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I don't understand why people are really upset that Sakura chose to take the Uchiha name? It's totally normal for a wife to take her husband's last name. It's just something common in society.

No. It is not common. I haven’t seen any records of any spouses in the Naruto universe taking their spouses name. Kushina’s last name didn’t change. She was still an Uzumaki after she married Minato. Mikoto’s last name was Uchiha because she was born into the clan. 

Sakura has no knowledge of the clan or their customs. She still doesn’t even know the truth about the massacre and probably never will. I just think she’s insecure about her Haruno heritage which is stupid considered all that she did to make a name for herself. And I just think it’s really disrespectful to wear the symbol of a clan when you have literally zero knowledge regarding them. 

But that’s just my take on it.


Law of attraction really works let me tell you. Last year, in January I wasn’t booking any gigs, I was worried that I wasn’t cut out for acting, and considering giving up on my dream. By a stroke of fate, they took a chance on me in March of 2016 for “Extreme Measures”. Ever since then I have been booked solid for an entire year. I’ve had to turn work down because I had so many competing offers.

last May I received my eviction notice. The apartment That had been my home for 4 and a half years wanted to move “relatives” in. My boyfriend of three years left me, and I was entering a chaotic time in my life. So when I asked the universe to bring me a new apartment in SF (no easy feat in this housing market), and new career opportunities–I manifested exactly those things. My spells and creative visualization apparently worked, because people came to ME, I did not seek them out, or even have to audition for most of the roles. How spoiled I’ve been to be sought after. To be approached with scripts, even having roles written specifically for me (three times!). The place I ended up getting, just sort of fell into my lap without much effort. Almost too good to be true. Much better situation in this house as well. Seriously blessed and honored. I didn’t even realize until my grandmother pointed this out. !

Everything I asked the universe for last year: I received. Be careful what you wish for, it may just come true. Energy flows where your focus goes, and we truly do create our own reality, wether it be consciously or unconsciously. Why not take active participation in your destiny by being the architect of your own life?


Study reveals mass extinction event 35 million years ago

Biologists at The Australian National University (ANU) have found the first evidence of mass extinction of Australian animals caused by a dramatic drop in global temperatures 35 million years ago.

This period of intense and rapid climate change occurred at the same time when Australia separated from Antarctica.

Lead researcher ANU PhD student Ian Brennan said the team detected the mass extinction of pygopodoid geckos by using molecular evolutionary methods to examine fossil records.

“The dramatic shift to colder and drier climates likely resulted in rapidly changing Australian habitats, which hugely impacted the animals that inhabited them,” said Mr Brennan from the ANU Research School of Biology.

“Our research provides evidence that rapid shifts in climate may have profound and long-lasting effects on global biodiversity.”

Mr Brennan said findings also suggested the emergence and spread of deserts in Australia from about 10 million years ago provided ideal habitat for new pygopodoid gecko species to prosper.

“Our findings suggest that arid regions of Australia have acted as a cradle for geckos, promoting the rich gecko diversity that is found across the continent,” he said.

Co-researcher Dr Paul Oliver said geckos did well in the harsh climates of arid Australia because they avoided the heat by being nocturnal.

“Many desert geckos also have strategies and attributes to avoid water loss, such as having relatively rugged skin and scales,” Dr Oliver from the ANU Research School of Biology.

“The clear scale over the eye, called a spectacle or brille, is one such example of this, as it helps them avoid water loss from the surface of the eye. But that means they can’t blink, so they have to lick it clean.

“Underwoodisaurus and their relatives Nephrurus have little ‘eyebrows’ that stick out to keep dust and dirt off their eyes, because they’re burrowing species.”

The pygopodoid geckos are a group of about 150 species found across Australia.

The study is published in Evolution.


knb doodles!! man it’s been so long since i’ve drawn knb, but i really want to watch last game..!! ToT

Tinatawagan na ako ng parents ko akala nila naglalasing ako porke Thursday. You know what it is, Happy T! Pero isa ako sa mga taga-Taft na hindi nag hahappy T. Sinubukan ko lang na pahupain yung traffic kasi yung oras na hinihintay ko sa traffic, almost the same lang pag nagpakagabi ako. Pero gusto ko na talagang mahiga. Gusto mo yan Shem eh ginusto mo eh! Hahahaha. Binlog ko to para pag sinaksak or nabaril ako mamaya, may last words ako. Hahahah

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If you had to pick just one or two favourite or convincing Camren moments from 2016, which ones would of choose?

The BBMAs, May of last year. All those red carpet moments.😩 Forever and always will be my favorite. That was my camren virgin experience lol. Here’s the link to a video with pretty much all the moments…

something i don’t see a lot in tumblr’s rhetoric about mental illness and recovery is a distinction between recovery through suppression and conformity and recovery through coping.

suppression and conformity is not recovery.  it implies that you are simply repressing the symptoms of your mental illness or disorder and causing yourself more pain.  suppression implies that you are ignoring your mental illness, not acknowledging your symptoms, and conformity implies that you are putting on a neurotypical facade.  so many people assume that’s the end goal of therapy and medication (should people choose to do that) or general recovery. that people are trying to “cure” you.  it’s where i think a lot of the “i shouldn’t need to get better” rhetoric comes from.

but that’s not what recovery is.  recovery is coping.  it’s learning about yourself and how you tick.  it’s learning to recognize and acknowledge symptoms so you can better understand them and, ultimately, not let them control you.  it’s understanding that being “wired” differently isn’t a bad thing, but it can make things harder, and learning to recognize those distinctions and address them so you can make your life easier.  it’s recognizing that for some people, therapy and medication are the path to coping, and that the end goal of them is to make that learning and self-discovery process easier so that those people can do it independently in the long run.

recovery is not changing yourself to fit the world.  recovery is learning how to look the world in the eye and say “i now know how to coexist with you now.  i now know how to thrive.”