may i stab you

@raburine suggested I draw Fukawa! I just finished Ultra Despair girls too, so the timing was pretty funny.

I think it’d be cute for her and komaru to do a uniform swap! Fukawa probably wouldn’t know what to do with such a short skirt ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

DBZ Abridged Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan Quotes Meme

-“Is this the worst, or what?”

-“Surprise, you worthless runt! It’s time for your hourly beating!”

-“I beg of you, *Muse name*, please stay! For roughly…three–maybe three and a half hours?”

-“See, he’s slow, and he gets it.”

-“I’m a foot and a half taller than you, but, whatever…”

-“I don’t know what’s going on anymore.”

-“What’s your power level?”

-“You’re not supposed to start all-out. You’re supposed to start off small and then work up to it.”

-“Someone fetch me a better dagger so I may properly stab this baby!”

-“What the f**k are you doing back here?!”

-“As my first decree, you shall only call her Princess/Queen *Inster muse name*”

-“How wise you are, my lord/lady/queen/king. How about we take a tour of your beautiful new palace?”

-“All Hail Princess/Queen *Insert muse name*”

-“A genuine demon?“

-”All Hail Lord *Inster muse name*”

-“While you’re here having this "crisis”, we’re out there getting beaten into a bloody paste!”

-“You’re new. What is your power level?“

-“No, please! If you are angry, use your whip on me. I can take it…“

-“That’s hot.”

-“Pretty sure when you rule over a planet, the planet is your kingdom.”

-“Explain, shitstain”

-“I’m confused. Am I being pranked? Cause I don’t do jokes.”

-“Our talks are nice.”


-“And now, my lord. Behold! Your magnificent new kingdom.”

-“You promised me a kingdom, but I have no subjects, no infrastructure, and a throne made of wood! What am I, the Space Pope?!”

-“Actually, we much enjoy the slavery.”

-“I woke up this morning for a gay wedding… I did not expect this.”

-“You said your power level was pretty big, right?”

-“You know me so well.”


-“ Are you drunk already? The reception just started.”

-“I want a divorce.”

-“ But now is *Insert Muse Name*! NOW *Insert Muse Name*!”

-“I am starting small.”

-“He has devolved into only saying a single word.”

-“There’s no way we’re going to miss sadism like this!”

-“What is sadism?”

-“But I like baths.”

-“Okay, first of all, calm down.”

-“Princess *Insert muse name*”

-“You dirty boy/girl”

-"Got it. Leaving.”

-“Are…you sure?”

-“I’ll end it in One Punch Man.”

-“Then what is a God to anon-believer?!”

-“Oh, that’s so cool.”

-“Your hair looks like lavender but smells like strawberries…”

-“What’s wrong, *Insert muse name*?! Don’t you care if I kill your son?!”

-“My power… My power is…MAXIMUMER!”

-“Man, this just isn’t my day.”

-“I suggest we all run.”

-“What is a king to a God?”

-“Do you believe now?”

-“That’s f**ked up, man.”

When you stab your brother through the chest with Yamato just right

My horrible contribution to the Pacha Meme

I just had to okay I wanted to do Vergil because I had came up with the perfect caption for him so I did this
I know there’s lotza shit missing in his coat and stuff but i still find that shit too hard to draw so whatever lol  I TRIED OKAY

I Heard That You’ve Been Having Some Trouble Finding Your Place In The World, I Know How Much That Hurts - CLOSED

@im-craig-tucker-fuck-you || Continued From Here

At a loss for words, the goth simply strode across the room, careful of fallen bottles and glass, and dropped onto the bed. It barely dipped with his meager weight, and he crawled over without disturbing it too much. Wrapping his thin, small body around the other’s, tugging his face into his chest, he gave a long-suffering sigh.

“It matters because you matter to me.” He whispered into the other’s hair, pressing a kiss to the crown of his head, “I want you to be okay. What’s going on? What’s up? Do you need to talk to someone? Should I stab someone for you?” All of these questions may have come too quickly, but he wanted desperately to help. Craig meant so much more to him than he could put into words.

Some of my favourite asagao qoutes, p.2. (PBG route addition):


Mai: “why does anybody ever need Calculus?  Who uses Calculus? Who uses school?”

Jon: (to pbg) “Come over to daddy. Come hug me. I’m sorry for hurting you.”

Mai: “you better bring her back safely, or i’ll stab you with a lance made of toothpicks.”

Jared: “Did somebody say… Fanservice?”