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Things You Can Do With and For Your Little Boy

-Wake him up for school/work/breakfast (Waking up to Mommy kisses is better than waking up to a noisy jump out of your skin alarm clock).

-Make him breakfast.

-Know his health problems, issues and allergies.

-Make sure he takes his medicine.

-Draw him a bubble bath, lots of bubbles. LOTS of bubbles.

-Wash him.

-Help him with any studying or classwork he may have. Midterms and finals suck.

-Set up a rewards system with stickers or fake money to “cash in” for special things or an outing.

-Know his favorite characters and cartoons. (This includes Pokemon!)

-Watch said favorite cartoons with him.

-Let him crawl in your lap and snuggle.

-Snuggle him any and everywhere you can.

-Build a blanket fort with him.

-Color with him

-Print out coloring pages/ buy coloring books for him (Littles need variety!)

-Talk to him. Ask him about his feelings, his day, all that.

-Lay out his clothes for him.

-Set up a bedtime that you BOTH can adhere to, no little should be going to bed alone if it’s preventable.

-Let him know that he can wake you up anytime during the night whether he can’t sleep, has a nightmare or just wakes up earlier than you.

-Let him cry. It doesn’t matter if you don’t always understand his feelings and emotions, it matters that you be there for him when he needs it.

-Spray his pillow with your perfume while you’re gone for the day.

-Make/pack his lunch how he likes it so he eats well when you’re working/adulting.

-Pick him up. Littles love rides!

- Know his stuffies, his blankies and his binkies.

-Keep his sippies clean and full.

-Make him a physical little space where he can burrow up in when he’s in his mental little space. (under the table with pillows and stuffies, in the corner or a whole bedroom decorated in things he likes)

-Keep him company when he’s sick. Watch his favorite movie with him and make him soup with fun shapes.

-Let them be little! The world is hard on everyone. He comes to you for refuge. Remind him why he picked you to be her Mommy out of all the other Mommies in the world.

-Love him. Whether he is whiny, bratty, or downright all out bitchy. Love him. He loves you when you’re the same way. Yes, Mommies can be bitches.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do with your little boy that doesn’t require sex. Being intimate with your little is important, but sex isn’t the only intimacy out there.

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UT, US, UF, SF, Ink, Error Sans reactions to finding out their SO is pregnant with their baby? (The Fluf)

Ooo! Here we go! (We got the other two also, btw. I’m just gonna do them at my own pace) ~Mod Feral

UT Sans

He’s basically bluescreening. He’s not ready to be a father, but at the same time he’s happy. He’ll probably hug you hard. Not too hard, but it’s clear he doesn’t want to let go.

US Sans

He’s buying everything that may be needed for raising a child, including whatever books he can find, a crib, and literally anything else he can find. It’s a good thing this little skeleton has a lot of G on him. He already has a list of names in his mind for the child.

UF Sans

He’s breaking down. He’s hyperventilating. He can’t raise a child! He’s tried! Look at how Edge turned out! He’s a failure as a role model! He’s a failure as everything! Who thought this was a good idea?

SF Sans

He’s quick to try and figure out how to help you. He’ll sometimes bring over Puppy to help as well. He’s gonna do the best to be a good father. Definitely a better one than his. He’s also compiling a list of potential names.

Ink Sans

Wait, what, no! He’s glad to hear this but like, he’s never home! It’s not fair to the child. He’ll do his best with all of this, but the amount of time he’s gone is so small that he’s just not sure what to do.

Error Sans

He’ll need to reboot first. He’s not sure how the heck to take this. Should he be happy? Angry? As frustrated as he is??? Honestly, he should’ve just kept a closer eye on the souls during to prevent anything. Now what?

30 easy random acts of kindness

1. See art on your dashboard? Reblog it. Tell the artist what you like about it. 

2. See a selfie on your dashboard? Reblog it. Tell them how beautiful they are, 

3. Send a friend three reasons why you are grateful to have them in your life 

4. Hold the door open for someone 

5. Have cardboard boxes you don’t need? Give them away for free (people may desperately need them because they move out!) 

6. Listen to someone’s favorite song or watch someone’s favorite movie, then talk to them about it, ask them what it means to them 

7. Offer your elderly neighbors to buy their groceries or take out their trash 

8. Know someone who can’t drive/doesn’t have a car? Offer them a free ride 

9. Send someone a birthday card who wouldn’t expect one from you 

10. Leave a book somewhere (on a train, on a park bench etc.). Include a note like “Lonely book looking for a new owner”

11. Create a “little free library”

12. Pack extra snacks, offer them to co-workers or friends 

13. Go to someone’s event (the school play of your friend’s daughter etc.) 

14. Buy a magazine from the homeless person selling them 

15. Give the delivery person a small gift and thank them 

16. Eat a vegan meal 

17. Compliment a kid’s drawing 

18. Offer free haircuts 

19. Put some scarves, mittens etc. in a cardbox and put them outside on a cold day, with a note saying “For free” 

20. Ask a local maternity home if they need diapers, baby clothes etc. Buy them some of what they need! 

21. Buy feminine hygiene products and donate them to a homeless shelter - not many people think about donating them! 

22. See a helpful post in your native language? Add the english translation, so more people can benefit from it 

23. Donate blood 

24. Ask for donations to your favorite charity as a birthday gift 

25. Offer to help people to register to vote

26. Donate toys or children’s books to a children’s hospital

27. You know lots about something? Make a post about it and explain it using easy words, so people can benefit from your knowledge  

28. Knit baby blankets and donate them to a maternity home or pregnancy help center 

29. Offer to tutor kids for free 

30. Plant butterfly-/bee-friendly flowers in your garden 

6 Tricks That Help Me Save More Than 24K Per Year in College

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how to: fluent in 2 months (jokes on you, benny the irish polynot):

Prep work

  • get all of your crying out before hand. you need to have cried for at least 24 hours total or u will inevitable break down during the process
  • make sure to hibernate for a good month or so and stock up on coffee. sleep? there’s not time to sleep when you want to be the very best
  • stock up on food. frozen food works best, since it takes little time to prepare. optional: crush up caffeine pills to add to ur frozen pasta
  • native speakers. u need to caputre at least 10 because not all will want to cooperate and they work best if u give them time to sleep. the more, the better. some may die in the process, drink their blood (tip courtesy of a post by @linguistisch)
  • Buy resources. this includes things like knives, rope, to threaten your natives with if they don’t cooperate. also books may help, but who knows: if you need information you always have the natives
  • get some movies in ur native language. at least 60.
  • take over a library in the target language’s native country

During the two month period

  • do not pick february. the loss of two days will ruin you. unless it’s leap year in which case you can sacrifice a native speaker on leap day to bless your language learning in march (i.e. no january/february pair!!! ever!!! do u hear!??!?)
  • remember the coffee? you can’t sleep. ever. you only eat to stop the hallucinations. they will teach you bad grammar: been there, done that
  • remember your native language and other target languages? no? well good, cuz u need to forget all of them for this to work. if u don’t ur screwed. 
  • remember those movies? watch 1 a day. they should be two hours each, forgot to mention that - that makes 4 hours
  • talk to the natives in the target languages at least 6 hours per day.
  • those books? read them. 8 hours a day.
  • remember the food? eat it during the movies
  • for the other 6 hours left in your day? here are some fun activities:
  1. fend off the cops
  2. practice more
  3. threaten the natives
  4. drink their blood, haven’t included this yet
  5. but at ALL COSTS
  6. absolutely DO NOT
  7. stop PRACTICING
  8. u fending of the cops? well if we remember earlier u took over a library in the target language’s country. u r living here. the cops r telling u to put ur hands up in ur target language. it still counts as practice

sorry that’s all for now, if this is popular maybe I’ll make a part 2 

Our Life:
So Ive been off from the office all day. I decided to get started on our baby’s memory book. I went out to buy crafty things to make it pretty (forgot the glitter). After shopping for what Id need, I came home and sat on the floor spreading everything out. Its so hard to pick from the many pictures her father and I have taken. I want to add them all so she may see how excited we were finding out about her *clipping ribbon to frame her sonogram* I love memory books. They are a great way to pause those memorable moments in time and share for generations to come.

Harry Potter, Next Gen Head-canon: Scorbus + Albus in glasses

- Albus doesn’t wear them all the time

- because while he may need them occasionally, he isn’t completely blind like his dad

- so that’s why Scorpius doesn’t realise it at first

- or that’s his reasoning, anyway

- but they’re these big, nerdy, hipster framed, things

- and Scorpius just can’t even

- they’re in potions one day and Albus is suddenly digging around in his bag for the damn things and shoving them on so he can read the board

- and cursing Professor Snape for not letting them read from their books

- “I mean seriously who the fuck makes us buy a book and then not let us use it in class?”

- and cursing his father for making him partially blind

- “Of course I had to be the one to get the damn genes.”

- and cursing the shop for having only the worst frames in the universe

- and on a side note Scorpius is finding all this cursing incredibly hot

- because Al never swears so when he does it’s like - whew

- Anyway Al is chewing at his lip as he thinks, and the flickering candle light is throwing sharp shadows across his angular face and hot damn

- literally because suddenly the dungeon is SWELTERING

- Scorpius is tugging at his collar, and shrugging out of his sweater and just avoiding looking at his best friend altogether

- but then Al is turning to ask him a question and somehow those emerald eyes look a million times better behind glass

- and it’s precisely then that Scorpius realises he’s hot for his best straight friend

- and cue the mandatory “Fuck My Life”

- of course it’s disguised under his choking fit

- and because the potions master isn’t a total asshole he manages to get excused from the rest of the lesson, while losing only five points for his house

- he scrambles out of the room, leaving poor Al looking confused behind him

- and once he’s outside he can lean against the cold bricks and finally say it out loud

- “I am so screwed.”

Creating a book of the dead.

Find a member of your family whom is seen as “wise” and who knows much of your family tree. It is a good idea to buy a note book and use it only for the names (and characteristics) of the dead.
It is also wise to get both sides of the family, so you may maximize the amount of spirits at your disposal.

If you are “in the closet” about necromancy you can rest assured that all you are doing is collecting names and dates as well as taking notes of what they were like in life. Nothing wrong with that.
You’ll need to mark down their birthdate, date and (if possible) time of death. Ask about stories and take notes on their personality. Ask for photographs of them and ask about their favorite food and drink.
Once you’ve written down all that you can, its time to divide them.
First make two lists,
One female and one male.
Next divide those lists into:
greater (spirits you know the most about) and lesser (spirits you know very little about).
Those lists will themselves be scaling from greater to lesser. The less you know of a spirit the less capable you will be to summon them. Knowing the favorites of the deceased will allow you to create more appealing altars and give your give better offerings during a ritual and knowing the personalities helps you choose what spirit you’d want to work and what to expect.

You should now have four lists, and a notebook full of names and knowledge of the dead. By doing this you have taken the first step into summoning a spirit.

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Hi! It's the positive asking nonnie Actually, I always write, and mostly reylo got to help because it gets to boost my creativity in plots. My Anxiety just needs to take a break and I got a lot of issues so that's why. And oh, thanks for the advice!

Anytime sweetheart, anxiety is no fun. I hope you are able to find something to help you cope with it, even if writing isn’t helping. Sometimes anxiety can overwhelm you to the point that you can’t even concentrate on anything. I understand how that can be.

Maybe you could buy one of those adult coloring books. It may sound silly, but it will give you something to do without exerting your brain. It’s very soothing.

May the Force be with you!

The stuff I bought for myself and asked people to help me buy in the name of Christmas presents have arrived 8D Now I have a lot of reading to do, and thanks to overtime at work every single day I may have less time to go online ;v;

Thanks to Dazai and BSD I learnt how much money I can spend on a single character and I need to control my number of favourite characters more XD

At least I support the originals and actual manga books are much better than reading online~

6 College Textbook Tips! to Save You Money

College Textbook Tips 


1. Never buy your textbooks. Technically, this is true like 9/10 times. It would be more correct to say “never buy your textbooks at the campus bookstore.” Some books you may need for sequential classes, like A&P 1 and 2, for example. In that case, Amazon is a great place if you need to buy them (renting, too!). Prime shipping ($50 for college students) means you can get them, usually, in 2 days. Chegg is another place you can check out, but I’ve always found the prices to be cheapest on Amazon. You can also try BookFinder, TextSurf, or BigWords for comparisons on good deals.

2. Always go for the penultimate edition, when possible. Grab the 6th instead of the 7th. Cheaper, usually the same material. Sometimes, they’ll move things around or add in pictures. Maybe they clarified a few sentences. Generally, they don’t change and the textbooks companies are looking to get more money. You can also look up lists of what has changed between the editions with some creative Googling. Always ask your professor or instructor if the older edition is OK. Never hurts to be sorry! I would also advise getting a used copy whenever possible. 

3. Grab the e-book when you can. 99% of the time these are cheaper, and you don’t have to carry a huge textbook, or multiple textbooks, to class! Slap them into your laptop, Kindle, iPad, tablet, or even your phone. Whatever you’ve got. I recommend Amazon again. Ask your professor about their technology policy and if e-books are OK. Most of the time, yes. I don’t think I have had any professors tell me they would not allow e-books. 

4. If you have to buy, see if a classmate or friend will go 50/50 with you, or let you borrow their old copy. Friend (you have one or two, right?!) took the class last semester? Did they buy their book? Ask if you can “rent” or buy it from them! Maybe someone else in the class is having trouble paying for their books, too. Offer to pay for half the book and work out a schedule for when you both can use it. Or, if it comes with online access, one person can take the e-book and one person can take the physical book. 

5. If you absolutely must buy a book by yourself, sell it as soon as you can. Textbook editions change from year to year (because the companies suck! and everyone wants your money). Think of it as a hot potato as soon as you’re finished with it. If the bookstore won’t buy it back - which happens when they have too many or it’s an old edition - try posting a flyer, dropping by old professors’ offices or classes, and even asking if they’ll see if any of their students are looking to buy the textbook at a reduced rate. Try Craigslist (be careful) or even Facebook groups for your area/school.

6. Finally, “magic!" I call this "magic.” Although I will not give you the exact means on where to find pirated books (because I don’t know where they are, and I don’t do that at all…of course not! ;) .) there are resources out there. This is the cheapest option, obviously. Sometimes there are problems, or so I’ve heard…“.PDFs suck, or there are no seeders. Or maybe an e-book just doesn’t exist (check Amazon if you’re looking to see if there is an e-book - they will most likely have it)." 

Additionally: for the love of god, please wait until you have your first class before you go and rent/buy a textbook. Sometimes you won’t even need it, and, although the professor can’t or really shouldn’t tell you that (money-grubbing colleges don’t particularly like that, as I’m sure you can tell), they may hint to it. If they don’t explicitly state you need the textbook, you may be fine without it. Never hesitate to reach out to them if you are having financial trouble (unless they are total assholes!). They may have a solution or could let you borrow a book. 

To give you an example of what these tips have done, I spent about $500 my first semester of college buying my books. For 4 classes. Never again. This semester, I paid a whopping $58 for a book that was not in e-book form. I could have gotten the 8th edition for cheaper, but "all the page numbers were different,” according to my professor. I figured I could spare the expense. ;)

By the way, I just sold back 2 of those books I bought - 1 from the first semester and 1 from another time when I had to get the book, for about $60 bucks on Amazon. At least I made something from it. If you have any textbooks sitting around your house, and they’re not too old, you may be able to sell them back to Amazon, provided they’re in good condition. 

Summary: never buy, always rent. E-books, e-books, e-books. Penultimate editions. Amazon.

The Suicide Note I May One Day Need

Why hello there fine stranger
We have never exchanged words before
Simply put, we never value commodities
Until they are to be no more

Perhaps once we brushed paths on a muddy forest trek
Or clashed trolleys buying milk in the grocery store
Nevertheless I never seemed approachable to you or to anyone
Until I was an antique they were unable to restore

Look, this isn’t your fault, I’m aware of that
And I don’t mean to take it out on you
It’s just I’ve spent the last two years in agony
Of which all that misery attained to

More suffering that pleasure could endure
A burning that could evaporate the sea
(Not until a country was dying for water
Would they understand the desperation with which I sought “happy”)

Now to the friends that were the stardust
Sparkling on each smudge I left with smite
I knew how burdened and hurt I left you
You helped and yet it was never your battle to fight

You can try to live your lives now
Without any doubt provoking you to retreat
I couldn’t live with my narcissist fears and doubts
Ever rendering your wonderful characters incomplete

To my mother and father I promise
I never doubted that you tried
I’m sorry I needed you to listen harder
I needed the shackles and chains untied

I was young yet I wasn’t just desperate for attention
I was never the conspicuous type
I don’t want you to hate yourselves for this
I simply needed my own space tonight

The legacy I leave you with
Is simple and overdue
Tell those you adore and cherish
How much they mean to you
They’ve got flaws and insecurities
Perhaps they are numb inside too
And nothing ever saved a soul
Like the three words
“I love you”


I just booked a roundtrip, business class flight to Beijing for $400.

Yeah, you read that right. 

The Flight Deal posted this insane deal, and I happened to see it the second they posted it and I texted my friend, and booked it right away. I was not going to let a deal like that go by without buying it. If you don’t follow them already, you need to! 

So now I’m going to Beijing in May! The stress level of booking the fare before it went away combined with my excitement has left me unable to breathe, and I’m ok with that! I’m going with one of my friends and I’m STOKED!

I can live alone, if self-respect, and circumstances require me so to do. I need not sell my soul to buy bliss. I have an inward treasure born with me, which can keep me alive if all extraneous delights should be withheld, or offered only at a price I cannot afford to give.’ The forehead declares, ‘Reason sits firm and holds the reins, and she will not let the feelings burst away and hurry her to wild chasms. The passions may rage furiously, like true heathens, as they are; and the desires may imagine all sorts of vain things: but judgment shall still have the last word in every argument, and the casting vote in every decision. Strong wind, earthquake-shock, and fire may pass by: but I shall follow the guiding of that still small voice which interprets the dictates of conscience.
—  Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

Autistic person: Sometimes I do a thing for a long time with great concentration, lose track of time, etc… and this is called hyperfocus. 

Neurotypical: You need to not do that, that is bad. Here, have some therapy.

Neurotypical: Sometimes I do a thing for a long time with great concentration, lose track of time, etc… and this is called flow. This can improve your life and your business and your work life, here, buy the book I wrote about it, here are the fees I charge for speaking assignments about this, yes you may call me Guru. 

Autistic person:


Hey, RAW backers– it’s February! You know what that means… one month closer to May! And we’ve got some goodies for you, to celebrate.

Before we get to the fun stuff, we first want to thank you for all the very prompt responses to our Kickstarter surveys! Around 2200 of you have already filled yours out, which we greatly appreciate– the sooner everything’s filled out the sooner we can start buying shipping supplies, which means the sooner your books get to you. On that note:

If you HAVEN’T filled our your survey yet, remember to do it soon! We need them from you by April 1st in order to guarantee that your book will get to you as quickly and safely as possible!

But enough shipping (hah!) news… we’ve got some goods for you right now, and it’s time to deliver. We have received book proofs from our printer!

For those unfamiliar, proofs are basically test-runs done before they start the final print job so that we can take a look and make sure everything is just right! There are all different sorts, which show all different aspects of the job– layout, colors, paper quality, and more. We have three different kinds of proofs:

  • ozalid proofs, or “blues” – these are low-quality prints that are arranged to show the entire book in order, so we can check the layout and position of all the images and text
  • wet proofs – these are where the images are all printed exactly as they will be in the book, on the exact same paper, so we can check to make sure the colors look right
  • sample case – this is the cover of the book with no inside pages, so we can see what the final book cover will look like

(Top: blues; bottom: wet proofs.)

(Sample case, with paper placed inside to simulate the final book!)

There are no words that can accurately describe how thrilled we were to see these, and we knew we had to share them with you. We hope you enjoyed seeing them! These are, pun intended, proof that the book is happening– and it’s coming our way.

Enjoy your February! May is coming.

All our love,
Aimee & Tea
Bad Influence Press

  • Me: I need to buy more books
  • My sister: Maybe you should just finish reading the ones you got first...
  • Me: You can not seriously suggest that I have to finish all these *points at bookshelves* before I can buy more books? There are so many books that I want to buy!
  • My sister: Yes, but if you buy more books then you'll have more books that you need to read and then there will be more books that you want to buy and it's a vicious circle. It's a book circle.
Pro tip for artist

If you’re ever having art block, need to practice your coloring technique, or just having an off day with your art, I suggest getting your self a coloring book. I’m not saying go buy a princess coloring book for 4 year old, you can if you want I don’t judge, but I do suggest picking one up. It may seem like a step backwards but it can really help when you want to be creative but cant. It’s especially helpful when learning how to shade and color with pencils and markers but you don’t want to waste them on a picture you don’t want to mess up.