may have over edited yet again

All Work & No Play

Another unfinished fighting Tayvin fic by @ttaybigailaf and me that may or may not have been prophetic. This one is actually finished for the most part, we just never got around to finding a good way to close it up. It doesn’t read as if it’s unfinished though, so let us know what you think.

Taylor leaned over Adam’s shoulder for the third time in the last hour, kissing his cheek and wrapping her arms around him. He brought his left hand up to hold one of hers while he edited the track on his computer with his right hand.

“Are you done yet?” She whispered, kissing him again. Instead of responding, he played the track again, making a face when it reached the point that he’d been trying to fix up.

“Not yet, babe. This fucking track is going to get done if it’s the last thing I do,”

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