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mercury aspects and learning

The planets that aspect mercury in your natal chart influence how you process and absorb information

The type of aspect determines whether a learning style makes life easier or harder for you. 

For example, a mercury-lilith trine means lilith’s influence helps you learn faster. A square between the two bodies indicates that, although intuition is how you learn best, it is hard to access, leaving you struggling until you clear the block.

Another example- mercury-pluto trine: your obsession yields epiphanies/results; mercury-pluto square: your obsessions are your detriment and often lead no where.

With time and development, any mercury aspect can pave the way to accessing and channeling your inner genius.

mercury conjunct sun: the conjunction is the only possible aspect between mercury and the sun. This might mean your ego plays a role in how you learn. You may easily retain information that specifically applies to you, and take pride in your intelligence. This position can indicate intellectual arrogance.

mercury aspect moon: You are an emotional/intuitive learner. You remember things that elicit an emotional response, or have sentimental value. You may be inconsistent in how you absorb information, communicating everything with ease one day and unable to form a coherent thought the next. Your mental energy comes and goes in cycles.

mercury aspect venus: You may be an auditory learner with some musical talent. You might retain information better if it’s in the form of a song. You learn better by taking notes in different colors, in a calm, beautiful environment. Venus brings ease, beauty, and effortless talent to everything it touches. making this an indicator of a sharp, blessed mind.

mercury aspect mars: You learn by doing. You learn through intense, obsessive, single-minded focus. If a subject excites you or rouses your passion, you will lose yourself in it until it bores you, or until you feel you’ve mastered it. You think, speak, and act impulsively- and might get in trouble for your words.

mercury aspect jupiter: You learn the big picture. You prefer lofty theories and ideals to details and hard facts. You like making generalizations and obscure connections between topics. Jupiter “expands” everything it touches, so this is another indicator of intelligence. Check out the very first post on this blog for the possible implications of mercury aspect (esp. conjunct) jupiter (link). Basically, you might be able to channel information from the universe, if developed.

mercury aspect saturn: You learn slowly. You process information thoroughly, and take time to respond or form conclusions. You might have insecurities about your intelligence, or feel like there’s something “blocking” your mind. You may become a faster learner in later years, and retain mental acuity well into old age.

mercury aspect uranus: You are an independent learner. You don’t like school or learning from teachers. You hate traditional methods. You learn what you feel like learning and come to your own conclusions. You may be prone to sudden epiphanies and flashes of genius. This is another indicator of intelligence. 

mercury aspect neptune: You are an intuitive learner. You like to “feel” the right answer, but can’t explain how you came up with it. You might have gotten in trouble for not showing your work. Like jupiter, neptune helps create a channel for spiritual/universal information. However, neptune either “dissolves” or “elevates” what it touches- making this position a possible blessing or curse.

mercury aspect pluto: You are an obsessive learner. You gain deeper insights into a small number of subjects by thinking about them over and over, for prolonged periods of time. You learn by asking hard questions and not stopping until you get answers. You are excellent at things that interest you, and completely apathetic to things you consider boring. Mercury-pluto people can see things with frightening clarity or be blinded by their emotions and paranoia. Like neptune, this can be extremely good or extremely bad.

mercury aspect lilith: You are wildly creative, unconventional, stubborn, and intuitive. You learn best by allowing your subconscious to guide you. Your mind has a mind of its own, presenting you with unusual, brilliant ideas, but preventing you from grasping numbers and hard concepts. Your difficulty with learning some things (along with supernatural mastery of others) could make you feel alienated from the world. You may have a gift for understanding the mystical/occult, at the expense of being unable to grasp solid, practical subjects.


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 516

Warnings: Mild angst

A/N: Because I’m currently obsessed with The Maine’s new album Lovely Little Lonely, I may or may not be writing drabbles based on their songs. This one in particular based on the song Taxi. Hope you guys like it. 

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“Is the sadness everlasting?”

Looking out the window, the taxi drove through the city streets as the radio played softly through the speakers. You bit your lip and blinked the tears away that threatened to fall, waiting for an answer from your friend.

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Annnnnd, we’re back, folks.

Don’t forget about IwaOi Week, it’s getting closer and closer. Which day are you most excited for? Admin Oikawa has been working on a fic that he says he “can’t show” me, but I’m pretty sure that the one he’s most excited for is May 6th, because that freak is *obsessed* with fairy tales. I think my favorite is going to be May 2nd. I freaking love unrequited love stuff, because I love suffering. 

But, hey, what are you most excited for? Let us know! 

The prompts are: 

MAY 1st: Immortality/College
MAY 2nd: Unrequited/Firsts
MAY 3rd: Charm/Song-Inspired
MAY 4th: Holidays/Paranoia
MAY 5th: Free day/Miscommunication
MAY 6th: Fairy Tale/Anomaly
MAY 7th: Goodbyes/Hellos

-Admin Iwaizumi 

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Please link some nice Ziam fics ♡. Thank you!

here you go my love, some cute ones i’ve read lately :) remember to read the tags before reading just in case, and don’t forget to leave kudos and comments!!! enjoy!!!!!

Heart of Stone, Life of Fire by SoftlyandSwiftly | WIP |  Words: 63.4k+ | Chapters: 6/?

A war with the city of Banshia and its conquering King threatens all of the Cities on the continent of Kiza. Young Zayn Malik finds himself hopelessly entangled in the web of the war, his future rewritten in the span of a morning as allies and enemies shift. Traded for the promise of an ally, Zayn finds himself among the warrior tribes of the Nakizi people, where he must carve out his own place and take his fate into his own hands.  // 

When Pigs Fly by foxandbee |  Words: 6.2k+

Puppy-Boy seems slightly dazed when he drags his eyes back up from Zayn’s lips, a distinctly rosy flush dusting his cheeks, and Zayn worries that maybe he’s suffering from lack of oxygen. And wouldn’t that just be the cherry on top of the shit sundae that was his week? Zayn can see the headlines now, Misanthropic Student kills innocent Puppy-Human in broad daylight over Wonton Soup.

Zayn is tired and he never smiles and then he finds what he didn’t know he was looking for right when he least expects it. // 

Wisdom Teeth by Bippityboppityboobear |  Words: 3.8k

Liam gets his wisdom teeth pulled and while loopy from the drugs says some interesting things about his best friend, Zayn. // 

say it out loud by ieatravioli | Words: 25.1k+

Liam has a younger sister who is deaf and he meets Zayn; an alumni from his sister’s school. Zayn has just found out that he’s qualified to receive a Cochlear implant and decides to go through with the procedure. //

Can’t Help Falling in Love with You by eternallyunleashed | WIP |  Words: 100.1k+ | Chapters: 7/?

In the 18 years he’s been alive Zayn has learnt to deal with the insane amounts of anxiety and stress that life threw his way. It was always easy to stay back and pretend he was invisible. After agreeing to Harry’s idea of an internship he realizes all his hopes of maintaining a quiet simple life as he works towards Med-school get tossed out the window. Liam Payne enters his life. Zayn can’t put a name to all the whirlwind of emotions that threaten to rip his body apart by just being near Liam, but he is certain of one thing. The mere thought or sight of Liam makes him lose the ability to breathe.

For Liam his goal is pretty simple. Ever since he laid eyes on Zayn, who looks like sin in human form with eyes that threaten to rip a man’s heart out, he knew he had to have the boy. He needs him more than he’s wanted anything in his entire life. Otherwise his red hot desire for the boy might just take him to his death. // 

Nothin Lasts Forever When You Travel Time by goddess_julie | Words: 10.1k+

“I’m too tired for this Zee. Some of us work hard…” Liam stops and wipes his forehead angrily. “I just wanted to come home, have some dinner and go to bed. Not come home and take care of shit you should have already taken care of. I don’t want to deal with this tonight.”

“Then you shouldn’t have fucking started something,” Zayn says, finally raising his voice. “You’ve been tired and stressed for weeks now Liam. And you’ve been taking it out on me. It’s not fair.”

Liam throws the sponge he’s been cleaning with across the room. It hits the wall with a splat and falls to the floor. “Fine. I’m a monster. Fine, I’m an asshole. Maybe you should just find somewhere else to be tonight Zee. Maybe you should leave.”

Or. Liam and Zayn fight. Layla puts herself in the middle and makes a choice no one saw coming. This is the biggest fight they’ve had in the four years they’ve been together. //

Young Gods by abovetheserpentine | Words: 30.5k+

This is Liam’s first Grand Slam. He’s eighteen, he’s a wildcard, and he has a thirst to prove himself even if he can’t quite believe he’s in Australia. Backed by world famous coach Louis Tomlinson, Liam feels like his chances are pretty good.

Then he remembers that twenty-two year old Zayn Malik is back from injury to be a part of the tournament. Suddenly, Liam’s odds don’t seem so good anymore. //

a perpetual feeling by aubadezayn | Words: 5.5k+

“soulmate au where people have half a tattoo and when you meet your soulmate it’s completed”

zayn’s worried his soulmark tattoo might never have a second half, but everything works out perfectly when he decides to go on the X Factor for the experience. //

I can’t help but loving you by becharlatan | Words: 25k+

“I have a better plan,” Zayn says, looking at Liam even if there’s a cloth blocking his sight. “If I find you in less than a minute, you’re going to marry me. And I’ll take care of you. Forever.”  //

through the fire and into the flames by zipplekink | Words: 111k | Chapters: 13

“I can’t,” Liam shutters out, eyes falling to where he hovers his hand between them. Zayn gasps slightly, latching his eyes onto the flames that lick up and down Liam’s fingers. “What if I hurt you?”

“You won’t,” Zayn assures him.

[Or the one where Liam can manipulate and Zayn can turn invisible, and they are both trying to figure out how to control their powers and their feelings. Featuring Telekinetic Niall, Harry talking to bunny rabbits and oak trees, telepathic Ned and weather controlling Griff.] //

we’re slow dancing in a burning room by englandziam | Words: 3.4k+

He can’t stop thinking of Liam, of a soft smile and crinkly eyes. Calloused fingers threading through Zayn’s as they kiss, because it’s their three year anniversary —at least it should be, if they hadn’t of broken up three months ago. //

Starving by happily_missy | Words: 5.7k+ | Chapters: 2

Liam spots Zayn at a club and their connection is immediate.

The title is from the song Starving by Hailee Steinfield //

I Can Be What You’re Craving by Stylinsonvodka | Words: 3.1k+

The one where Liam has pink hair and a ring through his nose and Zayn isn’t allowed to see him, exactly. //

Over Five Months by ZaynCentric | Words: 2.6k+

au fic where liam is the popstar and zayn is his uni boyfriend who likes to embarras him when he comes off tour by waiting with all the other fangirls with homemade signs //

say yeah (yeah!) let’s be alone together by pcwhy | Words: 5.8k+

Liam may or may not be obsessed with the singer he keeps running into without even asking for it  //

It’s You by happily_missy | WIP | Words: 32.2k+ | Chapters: 5/?

Liam is a PA for a famous fashion designer and Zayn is their gorgeous new model.

or the one where Liam is in control of everything except for the fact that he keeps getting hard around Zayn and Zayn refuses to admit that yes he wants Liam to push him up against a wall.

So lately I became totally obsessed with ths song that I cannot spend a single minute without humming the tune. And I start getting really emotional when hearing it that I start crying so hard. Maybe because I heard that it’s the last composition done by Kurt Cobain?
I really don’t know.
Anyway, this is just beautiful. I could never describe my feelings everytime I listen to this song.


If I may
If I might
lay me down weeping

If I say
What it’s like
I might be dreaming

If I may
What is right
Summer time, see me heal

Those years in his blond head
The phrase from his pocket
Chains from the knowing lifelong dream

Do re mi
Don’t rape me
Do re mi
Don’t Rape me

If I may
If I might
wake me up, see me

If I do
If I like
Find me out, to see me

If I’m made
Cold as ice
I may have to see me heal

Raised in his own care
erased from his women
And chains from his socket I will need

Re mi
Re mi
Do re mi
Don’t rape me
Do re mi
Don’t rape me

wish me good
Wish me life
Find me out of season

In their way
Just be quiet
Follow pain and breed me

Yell r well
And if I sigh
Stake me out the TV

If I may
And if I might
Got a gun to bleed me

Raised in his pocket
erased from this moment
And chains from his owner in my tea

Re Mi
Re Mi
Re Mi
cremate me
Do re mi
Don’t rape me
Do re mi

Possible Traits of Aspergers in Females

Original post, by he-fucked-a-tiger, can be found here. A few people found it difficult to read, so I sorted the traits into categories!

Patterns and Details

  • Tends to analyze everything constantly
  • Often has slower reaction times due to need for mental processing.
  • May obsessively collect, organize, count, categorize, or rearrange objects.
  • May find math and numbers easier to deal with due to logic and lack of objective answers.
  • May notice patterns frequently.
  • May be fascinated by words or song lyrics.
  • Tends to best remember/learn things in visual pictures (visual thinkers).
  • May have a remarkable memory for certain details, i.e., may find it surprisingly easy to remembers exact details about someone’s life.


  • Often straightforward and practical in nature.
  • Tend to say what they mean. Are often brutally honest, coming off as rude when they do not mean to be.
  • Sense of humor sometimes seems quirky, odd, or different from others.
  • Often speaks frankly and literally.
  • Certain kinds of humor, such as sarcasm and metaphors, may be difficult to understand.


  • Often gets lost in own thoughts and zones out (may display a blank stare)
  • May appear naive or innocent (despite not being so)
  • Finds comfort in escaping through imagination, fantasy, and daydreaming.
  • May have had imaginary friends as a child.
  • Escapism frequently used to relax or avoid overwhelming situations.


  • Prone to honesty, has difficulty lying
  • May struggle to understand manipulation, disloyalty, vindictive behavior and retaliation.
  • May be gullible and easily taken advantage of, misled, or conned.
  • May try to help, offer unsolicited advice, or formalize plans of action.
  • Can be confused when others ostracize, shun, belittle, trick, and betray.
  • May frequently second-guess oneself and ask a lot of questions before engaging a task or situation

Emotional Understanding

  • The emotions of oneself and others may seem confusing, illogical, and unpredictable.
  • Expects that by acting a certain way certain results can be achieved, but realizes in dealing with emotions, those results don’t always manifest.
  • Often has trouble identifying feelings in others unless they are extreme.
  • Trouble with the emotions of hate and dislike.
  • May have feelings of pity for someone who has persecuted/hurt her.
  • Situations and conversations sometimes perceived as black or white.
  • The middle spectrum of outcomes, events, and emotions is sometimes overlooked or misunderstood. (All or nothing mentality).

Socializing - General

  • May have feelings of confusion and isolation in relation to others
  • May observe and question the actions and behaviors of self and others continually.
  • Trained self in social interactions through readings and studying of other people.
  • Visualizes and practices how she will act around others and before entering various social situations.
  • Has a continuous dialogue in mind that tells her what to say and how to act when in a social situations.
  • May frequently reject or question social norms.

Socializing - Conversation and Communication

  • May use various noises to express herself rather than using words.
  • May have little impulse control when speaking
  • May accidently dominate conversation at times.
  • Often relates discussion back to self (sharing as a means of reaching out)
  • May feels as if she is attempting to communicate “correctly.”
  • Often struggles with and is confused by the unwritten social rules of accurate eye contact, tone of voice, proximity of body, stance, and posture in conversation.
  • Eye contact often takes extreme focus, which may lead an individual’s eye contact to be darting and insufficient, or over-the-top staring/glaring.
  • May have difficulty regulating voice volume to different situations. Is frequently observed as being either too loud or too quiet.
  • Conversation, specifically small talk, can be exhausting.
  • May have trouble focusing on/engaging in conversation that is not centered on one’s primary interests.
  • May have difficulty with back-and-forth conversation
  • As a child, it may have been hard to know when it was her turn to talk, may still be true as an adult.
  • Often finds the norms of conversation confusing.
  • May feel misunderstood and tend to over-explain/ramble in an attempt to compensate for possible miscommunication.


  • Often holds fixations, obsessions, and extreme interest in specific topics.
  • May have a tendency to over-share with friends and sometimes strangers
  • Often sounds eager or over-zealous at times.


  • Frequently imitates (takes social cues from) people on television or in movies.
  • Often highly adapted to social imitation.
  • May take criticism and judgement very personally
  • May frequently adapt her viewpoints or actions based on others’ opinions
  • Imitates others without realizing.
  • Chameleon-like in social situations. Often switches preferences and behaviours based on environment and other people.


  • Often has comorbid conditions, such as OCD, anxiety, ADD or ADHD, depression, bipolar disorder, etc.
  • Often has sensory processing disorder (sight, sound, texture, smells, taste)
  • May have dyspraxia (Poor muscle tone, lack of coordination and depth perception)
  • May have dyslexia
  • May have an eating disorder or food obsessions
  • May have been misdiagnosed or diagnosed with other mental illness or possibly labeled a hypochondriac.
  • May be incorrectly seen as narcissistic
  • May exhibit codependent behaviors.
  • May have trouble recognizing what she looks like and/or has slight prosopagnosia (difficulty recognizing or remembering faces).

Executive Dysfunction

  • Executive function is often a challenge
  • Learning to ride a bike or drive a car may be rather difficult.
  • Anything that requires a reasonable amount of steps, dexterity, or know-how can rouse a sense of panic.
  • The thought of repairing, fixing, or locating something can cause anxiety.
  • May have a hard time finding certain objects in the house, but remembers with exact clarity where other objects are.

Sensory Processing

  • Tends to drop small objects
  • May frequently engage in “stimming” (self-stimulation) i.e., flicks fingernails, flaps hands, drums fingers, rubs hands/fingers, tucks hands under or between legs, clenches fists, twirls hair, taps foot/shakes leg, sways side to side, spins in circles, bouncing up and down, rocking, etc.
  • Difficulty filtering out background noise when talking to others.
  • Difficulty sleeping due to sensitivity to environment
  • May struggle to relax or rest due to many racing thoughts.
  • May outwardly appear to have little investment in hygiene, clothes, or appearance, often prefers fast and easy methods of style.
  • Clothing style is likely more focused on comfort and practicality, especially in the case of sensory issues.
  • May possess a youthful appearance and/or voice.

Performing for the Public

  • Feels extreme relief when she doesn’t have to go anywhere, talk to anyone, answer calls, or leave the house.
  • Feelings of dread about upcoming events and appointments on the calendar.
  • Knowing she has to leave the house causes anxiety from the moment she wakes up.
  • The steps involved in leaving the house are overwhelming and exhausting to think about.
  • Must prepare herself mentally for outings, excursions, meetings, and appointments.
  • Question next steps and movements continually.
  • Often needs a large amount of down time or alone time.
  • May feel extremely self-conscious and uncomfortable in public locker rooms, bathrooms, or dressing rooms.
  • Tends to dislike being in crowded areas.

Sympathy and Empathy

  • May be highly intuitive to others’ feelings, although may not appear to react to them ‘correctly’ in social situations
  • Dislikes words and events that hurt animals and people.
  • May have had a desire to collect or rescue animals, usually in childhood.
  • Often holds great compassion for suffering.

Okay, so I gotta admit I’m a little proud of this one. It’s much better than the mess of my New Romantics video, but that one’s just so upbeat and fun, and this one is… well, not. Anyway, I was just listening to this song, and I thought about the music video and how she loved someone she couldn’t have, and I just, agh, just… Eadrik and 

They’re covered in the colors, pulled apart at the seams.

*Disclaimer* I may or may not now be obsessed with Penn Badgley, so keep that in mind as you watch. It was also a plus that Imogen Poots looks a loooot like Eadlyn in this movie.

Clips: Greetings from Tim Buckley trailers, The Heir Cover Reveal, and The Heir Cover Shoot.

Song: Colors by Halsey

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▪️last movie I watched: Sherlock Holmes (the one with RDJ)

▪️last song I listened to: Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic! At the Disco (I may or may not be seeing it as a ship song for Arcann and Fiika…)

▪️last book I read: this 1400+ page behemoth. I’ve literally made bricks small than it.

▪️last thing I ate: a hard-boiled egg… and a donut

▪️where would you want to time travel to?: Back to the weekend so I could take a 12 hour nap

▪️fictional character I would hang out with for a day: So so so many…

▪️If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be? Not about to take a philosophy midterm

▪️Current fandom obsession? Star Wars or swtor… and by current, do you meant for most my life?

I’m supposed to tag 8 people but like if you wanna do it, please do it

the ongoing masterpost of my translations on this blog




homeric hymns:

orphic hymns:







xenophanes of colophon:







  • de signis (most authoritative are the [signs]…)

apollonius of rhodes:










christodorus of thebes:

hippocratic corpus:



publilius syrus:



  • odes 1.1 (the ivy, reward of learned brows…)
  • odes 1.4 (bitter winter dissolves…)
  • odes 1.11 (don’t ask–it’s forbidden to know…)
  • odes 2.19 5-8 (euhoe! my mind shudders…)






pliny the elder:

gaius valerius flaccus:



carmina burana:



Types of Stans

Main dancer bias: entire camera roll is filled with edits and HD stage pictures of bias. Youtube cache is 99% filled with dancing videos of bias, ranging from predebut to the most obscure fanmeet dare. You skip through Weekly Idol until you find the random play dance section or their “sexy dance” section. 

Main vocal bias: Your tumblr likes are filled with random high note and vocal run snippets from your latest song obsession. You have videos saved on your phone of them singing covers at radio shows and in different languages. 

Visual bias: Mukbang. Your bias eating is the cutest most cringe-worthy but lovable sight you have ever seen. No one will understand the visual bias at all until they, too, are visual biased themselves. You get so fucked up when you see their airport pictures when it’s literally just them walking. 

The member who always looks like they’re 500% done with everyone’s shit bias: your camera roll may or may not be filled with memes of your bias terrorizing other members. This member is super relatable and you’re in love with their relatableness. 

Leader bias: You’re in love with their smile and have multiple photos saved just for the smile. You get excited when your bias gets some love on koreaboo and allkpop list. 

Rapper bias: If your bias is in a cypher, that song is by far the most turnt you will ever get in your life. You have a thing for when they put their foot up on the stereo at concerts and bang their heads. You have a thing for their sweaty stage pictures and pictures of them breathing hard. 

reasons to consider autistic midousuji akira

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder, those affected are characterised by having:
- impaired social interaction
- difficulty in communication (verbal and non-verbal) 
- restricted interests
- repetitive behaviour

More precise characteristics of people with autism:
• making and maintaining friendships often proves to be difficult for those with autism, especially at a young age. (i don’t think he’s ever had friends. victim of bullying)
• repetitive movement, such as hand flapping, head rolling, or body rocking. (midou has many repetitive movements)
• repeating sounds, words, or phrases is very common. (kimo! kimo! kimooo!)
• resistance to change; for example, insisting that the furniture not be moved or refusing to be interrupted (note also midou has used the same bike since always, though he says it reduces weight, it’s likely he has a strong attachment to it and resistance to change)
• restricted behaviour such as preoccupation with a single television program, toy or game. Can take the form of intense preoccupations, or obsessions.(something like bike-racing)
• repetitive movements that injure or can injure the person; such as eye-poking, skin-picking, hand-biting (midou tugs at his eyes with his fingers, as well as bites down with his teeth quite hard, which is enough to crack them once)
• someone affected by autism may not exhibit typical body language (need i say more?)
• their tone of voice may fail to reflect their feelings. Some use a high-pitched sing-song or a flat, robot-like voice. (midou’s voice is quite irregular, and rough, and does not convey many emotions)
• those with autism have significant problems developing nonverbal communication skills, such as eye-to-eye gazing, facial expressions, and body posture (ah yes, midou never purposely communicates with others by expression. he simply makes expressions according to how he feels. also his posture is aWFUL most of the time stand up straight beb dnt do that to ur spine)
• lack of interest in sharing enjoyment, interests, or achievements with other people. (VERY midou. doesn’t want to ride his bike with anyone, only uses others as a method for victory and doesn’t want to share the experience of biking with others, or win with anyone but himself.)

in conclusion, you should seriously consider autistic midousuji

Are you deranged like me? Are you strange like me?
Lighting matches just to swallow up the flame like me?
Do you call yourself a fucking hurricane like me?

A letter from this long-term OC fan.

Here I am, yet again, crying over Owl City.
Humbug is so great and so very Owl City. The first time I listened to it, I was switching between laughing and crying because the song is so funny and so Adam. And I was crying, because I didn’t realize just how much I missed Owl City and Adam and his voice, until that very moment. It just hit me so hard how much I missed all of it.
And yet again, Adam is the most amazing and generous person ever.
I am constantly amazed by how grateful he is for us, he gives us songs for free because he loves us. He doesn’t have to. Other artists don’t give their fans free downloads of their songs, just because.
And then there’s Adam. That’s how he thanks us, I guess. He can’t thank us individually, so he did what he had the power to do. Give us his first Owl City song in forever, for free.
How amazing is he??

I also missed the fandom. You guys, I have been a part of this fandom for 3 years, when I was absolutely obsessed with Owl City.
I met so many people because of it, I made so many amazing friends because of it. I mean, me and Makenzi were like famous in the OC fandom.
And I guess when he went on hiatus, we all did too.
I really hope him coming back will bring some life back into this fandom.
I’m glad he still has faithful followers.

I may not be as obsessed as I used to be, but do not be deceived. I will always and forever be in love with Owl City and Adam Young.
My love for him and this fandom will never day.
I may not show it as much anymore, but believe me, it will always be there.

Sorry for this long post, I cannot wait to see what new Owl City songs await us in the future.

Thank you Adam for being the absolutely amazing person that you are. We all love you so much. And we will always support you, no matter what.

Hootowls Unite!!!

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What I think about during the songs at our concerts

Okay so, for some of the songs, I am just mediating on a feeling. But there are some songs that make me think of VERY specific people/ times in my life, and I thought it would be really special to share those with you!! These are some very personal details, but you guys know I am a very open person and I don’t mind sharing at all.

Hearts On Fire-
I think of the last person I REALLY liked before I left California. It was his decision to end things, and that song describes how I felt PERFECTLY. Especially, “and it felt like magic / but I knew I couldn’t have it”. I think about the intense moments of romance and then the feeling of it all falling apart.. Unpacking the picture of us together when I got to Tennessee (see the poem on my tumblr, “minutes like mountains”, I wrote that that night..) and how I crumbled to the carpet in my new room, feeling it all so sharp and fresh.

Fall Back-
I think of this guy I was really good friends with in California, and then we started liking each other and everything ended. (Scroll down to the poem “November third” on here)
It was the worst thing I have ever experienced- losing a person who was not only someone I really liked and had strong feelings for, but also one of my best friends. That broke me so deep, I said I wasn’t gonna allow myself to fall for anyone for a YEAR.. That didn’t work so well lol but I actually did run into him at the grocery store in Malibu several times, so Fall Back REALLY gives me the feels!! Wahhhh!!

I’m A Mess-
UGHHHHHH. I actually think of a few people for this one. I’ve definitely been “messed” with a lot- just got caught up with these cold, closed off people who send tons of mixed signals, and I end up feeling so confused, frustrated, insecure and rejected. I like performing this song cause I think of these guys and it helps me express that pent-up frustration!

A Lot Like Love-
This song actually makes me think of one of my best friends a lot. She had a few situations where she was used by guys and watching her go through that KILLED me. There was one particularly horrible incident she told me about that affected me so much.. I went to the beach alone the next day and wept so hard thinking about what happened to her. I remember the sky was very stormy and the beach was empty and my heart hurt so much, thinking of how she felt.
The line that always wrecks me is “I can feel him add my name to his list/ I’m nothing more than a number.” I really relate to that because there have been a lot of experiences I’ve had where I felt like the guy was just using me for emotional gratification, or the “ego boost” of having a girl in his life. That’s the worst feeling- utterly dehumanizing.

Easy To Forget Me-
Oh man. This is probably the most relatable song to me in our set. I think about this all the time- I’ve had sooo many experiences where I’ve felt like my friends don’t understand me and they just forget about me. I almost always feel like I am too much- like my stories are too long, my thoughts too deep, my emotions too heavy. I feel like a misfit a lot- misunderstood and alone, like even the people who really love me and try really hard to be good friends to me don’t really “get” me. Sometimes I think I am an alien 👽. Lol. I think that’s one of the reasons I love God so much- the idea that He fully and completely understands my thoughts, feelings and intentions is refreshing- a life saver.
I’ve been forgotten and abandoned by friends so many times, but one of the ones that really weighs on my heart lately is an old friend. I’ve known her since I was a kid, and I thought we would ALWAYS be friends. She’s an incredible person, but we have definitely lost touch over the last few years and she never really talks to me anymore. It hurts a lot. I think about her every single night we play this song on stage.

Move On-
I think about the same guy I told you about for Fall Back.
Story about this one actually:
Christina made the demo for it in 2013, and I L O V E D the song so much, I put it on my iPod so I could listen to it.
I remember so clearly - we were in New York for an awards show. It was November, really cold out. We were going to and from the event in a big limo, and I remember looking out the window at night and I wrote a poem that began “big cities are the loneliest places.”
I was thinking of him. Things had ended just a few weeks before, and I was so raw, so broken. I had never felt a pain like that- losing a best friend, and someone I also had deep feelings for. That night when we got back to the hotel, I remember laying on the floor in the dark after everyone had gone to sleep, listening to the demo of “Move On” and crying as quietly as possible so I didn’t wake anyone up. I remember the hot tears and how they fell down the side of my face.
Move On is one of my favorites from the Hearts On Fire mixtape because of the comfort it provided me in that moment. I will always think of him when we perform this song, and that moment in the hotel room in New York, two winters ago.

Before October’s Gone-
Two stories for this one :))
1. I remember the first time I heard Christina playing it on the piano downstairs. She had told me that she was writing a song based on Dani’s experience of heartbreak and that Dani had written the verse lyrics. The first verse slays me, “Our phone calls got shorter/ and the nights they got longer/ you stopped replying/ and I saw you with her”
I was upstairs when I heard her singing out the chorus “Maybe sometimes things just have to end.. Maybe sometimes, there’s just no explaining it.”
I thought of Dani and how Dani felt and I felt sooooo sad for her. I remember crying upstairs and thinking “Wow, this is a really special song.”
Then, onto my own experience of the song…
2. So, the last guy I liked before I left California (see Hearts on Fire notes lol 😜)…
The night he told me “let’s just be friends”.. It was the night before I moved to Tennessee. And ironically, that week I had really started falling for him. I remember driving home from his parents house listening to Gravity by Sara Bareilles just a few days before, because it totally described how I felt- I really, really liked him, but I could feel him pushing me away; he was so cold and distant that last week and it KILLED me.
So that night that he essentially rejected me, he gave me a little memento of one of our dates and I remember thinking “w0t m8???? Why would I want to remember this when you just rejected me ???”
So I put on a smile when I said goodbye to him for the last time, but as soon as I got into my car I lost it and started crying really hard. This was actually the same day we released the mixtape and I had been listening to it obsessively, so as I drove away, I put on BOG. It was absolutely PERFECT for the moment! “Maybe sometimes things just have to end..”
As I drove away, I may or may not have thrown the little “memento” out the window. Lol oops 😳

Good Enough-
Wahhhhhhh. This song is probably the most personal. I mean it was written about divorce, and my parents are married and our family is doing good, but I always think back to my pre-teen/ early teen years when things were pretty rough in my fam, and the tense silences and coldness. When I was a kid, I remember feeling like it was all my fault. I think back to the fights and the bad times and feeling guilty, like if I was a perfect kid and I helped clean the kitchen and set the plates just perfectly and take care of my little siblings and just generally stayed out of the way, invisible yet perfect, then I could fix things. I think about anxiety, times when I felt depressed and hopeless and so restless I thought my skin would crawl off. If I didn’t have God, and the outlet of writing, I really don’t know where I would be… I have a large wooden chest in my room, stuffed with papers I have written poems and feelings on. I think, if those were still inside of me, who would I be?

You’re Worth It-
This is the song where I am the most present onstage with all the people in the audience. I look out and I see people who are crying really hard, or who look like they’re trying not to cry cause they feel uncomfortable expressing emotion in public, or who are just very quiet and listening carefully to the lyrics of the song. I appreciate every single person there, no maybe what their reaction is.
In this moment, I am usually crying and my shirt is stained with black tears (lol emo as m8)
I am thinking about every single word of the song, and deeply feeling the message. My favorite line of the song, “You are not a burden, not a waste / you’re not a copy, can’t be replaced". I really relate to this line because I feel like a burden a lot. Sometimes I’ll just stand on stage hugging myself for a moment or two, as I relate to this song so much, too.
I look out and usually at every show there is at least one person I know their personal story. And I can see the pain in their eyes as they think about times they felt worthless. This really touches my heart; I just want to make everyone better. I want God’s love to flow in everyone’s hearts, for them to all feel the peace that only He can bring. I know I can’t fix people, but for that moment, I can be present with them as they bravely express their pain in front of me. My favorite part is when I get to reach out and touch people’s hands during this song.. I always try to think healing thoughts and I pray for the person I am with. I look in their eyes and I really, really want them to know how good, lovable and beautiful they are. I want them to feel worthy and valuable.
This song always makes me realize the true magnitude of what I am lucky enough to do. It’s so much more than what I could have dreamed of doing at twenty three- to reach out and touch people, to cry with them, to look them in the eye and think “You are worth it. You are valuable. You are loved. You don’t have to change who you are to be good enough. You already are.”
And I really don’t care about anything else to be honest. I think award shows and photo shoots and “networking events” are boring as HECK. I don’t really like wearing makeup (or shoes for that matter lol) and the music industry as a whole depresses me.
You’re Worth It is one of best things I’ve ever been a part of. Touring that song has been life-changing for me. It has healed me, inspired me and renewed me. I feel like I am a braver person, after many nights of experiencing that song and the power it has to touch my life and the lives of others.. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!! My life is so rewarding, I really could not be more grateful!!!

Wow. If you actually read all the way to the end, we are pretty much close friends at this point. Lol. You are probably thinking “wow Kath cries a lot…” which is TRUE, haha. I’m a highly sensitive person and I feel things really deep. But I really like that about myself now!! I’ve accepted and embraced it and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I just wanted to thank every single person who has come to our shows. You really have no idea how much it means to me and my family to see you there, supporting us, allowing us to try to make a difference in a darkened world.

I love you guys!!!!

Sincerely, with love,
Kath 💜

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can you do cute for djwifi??? ps love your writing!!!

thank you, anon xx!!!

Send me an adjective + a ship for a drabble!

“We’ve got to test your music,” Alya declared, skimming through the playlist. “Especially the remixes.” She squinted, scrolling all the way to the bottom and then shooting back up to the top. “I see you’re a firm believer in no shuffle?”

Nino shrugged. “Hey, I like variety, but I wanna know what’s coming next,” he said.

Alya shook her head. “That’s not gonna work,” she declared, going to ‘Settings’ in his player and fiddling with some things before hitting the play button.

For a moment, Nino frowned. “How do you ‘test’ music anyway?” He paused, not recognizing the song. And he knew his songs— he could identify all 562 of them with only the first few chords. So yes, he may have been a little obsessive with his tunes.

But that was understandable, wasn’t it?

Judging from his raised eyebrow, Alya caught the second unspoken question.

“I may or may not use you for your premium music subscription,” she said. “And therefore, hack into your playlist sometimes.”

She pushed her chair away from the desk, tapping her foot to the beat of the electro-pop tune for a moment before she got up and laughed. Alya took Nino by the hands, yanking him up and leading him away from the computer, shuffling to the music.

“What?” he chuckled. “This how you ‘test’ music?”

Alya winked at him, letting him go and beginning to sway her hips. “If it’s not danceable, it’s useless,” she retorted.

And did she dance. The song definitely wasn’t Nino’s cup of tea— something that had a sound reminiscent to disco, but with the fusion of modern pop. He was more of an electric wave and rock-n-roll guy…

…but Alya seemed to be having fun. She grooved to the beat; hips swaying, popping and locking, legs sliding and shimmying, her arms doing whatever they wanted. Her glasses were askew, hair flying from side to side — Nino yelped when she yanked him forward, trying to get him to dance with her.

“Uh, Alya, babe, I don’t really,” He stammered, and apparently, there was no need to finish his sentence.

Because once the chorus was repeated for the umpteenth time, Nino tripped over his own two feet and began to fall— about to land face first in the carpet if not for Alya clumsily catching him. She was blushing now, grunting a little as she tried to lift him a little.

Nino, however, noticed the situation and smirked. “So forward, my lady,” he swooned.

It was then a smirk appeared on Alya’s face, and she held onto her boyfriend. “Perhaps I should have chosen tango music?” she teased.

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Calum 37

Wanna dance?” Calum whispered into your hair, as you both lay contently wrapped together on the couch.

“Why?” You giggled at his random outburst.

“Why not?” He sat up and looked at you, linking his fingers with yours and silently willing you to get up with him.

“Fine!” You sat up too, kissing his cheek and letting him lead you to the centre of the room, flicking on the stereo system and grinning as The Front Bottoms blared.

“May I have this dance?” Calum bowed down low.

“You may.” You smiled and curtseyed.

You placed your hand on Calum’s shoulder and held his other, as he cradled your waist. You lay your head on his chest as you swayed back and forth to the music. You glanced up at him as you heard him hum the lyrics of the songs;

You are my peach, you are my plum, you are my Earth,” He caught your eye and grinned, “You are my Sun.”