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Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

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DBZ Abridged Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan Quotes Meme

-“Is this the worst, or what?”

-“Surprise, you worthless runt! It’s time for your hourly beating!”

-“I beg of you, *Muse name*, please stay! For roughly…three–maybe three and a half hours?”

-“See, he’s slow, and he gets it.”

-“I’m a foot and a half taller than you, but, whatever…”

-“I don’t know what’s going on anymore.”

-“What’s your power level?”

-“You’re not supposed to start all-out. You’re supposed to start off small and then work up to it.”

-“Someone fetch me a better dagger so I may properly stab this baby!”

-“What the f**k are you doing back here?!”

-“As my first decree, you shall only call her Princess/Queen *Inster muse name*”

-“How wise you are, my lord/lady/queen/king. How about we take a tour of your beautiful new palace?”

-“All Hail Princess/Queen *Insert muse name*”

-“A genuine demon?“

-”All Hail Lord *Inster muse name*”

-“While you’re here having this "crisis”, we’re out there getting beaten into a bloody paste!”

-“You’re new. What is your power level?“

-“No, please! If you are angry, use your whip on me. I can take it…“

-“That’s hot.”

-“Pretty sure when you rule over a planet, the planet is your kingdom.”

-“Explain, shitstain”

-“I’m confused. Am I being pranked? Cause I don’t do jokes.”

-“Our talks are nice.”


-“And now, my lord. Behold! Your magnificent new kingdom.”

-“You promised me a kingdom, but I have no subjects, no infrastructure, and a throne made of wood! What am I, the Space Pope?!”

-“Actually, we much enjoy the slavery.”

-“I woke up this morning for a gay wedding… I did not expect this.”

-“You said your power level was pretty big, right?”

-“You know me so well.”


-“ Are you drunk already? The reception just started.”

-“I want a divorce.”

-“ But now is *Insert Muse Name*! NOW *Insert Muse Name*!”

-“I am starting small.”

-“He has devolved into only saying a single word.”

-“There’s no way we’re going to miss sadism like this!”

-“What is sadism?”

-“But I like baths.”

-“Okay, first of all, calm down.”

-“Princess *Insert muse name*”

-“You dirty boy/girl”

-"Got it. Leaving.”

-“Are…you sure?”

-“I’ll end it in One Punch Man.”

-“Then what is a God to anon-believer?!”

-“Oh, that’s so cool.”

-“Your hair looks like lavender but smells like strawberries…”

-“What’s wrong, *Insert muse name*?! Don’t you care if I kill your son?!”

-“My power… My power is…MAXIMUMER!”

-“Man, this just isn’t my day.”

-“I suggest we all run.”

-“What is a king to a God?”

-“Do you believe now?”

-“That’s f**ked up, man.”

@raburine suggested I draw Fukawa! I just finished Ultra Despair girls too, so the timing was pretty funny.

I think it’d be cute for her and komaru to do a uniform swap! Fukawa probably wouldn’t know what to do with such a short skirt ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

sunsetsanddaisies  asked:

How would the boys react to their (only) daughter bringing home their first boyfriend ?

Shu: So your her boyfriend…? (Yes sir, I am.) I’m gonna let you know I’ve fought polar bears before……and if you hurt her im gonna treat you like a polar bear. So your gonna end up dead.

Reiji: You are who my daughter is dating. (Yes I am) You should address me with the proper pronouns. (Yes sir.) That’s better. You better treat her well.

Ayato: Do you think your good enough for the best daughter in the world aka mine? (Yes..) If she come to me complainin’ I will break your face and body.

Kanato: Why are dating my daughter? (Well um…she is pretty and.) Did you really have to think about that? No duh thats shes pretty. (Im-) Shut up. I dont like you. If i hear a tiny complaint I wont hesitate to murder you.

Laito: Do you love her? (I dont kn-) What do you only want her for your personal pleasures? (No thats not-) Shh…you only want to use her dont you? (No-) Just pleasure without love…. Hurt her? I will drain you of your blood.

Subaru: Hurt her you die okay? (Okay..) If I can break the wall in one punch imagine what I’ll do to you.

Ruki: Don’t hurt her. You will surly regret it. (yes sir..) Now get out of my house.

Kou: I have a ton of fangirls you know. (Yes) They love her a lot. If you were to hurt her they would rip you apart.

Yuma: Are you feeling intimidated by my height? (kinda….) Good. If you hurt her I will sit on you, most likely crushing your insides.

Azusa: I have…a knife collection… (oh cool…) I may talk slow……..but I can stab….you mighty…fast.

Carla: (Hello Mrs. Tsukinami.) Im Mr. Tsukinami. (Im sorry I really am. Your name is Carla and you look like a lady.) Do you know who your talking to? (yes.) No you dont. You are very close to being decapitated or executed.

Shin: Im a wolf. (Thats funny..) Im being honest, you know what I could do to you? (No..) Use your bones as a toothpick if you hurt her.

Cupid’s Chokehold

In which Klaus is Caroline’s dirty little secret.

Okay, so obviously I have this thing about season 4 and how good it was, so I decided to make a few Klaroline-inspired changes to the overall canon in this drabble, and hopefully you enjoy! Oh, and this starts after 4X01. And it does contain dialogue from the various episodes between 4X01 and 4X13, so just putting it out there that I don’t own any of that, nor do I own Caroline or Klaus (oh, but how I wish I did).

Oh, by the way, there is smut in this, so you may want to avert your eyes if it makes you uncomfortable.

“Hello, Caroline,”

Caroline groaned, tipping her head and staring up at the sky, as if praying for deliverance.

She turned around, carefully, hoisting her bag firmly over her shoulder. “What do you want?” She asked, coldly.

“I wanted to clear the air, so to speak.” Klaus said, rocking back on his heels.

“Yeah, well, not interested.” Caroline scowled, making to leave when Klaus sped in front of her, halting her departure.

“Just… listen to what I say, Caroline.” Klaus was almost pleading with her.

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A Not so Ruined Moment

Request: can you do one where the reader is part of the BAU and during a case her and Reid get kidnapped by the unsub, reader gets hurt and passes out and spencer is scared to lose her then she wakes up in the hospital with him by her said and lots of fluff??

A/N: I’m not sure about this one. Let me know what you guys think please!

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Voting Gauntlet is over, I am very salty, I am going to stab a bitch

You may continue!

But seriously I’m less mad about losing(well I’m pretty pissed because my child lost)but I’m was more furious about the shitty matchups I’ve been getting during it. Like seriously feh, you don’t give me 3 m!robins and put me up against a Nino, a Merric, and another green tomb user. I love robin but that’s not going to do it

anonymous asked:

"Boyfriend does my makeup"... lets reverse things! Female s/o doing hinata, kageyama and oikawa's makeup (for youtube or maybe it was a dare or something - you can decide that) Good luck with your blog!!!! Pretty amazing so far i must say <3

These are v popular and so cute but ty <3 u so nice ily – Also I’mma do Kags and Oikawa cause I’m just a lil tired rn  

Oikawa Tooru:

Having had a female sibling before, he was completely used to sitting still while someone applied makeup to him. Oikawa Tooru sat beaming up at his girlfriend as she chose a good shade to contour his skin. She talked to the camera and showed certain items, explaining why it was best to use this colour etc. He was helping her with her youtube channel, being a still model while every so often adding some sarcastic comments here and there.

“I know it’s hard to make me more attractive than I already am, but there’s no harm in trying~”

Tooru teased when she began to apply a base layer of foundation.

“If your head grows any bigger with that ego, I may ‘accidentally’ stab you in the eye. I don’t know. No promises”

He smiled, feeling the cold touch of foundation on his skin. If anyone asked, he wasn’t going to lie, having makeup applied onto him was soothing. Although he wouldn’t trust just anyone having a go at his face. Tooru liked listening to her explain what was being used and why, although he had no personal interest in exploring into a makeup career or hobby it was still interesting.

As she began to put some form of cream on his eyelids, he began to ask questions.

“Hey, why use that brush?”
“Why not use that other one?”
“Why do you use that colour?”
“How many eyeshadow colours are you using?”
“Woah, you’re bringing out ANOTHER brush?”

At first it began with general curiosity, which (Name) blinked in surprise, but then answered politely… But eventually he just did it to be annoying.

“I need you to close your eyes, like not open them at all, okay? I’m going to put liquid eyeliner on you”

“How exciting”

“Are you being sarcastic?”

“No way, not me, no siree”

“You’re such a dork”

Smiling, he closed his eyes and let (Name) continue with her endeavours.

“Make the wings so big, that I could poke people with it, okay?”

“Wha- wait what. What. Shut up holy shit”

Grinning, he nearly began to ruin the eyeliner, causing (Name) to freak, which only made the two giggle more and more. After applying mascara, eyebrow makeup and eyelashes, they reached the lipstick stage.

He blinked, feeling the weight of his eyes differ. He rocked lightly back and forth as she explained what lipstick is best to use for his skin type. As she took the lid off, Tooru reached out and pried it from her hands.

“I can do this part”

He grinned, grabbing (Name), his legs reaching around her waist, sort of like a koala. He applied the lipstick on her lips while she frowned at him, confused at his sudden outburst. When satisfied, he leaned over and kissed them, freeing them from his koala embrace.


He said, proudly as he broke the kiss. The lipstick had partially transferred over on his lips, not how (Name) planned it, but it was definitely what Tooru had been waiting for this whole time.

“TAH DAH! I’m more than perfect!”

He announced as (Name) blushed, face palming over how much he cooed at himself as he stared into a mirror.

“Yes. You’re perfect”

She laughed as he blinked at her, emphasising his eyelashes.

“Only because of you, as always”

He said, pulling her in for another kiss. 

Kageyama Tobio:

Due to the past video, Kageyama Tobio was a very frequent request on (Name)’s makeup channel. They wanted to just see more of the adorable couple in action and how Tobio would fare having makeup done on him. It took more convincing this time, (Name) trying to encourage him that it wasn’t going to be that bad. Unfortunately for him, his teammates had watched the video and read the encouraging comments underneath – a handful from Tanaka and Nishinoya. The next time he swore at Hinata meant that he would have to do a penalty of (Name) doing his makeup, who was completely on board with it.

It took him 2 minutes to break.

Pouting and huffing, he sat on (Name)’s bed as she organised her makeup.

“It’s not going to be that bad…”

“It is.”

“I’m just putting eye makeup on you”

“I don’t want you to. I don’t need makeup.”

“Come on, and besides if you could restrain yourself for at least one day by not calling Hinata any names or swearing at him, you wouldn’t be in this position”


“Come on, stop moping!”

Smiling at him, she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

There’s nothing she could do as he was so stubborn that he only allowed her to do just eye makeup on him. Which just meant a simple eyeliner tutorial but it wasn’t so bad.

“Right, stay as still as you can”


“And try not to sulk too much”

As she began to explain how she likes to do a cat eye look, Tobio fidgeted around, eager to just leave. When it was time to apply the liquid eyeliner, he kept blinking and ruining the eyeliner.

“Stop blinking! You’re ruining it! Stop!”

“Mwej I’m not doing… ANYTHING”

“You’re blinking, stay still”




This went on for about 5 minutes before (Name) decided enough was enough.

“Well guys, this is the cat eye look, special thanks to my boyfriend who was a great help”

Tobio was in the bed smearing the eyeliner even more with his hands, rubbing his eyes with tears beginning to form.

“I seriously don’t understand why people put themselves through this, it hurts so much”

“Use makeup remover stop rubbing it in”

As he took his hands away and squinted at (Name), it revealed a very panda eyed Tobio.

He tried to glare at his girlfriend who keeled over in a fit of laughter as he tried to explore for the makeup remover. Needless to say, his teammates called him Pobio in reference to Kung Fu Panda’s Po, for a very long time.

Prompt written: Reylo college AU 

(Notes: Continued under the ‘read more’ due to length.) 

The first time she sees him, she is working the morning shift at the coffee shop two blocks from campus.

While not the most glamorous of jobs, a college girl, (particularly a very broke, very parentless college girl) has to make a living somehow – and how better than catering to the hordes of caffeine-dependent, insomnia-riddled undergraduates of Skywalker University?

The job does have its perks on occasion, including serving the cute football players that usually frequent the shop after practice, being an inadvertent witness to several dramatic college break-ups (Rey has counted the ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ spiel at least thirty-two times already since she started working two months ago), and a boss that didn’t mind her sneaking a free cup of coffee every now and again.

Anyways, Rey clearly remembers the first moment that she catches sight of Ben Solo there – and it wasn’t due to his dashing good looks, witty repartee, or charming smile, but the fact that he is snoring loudly in one of the corner booths, head of black curls buried in his arms and a cold mug of coffee sitting forgotten a foot away.

One meaningful look from her boss and Rey sighs, finishes ringing up the couple at the register (the one consisting of a guy and girl that had difficulty keeping their mouths and other, um, body parts away from each other while ordering), and marches over to the corner booth that houses the unwelcome, snoozing tenant.

Having become quite the expert at rousing students who viewed her coffee shop as an acceptable place in which to indulge in a nap, Rey calmly extracts a pen from her apron pocket, leans over, and jabs the writing utensil mercilessly into the man’s arm.

He awakes with a startled grunt, wavy hair bouncing haphazardly when his head snaps up and his eyes squint at her in disorientation.

Rey takes a startled step back, blushing as she grips a table behind her for support.  Normally the cretins she has to prod awake and scold are in the eighteen-to-nineteen year old range, greasy-haired college boys with cocky eyes and smarmy grins.

This guy is certainly a bit older, and much more than a bit hotter. Her eyes skim over the jagged scar that crosses directionally over his face, before she remembers herself and quickly averts her gaze.

“I’m sorry,” the man says, voice raspy and laden with the remnants of sleep. “But did you just stab me with a pen?”

Dreamy black eyes, strikingly angular face, and cute beauty spots by his nose this guy might have, but Rey doesn’t ever respond well to accusing tones.
“I’m sorry,” she retorts acerbically, cocking her head. “But did I just catch you taking a nap in a coffee shop? That’s what beds are for, buddy. These seats are for paying customers.”

Rey resists the urge to uncomfortably shift her weight from one foot to another when he stares at her blankly for a moment. The compulsion to fidget is further bolstered as a slow smile spreads upon his lips, the wide-set quality of his mouth lending an adorable touch to the whole thing.

“Touché,” he concedes. “I’m clearly at fault here, then, and therefore deserved my punishment via the nib of your pen.” For all of his words of seeming apology, his tone is teasing and unrepentant. “But you can’t even make an exception for an exhausted grad student?”

“No,” she says stoutly, and has the pleasure of pivoting about and stalking away from this human epitome of annoyance.

“I’m Ben,” he calls after her, apparently undeterred by her prickly attitude.

She doesn’t bother to even spare a glance back at him. “So long as you’re Awake Ben and not Sleeping Ben, I don’t much care.”

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  • Ciel: Hey what happened to that one guy who hugged me earlier?
  • Sebastian: I may or may have not stabbed him to death.
  • Ciel: Sebastian you can't just go around killing people for touching me.
  • Sebastian: Well you should have told me that like 2 years ago.
  • Ciel: What do you mean 2 years ago?
  • Sebastian: .............. Oh would you look at that Finny just fucked something up better go fix it.
Request: Hi! If you haven't already done this, could you do one where you hunt with Sam and Dean. Dean acts really rude to you and after a hunt gone wrong he starts screaming at you so you run off. He finds you and apologizes, telling you that he acted like that because he loved you, but was too scared to admit it. Thank you love! I adore your oneshots.

“Hurry up!” Dean yelled to you. You’d been walking in the woods for hours looking for the wendigo, but you hadn’t found anything. Your backpack had become a million times heavier than earlier, and you just wanted to go back to the Impala. On top of all that, Dean had been a huge jerk. He was never “nice” to you, per say, but today he had an especially large stick up his ass.

“Coming.” You said, jogging a little to catch up. You tripped on a branch you didn’t see, and cut your hand falling. 

Dean was by your side in a second, “Seriously?” He asked, eyes angry.

“Sorry, I didn’t see the branch.” You told him.

“Jesus, you need to be more careful! You need to just watch where you’re going!” Dean yelled at you, making you wince. You wanted to yell back, but you knew that wouldn’t help.

“Dean, relax. She just tripped.” Sam said beside Dean. 

Dean muttered something and stood up, immediately walking away. Sam helped you up and handed you a band aid. You placed it over the cut, and kept walking. 

Eventually it became dark, and you became increasingly nervous. You were nervous to begin with, but there was something about not seeing anything that freaked you out. Crazy, right? 

You heard a branch break around you, and you saw Dean tense up. You stopped in your tracks and looked around. After a moment Dean continued walking, so you did too. 

You shouldn’t have kept walking. The instant you moved your feet something ran by you, and you were just able to yell to Dean before being knocked to the ground. A huge monster, the wendigo you assumed, was on top of you. It was horrifying. Everything about this thing was just wrong. The teeth, the body, but the eyes were scariest. They just stared at you, no emotion behind them. 

The monster scratched at you, but you blocked it from hitting your face with your arm. You let out a hiss of pain, but you had bigger fish to fry at the moment. 

You squirmed, trying to get the thing off you. The Wendigo pulled it’s arm back, ready to slash again. You shielded your face, but the arm never came down. 

Slowly, you lowered your arm and saw why. Dean had stabbed the thing, and pulled it off you. He threw the monster, which was still alive, to the side, and threw a liquid on it. It took you a moment to realize it was gas. Then, Dean threw a match and watched as the monster burned up. 

Once the wendigo was finally gone, you let out a breath you were unaware you’d been holding. You shouldn’t have done that, because then Dean realized that you were still there.

“Are you serious?” He yelled, turning on you.

“What?” You asked, unsure what he was made at now.

“You shouldn’t have let your guard down! The whole reason that thing was able to get on you was because you weren’t ready! You could’ve died, and it would have been all your fault!” Dean shouted at you. 

You bit back the tears, and were about to reply with a snarky response. But, you knew if you talked the tears would come. So instead, you glared at him and ran away. 

It was stupid and immature, but you just needed to be away from him! He was always yelling at you. God, he was such a jerk! You were a good hunter, but he just couldn’t see that. You’d tried impressing him a million times, each ending with him being mad about something. You heard a voice yelling for you, but you didn’t slow down. 

You came to a big tree, and started climbing. You got to a fairly large branch, and sat on it. You needed a moment to calm down. Apparently the voice that was yelling for you hadn’t stopped following you. Dean crashed through the bushes moments later, his eyes instantly falling on you.

“Y/N…” He started, but you cut him off.

“Come to yell at me some more? Maybe tell me that if it’s my fault that for something else?” You asked, letting the anger leak into your words.

“I came to apologize.” Dean stated, looking down.

“Then get on with it.” You replied, still pissed.

“I, I’m sorry. I know that I yell at you a lot, but I can’t help it. I don’t want you to get hurt. I know you can take care of yourself, but if you get hurt, it’s my fault. I can’t let that happen.” Dean rambled, and he ended with, “I’d never forgive myself if you got hurt, I love you.” He stopped, realizing what he’d just say. 

You stared at him, all anger gone. Dean loved you? You crawled down from the tree and said, “You love me?”

“I. I mean. I guess.” He sighed, giving up. “Of course I love you. I don’t think anybody has ever been more amazing!”

You kept staring at him, you couldn’t help it! You’d always had a little bit of a thing for him, it was part of the reason his words hurt so much. You walked closer to him and said, “You have a funny way of showing it." 

"I know. I’m sorry.” Dean replied, looking down. 

You pressed up to him, and pushed your lips to his. He didn’t kiss back right away, shocked, but he quickly got into it. His lips were soft and sweet. 

“If you ever yell at me again,” You started, pulling away, “I may just stab you.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever loved you more.” Dean replied, pulling you into another kiss.

(I hope you like it!)