may it last!

Mai has some of the best lines

•Just take the bear
•She can shoot as much lightning as she wants at me I’m not jumping into that wall sludge juice
•It looks like the beach threw up on it
•I love Zuko more than I fear you
•But don’t ever break up with me again
•*opens hatch* We lost
•The wardens my uncle, you idiot
•Finally something to do
•“Finally Mai can wear makeup that isn’t totally depressing” ha ha
•Saving the jerk that dumped me
•Attention issues, you didn’t get the attention you wanted as a kid so you’re making up for it now
•That time in the comic when she shot the fish off Zuko’s head

@chanlerberats and me are brainstorming a much better calendar. Stills from the show to go with the months the events actually happened. Helpless for December. Yorktown for October. Ham’s death for July. Etc.


I actually combined Day 6 with Day 7 in my last post. Lol. But I wanted to do something separate so I draw another one. I wanted all my entries to be light and cute, supposedly, but…maybe except this one?

The second drawing is for all the admins and those who liked, commented, re-blogged my YooRan works. This is actually my first time participating in a week event here on Tumblr, so I’m really happy…! Thank you guys!

Day 7: The Morning After/Master and Slave

I found out that almost all of my drawings of Yoosung, he didn’t have his hair clips, I’m sorry.

eruthiawenluin  asked:

*puts a candle in a sweet and sour sauce pack from McDonald's* Happy Birthday to you (cha cha cha) happy birthday to you (cha cha cha) happy birthday dear semirah (cha cha cha a moth landed on me) happy birthday to you (cha cha cha) are you 1 are you 2 are you 3 are you 4 are you 5 are you 6 are you 7 are you 8 are you 9 are you 10 are you 11 are you 12 are you 13 are you 14 are you 15 are you 16 are you 17 are you 18 are you 19 are you 20 are you 21 are you 22 are you 23 are you 24 are you 25 a

re you 26 are you 27 AYYE

*GASP* I feel very called out right now. :P (but thanks haha ♥)

Is the moth okay? Are you okay? Inquiring minds need to know.


monsta x members + name meanings