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My new Patsy and Delia video was blocked on youtube shotly after uploading, it was the same last year when I tried to upload a video right after the series finale. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to post it. In the meantime you can watch it here in its full length  

Robbie Rod & The Squad ™ just delivered the most electric endgame i could have ever wanted. but before i allow myself to die from the aesthetic i have to say a few words because the ot3 is very important to me

at one time, seth loved vanessa. vanessa didn’t love richie. we saw how that ended.

at another time, seth had some serious feelings for sonja. sonja didn’t love richie. we saw how that ended.

richie loved kisa. kisa couldn’t find a damn to give about seth. and while that relationship ended with significantly less drama than seth’s relationships, it still ended.

uncle eddy deadass warns sonja about women that get in between the geckos.

so… kate fuller got in between the geckos. but nothing ever ended. because kate fuller actually fit there.

sethkate works beautifully for a lot of reasons. but i think the most important reason is that kate loves richie as much as seth does. and richiekate is beautiful for a lot of reasons, but the most important one i think is that kate loves seth as much as richie does.

seth can’t love someone who doesn’t love richie, and vice versa.

sethkate is constantly being propped up by richiekate. richiekate is constantly being propped up by sethkate. seth and richie are constantly being challenged and supported by the one person that fit perfectly.

where vanessa, sonja, and kisa tried to separate the brothers– kate fuller reconciled them. in season 2, kate wouldn’t let seth move on from richie even when it meant seth might move on from her. and later, she wouldn’t let richie bitch about seth no matter how many geckos bitched at her. in the season 3 finale, she literally went to hell to bring richie back and reconcile these two pathetically codependent little shits.

so when a gecko loves, trusts, and fights for kate fuller in ways that he has never done for another woman, it can be and must be argued that a big reason is that he trusts her with his brother.

this is why i hate seeing richiekate and sethkate stans disregard the Other Brother because that Other Brother’s relationship with kate is literally propping up your ship.

these are three equally fucked-up and codependent soulmates: the tres geckos


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[Ethel Smyth, a dapper and butch-presenting woman, as a younger and an older woman.

Annie Kenney, shown as a young woman.

Edith Craig, posed with a thoughtful hand to her jaw and looking rather like a Byronic hero.

(From left) Edith Craig with her partners Clare “Tony” Atwood and Christabel Marshall St. John.

Rosa May Billinghurst, depicted at the center of two crowd scenes. In the first, she is wearing an overcoat and sitting in an old-fashioned wheelchair;  in the second, she has a rather grand hat and is in her famous adaptive tricycle. ]

For @disabilityfest this year, I wanted to continue what I started last year, making posts about historical figures who were disabled. It’s been really important to me to know that my forebears existed, survived, and in some cases thrived. In the historical record, disability erasure is a huge issue: many historical figures’ disabilities aren’t talked about, or the individuals are forgotten entirely.

As an autistic bisexual woman, I’m very aware that sexuality is also subject to historical erasure, often in much the same way. So I’ve decided to focus especially on disabled historical figures who were also gay or bisexual. For me, finding out about and researching historical people who represent those important intersections in my identity has been very powerful, and I hope my information can also benefit some of you.

Today’s post is about disabled suffragettes! (trigger warning for brief mentions of police brutality).

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