may it have that cake


Happy birthday, Sen! @victornikiforovs ˉ̞̭(′͈∨‵͈♡)˄̻ ̊

Artificial intelligence claims it has written a cake recipe.

I’m training a neural network to generate recipes based on a database of about 30,000 example recipes. One of the recipe titles it invents most often is cake - Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Chips, etc. But when I look at the ingredients list and directions… I have my suspicions that following this recipe may not actually result in cake. For example:


appetizers, fish

8 rounds; chicken
¼ lb butter (soaked)
1 can tomato sauce (½ lb)
1  salmon steaks sauteed
½ teaspoon red pepper, chunked
1 tablespoon margarine or oil

Meanwhile, transfer the chicken breast to a serving platter and simmer for about 5 minutes, then lemon juice that has been stirring well; if on the side, as becomes warmed, carefully frost them with a sauce. Spread them and garnish with water or parsley.

Recipe By     :
From: Johnn Sbrodet(A.R.U_A Ix but enough guidre chunks as lo.
1. D, fided, reformatted by Sharin Brants From:
Chocolate Cookio Liew more/Amplesd Middle
Sylvia Steiger, C7B, 1953

Yield: 96 pieces

shinee celebrates blingy j’s b-day


  • oh right it’s blingy’s birthday 
  • they should probably do something
  • blew all the air in the balloons and needed to lie down for a while bc he was lightheaded 
  • taemin keeps rubbing balloons into his hair while he’s resting saying “static electricity woooo~~~” 
  • “this is nice but remember when you guys forgot my birthday last year”
  •  grabs jong by the shoulders “enjoy youth while you can jonghyun *faraway look in his eye* times goes by so quickly” / jong: hyung we’re literally four months apart”) 
  • also his birthday punches hurt a lot wtf (there is also an option of birthday ddakbam but jong’s head might explode if he does that) 


  • kicks jong out of the dorm before the party (“idc where you go you just can’t stay here” / jong: “kibum let me get DRESSED FIRST BEFORE YOU SHOVE ME OUT THE DOOR”) 
  • but tbh what surprises can you plan by now tho
  • he knows that jong knows that he knows that he knows, you know? 
  • blew out the candle before jong could heh heh `ㅂ´ and does it again after jong demanded a redo (jong: omg who DOES that) 
  • jong: where’s my gift?? / key: my presence is your present / jong: ok / key: it’s a lot punnier in english ok 


  • keeps kicking around the balloons like soccer balls 
  • made taemin sit on the ground with his arms up so he could use them as a goal but keeps kicking them square in his face and not through his arms
  • why is he always on candle duty 
  • the name flaming charisma was never meant to be taken literally!!!!!
  • he found this 5 candle (jong: why is it a five / minho: bc……….. there’s five of us……… and taemin help / taemin: you’re five. call me hyung) 
  • *grabs jonghyun’s neck and slams his head into the cake* (onew: oh *puts down his fork*) 


  • forgot to pick up the cake 
  • key is going to kill him
  • he begged him for an important job this year instead of his usual one of just making sure that he does NOT send party details to the 5hinee group chat 
  • may or may not have forgotten to even order a cake at all 
  • runs to the bakery (”hi yes i am shinee’s taemin pls if you love shinee sos i will do ring ding dong rn for your cooperation”) 
  • haha score, got the cake in your FACE key hyung 
  • @ jong “omg you’re so old” 6v6


  • honestly cannot tell if this day is about celebrating or punishing him 
  • jk he loves his members 


  • jong: “i knew that you guys were doing this”
  • key: “yeah it’s almost like we’ve been doing this 5 times a year for the past 10 years” 
  • jong: “yeah that too but also taemin ran past me holding a cake box and screaming don’t look at me like 20 mins ago”
  • taemin: *fingerguns at jong* discretion is not my forte


happy birthday, tosh! @ekubou

Icing (Grayson)


“Are you sure he’s gonna like this?” You asked, chewing on the inside of your lip as Grayson pulled the cake from the oven.

“Am I sure my twin brother who I know better than I know myself is going to like this cake that happens to be his favourite?”

You stuck your tongue out at your boyfriend.

“Fuck you.” You laughed, swatting him with a dish towel. Grayson laughed along with you, placing the vanilla cake on the counter. You admired how even though it was his birthday too he was thinking only of Ethan and making the day special for him. It was one of the things you loved about him, his selflessness, but truthfully you loved everything about him.

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WILDTALE: Prologue ~ Undernumb pg .10

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< ✧ > Beginning < ✧ >


Like how they learn most things about each other- they were having a stupid petty fight. Rick got annoyed enough that he yelled at Stan in Spanish, expecting the insult to go over his head. He was not expecting a reply. What concerned him far more than Stan understanding the insult though, was that it implied that all those drunken romantic admissions of affection he’d often said in Spanish were also understood… 

“Yes Sanchez, I know you’re an emotional sap when you think no one can understand you.” wubba lubba dub dub

Voltron season 4

Yeah ok but hear me out. I was watching season 3 for the second time because I have no self control and I’m desperatly avoiding my summer work, and I noticed that the entire the klance development felt a bit… rushed.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that they’re bonding and being there for each other, regardless of shipping, but we have the two of them going from INSISTING they hate each other to EVERYONE expecting Lance to comfort Keith. If that happened later in the season it would’ve been fine, but the fact that that was the first episode worries me a little.

Because angst is so much more heartbreaking when it affects lovers (or two people who are very, very close).

Think about it, the writers are definitely aware of the ships going around in the Fandom, so I doubt the whole Klance development was random. It would’ve been entirely logical for Lance to talk to Hunk or Allura about his insecurities, but he went to Keith.

I’m not going to go into detail about the purposeful directing in those scenes, because there are so many blogs that have explained everything beautifully.

Anyways, my point is: what if they’re planning to completely crush our souls the second before Klance becomes canon.

My own theory is that they’re hyping up both the Klance and the Langst so much because they’re going to hurt Lance, and as a result, Keith. If you think about it, that would completely ruin the entire team.

If we take into account the theory of clone!Shiro, who’s not accepted by the black lion, and Lance and Allura’s bond over the blue lion, it all plays out perfectly (in a destructive sense).

Hunk would obviously be devastated his best friend is gone/hurt. Allura would most likely have even more trouble with Blue. Pidge would probably panic to a certain degree, because Lance is her friend and she’s smart enough to realize Shiro is different. Keith would become so impulsive and dangerous as a leader he could put the entire team in jeopardy. Lotor, being the frighteningly good strategist he is, would take advantage of the chaos in the team and strike.

So what I’m saying is, don’t cut the cake just yet, we may have to deal with a lot of shit this October.

so it was brought to my attention a post by @phanickingphantrash that dan and phil have changed the title of every tatinof-related video other than the actual youtube red movies, their trailers, and the dapgoose event, to include “(Bonus)”. and my demon phannie ass has been thinking. 

a concept: “TATINOF: The Cake Scene (Bonus)” 

A Better Man

Anonymous said:85. “I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go to a doctor.” with Jamilton in the Uncharted AU?

Anonymous said:Number two Jamilton??? POSSIBLY TREASURE HUNTERS/UNCHARTED AU? 

tori-toni said:Do you mind writing #2 from the prompt list with Jamilton please? You’re the best💙 

Anonymous said:2 jamilton pls 

porksoda01 said:can i request a fanfic?? i would really really love Uncharted AU Jamilton Either number 2 or 91 Also i really love your art and your fanfictions, bury me with them

#85  I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go to a doctor.” #2  “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”

1,160 words for the Uncharted au 

The rush of relief Hamilton feels when he finally knocks on the crooked door of this third rate hotel room almost brings him to his knees. He’d had to give the remainder of the water logged bills in his pocket to a rug merchant in the plaza to get the name of the place, had had to bribe the clerk with his watch for the room number but in the end it was worth it. Despite his fatigue, his stomach rolls in anticipation. Even after everything that’s happened it still does, it always will. But that’s not what’s important right now.

He knows he has no right barge in like this, but the situation is urgent and he has nowhere else to turn, no one else he could trust with this. If he thought there was someone else he wouldn’t be here asking this much. He knows he has no right to be asking for favors, especially not one this big, not after what he’d done to him, to the two of them. But those psycho power hungry British D bags have the only person Alexander has ever considered as a father figure in their clutches, and once they get what they need from him they won’t hesitate to kill him, he’s sure of that. They’re ruthless and determined as hell to cover their tracks, which is why Alexander needs this favor. He only hopes that can put their messy history aside for the sake of their mutual friend

The door swings open and Hamilton practically collapses inside, feeling his way along the wall over to the couch overburdened with hand woven blankets. He drops boneless onto it, clutching at the shooting pain just below his right rib. His whole body aches. He’s see a lot of shit in his life but that ordeal may take the cake. His arms have never felt so heavy, he’s never been this thirsty in his entire life. Hamilton leans back against the sofa with a groan.

“Alex? Oh my god, what happened?”

His body screams at him to stay prone and let sleep overtake him, he hasn’t slept in nearly thirty six hours? Maybe longer. He’s on the verge of passing out but that’s simply not an option. Despite the shooting pain in his- everywhere- Alexander lifts his head and prys open his eyes.

Thomas is still as amazing as always. Strong and witty and surprisingly cunning. Hamilton never deserved him. If he’d cared about him at all he would have left him be, would have tried to shield him from this ongoing shitstorm that is his life. He deserves to be safe, to have that white picket fence life he would have had if he and Alexander had never met. And Alexander had tried, god had he tried to live up to Thomas’ expectations of him, but the unknown and the thrill and freedom of this work had been like a siren call to him. They were both unhappy, Alexander had felt trapped though it was never Thomas’ fault. He often fears that’s how Jefferson had interpreted his restlessness. If he could do it over again Hamilton knows he would do better, because this treasure hunting may be his life, but Thomas is the only thing that’s ever made it worth living, a bigger reason to make it out alive then simply spite or egotistical ambition. If he could do it over again he’d be better, but Alexander knows he doesn’t deserve that chance, he’s got no right to drag Thomas down again.

So, instead of saying any of this, instead of offering up any number of  apologies or affectionate greetings, Hamilton stammers out. “I need a favor.”

Jefferson  is at his side in an instant, sitting right there beside him on the couch looking mortified. “Hey hey hey, it’s okay. They can’t hurt you now, alright. Okay whatever this is we’re going to get through this. Alex what the hell happened to you?”

“Pirates” he gasps, stabbing pain shooting up his chest as he tries to readjust himself.

“Are you bleeding? Alex-” Thomas tries to pull his hand away but Hamilton waves him off.

“It's’ fine. Thomas listen, they have Wash, King and Hail, they got him, they’re going into the disaster and I need to go after them.” He desperately needs some water too but that can wait for now.

“No no no Alex no” Thomas chides him, trying so hard to keep it together, but Alexander can hear the trembling of his voice.  He pushes the limp, blood caked, salt crusted hair from his face, rub his thumb gently over Alexander’s cheek. “You need to rest alright? You need to rest-”

“- I don’t need to rest Thomas-”

“-You need to rest and let me clean you up and- and call a doctor.” Thomas finishes firmly.

“I don’t have time okay.” he pushes Jefferson’s hand always despite how much it hurts him to do so. “I just need to find them before they disappear again. I just need information, then I’ll be out of your hair.”

“You think I’m just going to let you go back out there like this? All by yourself?” Jefferson eyes are hard and indigent now. “Alex, they have a whole army, and you could barely make it to the couch. It’s a suicide mission.”

If he had more energy, maybe Hamilton would have put up a better fight. Instead he just mumbles. “It’s Wash, Thomas- I can’t just, abandon him.”

“And who’s going to save him when you get yourself killed?” Jefferson snaps. “Honestly Alexander, you’re so stubborn. Would you just shut up and listen to me for once?! Instead of running right back out there to get yourself killed because you’re too proud to admit that you’re human, or that you need help, you idiot!”

“I almost died you know.” Hamilton relies, which probably doesn’t help his case or ease Thomas’ nerves at all “A little sympathy would be nice.”

“I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go to a doctor.” Jefferson says, and while the statement itself is harsh, Alexander sees the way the other man softens around his edges, his voice low and disappointed above all else.

Hamilton sighs, and he remembers how painfully breathing is at the moment. “Thomas, please can you just-” he runs a hand wearily over his face. “Please, just call James, or Laf, see if anyone has any information about where they might have taken him. Please.”

Thomas looks like he wants to say more but at the same times knows that it would be worthless to try and convince him any further. “Okay” he whispers, standing from the couch. Instantly Alexander misses his presence.

He disappears into the kitchen for a few minutes while Hamilton fights very hard against his bruised and battered brain to stay conscious. Jefferson returns with a glass of water and that same troubled, disappointed expression. Alexander shuts his eyes tight to hide himself from its gravity. He so tired of disappointing Thomas, after this he swears he’s going to do better.

“Here-” Jefferson presses the glass into his hand as he settles down beside him on the couch once more. Hamilton takes it and gulps it down greedily. “Laf says they’re caravan is already two days into the desert.” his heart plummets “But there’s a plane scheduled to drop off supplies, it leaves from the airport one town over.”

Alexander quickly finishes the water, resisted the urge to lick the remaining drops from the side of the cup, and sets it down on the end table. “Alright then let’s go.” he makes to stand, but Thomas wraps a hand around his forearm and pulls him back down.

“The plane doesn’t leave until tomorrow morning” he tells him, and again fingers thread affectionately through his hair. Alexander preens under the touch even though he knows he doesn’t deserve to. “It doesn’t leave until morning Alex, please just- rest. Just a few minutes okay?”

Be better, Hamilton tells himself as Jefferson’s imploring gaze engulfs him. Stop hurting him, be worthy of that look. God he wants to be, be a better man for Thomas’ sake.

He gives a vague little nod, allowing Jefferson to guide him down gently until his head is resting on his lap. The fingers stroking his hair are kind and familiar, a mercy Thomas isn’t obligated to show him but Alexander will take it. He’s been so starved for him since they’ve been apart. He glances up at him and all his goodness and unfathomable patience, then looks down at his left hand. The homely gold band still shines dully on his third finger and Alexander hopes that that means as much to Thomas as it does to him.  Slowly, Hamilton reaches over and takes Jefferson hand in his own, rolling the band gently between his thumb and forefinger.

“I’m sorry” he mutters.

Sorry for putting Thomas out like this. Sorry for getting him involved, once again, in his mess of a life. He’s sorry that he’s not the man Thomas expected, or the one he deserves.

“I know.” Thomas says softly in return.

With Jefferson’s hand in his Hamilton promises to himself to do better, to really, truly try. This grand adventure will be his last one, no matter what. He’s choosing Thomas this time, for better or worse.

Newcomers Pt 14

Pt 14

“What?!” Hesky shouted waking the baby so he had to pick him up and try and soothe him “What did you just say?” he said quieter to Cathy over the vidcom.

“The Gal are our cousins, genetically of course but you get it”

“Yeah I get it but what was that other bit about a symbiont?”

She showed him hers on the back of her neck “They’re awesome, I’ve never felt better since I had it, I’m faster, stronger more aware and….well I’m more….toned”

“Oh?” Hesky said raising an eyebrow and looking at her chest “And you are not just being forced to say this like they are taking over?”

“No they are separate minds, in fact the symbiont doesn’t have any sense of self awareness, it’s like a gland or another organ”

Hesky was still not convinced “Look, I’ve been called the crazy one in this relationship more than my fair share of times but I think you may have taken the cake”

“Talk to Dr Cassion he can put your worries to rest”

“I thought he was down on the planet?” Hesky asked.

“He is a plot device he will go where the writer needs him to go”

“Well that’s just plain lazy writing”

Hesky took Depit with him and headed to the medbay, word of the Gal’s genetic compatibility with them had spread like wildfire and was greeted with excitement. The Gal were shocked at how the Humans who had been originally rather suspicious of them and even fought battles in the past were now greeting them like old family and inviting them to visit Terra itself.

Hesky turned a corner and discovered something to his surprise and annoyance.

“Major Stabby now?” he said and the roomba made a chimed noise at the sound of it’s name and Hesky saluted it and walked on by. “Bloody thing will be running the whole fleet soon” he grumbled.

The door to the medbay opened as he approached and he found Dr Cassion there looking through a microscope

“Dr Cassion?”

Cassion looked up form his work and moaned to himself “If your here that means I have to explain something”

“Well that is kind of your role in this” Hesky said coming in.

“Fine fine, sit over there”

Hesky took a seat and Cassion pushed himself away on his chair from his desk but overshot where Hesky was sitting and hit the wall.

“Whoops, don’t worry I’m coming back” he said using his feet to pull his chair along and in front of Hesky.

“Well, it’s about these symbionts”

“They are not brain worms like from that old film” Cassion interrupted.

“That thought had crossed my mind”

“Well they do not have the mental capabilities for that and I would know I’ve dissected about a dozen of them”

“The Gal are okay with you doing that?” Hesky said surprised.

“They gave them to me for that reason”

At that moment a Gal appeared from behind a curtain holding a small beaker full of some black liquid. “Where do you want me to put this?” he signed to Carssion.

“Oh put it on my desk, don’t go anywhere you can help me explain some things to this idiot”

“I am sitting right here”

“But you are holding a baby so I’m pretty sure I can either take you and/or outrun you”

“How can I help?” signed the Gal

“He is scared of the symbiont” Cassion said

“I am not scared of them just…concerned” Hesky protested.

“Wait a minute” the Gal signed approaching Hesky “Are you not the one that ate one of us on Remur?”

Hesky’s eyes widened “Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmm….you can’t prove that”

The Gal made a noise that sounded like gargling, this was how the Gal laughed and it made the same actions of holding it’s body like a Human would when they laughed.

“Oh you bastard” Hesky said.

“So back  to the symbiont” Cassion said holding a small jar “Do you want it or not?”

Hesky looked at him and at the Gal who regarded him and smiled “Yeah go on I’ll give it a go”

“Marvellous” Cassion said unscrewing the jar and looking inside “Where’d it go?”


“It’s gone, this jar is full of tuna, oh fuck I think I had it for breakfast”

The Gal shot a look at him as if shocked by this.

“I’m kidding! This jar is empty I don’t know where it is”

Just then a Gal symbiont came running across the floor and the door to the medbay opened.

“Oh no” Cassion said seeing Major Stabby appear, it’s scanners detecting what it thought to be a harmful parasite and began hunting the symbiont.

It became a race as to who could grab it first.

“Gal grab it!” shouted Cassion who ran to try and bar Stabby’s path but ended up getting stabbed for his trouble, he fell tot he floor holding his left foot.

“I got it!” Hesky shouted stamping his foot down but the symbiont darted under a bed, the Gal then extended one of it’s tentacles underneath to get but abruptly withdrew it.

“It bit me” it signed.

“Those things have teeth!” Hesky shouted.

All the while Depit was still in his father’s arms was laughing and enjoying all the commotion.

“Stop Stabby, if he gets it he will kill it and I can’t afford to loose another one” Cassion shouted.

“He won’t listen to me he outranks me” Hesky shouted back, then Stabby made a turn towards the Gal who leapt up onto the wall and out of it’s reach.

“Get down form there and help us you fishy bastard!” Hesky shouted.

“No way that thing is armed” it signed.

“Then hold him” Hesky handed the Gal, Depit who was held by the Gal’s remaining tentacles.

“Here I got him” Hesky grabbed Stabby but forgot he was magnetized to the floor “Oh no” he muttered before a burst of speed dragged Hesky across the room and into a cabinet making it fall on him. “Whoever had the bright idea to equip him with power motors can now be considered a idiot”

“You two would get on grand then” Cassion laughed and Hesky threw one of the fallen cabinets contents at him.

The door opened once more and everyone froze, Stabby had called reinforcements. The medbay became flooded with roomba’s some of which were larger and equipped with servo arms to right fallen furniture, Heksy then saw the symbiont trying to climb the wall with Stabby and three other roombas below it, one with arms reaching for it.

“Oh shit” he said getting to his feet, trying and failing not to fall over the roombas which now carpeted the floor, he leapt reaching for the symbiont who then sensed his presence and seeing it’s route of survival leapt at him to. The two met in mid air of which the symbiont wrapped it’s tentacles around Hesky’s arms and ran over his body and latched itself to the nape of the neck. Hesky screamed at the sudden impact of the symbionts teeth but it went an instant later as the symbiont injected pain killers.

Then in a single instant all the roombas stopped, scanned the area now seeing now sign of the symbiont, they left the medbay and the larger ones finished righting the overturned furniture. Stabby left last and played a tune which supposed to a response to the crew thanking him for cleaning the room.

The Gal slowly made it’s way off the wall and stood next to the two Humans who were panting. “You know, you would save yourselves a lot of trouble if you took the knife off that thing” Cassion and Hesky looked at him.

“Just give me my son dip shit” Hesky said taking Depit form him.

“Your spawn is cute” the Gal signed

“Child, it’s called a child and yes he is”

“He clearly takes after the mother” Cassion said moving away and Hesky swung his arm to slap him over the head but missed.

“Well thank you Doctor” Hesky said going to leave.

“Oh I’m not really a doctor, I am just a plot device to be used to explain things and bring the occasional comedy, like you were at first”

“Will you stop breaking the fourth wall!”


anonymous asked:

Hmm. How about a soulmark drabble where Caroline knows they are soulmates but is desperately trying to keep Klaus from finding out. (He's got that darn possessive look about him and she just wants to travel) Maybe she lies about her name or just straight up avoids him?

The first time Caroline realizes how much trouble she was in was Singapore. She’d seen the vampire with his pretty curls in Berlin, had noticed the perfection of his lips in Milan. But it’d been Montreal that she’d started to clue in that the soulmate mark beneath her collarbones had a funny pulse to it, almost like a heartbeat, when he was around.

Singapore was where she’d first heard his name, skating through the crowd, fingertips stained from the chili crab she’d abandoned. She’d moved as fast as she dared, heart thumping in her throat like a rabbit. For the first time since she’d fled Mystic Falls, she felt like prey and she hated it.


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anonymous asked:

Andrew and Neil go to an amusement park where Neil gets lost and Andrew *definitely does not* panic and worry, please! You are so amazing!

So like I kind of kept to the prompt??? Amusement park became State Fair, and Andrew and Neil lowkey became all the Foxes??? I’m sorry???

The parking area is already filled to the brim when they arrive. Andrew is pretty sure this doesn’t even count as a parking lot; the large field weighed down by rows upon rows of cars. There are numerous people in reflective yellow jackets using neon orange cones to direct traffic, and Andrew follows the line of cars to the next available spot. Matt’s truck pulls in beside the Maserati, and everyone climbs out, smiles out and wide in anticipation. Families and groups of teens alike weave their way through the cars around them, their chatter and laughter carrying on the breeze. It’s almost enough to drown out the screams and music coming from the Fair.

Despite it only being early October, the air has a chill to it with the sun gone, so the Foxes pull on hoodies and jackets before heading towards the epicentre of excitement. The sky is a pale indigo above their heads, a view stars blotching the inky surface, but the bright flashing lights up ahead are quick to wash them out. With each step closer, the scent of fried dough and spun sugar gets stronger, and seems to fuel the buzz reverberating through the group.

It doesn’t take long to get tickets, and then they’re moving through the entrance gate into the fairgrounds. The lights and sounds are even worse in the mix of things. A cacophony of chaos that grates on Andrew’s nerves and twinges at his temples like the start of a headache. He briefly wonders why he even agreed to come to the State Fair, but he finds he minds a little less when he takes in Neil’s expression. The striker’s face is bright, and his eyes are wide. The start of a smile tugs at the corners of his lips as he whips his head around to take everything in.

“Let me guess,” Andrew starts. “You’ve never been to a State Fair before.”

“Actually, I have,” Neil says. “Crowds like these are a great way to lose someone who’s chasing you.”

“Oh my god; that’s so sad,” Matt chimes in. “You need the full Fair experience, Neil! We’ll start with the Tilt-a-Whirl.”

“The tilt a what?”

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Ten traits of highly successful people

1. Successful people have brains, but not as much brains as successful zombies. Successful people typically have enough brains to fill one skull and no more. Back away slowly if they have more.
2. Successful people are not soluble when placed in a water bath at 40 degrees celsius and lightly stirred for half an hour.
3. They fart. Based on out probabilistic model, we believe it is highly likely that every successful person throughout history has farted. It is practically the mark of top-notch humaning.
4. They are not made of cake. They may be made of processed cake, but we have tested people made of raw cakestuff and they have some significant deficiencies, to wit: they go dry over time; their legs fall off; they cannot hold a conversation; if left in a public place passers-by tend to eat them; and they are not warm to snuggle in bed at night.
5. We tried standing some successful people on the shoulders of giants but they mostly just fell off. Possibly this was because we didn’t have any giants so we used a shed instead. Now our shed has a hole in the roof and we can see through it which is by any measure a sign of a successful hole, so I think we can all agree that we have learned something about success.
6. After much research, we have also obtained The Box. It is about one metre by one metre by 50cm and a fetching shade of cardboard brown. Nobody is thinking in it at the moment, which means that all of the successful people must be thinking outside it, which is how we can be sure that we definitely have The Box and not just any old box. We are considering hiring it out as a respite space for exhausted entrepreneurs. Please let us know if interested.
7. Successful people have reflections in mirrors and the only roofs they can travel through are ones with holes in them.
8. They do not spout streams of red-hot magma down their slopes at unpredictable intervals. This is the mark of a successful volcano. It is not the mark of a successful person. Learn from our mistakes.
9. Successful people ask the right questions, like ‘when can I get out of this bath?’ and 'can I have some of that cake?’. These are the right questions because we need to get rid of the cake people because they are going dry and our beds are full of crumbs, so we thought we would sleep in the bath, but we cannot sleep in the bath because the solubility test is still ongoing.
10. We are fairly sure successful people sleep. Would you like some cake? We think we have nearly enough data to publish now.

I may have spent a really long time making this cake today. As someone who thrives off creativity I had such a good time decorating it (and coming up with all the separate components). It’s also evident I am not the time of person who believes in ‘less is more’ 😉. The best part of it all is that ever single thing is vegan. Apart from cake making and the boring part of cleaning a very messy kitchen, I can’t actually remember what else I did today, although I did have a good solo dance party and watched a few episodes of Gilmore Girls.

 P.S cake taste great, thank goodness!


Ginger :-)

Hello, he is always curious when I put something on the table, he smelled my coffee, I told him he doesn’t need, lol, he has enough energy. :-))

I made the hazelnut magic cake, as you may have seen in the past some of my pictures of my  magic cakes. It’s one batter and when it’s baked, it has 3 layers (a sponge, a cream and the bottom is a flan). 

I would like thank you for your comments regarding my snow animation, it was fun to do, am learning more stuff, for the past 2 years after a hard time in my life, I put aside my work as a graphic designer and I completely stopped the animations, now I enjoy again to do it and it’s fun with AE software, I will post more stuff, I found some fun animations to do. 

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