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Reasons an FP/anyone may not have replied to you yet

I know that a lot of us with BPD- and other disorders such as anxiety, DPD, paranoia etc- can get really worried when those we care about don’t reply- or anyone! We worry they hate us, are angry, are leaving us, are hurt. So, here’s a list of possible reasons why they may not be replying that aren’t those! 

  • They’re asleep. This is kinda subjective to the time they’re in, but this included naps! Sometimes people fall asleep suddenly, or fall asleep before your reply
  • They’re busy. They made need to focus on something, or not be allowed on their phone. Or, they want to save their reply to you for when they can put their full attention on you and give a proper reply
  • They’re unsure how to reply yet. sometimes people need time to think of how to reply, and want to give a proper one
  • They don’t feel like talking to anyone right now. It’s not that they don’t wanna talk to you specifically- they may just be socially drained or want to focus on themselves! 
  • They’re not in a mental place where they can reply to you. This includes perhaps they’re dissociating, or can’t think straight to reply 
  • Their phone is dead. Plain and simple
  • Their wifi dropped. Same again 
  • They’re taking pleasure time. Video games, reading anything. Sometimes people need time to relax- it doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy talking to you, they just wanna fully immerse themselves in their activity.
  • They’re interacting with someone/in a situation where it’s not appropriate to use their phone. Maybe at dinner, church, a lesson, anything
  • They suddenly have to deal with something urgent.
  • They forgot. I know this one is scary/hurts- but it doesn’t mean you’re not important to them! Maybe they saw your message whilst busy, thought they need to reply later, then forgot. Some people also have memory issues that mean they forget to reply to things.
  • They’re not logged into what you talk in. This goes esp for facebook/tumblr
  • They havn’t got your message. This can be for lots of reasons! Bad connection, app is broken, phone is slow, anything like that
some tips for incoming college freshmen, based on the mistakes i made during my first year

✎ don’t get in the habit of skipping class for no reason. really. it might seem harmless (especially if attendance isn’t required) but it will most likely end up affecting you negatively. just go to class.

✎ try to be as organized as possible. organization can’t harm you and there are so many potential benefits to keeping your school and personal life in order.

✎ don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself. honestly, what’s the point if school is only ever miserable. there are so many ways to enjoy your experience at college, so take a break from your studies every once in a while. otherwise, you might find yourself hating school.

✎ that being said, don’t spend too much time socializing and partying. or, at least, don’t choose it over your school work altogether. you don’t want the social aspect of college to overpower the academic aspect. after all, you are most likely paying a lot of money to study there, and ignoring your studies will only harm you. find a balance.

✎ even if your classes don’t start until 2 in the afternoon, wake up at a reasonable time. it might be difficult if you’re used to sleeping in very late, but the morning is the perfect time to get some things done, and sleeping in until 10 minutes before your class does waste a lot of time. plus, you’ll probably do better in class if you didn’t just wake up.

✎ naps are good though! as long as you don’t nap during the whole day, napping is very beneficial.

✎ don’t get too involved in drama with other people. if your friend group becomes draining and exhausting because of drama, recognize that it might be better for you to take a step back.

✎ don’t get caught up in the idea of having the perfect “college experience.” do what you want to do, not what everyone else does or what you believe you’re supposed to do. there are different types of college experiences, and you don’t have to, for example, join a sorority/fraternity, go to parties, get drunk/high, etc. just because you think you’re supposed to as a college student.

✎ try to participate in class. i failed at this miserably because of my fear of talking to people lol, but it is best to be more involved in class discussions if you can. this is especially important when participation is part of your grade.

✎ if you have a roommate, don’t expect to be best friends with them. you can, but it’s not always best. in my experience, it tends to work best if you’re friendly with them, but you also have different groups of people you hang out with. this is based on preference though. 

✎ get off of campus sometimes! depending on where you live, there may be a bunch of things you can do in your town with friends. you don’t want to always feel stuck at your school. that being said, there are probably a lot of things to do on campus too. 

✎ if you have a source of income, try to be reasonable with your spending. you should definitely save some money for emergencies. and the money you do spend should be spent reasonably. this isn’t to say you should never spend money on things that you enjoy, but you definitely should have some sort of budget, or you might find yourself wasting all of your money on 2am trips to denny’s (if you’re me, that is). 

✎ sometimes you may need to be alone. don’t feel bad telling your friends ‘no’ every once in a while. you may find it easiest to work alone, or you might just wanna relax without the pressure of being with other people. that’s okay! find a place on campus where you can be away from everyone sometimes.

edit: i have made a part two of this post which you can find here

:x so I haven’t done watercolour since….middle school. So ignore how shitty it may or may not look. I’m trying to get back into it (I also wish I had a scanner because my camera messed with the colours)

I figured it only makes sense that my first watercolour in forever is string theory fanart cause why wouldn’t it be?

The new chapter honestly made me cry because @crushingonsans is mean to my boys

superbooprr  asked:

Why do you not want people reposting your art? I mean, I get it. People tend to steal and call it theirs. But Ive been wanting to repost some of your art for a long time. Im not trying to sound like Im hating, Im just a bit upset I cant repost even if I credit. I love your art and everything thaf you do Signe, I just wish I could show more people it.

I don’t want it reposted because if you want to repost it then that means I’ve already uploaded it so you could just as well reblog/retweet it directly from the source.
Another reason is that once people see it reposted (for instance on IG) they take that as consent to repost it themselves and thus the credit that, may or may not have been on it, gets lost in a sea of repost with stuff like “credit to whoever made this” on it, which doesn’t help the artist who originally drew it out at all. /:

Warding Masterpost

A Crash Course in Warding by @elvenwitch

“Let Only Good Energy In” Horseshoe Ward Charm by @anothersusurrus

House-Warding Spritz by @seleneblackwell

Simple Tips:

Sleep with your favorite protective crystal under your pillow or your favorite protective herb in your pillowcase

Flip your pillow over to avoid nightmares if they’ve been plaguing you

Do a quick saltwater cleansing of your room by spraying salt water in all of the corners

Burn (non endangered) sage in your home or room for a smoke cleansing

General Warding Herbs and Crystals

Amethyst - nightmares

Alder - the unseen

Ash - the dead

Bay - the lightning

Birch - the evil eye

Blackthorn - the forceful

Carnelian - misfortune

Fire - the wandering

Hawthorn - the cunning

Iron - the fay

Jasper - the trickster

Lobelia - the storm

Magnolia - the unfaithful

Mirror - the spell

Mistletoe - the flame

Rowan - the magician

Silver - the lurking

Salt - the spirit

Snail shell - the witch

A Basic Warding Ritual: Submitted to and full of wonderful info!

The following warding ritual is based on one my high priest teaches our coven. I have used it for several years with excellent results.

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akutare-dreg  asked:

The most serious part of the Devil May Cry series (aside from DMC: DMC) was Devil May Cry 2. There's a reason we don't get as serious as DMC2 anymore.

Honestly, as horrible as DmC was (which, considering how it made DMC2 look good by comparison, was pretty fucking horrible), I still laugh so hard remembering everything about that game.

Like, where do i even begin, because everything about it sounds too ridiculous to be true.

  • Capcom looked at the track record of Ninja Theory - two mediocre action games - and said, “yeah, these are the guys who’ll rejuvenate Devil May Cry”
  • Tameem Antoniades not only directed the game; he also wrote the script, directed the motion capture, and literally redesigned Dante in his own image
  • He was extremely vocal about his dislike of the original franchise, saying shit like “the old Dante would get laughed out of any bar that wasn’t a gay bar in Tokyo”
  • He literally recorded his own farts for use in the game
  • He wanted to put floppy old-lady titties on several enemies until Capcom vetoed it
  • Capcom literally paid various sites to write articles about how DMC fans were just bitter that they changed Dante’s hair color
  • The game itself shat the bed and slowed to a crawl if there were more than four or five enemies on screen, and the combat system was hilariously simplified

And Tameem insisted that this was going to be the game that would “make video game stories be taken seriously as art,” despite the fact that this game contained:

  • a character who made magic spray paint from squirrel semen
  • a “HALF ANGEL, HALF DEMON” backstory played completely straight without a hint of irony
  • Dante and Vergil arguing over who has the bigger dick
  • Vergil wearing a fedora and using a rifle
  • this now-infamous cutscene (and they’re all like this)
  • a cutscene where Vergil straight-up snipes a pregnant woman (Dante later gloats to the villain about this)
  • an ending that’s pretty much “THE POLITICIANS AND WALL STREET WERE DEMONS ALL ALONG,” with all the subtlety of Dismaland

And to top it all off, it didn’t even outsell DMC4 in Japan OR America (which was Capcom’s specific goal with rebooting the franchise). In short, DmC: Devil May Cry is one of the most hilarious and surreal trainwrecks in recent years.

an exo theory

We all know Zhang Yixing was announced to not partake in EXO’s FOURTH ALBUM, THE WAR’s activities, but here’s a theory that’ll keep you awake at night.

As shown on many television broadcasts, we all know that Mr. Zhang is very forgetful. You may be wondering, what does this have to do with an EXO theory? Is this a joke? How is this related?

Here’s a “meme” made from an interview several years back, showcasing Mr. Zhang’s very forgetful personality.

He forgot his age.

But of course, this type of behavior does not fade away with age.

What I’m implying? The only reason why you’re not seeing Mr. Zhang Yixing in your EXO teasers?

He forgot his orb.

You may be thinking, “But Byun Baekhyun doesn’t have an orb, either!”

Which I will retort, saying that Mr. Zhang Yixing lended his “orb”, which was proven ineffective. 

Zhang Yixing’s power is “healing”, which has been said by many fans, to be able to take out life as well. 

This power, the power over life and death, is much too powerful. This is why neither have orbs. Zhang Yixing handed over his orb to Mr. Byun which caused a system crash (Mr. Byun’s orb is missing and he is kept in the dark). Zhang Yixing then went missing because he wasn’t able to participate with the rest of the boys because he didn’t have his power.

Mr. Byun Baekhyun’s power was missing because his orb was missing before Mr. Zhang Yixing lended his over, which caused a system crash.

Zhang Yixing is now promoting separately in China, probably sipping on his tea watching all the trouble unfold. No, he is not the antagonist in this situation. He’s looking for his orb.

“Aye, Lu, can I borrow your orb?”

“What orb?”

“I lost mine.”

“I lost mine to Sehun.”

“Your what?”

“What are we talking about again?”

in all seriousness this isn’t an actual theory and i fucking want my beautiful xiao yang back like gIVE HIM BACK also he was fucking hot in the lucky one mv when he passed out like i’ve never seen a handsomer guy pass out in my computer monitor i have a problem don’t i no i don’t thanks

Here’s My Heart (Part Two)

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: Yes, and taken from this post (thanks again @hands1766)
Genre: Fluffish??
Warnings: Mention of Injuries
A/N: Reader uses female pronouns 

Part One Part Three Part Four

Originally posted by gounderoos

*ignore the caption*

Peter greeted his aunt with a slam of the front door and a yell. “Aunt May! Where are you?!”

She came rushing from the kitchen, a slightly burnt scent following her, with a worried expression on her face. “What’s wrong?” She asked as she looked at Peter up and down, looking for any injuries. “Are you okay?”

“I’m gonna do it,” he said instead of answering her, a growing smile on his face. “I’m finally gonna do it, Aunt May.”

Her face reflected his, an elated expression quickly gracing her face. “Why now?” She asked, but she wasn’t protesting. Not in the least. Peter knew she had been looking forward to this almost as much as he was.

“I know how to do it now,” he said, moving over to the kitchen table and sitting down, plopping his backpack onto the ground with a loud thud. May sat down across from him, taking her dirty apron off and placing it onto the chair next to her.

“Go on,” she said, nodding.

“A mixtape,” Peter said, and he watched as May grew impossibly more excited. “I heard her talking about it at school, and she said she’d love if someone made her a mixtape. So that’s what I’m gonna do!”

Peter’s mind was racing, excited that the time had finally come for him to ask you out, that he forgot the reason he had come into the apartment screaming. 

“Oh!” He exclaimed, scaring May in the process when he jumped in his seat, and even scaring himself. “I don’t know how to make a mixtape.”

May stood from her chair, her laugh echoing through the small apartment as she walked to the kitchen. Peter stared after her, confused, until she came back with a small notebook and a pen. She dropped them onto the table with a dramatic flare, and Peter startled.

“What’s this for?” He asked, taking the notebook and flipping to an empty page. 

May sat down and took the notebook into her own hands, clicking the pen open. “You are going to tell me everything you love about (Y/N), and we’re going to write them all down. And then you can pick your songs based off of them.”

Peter’s eyebrows rose on his forehead, impressed with his aunt’s idea. “Okay,” he said slowly, and May readied the pen over the blank piece of paper, expectantly looking at him.

He stopped suddenly, mind going blank. There were so many things that came to mind that not one stood out by itself, and Peter didn’t know where to start. He looked at May desperately, and she titled her head with a smile.

“There’s so much to love,” Peter sighed, shaking his head. 

May’s smile grew. “Do you have a favorite memory?”

Peter tried to think again, but still, there were so many to choose from. You had been in his life for what seemed like forever now, and he couldn’t think of a time before you were by his side. There were an infinite amount of memories since then.

There was no where to start.

“Peter,” May laughed. “It’s so simple.”

“But it’s not,” Peter stressed, looking his aunt in the eyes. “This is too important to just- to just quickly write some things down on a paper and be done. (Y/N) deserves better than that.”

His aunt looked at him with some kind of admiration, wondering how this boy ended up so- so caring. She smiled, thinking she must’ve done something right along the way. “Do you like her smile?”

Peter stared at her with furrowed eyebrows. “Of course I- what?”

“(Y/N)’s smile,” she said again. “What do you think of when you see her smile?”

May watched as the cogs turned in her nephew’s head, and he tilted his head towards the table. He didn’t take a glance at her as he spoke. “When she smiles at me, I,” he paused to let out a breath, and she thought she saw a slight tilt to his lips. “I feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest. It’s like she’s- she’s only ever smiled at me, like it’s a special smile that is a secret for only us two. It’s the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen in my life.”

May smiled softly, feeling tears well up in her eyes. “What else?” She said quietly. 

She listened as Peter began to ramble. He told her about the way you bit your lip when you were nervous, and how you smiled to yourself whenever you were proud of something you had done. He told her about the way you tended to his injuries whenever a bully (a villain) decided to put a beating on him, and how he could tell you were always holding back tears because you never liked to see him in pain. 

It seemed like they were sitting at the table for hours as he told her everything.

Peter smiled as he thought of all the memories the two of you had made. He even told a few to May. He spoke of the day he was the closest to saying ‘I love you’ than he had ever been before.

“I can’t believe we’re already gonna be juniors,” you had whispered to him as you gently swayed on the swing next to his. You were looking up at the stars that were shining above the park, and Peter pretended to be looking at them too.

But he was looking at you, staring at the admiration on your face. The only light provided for him to see you was the moon and the stars, and although they didn’t help much, he could picture your face perfectly with the rest of his imagination. 

“Yeah, same,” he whispered in return, and you turned from the stars to look at him. His eyes widened slightly, startled by your beauty in the dim light. You were biting your lip, a contemplative look in your eyes that made Peter hold his breath. He wasn’t sure why he wouldn’t dare to breathe, but he thought it was because he didn’t want anything to break this moment of your eyes connecting so intensely. 

“But it’s okay,” you stopped biting your lip to smile, and Peter had to let out a heavy breath at that. “As long as I have you by my side.”

He knew his heart skipped a beat- it had to, with the way he could feel those words affect him. It was his turn to bite his lip, and he tried to keep his eyes from widening, but he couldn’t help it. 

He laughed, a bit hysterically, and he almost let the words slip out at that moment, sitting next to each other on the park’s swing set with the stars shining above you. He wanted to say it, and your bright eyes still looking into his were almost hypnotizing him. 

But he wouldn’t, he couldn’t. Not yet.

“You too,” he said instead, quietly to try not to disturb the moment. But still, as he spoke the words, he wished he had said something else.

“Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had said it that night,” Peter said, looking up from the table to look at his aunt. He stopped speaking and his eyebrows furrowed when he saw the streaks of tears on her cheeks. “May?” He asked, sitting up straighter in his seat. She laughed a little and shook her head, wiping her cheeks with her hands.

“I’m fine, Peter,” she said, still laughing, but he thought he could see some sadness on her face. He sighed, quiet enough for her to not hear, and looked back down at the table. He never knew what to say when she was like this, when he could tell she was missing his uncle more than ever.

She cleared her throat, and he heard her write a few more things down in the notebook before closing it. He lifted his head as she slid it over to him. She smiled, and he thought it looked more genuine this time. “And now you pick your songs.”

Peter let out a breath, his eyes widening as he stared down at the notebook.

This was it.

Here’s part two, and I was gonna end it here, but part three anyone? Let me know what you think, and if you would like another part :) Requests are open!!


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Tease (Derek Hale x Reader)

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader
Request: Yes, by @g0back2bed

Warnings: smutttttttttttttttttttttttt, curse words probably
Word Count: 1,087


(I meaaaaaan look at himmmmm hes gonna kill me hes so hot ily baby marry me pls)

The buzzing coming from the front pocket of my pants would not stop. I knew what it was, my sexually frustrated girlfriend I had left at home was sending me messages non stop.

I had an important meeting to attend and I couldn’t pay attention with her constant bothering.

I looked around the room full of men who kept talking and talking, when I noticed none of them we’re looking at me I grabbed my phone and unlocked it; only to see several text messages from Y/N. I smiled a little, that girl never stopped until she got what she wanted.

Hey, when are you coming home?
I miss you, get here soon
Did you see where I left my panties from last night?
Derek come on, where did you put them
I’m getting cold down there.

I chuckled and quickly typed a reply

I may or may not have them here with me in my suit pocket.

You little bitch, I found them.
How did they get to the chandelier?

Can you please stop? You made me laugh and now my “business buddies” think I’m crazy

You know, you should be nicer to me, after all I am the reason you’re in a good mood every morning, and every night ;)

And I am the reason we’re not living under a bridge, so please let me work.

I finally locked my phone and placed it on the table, a good five minutes passed before it started buzzing again. Now, I had caught everyone’s attention and they all looked at me with piercing eyes. I cleared my throat before speaking.

“I’m sorry, it’s my doctor. I have an appointment later” it was the best excuse I could come up with, everyone waited for a second and remained silent. Then one of them nodded and the guy that was previously speaking continued talking.

When are you cumming home?? :(
I’m lonely and horny. That’s not a good combination
I know you hate it when I use a vibrator
But my pussy’s so wet
I remembered what we did last night, I’m pretty sure someone heard me
I mean who fucks their girlfriend on the rooftop of his company building?
Then we got home, and you couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom. You fucked me against the front door.
And in the kitchen counter. Then in the hallways, and finally our bed.
I’m getting so wet just by remembering
You want to know what I’m doing?

By this point, the meeting was long forgotten and I had a growing bulge inside my pants. I started typing a message but a voice caught my attention.

“Mr. Hale?” I looked up from my phone to meet several eyes looking at me.

“I’m sorry, could you repeat that please?” I said trying to focus on what they were saying. After the guy finished his speech I gave a quick answer to his question and the meeting continued. I turned my attention to my phone again.

What are you doing?

Didn’t you have an “important meeting?

Shut up and tell me what you’re doing

I’m touching my pussy.
And I picture your fingers going in and out of me instead of mine
Wanna see?


Y/N has sent a picture
It’s very wet, you should be here
I just grabbed my vibrator
It’s on and it feels so good
I can’t wait until you get home and fuck me into oblivion
I want your cock inside of me. Filling me and stretching my tight little pussy

You want that?
You want my hard cock inside your pussy?
You want me to eat you out and put my fingers inside your pussy?


Tell me more. What else do you want?

I want your tongue


God my ass wants attention too

Show me

Y/N has sent a picture

Put your middle and index fingers inside your pussy and show me

Y/N has sent a picture
It feels so good, I can’t stop

Don’t stop, are you cuming?

I’m almost there
I want your cock inside my ass
And your tongue on my nipples
And your fingers in my pussy, playing with my clit
God, I want you.

Keep doing that. Keep touching yourself and think it’s me. I’m on my way

By this point I didn’t care about the stupid meeting, I had other priorities. I stood up from my chair and again, all eyes were on me.

“Is everything okay, Mr. Hale?” one man asked.

“Yes. I have to go, I have a hot girlfriend waiting for me at home” I smiled and walked out of the meeting room straight to the elevator. Once I got down to the garage I walked to my car and started the engine. The drive home was fast, since I was in such a hurry to get there. I took several shortcuts to avoid traffic and luckily I got home in under ten minutes.

When I stepped inside the house there wasn’t a single sound. I went to my bedroom and found it empty. The bed sheets were messy, and Y/N’s panties were laying on the ground, then I heard a soft moan coming from the bathroom. I took off my coat and threw it somewhere in the room.

I opened the door slowly, careful not to make a sound, 

Y/N was in the shower, water falling from the shower head to her beautiful naked body. Her back was resting against the wall, her eyes closed and head tilted upwards; bottom lip between her teeth. Hands playing with herself.

I started taking off my clothes, but my eyes never left her body. I was being extra careful, I didn’t want to be caught. Once I stripped myself, I took my hard shift and pumped it a few times. I opened the crystal door and walked into the shower. Y/N’s back was facing me, so I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her towards me. My hands traveling down to her pussy to continue what she had started.

“I didn’t think you’d actually come” she said resting her back against my chest.

“I had to come, I couldn’t leave you all hot, horny and lonely.” I said moving one of my fingers and sliding it into her pussy. “Now, let’s make some new memories for you to remember while I’m gone”

Guys, please.

Let’s not be delusional with crazy theories and stuff. I’ve been in the EXO fandom enough to know they’re just a way to suffer even more. The first day of his ig account I could be persuaded to think it was a stunt, but now it’s clear it isn’t.

Hansol has an IG and his sister unfollowed SMrookies and NCT accounts not related to Hansol. Plus reliable accounts said that there will be no member additions. 

The fact he’s posting at the same time as the teaser only worries me more because it may mean he’s bitter about it.

He’s got a “normal” haircut and hair color in his ig photos, which he wouldn’t have if he was debuting.

His fansites are closing and others are posting that they’ll continue to follow him whatever road he takes.

He left. Let’s accept this and support both him and the boys who are working hard for their comeback.

It seems to be quite of a recent decision (considering Jaehyun mentioned him recently and he was seen with NCT managers up to March) and whatever is the reason behind it, I hope he’s well and happy. 

I hope to see him again, if debuting as an idol is still his dream. 

Also, not to sound too cynical, but we should get used to members leaving. Watching Hansol go breaks my heart because he didn’t get a chance to debut after so many years of training- and promotion as an SMrookie-, but the NCT system is made to be flexible and continously changing. 

Some units are fated to promote less and members may decide to leave. 

International members may want to go back home and have a career in their homeland. 

Or simply members will age and decide they don’t want to be in NCT anymore. 

All we can do is respect their decision. 

And most of all, let’s focus on NCT 127 comeback, let’s make sure it’s a success. Let’s not delude ourselves about it and, most of all, let’s not repeatedly ask Hansol the reasons why he left or complain about it. 

I’m sure it was not an easy decision and it will be up to him when to speak about it. 

I wouldn’t expect a SM official statement, it won’t come before NCT has finished their promotional cycle, since the announcement may negatively affect their comeback.


As someone who specializes in jackass characters (i.e. evil, bad, morally corrupt, etc.) I’ve been meaning to make this guide for all my fellow roleplayers trying their hand at harvesting their evil seedlings. I hope you enjoy my guide and it helps you. If it doesn’t, though, at least you laughed due to my hilarious commentary.

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Acceptance, Not Rejection

     I may be a Catholic but I support and accept the LGBT community. Many may believe that being a Catholic means being homophobic or going against people who aren’t straight because it states in the Bible that God created man and woman in His image. Yes, it is correct that God created man and woman, but it is wrong to assume that all Catholics are homophobic because of this reason. Homophobia doesn’t come from being Catholic; homophobia comes from cultural conservatism. Nobody is born homophobic. It’s not a matter of religion; it’s a matter of societal orientation and expectation.

     I have gay and pansexual friends and they’re very kind, loving, and smart people; we probably all have a friend who’s not straight yet we love so much from the bottom of our hearts. They are the reasons why I choose to not ignore this issue even if I myself am straight.

    Being an internet girl has made me learn so many things outside of school, including the beautiful concept that is Feminism. This concept has made me learn so much and has lead me to become one myself. I may lack knowledge on certain things other long-term feminists know very much about, but I have the heart and the willingness to learn and to grow as one, so that I may change my wrong viewpoints and influence people to do the same.

    Feminist accounts I follow online have influenced me to stop using certain words as a joke like gay and crazy. They’ve also thought me that people who dictate beauty standards are often people who body shame and are racist. There are so much more but it would take me too long to name all of these things. However, above all of these things, they have influenced me to speak up for those who may not be able to: LGBT in particular for this piece.

    Yes, some of them are accepted by their families and friends and can freely strut around with people knowing that they’re not straight, but it’s undeniable that most still suffer from the consequences of homophobia. According to some researches compiled by Fenway Health, 8 out of 10 LGBT students have been verbally harassed at school and 80% of transgender students reported feeling unsafe at school.

   Last June 24, just this year, a Pride Parade was held in Marikina here in the Philippines. Although homosexuality is still not fully accepted yet here in the Philippines, this is still a good sign and a good beginning.

    On the 28th of July 2013, uttered his famous words “If someone is gay and searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” On the 30th of September 2013, Pope Francis himself said that God doesn’t condemn LGBT individuals. In 2014, Brazilian Cardinal Cláudio Hummes said that he didn’t know if Jesus would oppose to same sex marriage.

    The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops says that the Church teaches that homosexuals should be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity and that those who minister in the name of the Church should in no way contribute to the hatred and violence given to homosexuals.

    Ergo, being a Catholic is never an excuse or a reason to mistreat members of the LGBT community in any way. Just like us, they are also people and they deserve to be treated with respect since they’re human too. Some Catholics may be homophobic but their opinion does not represent their entire Church, as much as my opinion does not represent them. All I’m trying to say is, someone’s preferred gender does not equate to their value as people and must be given the same opportunities that heterosexuals have. They should not be assaulted whether verbally or physically, just because they chose to be truthful to themselves.

    They still have human dignity and they are still created by God just like us. If you’re one of the people who have hurt homosexuals for being such, ask yourself the following questions: Will God be pleased with what I’m doing? Does this give me more value than them? Are my actions justified because of my beliefs, or am I just being insensitive? If I’m citing from the Bible, am I sure that my interpretations are correct?

Top 10 Sweetest John Moments With Cynthia (Part 6: Honorable Mentions)

Hi everyone! So before I get to my number 1 choice on this countdown, I wanted to highlight a few honorable mentions. These are in no particular order, but simply a few moments that I thought were worth a quick mention. Hopefully by tomorrow morning, the final part of the countdown will be posted up. Until then, here we go!

Honorable Mentions:

1. Lingerie Dancing:

This was originally going to be on the list, but I ended up swapping it for another moment instead. Cynthia mentions in her book that John loved shopping and buying clothes for her. He particularly fancied lingerie and would buy countless of them for her to try on. Some of these things were far too extravagant to actually wear, but were mainly for look. They would have modeling sessions at home and Cynthia would strut around wearing one of the lingerie’s John bought her. After a few laughs, John would get up and ask flirtatiously “shall we dance”. And they dance…but not for long (Teehee!).

2. Amor en España (Love in Spain) :

In 1966, John was working on the set of Richard Lester’s dark comedy, “How I One the War”. Cynthia went to meet up with him. He was covered in dirt and she LOVED his new haircut. And then……..aaaaahhhh, I’ll just let her explain:

“When the tour ended, he went to Spain to shoot this movie, and I met him two weeks later, in October 1966. It was one of the most beautiful moments as a couple. He was in the desert, stuck in the car. He opened the window and called me over. We made love right there.” -Cynthia Lennon

Look guys, I already posted 2 moments that included them and their love making. This is a great story, but it leans more towards horny than sweet (LOL!!!!) With that said, it’s always nice to hear about John’s playful side with Cynthia (*wink wink*).

3. Dancing Cheek to Cheek:

One of the BIGGEST crimes in internet history is the lack of ANY pictures of John and Cynthia kissing. Seriously, it too much to ask for just one picture? Just one?!?! But I digress, there is one that comes close, although admittedly still not completely satisfying. It was taken in 1965, while the couple was on holiday in France. It’s a picture of them slow-dancing, wrapped in a tight embrace. It’s a very cute picture, and I like that you can see the intimacy between the two. I just wish we could see their faces better, ESPECIALLY JOHN’S. It’s one of the few times I wished he hadn’t worn a hat (beggars can’t be choosers I suppose).

4. Special John-and-Cyn Times:

Cynthia describes that during the days in which John wasn’t touring and she could relax from housework, they would share intimate moments (and no, not “those” kinds of intimate moments…specifically). In her book, she says:

“After weeks apart, me running the household, John traveling and performing, it was wonderful to be close again and to shut out the world. That was when we shared our most affectionate moments. We’d exchange roses or loving notes, and cuddle up together in front of the TV. We called these special John-and-Cyn times, and they were oases of loving peace in the madness of our world. I treasured them.”

Cynthia’s description of those times are kept mostly private, but explained with enough detail to appreciate what they meant to her. I guess personally I would have liked to have heard more, but oh well. I’m just happy she had those happy memories to go back too every now an then.

    5. The Question:

    In 1974, Cynthia and Julian went to see John in America, so that father and son could finally get some bonding time. This trip would be the last time Cynthia would see John face to face. For most of the trip he kept his distance and barely said a word to her. However, just before Cynthia and Julian were to leave, a friend of theirs from the old days (Mal) was holding a party at his home, and invited them there. The atmosphere and overall enjoyment of the party helped John to relax, and finally talk to Cynthia. They mostly talked about Julian, and about old friends from Liverpool. But what really stands out about this conversation is what he asked her towards the beginning. He asked how Roberto was doing (the name of the man Cynthia married a few years after her divorce with John), and she told him that they had parted. He tells he’s sorry…and then he asks her something that I think is very telling…

    ”Are you ok?”

    This moment was during the Lost Weekend, so John at this time was in a relationship with May Pang. Unlike Yoko, who seemed to have a problem with John seeing his son, May encouraged John to bond with Julian. She also didn’t seem to mind him being friends with Cynthia. John of course was a complex individual and I think that while he could love people, he totally was bad a handling tough situations. I think that’s the main reason his divorce with Cynthia was so hard, because he didn’t know how to deal with it. I always felt that even during the ugliness of their divorce, John still loved Cynthia, but I think the drugs definitely detached him from her and made him forget how important she was to him. And when he met Yoko, that deepen the gap between the two of them even more. By 1974, he had pretty much cemented himself in a new life that didn’t include Cynthia. But while his distance can be read from many angles (all of which are valid), I think it partially has to do with lingering feelings.

    As mush as John would like people to believe it, he wasn’t really as mean or as tough as he let on. He had a heart and conscience. And even though he had fallen for May Pang, he still cared for Cynthia…why do I say that? Well, because it’s easy to tell someone your sorry and then quickly change the subject. But the fact that he asked her how she was doing was in a way, a sign that he was truly concerned for her well-being. He didn’t need to ask, but he did. I think he unintentionally let his guard down a bit too much and placed himself in a position in which, depending on her response, he would most likely feel the need to help in anyway he could. Of course we know that she said she was fine, and that was the end of that. But it just goes to show that John’s feelings for Cynthia hadn’t completely eradicated. Deep down, he wanted her to be happy, and have a good life.

    And you may be saying “but getyouhoylake, don’t you think you’re reading a little too into that question”……….eeeeehhhhhh maybe???? I’m an English major, so it’s in my DNA to over-analyze stuff. LOL! But I honestly do believe that John did care, or else he wouldn’t have asked in the first place. Not only that, but consider this, and this is completely hypothetical….let’s imagine that at some point during their visit to America, Cynthia ended up locked in a room with John….it’s just the two of them….everyone else…May, Julian, Mal…they are nowhere in sight. It’s just them two, locked in a room for hours…..what do you think would have happened during that time of privacy??? I’m telling you people, first love is a powerful thing! And feelings like that don’t just go away forever!!

    (Note: Above picture was taken by May Pang (I think). It’s the last picture of the little family together…)

    Stay tune for tomorrows final post of this countdown!

    anonymous asked:

    How do I tell my parents that I was raped when I was 13 years old?

    I am so sorry that happened to you darling. You truly do not deserve that. Opening up about trauma is extremely difficult. It takes a lot of courage, but you are capable and it can help tremendously with your healing process. There is no right or wrong way to do this, but giving yourself some prep time might be a good idea. I want you to remember a few things. You don’t have to open up to anyone unless you want to or feel ‘ready’ to, and it’s always up to you to decide how much you’re comfortable sharing.

    One of the first things you may want to do is try to predict your parents reactions. When I opened up years ago to my mother about one of my rapes, she was very understanding but emotional which was expected. I made the decision not to tell my father for my own reasons, and to this day I am happy with my choice.

    Some people may ask questions that cross your personal boundaries, and unfortunately they may even be downright offensive. Some people will react with anger, but it’s important to know that it is NOT your fault. You have done nothing wrong, and you’re strong as hell for fighting all of this time.

    Think about what you want to say, and know that it’s always an option for you to write a letter to your parents as opposed to sitting down and speaking with them face to face. Be as honest as possible without crossing your own personal boundaries. “This is really hard for me to talk about, but I trust you.”

    Finding the words on the spot can be nearly impossible. Some people write, some people practice speaking to a mirror, and recently I found a new technique where people talk openly about their trauma to their pets. It’s actually a really great way to build confidence with someone you actually trust without any judgement.

    It’s also very common to experience dissociating while speaking about trauma. Even if everything goes really well, be ready for some self care after your talk. You’re taking a huge step and you deserve to relax and enjoy your progress.

    Consider getting extra help outside of home in the future. The more I see my therapist, the more confident I am to openly speak about my traumas. I’ll always vouch for therapy being an amazing recovery tool, but the reality is it’s not always an option for everyone so I’ll add some useful links below. You can never have too much support, so keep reaching out darling.

    Apps, Tips, and Resources
    Recommended Recovery Books
    Kati Morton on Youtube
    81 Resources When You Can’t Afford a Therapist
    What To Do When You Can’t Afford Therapy
    Coping With Traumaversaries

    Good luck sweetheart, you are never alone in this.💕

    regarding my absence from this blog & my personal account

    So, some of you may have noticed my sudden disappearance. I wasn’t going to make a post about it for various reasons, but now that my friend Kat (@but-call-me-kat) has come forward with her story I thought I may as well confront it.

    If you haven’t heard, my friend Kat was involved in a rather horrific situation in which someone used her personal details to make a blog filled with bestiality images in an attempt to take advantage of the way people on tumblr report such things, to ruin Kat’s reputation. You can read her posts about it here: x, x, x (last link is a brief summary). I made a post about it a while ago, here: x, without naming Kat.

    Anyway. I have also interacted with the person who made the blog, over five years ago. A couple of months ago, Kat informed me that said person had posted my full name and University on their blog, with accusations that I have been repeatedly visiting their blog. This came absolutely out of nowhere to me – the last thing that came close to me interacting with this person or their blog was when I made the post about Kat months before.

    I have never posted my full name on tumblr. To get it, they must have had to search. I reported the posts to tumblr, but they weren’t removed and I received no response regarding it. Since then, the user has made a vague threat aimed at me. Because of what happened to Kat, I contacted the police, and my University, as well as informing my employer that this individual is targeting me after stealing the identity of one of my friends. Thankfully, everyone I know is understanding. If this person tries anything like they did with Kat, at least it would be easier to resolve.

    But anyway, because of all this, and because of some unusual statcounter activity (someone went through by blog searching for references to ‘self harm’ and ‘homophobia’, for instance; it may have not been the same person but nonetheless freaked me out) I deleted most of the posts I made before this year on my personal blog and have taken a break from this tumblr.

    Sorry if I have missed any messages from you guys, I miss you all. But while this is ongoing I do not want to make personal posts where the individual concerned will see them. I have a huge queue lined up so you won’t be short of tips.

    Anyway, things to take from this whole, awful situation:

    - Be careful of what you post online;

    - If you come across a blog with illegal content under someone’s apparent real name, think critically – would someone be posting these things under their real name, especially if they have a wider online presence where these views are not present?

    - and although often well-meaning, teenagers on tumblr are generally completely unequipped to deal with cybercrime, and call-out blogs can be massively harmful because of this.

    Thanks for reading. Please share Kat’s posts and make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.