!
- You must finish the career of each gen unless stated otherwise.
- You must use the traits and aspiration given.
- Money cheats are allowed if not stated otherwise. (Not excessive! Probs like 50k)
- You may use any gender for these generations if your playing a sim who can’t get pregnant, get another sim pregnant and care for the baby.

(btw the color will be given by the title for each gen if you wanna color base it.

Gen One- Wind (Pale Blue)

You had no siblings growing up, in fact you don’t even know your birth parents. You were adopted as a baby, but grew apart from your adoptive family. You have a deep love for technology and organization. Every thing must be perfect. Growing up in a hectic childhood, you wan’t a laid back life and someone to settle down with. You also run a parent blog, did I mention you’re obsessed with being a parent?


- Finish the Social Media Career and Super parent aspiration <– (Finishing Aspiration is optional)
- Have at least 3 kids.
- Marry a jealous sim.
- Max parenting skill (If you don’t have parenthood then logic skill)
- Have 2 best friends that you will do anything for.
- Reunite with your birth mom after the birth of your first child.
- Live in San Myshuno until you get pregnant

Traits: Perfectionist, Neat, Family-Oriented
Aspiration: Super Parent
Career: Social Media

Gen Two- Fire (Red)

Growing up, your parents gave you everything you ever asked for. You were surrounded by siblings. But you always found yourself through art. While everyone was outside playing with mom and dad, you’d be inside drawing. When you were a teen, you were cheated on. You caught your bf/gf with your best friend. You became very angry. Since that event, you had decided love wasn’t for you. 


- Finish painter career and Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.
- Be cheated on by your boyfriend and catch him with your best friend.
- Never date until halfway through YA hood. Get pregnant instantly.
- Break up with your baby’s dad, have 3 more failed relationships.
- Only get pregnant once.
- Never marry.
- Max painting skill.

Traits: Art lover, Hot-Headed, Non-committal
Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire
Career: Painter

Gen Three- Earth (Green)

Your mom was in and out of relationships all the time. You don’t understand why she didn’t find someone and stick with them. You, however would get serious with someone, but…. you don’t have many friends… at all. All you have is your extreme love for gardening and cooking. But when you put your mind to something you’ll make it happen.


- Finish Chef Branch on the Culinary career and the Freelance Botanist aspiration.
- Max Cooking and Gardening skill
- Collect all herbs, flowers, vegetables, and fruits.
- Have no friends until YA hood.
- Marry someone rich.
- Have at least 1 kid.
- Enter the Sylvan Glade world.

Traits: Loves outdoors, Vegetarian, Materialistic 
Aspiration: Freelance Botanist
Career: Culinary

Gen Four- Water (Blue)

You always had a love for swimming. You grew up spending most of your time outdoors, or gardening with your parents. It came naturally to you. That’s what your parents wished happened. Ironically, your deathly afraid of the water, and can’t swim. Your passion is music and you married  your high school sweetheart. He proposed to you the day of your YA birthday. You said yes and had triplets. Sadly, he drowned, leaving you a widow. From there you became a tangled mess.


- Reach level 7 in Entertainer career, then quit your job after your husband dies. (You may get another job but can’t work to get promoted.)
- Have triplets (You may cheat for this.)
- Max 2 instruments of your choice.
- Finish Musical Genius aspiration.
- Never remarry
- Become anti-social.
- Live in 3 different worlds, getting smaller houses each time.
- Have your husband drown

Gloomy, Loner, Music Lover
Aspiration: Musical Genius
Career: Entertainer

Gen Five- Sun (Yellow)

Compared to your mom, You are a ray of sunshine. You always find your way to positively somehow. You want to spread your love to everyone, this is why you have many friends. You decide to join the detective career. You want justice for everyone.


- Finish detective career and Friend to the world aspiration.
- Max Charisma and Comedy skill
- Have 1 failed relationship before marring your second love.
- Help your mom deal with her life until she passes.
- Write one book on positivity.
- Grow a cowplant in memory of your grandma.

Traits: Cheerful, Goofball, Ambitious
Aspiration: Friend to the world
Career: Detective

Gen Six- Space (Purple)

Your parent was always so helpful. They believed in you, believed that you will reach the moon. So that’s what you want to do. You will do anything to achieve your goals and make your parent proud. You also like to dance.

- Finish Scientist career and Nerd Brain aspiration.
- Enter the Simax and make an alien best friend.
- Max logic, dancing, and rocket science skill.
- Build a rocket ship with all the upgrades.
- Marry and business man and have 2 kids.

Traits: Genius, Dance Machine, Bookworm
Aspiration: Nerd Brain
Career: Scientist 

Gen Seven- Lava (orange)

You hated being good. You didn’t want to spread positivity like your grandma would say. You wanted to be bad and cause mayhem.

- Finish Criminal career and Public Enemy aspiration.
- Live in a needs TLC apartment until your a adult.
- Max Mischief skill.
- Accidentally get pregnant with twins (You may cheat this)  
- Have 2 failed relationships and instantly marry your third relationship.
- Never pay much attention to your kids.
- Have more enemies than friends

Traits: Glutton, Self-Assured, Hates Children
Aspiration: Public Enemy
Career: Criminal

Gen Eight- Weather (Grey)

Your parent never payed much attention to you. While your mom was out causing chaos, you were playing with your twin sibling. You too are extremely close. You love to work out and hang out with friends,  but you have some of your moms mean genes.

- Finish Athlete career and Party Animal aspiration.
- Max Charisma and Athletic skill.
- Live with your Twin til you have your first kid.
- Have at least 1 kid.
- Have a few enemies.
- Live in Oasis Springs
- Cheat on someone

Traits: Evil, Insider, Active
Aspiration: Party Animal
Career: Athlete

Gen Nine- Gemstones (Pink)

You wish you could make yourself not be mean like your grandparent and parent. But you can’t change that. You also wish you weren’t so awkward when it comes to love, but you can’t really change that either. But you are good at writing.

- Finish Writing Career and Bestselling Author Aspiration. 
- Have 4 failed relationships (THEY dump you)
- Write Romance novels
- Publish 15 books
- Live in 3 different worlds throughout life
- Marry as adult
- Have as many kids as you like

Traits: Unflirty, Creative, Mean
Aspiration: Bestselling Author
Career: Writing

Gen Ten- Electricity (White)

You grew up a geek, playing video games, doing homework. As a teen, you would get angry really easy. Your parent suggested for you to be put in a Mental hospital for a few years. As they cured your anger, you would always be a little insane. You just want a normal luxury life.

- Finish Doctor career to level 7 and Fabulously Wealthy aspiration
- Reach level 5 in 8 skills.
- Have a enemy (probably your parent for putting you in a mental hospital)
- Create a graveyard and memorial for the past generations
- Have 5 kids. (If your coloring them, make them black based)
- Quit your job to pursue your dreams (gaming)

Traits: Geek, Insane, Snob
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Career: Doctor

I feel like there should be so much more story to yansim that I know it won’t have when/if it’s finished.

There should be a story for every character, every club.

The gardening club takes in lost animals, gives them a home until they either are able to live out in the wild again or one of the members can keep them as a pet. As the atmosphere grows darker the more on edge the club feels. Sometimes they forget to water the plants, now the tomatoes are rotting. One of the members had a breakdown in the middle of a club activity. Animals stopped coming around, and what once was a peaceful gardening club has crumbled to a bunch of scared individuals, most of them not even going to the club due to the fear of being out in the open, perfect for a killer to strike.

The martial arts club, good fighters that have even competed against other schools. They are regarded as the strongest students in the school, until one day one of the weaker members is found crying in the bathroom. Unwilling to start the club activity without all the members, Budo comforts the kid. For some reason that member didn’t come back to school the next few days, and you learn when they do return that they personally knew one of your rivals.

Possibly the most upbeat of all, the music club. They play loud enough for people outside the school to hear and they’re always ready to shout, make noise, make friends and most importantly, have fun. The first murder is reported, Osana Najimi. The school feels as if a heavy weight is pushing on each student. Despite that the music club proudly continues on, in an attempt to cheer everyone up. The noise level lesseens week by week. And on the 10th week the school is finally silent.

The photography club, they were everywhere. It’s guaranteed embarrassing moments of all kind will be used in the yearbook. “So be careful, you’ll never know when a member is near by.” That joking statement had never been more true. It was all over the news, school paper, live broadcasting to all of Japan. Missing girls about 15-16 years old all from Akademi High School. The headmaster wasn’t going to do anything, so somebody had to. “Security” guarding the doors, suspicious students accompanied by multiple photography club members, if the school board wasn’t going to take the cases seriously, then the photography club would.

Cooking club was small compared to the other clubs. They were very tight knit and only accepted new members if A) they were friends with someone who was already a member, or B) their cooking and ability to gossip was so damn good. To even bring up the idea of gossip stopping just because some substitute who was at their school died. Probably the most put together, the cooking club never stopped talking about who died and how and why, but they no longer had the appetite to call themselves the “cooking club.”

The occult club. You couldn’t’ve asked for a bigger group of outcasts. Obsessed with summoning demons in school, what was wrong with them? Those were the comments made about this infamous club before they disbanded. Their leader was found dead, buried behind the school. Most students assumed it was the club members themselves that had killed her, all were found innocent but they had to disband, as nobody believed they could ever be as good a leader as Oka Ruto.

The science club are the most feared, surpassing the Occult club in a recent school wide poll. One of the students even made a robot that was supposed to help clean up the classroom for teachers, but it ended up burning a hole through classes 2-A’s floor and 1-A’s ceiling. When the atmosphere starts to get worse and reports about missing and/or dead students from their school start popping up, the science club begins to have a bit of a God complex. Robots for everything, the robots run the school. Checking before you walk into school, into class, into your club room, it doesn’t matter who you are. If the robots find something against school rules, they’ll eliminate you right there. After the first casualty less people come to school. Soon enough the only people who go back are the Science Club themselves.

The Gaming Club. As if you didn’t think they’d be ready for something like this. Midori has played all the main Danganronpa games, Pippi (though she prefers rhythm games,) has played almost every season of the Walking Dead game, Ryuto has played Ace Attorney, Mai has played enough strange dating sims, they’re preferred.

The Drama Club was used to playing pretend. Being shocked when they found a “dead body,” crying when their loved one’s “lifeless corpse” was splayed out in front of them, but it was nothing compared to when it really happened. Kizana, for once, stopped speaking. Her voice was loud enough and she didn’t want to bring attention to herself, so she became selectively mute as soon as she’d heard Osana was found dead and buried in the gardening club. She began avoiding school for a week, just to come back the next to get news that Amai had been reported missing. She stayed close to someone she thought would protect her if she were next, Senpai. Things were all good until Thursday, Kizana promised herself to break her “no talking” rule and to confess to Senpai that he had made her feel safe and calm and that she was grateful. Come Friday she slid a letter in his locker telling him to meet her at the cherry blossom tree after school. She walked into her club room, and sighed. She had just been ridiculous this whole time! How should she possibly think she was–
And sharp pain overcomes her back and she falls dead, screaming for somebody to help her. Ayano takes the blood from the knife and wipes it on her art club apron. “It was a dramatic scene.” She tells those who seemed worried about the screams from the Drama room.


Well as with most things there is good news and bad news….good news is that the problem seems to have been my graphics card, which apparently had fried, and I am getting a better one. Great news is that apart from that everything else on my comp is working fine and I didn’t lose anything. Bad news is that my upgraded PC probably won’t be ready to  pick up until Monday, and it’s going to cost a few dollars. But I’m so deliriously grateful I will get to see my Sims again!  Replies to all you lovely sympathetic people under the cut.

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can i ask what your opinion is on all these simblrs getting called out on whitewashing (even if they arent) do you agree with it?

He who is without sin, may cast the first stone.

And by this I mean: one who has never changed the color of a sim’s skin in their entire life of sim play, may speak out