may have over edited yet again

Why the fuck am I emotional over these two once again?!

Help, the feels have hit me again. Like a truck this time. What’s the cause? Phan edit videos. I damn well know they make me emotional and yet I still watch them. But everytime I see them there are like weird not really good ones (mostly a bit too sexual but ok) and then there are ones that are like so amazing and pure. Most of the time those are the ones without much editing just like compilations of cute moments. I know damn well how much Dan and Phil love eachother (may it be platonic or not) but I just can’t help but be fascinated by how well they get along. You know from all the youtubers they probably have the strongest (sometimes most annoying) community. I can understand that though, they are both so amazing and their chemistry makes it all the better. Let’s be honest if they wouldn’t get along like they do I wouldn’t be this big of a fan. Surely I would still watch them but I would never go to these emotional lengths. Maybe I sound crazy but what they both have is /so/ special. I am so happy for them but at the same time I’m so jealous, who else can say they found their soulmate? Most married people I know don’t act like this around eachother. Mostly when you spend a lot of time around eachother (which they obviously do) you get tired of the other or things are not as they used to be but Dan and Phils bond seems to be getting stronger and stronger. What kind of witchcraft is that?!

I’m sorry if my English is a bit fucked up rn i just needed to say this. Thanks for the attention.

All Work & No Play

Another unfinished fighting Tayvin fic by @ttaybigailaf and me that may or may not have been prophetic. This one is actually finished for the most part, we just never got around to finding a good way to close it up. It doesn’t read as if it’s unfinished though, so let us know what you think.

Taylor leaned over Adam’s shoulder for the third time in the last hour, kissing his cheek and wrapping her arms around him. He brought his left hand up to hold one of hers while he edited the track on his computer with his right hand.

“Are you done yet?” She whispered, kissing him again. Instead of responding, he played the track again, making a face when it reached the point that he’d been trying to fix up.

“Not yet, babe. This fucking track is going to get done if it’s the last thing I do,”

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