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More about the Nazi stuff in Gainesville

Here’s some information on alternative events from the Alachua County Faith Leaders Alliance:

Alachua County Faith Leaders Alliance
Statement on October 19 white nationalist rally

In light of recent public displays of hatred and violence, the distressing normalization of hateful and divisive ideologies, and the impending white nationalist event within our own community, we, the members of Alachua County Faith Leaders Alliance, offer these words of hope.

Gainesville is a city of many colors, beliefs, and ideologies. The diversity of humanity is what makes our city special. Gainesville is a city of hope; our residents and guests know that there is far more uniting us than could ever divide us. We are committed to the conviction that we are one human family. Therefore, we join together to reject beliefs that would tear our community apart.

As faith leaders we stand for love, knowing that each of us is created in the image of our Creator, and by our Creator we are called to care for one another as God cares for us.

Islam teaches us that God organized us into nations and tribes precisely to foster appreciation of the unity underlying our outward differences. The prophet Muhammad said, “All humankind is from Adam and Eve. A white person has no superiority over a black person, nor a black person over a white person except by piety and good action” (Last Sermon, Bukhari 1623,1626,6361).

Judaism teaches that one of God’s core commandments is “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18).

Christianity teaches that the greatest commandment is to “Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, your mind, your soul and your strength; and love your neighbor as yourself” (Luke 10:27).

Buddhism teaches us that “Every human being has a basic nature of goodness, which is undiluted and unconfused. That goodness contains tremendous gentleness and appreciation. By serving this world, we can save it.  But saving the world is not enough. We have to work to build an enlightened human society as well…” (Chogyam Trungpa, Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior).

We believe, along with Unitarian Universalist minister, Rev. Kendyl Gibbons, that:
“Out of a community of diverse heritage and belief, we come together to share our hope, and to create good in the world. The teachers of all traditions and times have taught that we are called to mercy, generosity, and mutual care and that to be good is to serve. We know that there can be no enduring happiness for humanity so long as despair reigns and want goes unrelieved. Until all may be sheltered, none of us is truly at home. May the power of our various faiths sustain us in this calling, that we may be the hands of holy creativity and justice. Together may we build a better world.”

Today we stand united in our diversity and stronger for it. Gainesville is a city of hope; a city of love; a city of peace. Hate and violence have no place here. We choose to be united in love.

Signed by:
Rev. Andy Bachmann, United Church of Gainesville
Rev. Catherine Dearlove, Trinity Metropolitan Community Church
Rev. Chad Fair, Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Rev. Beth Farabee, First United Methodist Church of Gainesville
Father Reed Freeman, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
Rev. Larry Green, Westminster Presbyterian Church
Rev. Milford L.Griner, Bartley Temple United Methodist Church
Rev. Terrance Jacob, University Evangelical Lutheran Church
Rev. Kevin Johnson, First United Methodist Church of Gainesville
Rabbi Michael Joseph, Temple Shir Shalom
Dr. Saeed Khan, Hoda Islamic Center
Aqueela Khuddus
Rabbi David Kaiman, Congregation B'nai Israel
Rev. Maureen Killoran, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Gainesville
Sandy Lyon, Gainesville Quaker Meeting
Rev. Eve MacMaster, Emmanuel Mennonite Church
Dr. Richard MacMaster, Emmanuel Mennonite Church
Rev. Greg Magruder, Parkview Baptist Church
Rev. Geraldine McClellan, Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church
Heather Pancoast, Gator Wesley Campus Ministry
Joel Pancoast, Gator Wesley Campus Ministry
Rev. Catherine Fluck Price, Trinity United Methodist Church
Rev. Steve Price, Trinity United Methodist Church
Rev. Talia Raymond, United Church of Gainesville
Rev. Aaron Rousseau, Trinity United Methodist Church
Rev. Lenora Rousseau, Trinity United Methodist Church
Dr. Dennis Shuman, P'nai Or Gainesville Jewish Renewal Congregation
Father Les Singleton, Church of the Mediator
Jan Snyder, Gainesville Shambhala Meditation Group
Rev. Shelly Wilson, United Church of Gainesville
Bonnie Zimmer, Gainesville Quaker Meeting

Alternative events planned by ACFLA congregations:

Gainesville Quaker Meeting
October 19, 2:00pm-6:00pm
Meeting for worship in the Library
Light refreshments
All are welcome

Temple Shir Shalom
October 19, 1:00pm-5:00pm
Gathering for peace, an opportunity to spend difficult hours with good friends. Light refreshments will be provided, and opportunities for community-building work. Please consider bringing some food to donate to the hungry, and some food to share with each other.

Trinity United Methodist Church
October 19, 2:00pm-5:00pm
Open Chapel for prayer, meditation, and candlelighting

United Church of Gainesville
October 16-19 from 8:30 am-4:30 pm      
Labyrinth walk for prayers and meditation in the sanctuary
October 19, 5:00 pm-7:00 pm
Service of Labyrinth Walk, Candlelighting, and Prayers
Also on October 19, 5:00pm-7:00pm, ART FOR PEACE, an opportunity for children, youth, and adults to create art together
All events are open to the public

Some local breweries were doing giveaways for people who turn in tickets for the Spencer event, but it’s advised not to buy tickets, even if it does leave the hall empty, because that money goes to Spencer.

PLEASE REBLOG THIS, I’m actually in G’ville.

This world is not the same to all people. Each one lives in his little domain….Peace and harmony may reign in one person’s world; where strife and restlessness in anothers. But whatever the circumstances of one’s environment, it consists of both an inner and an outer world. The outside world is the one in which your life engages in action and interaction. The world inside of you determines your happiness or unhappiness.
—  Paramahansa Yogananda

In a long analysis the 15th century Spanish Jewish commentator Rabbi Isaac Arama explains that shalom does not mean merely the absence of war or strife. It means completeness, perfection, the harmonious working of a complex system, integrated diversity, a state in which everything is in its proper place and all is at one with the physical and ethical laws governing the universe.

“Peace is the thread of grace issuing from Him, may He be exalted, stringing together all beings, supernal, intermediate, and lower. It underlies and sustains the reality and unique existence of each” (Akedat Yitzhak, ch. 74). Similarly, Isaac Abrabanel writes, “That is why God is called peace, because it is He who binds the world together and orders all things according to their particular character and posture. For when things are in their proper order, peace will reign” (Abrabanel, Commentary to Avot 2:12).

—  Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
A Prayer for the Holy Father

Lord, source of eternal life and truth, give to Your shepherd, the Pope, a spirit of courage and right judgement, a spirit of knowledge and love.

By governing with fidelity those entrusted to his care may he, as successor to the apostle Peter and vicar of Christ, build Your church into a sacrament of unity, love, and peace for all the world.

We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.

The finale of season 2

I’m trying to guess the ending but I can’t think of anything that is possible, logical and satisfying:

• Charito manages to kill Bahamut, stay alive (saved by Nina and co. prolly) and magically talk it out with Jeanne and Azazel AND LUCIFER AND GABBY AND THE REST OF THE DEMONS AND GODS (well 2/3 of the world’s population are his enemies), everyone peacefully forgives and forgets like VS never happened, demons and gods are now good citizens of Anatae - The city of a thousand plan- oops I went too far. He then lives happily ever after with Nina. Kaisar’s wish is granted may he rest in peace.

• Charito manages to kill Bahamut, stay alive, defeat Jeanne and Azazel and their army of magical beings, Lucifer is just a weak NEET after all lol Chariyo can kick that beautiful ass easily (note the sarcasm). He then returns to reign the world, demons are still slave, god worshipping is still forbidden, because how can he possibly let humans be overpowered by them again after all the hard work right? Oh and Charlottes lives happily ever after with Nina.

• Charito manages to kill Bahamut, stay alive, but defeated by Jeanne and Azazel. Nina begs them to spare his life. They magically agree and forget VS happened. Nina magically manages to convince Chariyo to stop the abuse and let demons and gods rule over just like before. The balance of the world is restored. Chario and Nina live happily ever after.

• Charitos kills Bahamut and dies, Jeanne and Azazel can’t take revenge, nobody gets a happy ending, demons and gods return to rule the land. The balance is restored. Charia is forever remembered as a hero by the humans who supported him.

• Char fails to kill Bahamut and dies. Favaro takes over and somehow manages to seal Bahamut again with the help of demons and gods. History is repeated but this time with a tiny chance of saving Amira maybe? (just my hope). VS is now an overly extended version of Genesis’s last episode.

• Chariyooo kills Bahamut and stays alive, but then he is defeated by Jeanne and Azazel, Nina begs them to spare his life but they don’t listen and finish him off with a super cool combo attack. Everybody agrees Chario deserves it. Demons and gods return to rule the land. Balance is restored. (i like this one but the writers love Charius so i don’t think this is possible)

• Chario fails but stays alive. El is resurrected and he is blessed with powerful magic. El kills Bahamut and saves the day. “Your son is alive so please forgive Chrissu”. And then 1/The abuse of demons and gods continues because Charito wanna be on top 2/Chario gives up and let demons and gods rule the land once again. Balance is restored.

Why do I say the balance is restored when demons and gods return to their original positions? Because that was how the world of SnB worked for thousands of years. Gods helped and protected humans and in return humans gave the Gods power by praying and believing in them. For the demons, you can’t expect ALL of them to be nice and friendly or don’t give a sith (ehem Lucifer), that’s why there were bounty hunters, gods and knights who slayed nasty demons that harm humans. There was a balance. I believe if Charito stays alive at the end he must give up his goal of coming out on top and admit he is wrong. If he doesn’t then, oh well, poor those children slaves and their mothers \_( ᐛ )_/

Satchitānanda, “Truth, Consciousness, Bliss"

After many incarnations, there comes a time when we grow dissatisfied with mere things, when experiences of this world render us empty. We yearn for a higher truth, a deeper understanding of life. When we begin to search sincerely for that experience, we have entered what the propelled state of the human heart.

That is, we are propelled by our inner dissatisfaction to seek something more than the superficial experiences and pursuits of the senses. In this state, we eventually find a spiritual teacher or teaching that can guide us the way to the infinite.

This world is not the same to all people. Each one lives in his little domain. Peace and harmony may reign in one person’s world where strife and restlessness in another’s. But whatever the circumstances of one’s environment, it consists of both an inner and an outer world. The outside world is the one in which your life engages in action and interaction.

The world inside of you determines your happiness or unhappiness.

By K.Nagori

“I run home because I’m wanted there.”

Sonic says this in response to Dark Oak asking Sonic why he chooses to fight a world of only plants, where peace and tranquility would reign and violence is non-existent.

Dark Oak claims that animals can’t co-exist with plants because the former rely on force and destruction to live, while plants are silent and may last eternally if left alone.

Give up! What’s the point of running in a world that has nothing but destruction?”

But Sonic has seen first-hand that animals and plants can live alongside each other. He’s seen it in the unspoken relationship between Tails and Cosmo – heck, his entire team has been working with Cosmo. It may not always be peaceful, as the lead fortune-telling alien in episode 69 pointed out that Cosmo’s place on the team will lead to devastation.

But at the end of the day, in Sonic’s eyes at least, what really matters in the bonds that are created between people, whether they are animals or sapient plants. The team members love each other and can share that appreciation for each other, and when things get rough, they can pick each other up and simply be there for each other.

Sonic isn’t fighting a world of peace and everlasting tranquility; he’s fighting a world where love can’t be shared and friendships become obsolete. He’s not running in vain through a desolate wasteland of rabid beasts who want to kill. He’s running through a world full of people who love him and he loves back.

I run home because I’m wanted there.”

Prayer to Our Lady, Mother of Mercy

Blessed Virgin Mary, who can worthily repay you with praise and thanks for having rescued a fallen world by your generous consent! Receive our gratitude, and by your prayers obtain the pardon of our sins. Take our prayers into the sanctuary of heaven and enable them to make our peace with God.

Holy Mary, help the miserable, strengthen the discouraged, comfort the sorrowful, pray for your people, plead for the clergy, intercede for all women consecrated to God. May all who venerate you feel now your help and protection. Be ready to help us when we pray, and bring back to us the answers to our prayers. Make it your continual concern to pray for the people of God, foryou were blessed by God and were made worthy to bear the Redeemer of the world, who lives and reigns forever. Amen.

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Hey, I saw your thing on patreon but it's easier for me to send an ask on here. So if you are still doing it and have the time Can I ask for 10 and/or 18 for geovin please? No specific au but I'd personally prefer it not to be GTA (just because I've read a lot of them lately) but it's mainly up to you. I also realised I choose angsty numbers lol but I'd prefer a happy ending but again it's up to you :) thank you so much! XX

Thank you so much for supporting me on patreon <3 <3 <3

10. things you said that made me feel like shit
18. things you said when you were scared

minecraft au

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you,” Geoff says, when he finally gets to the top of the ladder.

Gavin doesn’t turn from where he’s sitting at the end of the roof, legs dangling over the edge, staring out over Achievement City. The sun is setting - the games took up the whole day - and it looks beautiful from up here. Geoff’s house is a monstrosity of design but if anything can be said about it, it provides an incredible view, especially at dawn and dusk. Now the last rays of the evening sun reflect across the crown that’s slipping to one side of Gavin’s head, glinting sparkling gold.

Geoff comes up behind him. It’s dizzying, close to the edge, but he’s not scared. They’re never scared. They die, they come back, that’s how it works. He reaches out to adjust the crown but Gavin shifts aside at the last moment.

“Ha ha ha, how about you don’t touch me,” he says, so sourly that it stops Geoff in his tracks.

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Did Brandon Snow and a weirwood arrow kill Meraxes? Not incidentally, what's his deal?

Hey there, Anon!

Two questions here, so I’ll deal with the easy one first.

No, Brandon Snow did not kill Meraxes. According to Maester Yandel:

It was at Hellholt where the Dornish had their greatest success against the Targaryens. A bolt from a scorpion pierced the eye of Meraxes, and the great dragon and the queen who rode upon it fell from the sky. In her death throes, the dragon destroyed the castle’s highest tower and part of the curtain wall. (“Dorne: Dorne Against the Dragons”, The World of Ice and Fire)

Maester Gyldayn also testifies that an iron scorpion bolt felled Meraxes, so it is extremely unlikely the great dragon died any other way. Certainly, no mention is ever made of Brandon Snow in Dorne to suggest he had any part in Meraxes’ death.

Now, “what’s his deal”? That’s a little harder. Brandon Snow (this one, though I’m sure the North has seen plenty of bastard Brandons over the years) was the bastard brother of King Torrhen Stark, the last King in the North. He must have been at least somewhat close to his trueborn brother, because he felt confident to offer the king his strategy to deal with the conquering Targaryen host:

The king’s bastard brother Brandon Snow offered to cross the Trident alone under cover of darkness, to slay the dragons whilst they slept. (“The Reign of the Dragons: The Conquest”, The World of Ice and Fire)

Torrhen actually did send Brandon to the Targaryen camp, but (along with three maesters) as a negotiator for peace, not an instrument of war. So we get the sense that Brandon was bold and maybe overconfident, but also intelligent and trustworthy - a Stark in all but name.

Now, how was Brandon planning to slay the dragons? Yandel doesn’t tell us, but we have what may be a nice clue from Bran’s last chapter in A Dance with Dragons:

A dark-eyed youth, pale and fierce, sliced three branches off the weirwood and shaped them into arrows. (“Bran III”, A Dance with Dragons)

Many speculate that this “dark-eyed youth” is Brandon Snow himself - three arrows for three dragons. Certainly, one of the few confirmed ways to kill a dragon is to shoot it in the eye; if Brandon could have guided his three arrows into Balerion’s, Vhagar’s, and Meraxes’ eyes with enough force, the war would have taken a dramatic turn against the Targaryens. Weirwoods are of course the most mystical of trees in Westeros, with their connection to the old gods, so Brandon might have relied on this symbol of the Starks’ northern faith to assist him. More practically speaking, weirwood has been used for arrows and bows throughout the series, with both Ygritte and Bloodraven, that mysterious and mystical character, using weirwood bows.

Of course, one has to wonder where Brandon Snow would gotten an idea like that in the first place. Was it simple reliance on the old gods (especially since these arrows would come from the heart tree of Winterfell itself)? Was Brandon an especially good archer and aware of this dragonslaying method from, say, the stories of the Rhoynar or the histories of Valyria? We cannot say. I tend to think we’ll find out whether or not that vision was of Brandon Snow, and maybe see weirwood arrows come back again before the series is done.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

The Twitch Plays Pokemon world is in an uproar after democracy and anarchy were abandoned in favor of fascist totalitarianism.

After the mass release of captured Pokemon on Saturday, a group calling themselves the Nationalpokesmus rallied to form a new, more powerful and goal oriented team that might sway the game toward a more complete, controlled method of play.

Claiming the game had been “Stabbed in the back” by players they called the “February Criminals”, the Nationalpokesmus (NPDAP) group staged a revolution in the Pewter City Contest Hall. Flooding the game with totalitarian commands, the NPDAP seized power early this morning and has already begun consolidating its power.

Some have praised the new level of control and cooperation. Said a player called Gerbils, “For the first time I’m proud to be a resident of Pallet Town. This is a return to the values that made Twitch great, and it’s critical to move on from the great February release. Truly, it is springtime for Kanto.” User Wannasee added, “The deportation and condemnation to Lavender Town of the former democracy traitors is super-effective.”

But not everyone is so pleased. XY Players are rallying to their 3DSs to quash the NPDAP movement before it can destabilize the Pokemon world. “Kalos is deeply concerned at the new militarization in Twitch. It’s only a matter of time before they claim they need ‘Programming room’ and start a Twitch Plays XY.” Signs of a dubious reign are in progress. Already, Johto has been exploited in what XY players are calling “Pokemon Crystal Night”. There is however some hope for peace. Pokemon Black player NevilleC has suggested there may be peace in our time if we appease the NPDAP by giving them free reign of the original Twitch. Pokemon White’s WinstonHilda disagrees, “War is at this point inevitable. We must all rally to collect the most powerful Pokemon we can capture, for we won’t have many with which to fight. Never have so many… Done so much… For Mewtwo.”

So I listened to the audio from Gillian’s Boston Comic Con and she had a few interesting things to say about Bedelia. 

at around 8:00–she talked about how Bryan and the writers told her they would sit around and give her the weirdest, hardest lines imaginable just to see what she would do with them and Gillian’s like it was “weird shit…even for Bedelia to say.” And I kind of agree with her. Bryan has talked about giving Bedelia some of Harris’ most purple prose, lines that were never meant to be dialogue and a few of them (”turned from the teat to enter the world”) really didn’t seem in character at all. And kind of unfair to Gillian tbh. Once again, Gillian’s instincts as an actor >>>> male writers who need to reign in their ids. 

at around 10:30 she talks about enjoying playing Bedelia because she’s so contained, and what she enjoyed most was the “gestation,” being able to develop the character opposite Mads “working into each others’ eyes.” 

She also at one point said, “Bedelia, may she rest in peace….” NOOOOOO, GILLIAN NOOOO. 

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Tovarisch al-Tumblriyah, vat ist Evropa?

Genosse, Evropa is what we must destroy, as cultural marxists. Evropa is a peaceful, prosperous, happy land where everyone is diverse because they are all pure aryan white and sequestered in their own nation-states with no cultural exchange because that would be culturally marxist; where social progress and modernity is made because everyone follows sacred ancient traditions and gay people don’t exist because they’re degenerate; where women are equal and respected, because here they are in all equality free to only wear a white wedding dress if they are a virgin, after which they freely express their equality by dedicating themselves to marrying and aryan man while they’re young and living their lives to breed his aryan children and please him in the home, (they are occasionally permitted to leave their sinks and kitchens so that they may chastely frolic in wheatfields in chaste but traditional gowns, which is how you know that they are respected and equal); where all science in all of human history was invented, which is how we know that global climate change is a new world order conspiracy; where freedom of religion reigns, so long as you are christian (the right kind) or evropean paganl where all art, free speech, and free expression is encouraged and permitted, as long as it isn’t degenerate or that terrible meaningless art made after 1910s; where everyone is peaceful because they are ready to righteously curbstomp anybody who tries to introduce degeneracy and bomb to pieces lesser, swarthier countries (see the clause about art and free speech). 

It is this, Genosse, which we must will all our cultural marxist might destroy, because we cannot allow white people and proper morality to flourish and be happy. That is why we, the cultural marxists, have invented things like immigrants, gay people, independent women, labor unions, art that isn’t paintings of generals, people who aren’t white, religions that aren’t christianity or a rip-off of european paganism, meme reaction pics, lack of ethics in video games journalism, interracial relationships and marriages, lesbians who write things, journalism, non-virgins who wear white wedding dresses, using feelings instead of pure Facts and Logic, and academia. It is with these tools that you must destroy white evropean peace and prosperity for the sake of political correctness and causing pain to straight white people.

Godspeed on your quest, Genosse, that we may one day see all aryans bred out and all humankind united in non-aryan degeneracy and feels > reals. 

Yours in the struggle,



May 19th, 1536~ Queen Anne Boleyn was executed for claims of incest, witchcraft, adultery, and conspiracy against the king. Today marks the 478th anniversary of this horrible occurrence, and I cannot help but feel an overwhelming sense of sorrow and grief.  Anne Boleyn was truly a woman ahead of her time.  She was not only a bright and alluring personality to be around, but was also incredibly smart, even with the lack of emphasis on female education at the time, and immensely well versed in anything she decided to become a part of.  She was not only a true believer in the reformations of the Catholic Church (not that I am politically/religiously biased in any way), but was also largely involved in the growth of the charitable act and donations carried out by the nobility at the time.  Queen Anne was truly a a woman to look up to, and still is.  I think looking to her personality and her actions would provide all with invaluable insight regarding their own lives, as she seemed to effortlessly succeed at all she wished to.  I cannot help but wonder how she would have existed if she had been born 478 years later.  Somehow, I think it is obvious that the world would be her bitch, and we would all see a strong and confident soul, instead of the power-hungry whore that her enemies saw.  I know that she will be “Queen in Heaven”, and missed on earth.  Rest in Peace Queen Anne.  

♥ ♥