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Things Hockey Fans are tired of Hearing

  • “We need to put pucks in the net.” No really? I thought you scored by throwing the puck over the net.
  • “Lower/Upper body injury.” The most vague description in the world.
  • “The goalie is going to want that goal back.” Damn commentator, back at it again with the obvious statements.
  • “That’s not a penalty you want to take.” Goddamnit guys, why didn’t you get a different penalty.
  • “They win and lose as a team.” Tell that to the media who is currently blaming the goalie and maybe one other guy.
  • “That’s a goal you score when you’re the teams goal-scorer.” Brilliant Dr. Obvious, may I have another?
  • “They need to score another goal.” Do you hear that guys? YOU NEED TO SCORE ANOTHER GOAL.
  • “They need to play their game.” Alright guys, I know you wanted to play the Bruins game but tough shit, we’re the Caps.
  • “They need to stay healthy.” Well I’ll be, who knew injuries were bad for a team.
  • “You just won the cup, how do you feel?” Like I would still rather be anywhere in the world but standing here with you Pierre.
  • “The game is on his stick” that’s a puck
  • “A penalty is gonna be called, what’s it gonna be?” Friggen wait 15 seconds, they’ll announce it.
  • “Why are they fighting?” 10 grown ass testosterone riddled men are chasing a small piece of rubber.
  • “They need a win here.” How lovely, we are no longer in need of a loss. We’re fully stocked on those guys.
  • “Going between the benches with Pierre McGuire.” Oh my God, this silence is so blessed.
  • “He shoots top shelf where momma hides the cookies.” My mom hid the cookies at the store.
  • “He beat him like a rented mule.” Hi ASPCA, I need to report some animal abuse.
  • “He’s not helping his team in the penalty box.” He’s not helping out of it either to be fair.

music scores will up your motivation and are honestly the best things to listen to when reading or studying, so here’s a giant list I made for anon;

best way to start is to listen to absolutely anything by two steps from hell or audiomachine

there’s way more but that should be a start ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

EDIT: I’ve uploaded these to a playlist on YouTube

Bloody Nose

Summary: An unexpected noseblood during class strikes up an immediate friendship with no other than Reggie Mantle.

Word Count: 2,220.

A/N: Honestly, I’m utterly in love with Reggie by now. This was a complete blast to write and as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy! (also yes i’m very well aware that that’s a zach gif and not reggie one, oh well)

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Check To The Heart (Part 9)

Bucky x Reader

Modern day Hockey AU

SUMMARY: You are the daughter of one of the greatest hockey players to ever play the game, now as owner of the Avengers, he is bringing your childhood crush Bucky Barnes to the team.  The minute he sees you in your father’s office, you can tell by the smirk on his face he hadn’t forgot about your crush either.  This is going to be fun.

CTTH Masterlist

It had been a whole week since you had been to the arena.  You had holed yourself up in your apartment, you had blamed Bucky of course, for you getting sick.  Technically it was your fault, but you weren’t gonna tell him that.   You were finally feeling a bit better, but knew there was no way you were able to go to the game and sit in the cold.  The Avengers were playing another rival, The Ironmen.

The ironmen were lead by Tony Stark, a cocky player who was almost as good at hockey as he thought he was.  Steve and Tony had a lengthy history, their fathers had played together in college.   They had also played together off and on throughout the years, but for some reason, unknown to you, they had a falling out and never reconnected.   It seemed as if Tony had it out for Steve and vice versa.  This game wouldn’t be as brutal as a game versus Hydra but it would still be bad.

You bundled yourself up on the couch with a blanket and grabbed your beer and a slice of the pizza you had ordered earlier.  It was the last period of the game and it was tied two to two. Tony Stark, the captain of the Ironmen, had been taking shots at Steve and Bucky the whole night.  It was like he had a personal vendetta against the two of them.  He purposely was hitting them into the boards every chance he got.

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my favorite moment in any anime


Person A: …who the fuck are you

anonymous asked:

Hey Sam - doing on this on anon because I don't want inadvertent blow-back, but it seems some on tumblr are planning to do a "boycott" by not posting/logging off/etc on Sept 1st (because staff is doing nothing re nazis and their ilk on tumblr). For some reason I want to say you've commented before on how while their hearts are in the right place it actually won't do anything that is noticed by staff etc? Or am I wrong? What do you think, Fandom Dad/Brother? Is this idea useful? What should we do

As far as I can recall I’ve never talked about how in general protest won’t do anything – I don’t actually know enough about how tumblr measures metrics to say that, and I wouldn’t feel at all comfortable telling people not to boycott just because I thought it wouldn’t help, unless I had a better idea to share. So I think on that score you may be confusing me with someone else. Or misremembering something I said about how staff doesn’t seem to give a fuck about what we say. Tough to say. My memory is poor. *squints at own journal* 

In re: what you should do, I don’t feel comfortable telling people what to do about a boycott without actually having seen discussion of it, which I haven’t – I wasn’t aware it was in the works. A boycott to protest @staff inaction over white supremacists on Tumblr is something I would be in favor of in a general sense, but without more information on who is suggesting it and what people are saying I can’t speak to this specific boycott. (By all means if you guys have links feel free to drop them in comments.) 

However, generally speaking, when situations like this come up, what you should do is stop and think about what your participation will demonstrate about you and your values. Whether or not it causes  immediate or long-term change, participating will demonstrate solidarity with and support for those who have planned it. So I guess the question to ask yourself is where you want to stand. That may not always be with the protesters. Not every march is a march you want to join. The tiki-torch fascists were “protesting” too, after all.

So I always believe you should look at who’s protesting, look at what values they’re presenting (particularly as regards intersectionality, looking at you Chicago Dyke March), and look at “what good” it will do as a distant third. Make your choice based on whether you think your voice should be part of that particular shouting, whether or not the shouting has any effect. 

meangreenlimabean  asked:

I was talking with someone about Rowena in that episode and how flirty she was with Dean and what COULD have happened, and I realized something. Wasn't there a gap in there for some possible Dean/Rowena we didn't see? Now I'm looking very differently at her comment about Dean calling her if he starts to remember anything!

Oh dear… I mean, I don’t think that little of Rowena that she would have taken advantage of Dean in that situation. She, of all people, understood that Dean was not able to consent there. Especially in light of Catriona’s speech to her. Rowena has been in a place of absolute destitute desperation, and Catriona and her family had looked down their noses at her and turned her away. Rowena had even offered herself to ALL THREE OF THEM, implied in a sexual way.

CATRIONA: I remember you… a rag doll all huddled up on our doorstep. I swore I could see the fleas nibbling away at whatever the hell was left of that dirty little body of yours.
And still… still you thought you were worthy of our magic. And when we disagreed… Oh, how you begged– how you threw yourself down and… offered yourself… to each of us.
Boyd almost took you up on it, too. But I told him it would be cleaner with the pigs.

THIS WAS THE SITUATION ROWENA KNEW SHE’D BE CONFRONTING. The fact that she’d once offered herself as what amounts to a sex slave to this entire family (Catriona included), but they’d even rejected that offer, made out of absolute desperation for shelter.

Rowena had recognized Boyd’s body. Dean had KILLED Boyd. This man who’d decided that yes, IT WOULD BE BETTER TO FUCK A LITERAL PIG THAN TO OFFER ROWENA SIMPLE SHELTER.

So, no. I really, really really REALLY don’t want to think that Rowena would’ve done anything with Dean there. Because if anyone knows from what it feels like to be violated when in a completely vulnerable place, it’s Rowena.

Rowena’s comments to Dean that we DID see offered us a HUGE amount of insight into her character. I wrote a bit back in October about why I love Rowena, and I think that’s relevant here, too:

But what Rowena was afraid Dean might remember? And what I imagine he DOES remember but is too much of a gentleman to say? Is this, after she hands Dean the doll to play with and tells him a story:

ROWENA: Once, a beautiful witch was, again, run out of her homeland by those pompous, self-righteous, murderous hooligans. You know them as the British Men of Letters.
She sought refuge with a family of witches. All she wanted was a roof over her head and a safe place to hone her magic. Yet, they threw her out like… like common trash. They said she wasn’t up to snuff.
DEAN: Aw, these witches sound like dicks. I think you got plenty of snuff.
ROWENA:  You can really remember nothing, can you? What a gift not to recall the things you’ve done.
DEAN: What have I done?
ROWENA: Oh, you’re a killer, Dean Winchester.
DEAN: Wait.. I kill people?
ROWENA: Scores. But… but… though you may be a stubborn pain in the arse with the manners of a Neanderthal and the dining habits of a toddler, everything you’ve done, you’ve done [rolls her eyes and makes a gagging face] for the greater good
DEAN: Oh, and that’s supposed to make it okay?
ROWENA: I wouldn’t know. You help those other than yourself. But me? I’ve done horrible things and I told myself it was fine. It was the price of power, and power’s what matters, right?
Then I met God and his sister, the two most powerful beings in the universe, wasting it on squabbling with each other, and I thought if… if they can’t be happy, or at least satisfied, how can there be any hope for me?
DEAN: Why are you telling me this?
ROWENA: Because I know you won’t remember.

This is her confession. This is what makes her vulnerable. THIS IS HUGE INFORMATION. And she’s never been able to tell ANYONE this before.

It hearkens back to the confession she made to Crowley in 11.10 when she was trapped with the Witch Catcher and FORCED to tell the truth. But I think she’s been dying to tell SOMEONE all of this for eons.

And she’s also just a little bit afraid that Dean MIGHT remember it. Because it’s human. She’s just as scared and human as the rest of them. Knowledge is power.

So no, the idea that anything more happened there between Dean and Rowena is absolutely repulsive to me. Sorry.

But I do think Dean will remember, and this will help in 12.13, the next episode that will focus on Rowena and her family issues…

Leo/M!Robin C-S Support

Written by  drizzled-wind


Robin: Excuse me. You’re Lord Leo, are you not?

Leo: So I am. What is your business, tactician?

Robin: Please, just call me Robin. Anyway, I was working on some ideas for battle plans for [y/n] and was wondering if you could help. Word is that you’re quite the strategist.

Leo: …I would certainly be happy to help, but may I enquire as to why you would ask me? There are scores of heroes here with twice my brainpower - such as my brother, for instance. He would offer much more.

Robin: Really? I was under the impression that you have several interesting opinions to contribute.

Leo: I assure you that you would be better off with a more intelligent hero.

Robin: Don’t be so quick to diminish your own talents, Lord Leo. But if that is how you truly feel, well…I have no power to disagree.

Leo: It is. Now, if you will excuse me…

Robin: Hmm, alright. But please, stop by sometime soon. I’m not one to give up that easily!

[Robin leaves]

Leo: …I do wish to help. But I am sure he would be better benefitted by another.

[Leo and Robin have reached support rank C.]


Robin: Lord Leo! I didn’t expect to see you here so soon!

Leo: Yes, well… I decided to accept your offer. It doesn’t seem as though anyone else is assisting you at the moment, regardless.

Robin: Come in, come in! Sorry for the mess; I’m afraid the habit carries over from my own world.

Leo: …

Robin: There we go. Please, sit, and I’ll brief you on the plans I’ve detailed so far.

Leo: Thank you, tac- er, Robin.


Robin: And that’s about the gist of it! Any more pointers, Lord Leo?

Leo: Hmm… You’ve stationed a few units in potentially perilous positions, if you consider the enemy’s skills. Try placing them here instead.

Robin: Ah, I see! That benefits the group as a whole much more. Thank you!

Leo: …It was not much of an achievement. 

Robin: Haha, please don’t mind me. I’m always thankful for any bit of advice that could save a life.

Leo: So you are. Well, are we done?

Robin: Oh… I mean, I suppose so. But I definitely wouldn’t mind if you came over again! For more help, I mean. Seriously, you’re much smarter than you give yourself credit for, Lord Leo.

Leo: If you insist, Robin. I’ll consider the possibility of returning. Though I do wish you would stop lauding me like that. Just look at the successes of others, and you’ll find mine pale in comparison.

[Leo leaves]

R: Lord Leo… I wish he’d stop being so hard on himself. Hmm…time to do a bit of digging.

[Leo and Robin have reached support rank B.]


Leo: Perhaps I should stop at Robin’s after the battle today. I hate to admit it, but talking to him about tactics does give me some sense of self worth.

Robin: Hello, Lord Leo! Who are you talking to?

Leo: Huh?! I-I mean, no one. Ahem. What brings you here, Robin?

Robin: I just showed the plan we worked on together to [y/n], and s/he told me it was excellent! I just wanted to thank you again for helping me polish it to its full potential.

Leo: Yes, well. I’m happy to be of use to someone.

Robin: Say, Lord Leo…
Leo: Hm?

Robin: You mentioned your brother Xander before, right? Why were you so set on saying he was better than you?

Leo: …Because it’s true, of course. He surpasses me in every skill. It’s just the way it’s always been. As the eldest, it is only natural.

Robin: Are you sure? Forgive me for doing so, but I talked to your siblings about you. They made it clear to me that you were a brilliant mage and tactician in your own right.

Leo: *sigh* You will really stop at nothing to dole out praise, no? But I don’t need empty flattery.

Robin: Lord Leo, please don’t constantly degrade yourself like this! Your skills have saved lives, and that is nothing to scoff at. In fact, I insist you come to all further brainstorming sessions on tactics. Your advice is indispensable.

Leo: I…

Robin: Please. You have to see how-

Leo: Enough! You talk too much. But very well, Robin. You win. I will continue to talk strategy with you.

Robin: Really?! Great! I can’t tell you how much this means to me, Lord Leo!

Leo: Haha. Don’t get too excited…it is a meagre repayment for what you have done for me.

[Leo and Robin have reached support rank A.]


Robin: I wonder if he’ll come. I did tell him that it was imperative that he hurried right over…

Leo: Hello, Robin. May I ask what the urgency of your message was for?

Robin: Ah! Leo! Um, well, I just wanted to thank you again for helping me with all those plans.

Leo: I sincerely doubt you called me that frantically just to say that. You mention your thanks every time we meet.

Robin: Er, right.

Leo: …

Robin: …

Leo: Well?

Robin: *deep breath* Yes. I… Well, I have something for you.

Leo: Oh? What is it? Wait, is this..?

Robin: Yes. It’s a ring. It’s because… I-I’m in love with you, Leo.

Leo: I…

Robin: I couldn’t stand how you kept talking down about yourself, and how you were afraid to show your true skills in front of others at times. As I tried to persuade you otherwise and got to know you better, I fell in love with everything about you. Please, Leo, will you do me the great honour of being my husband?

Leo: Haha. Robin, you still talk too much. But I am grateful for your words, for I…am in love with you as well. Your presence has helped me through my doubt as I felt overwhelmed surrounded by all these legendary heroes.

Robin: So you accept!?

Leo: O-of course I do. …Thank you, Robin. It would make me the happiest man alive to marry you.

Robin: Haha! I’m so glad! I love you, Leo!

Leo: I… I love you too.

[Leo and Robin have reached support rank S.]

Unlikely Friends

495 words, and kind the moment Cullen excepts Varric as his friend, rather than an annoyance. I hope you enjoy! 

Scrambling to put his clothes back on Cullen cursed himself, all while the guards patrolling the battlements howled in laughter. Why had he thought he could challenge Josephine in Wicked Grace? The game was built for people like her. “Fool,” he spat at himself as he dug about his chest for something clean. Hearing the latch to his tower door open he peered over the edge, “Maker’s breath who’s calling at this hour?”

“Curly,” Varric’s voice bounced off the walls, followed by the sound of metal clanging together. “Hey, I brought your armor back. Ruffles say you need to see her for the other stuff but I managed to get your gear.”

Sliding down the ladder, a fresh change of clothes -minus boots- he paced over to him, “how did I ever let you convince me to play that game?” Shaking his head as Varric laughed he rifled through the armor pieces.

“Come on Curly, admit it! You enjoyed yourself tonight. You even told a couple stories yourself.” Crossing his arms, he leaned against the sturdy frame of the desk, “even got to make oogly eyes at the Inquisitor. Seeing your streak of shame may have scored you some valuable relationship points.”

“I did not!” Cullen pouted as he did a second count of all the pieces. Every last one was sitting perfectly upon his desk, “I can still hear the laughing.”

“I suppose you don’t want to hear that Buttercup was laying half sloshed under the table either,” Varric burst into laughter as Cullen’s face ghosted white. “Don’t worry Curly, she won’t remember a thing come morning.”

Running his hand over his face Cullen couldn’t help but feel the laughter bubble up in his chest. It truly was a silly night. Each telling tales, drinking, cards and even his shameful loss of his clothes did make for an entertaining evening. Letting the humor strike him he chuckled along with Varric, “alright dwarf, suppose I did enjoy myself. Don’t expect me to play with Josephine for some time. I have some dignity left.”

Standing up straight Varric headed for the door, “oh I doubt that. Dorian gave you a standing ovation and Bull is having the Chargers come up with a good drinking song devoted to your ‘magnificent behind,’ I think he said.”

Groaning loudly Cullen hung his head. Letting one final chuckle roll his shoulder he looked over to Varric, “thank you. Perhaps I do walk around with an entirely too serious look on my face.”

Nodding with a wide grin on his impish face Varric gripped the handle of the door in his hand, “that’s the spirit Curly! Come play another hand of Wicked Grace, no Ruffles tomorrow night. Need to nurse your face back to health.”

Acknowledging his words Cullen smirked, “I’ll see what I can do.”

Opening the door Varric gave one last nod before parting, closing the door behind. Cullen looked down at the laid-out pieces of armor, “thanks friend.”

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💕 / Rei x Usagi

ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴄᴀʟᴄᴜʟᴀᴛᴏʀ ~ | ᴀᴄᴄᴇᴘᴛɪɴɢ ( )

     [ Usagi ] Finally !!

     [ Vex ] * Snicker’s * ‘Bout time, yay ~ 

     [ Usagi ] * Clings to Rei * Though, it should be higher ~

You were losing
  • Alexander Hamilton: Wait, I thought you were still in France? *Actually being polite, a bit confused as to why Jefferson showed up and started the hate*
  • Thomas Jefferson: Ah, I was. But now I'm back and you have to deal with alL OF /THIS/ *Hand flutters from face down to hip, leg sticking out sassily*
  • James Madison: *In background* Ohhhhhhhh buuuuuurn
  • Eliza Hamilton: *At home, but suddenly, a Demonic smile comes to her face* buRN.
  • George Washington: *Already tired of Jefferson's shit, he uses a bored tone* Secretary Hamilton.. your response?
  • Alexander Hamilton: *Stands up, looking at Jeffer and pointing* Go fuck yourself.
  • James Madison: Ohhhhhhh daaaaamn..
  • Thomas Jefferson: james you arE ON MY SIDE
  • James Madison: ..
  • James Madison: Mister president, may I switch sides..?
  • George Washington: Do what you want.
  • James Madison: Score!
  • Thomas Jefferson: James what the hell!?
  • James Madison: You were losing!
  • Alexander Hamilton: Get wrecked Jeffershit.

Nick Viall vs Bonner Bolton - Rumba Danceoff
Dancing with the Stars Season 24 Week 7 May 1, 2017
Song: “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston
Score: Bonner Bolton & Sharna Burgess 2 points

Guys, this is right after Agent Koenig mentions that Fury never said if Natasha Romanoff could beat the Lie Detector. Look at Melinda May. She’s grinning. This is the same Melinda May that almost never smiles. The way I see it there are three options: 1) Melinda knows Natasha. That almost seems like a look of pride.

2) Melinda still thinks Fury is dead. We all know he’s alive, but she doesn’t. She’s trying to remember him, thinking of course, Nick would be paranoid enough to do this. She’s trying to remember him, because she’s not going to have anything else to hold onto.


3) Please if Natasha could beat it so can I this looks like fun CHALLENGE ACCEPTED I WANNA GO FIRST

Personally I think it would be awesome if Natasha and Melinda have a sort of friendly rivalry

2014-2015 Season So Far

New Musicals

Holler if You Hear Me

Honeymoon in Vegas

Fun Home**

Finding Neverland

The Last Ship

Musical Revivals

The King and I

Side Show

On the Town

On the 20th Century

New Plays

The Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night-Time*

The Audience*

This is Our Youth


Play Revivals

Love Letters

It’s Only a Play

You Can’t Take it with You***

*Denotes London transfer

**Denotes Pulitzer Prize Finalist

***Denotes Pulitzer Prize Winner

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Really? Because I like to think those who are against #GamerGate are inadvertently defending corrupt journalists.

i can’t believe all video games are over because someone may have given an AAA game a high score it may not have deserved. you and i will survive this hellish landscape devoid of video games by creating pac-man maps in the sand