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Put on some socks

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x American!Reader
Summary: You’re a member of the Cupler Ring and you’re working with Galahad on a mutual assignment. Overbooked hotels lead to everyone’s favorite scenario: bed sharing.
Genre: Smut, apparently. Fluff, too. Still not sure how the smut happened, though…
Warnings: It’s smut, what do you expect? Things get a little rough (hair pulling, light spanking, etc.), but nothing major.
Word count: 3,910


A/N: Tumblr flipped and screwed the original post up, so let’s try this again…

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“Put on some socks, dammit,” your partner, Eggsy, grunted as he ran a hotel towel over his wet hair. “I don’t wanna deal with your ice feet tonight.”

You chuckled to yourself, shaking your head and looking back down at the tablet resting in your lap. You and Eggsy – or Galahad, as the Kingsmen called him – teamed on this assignment a few weeks back when your paths crossed and you realized you were working the same case. While your team – the “petticoated patriots,” as the larger organization playfully called you – was weary of working with “the red coats,” you happily accepted the help. A fresh set of eyes wouldn’t hurt, and neither would establishing connections and a working relationship with your buddies across the pond.

Additionally, Eggsy was a cute, funny guy. In your line of work, the only guys you ever met were fellow Cuplers (and you weren’t really a fan of dating within the workplace) or bad guys that you had to take down. Hanging out with a cute guy who wasn’t a coworker or criminal was a nice change of pace.

“You’re the one who got all cuddly last night,” you reminded him, your memory flashing back to your new partner holding you close to his shirtless chest throughout the night. “You’re like a fucking furnace, by the way. I actually thought I was going to get heat stroke at one point.”

Eggsy responded by pitching his damp towel at your head, which you promptly tossed to the floor.

“Seriously, my guy,” you continued with a teasing smile. “I woke up like five times last night and you were wrapped around me like a baby koala.”

Eggsy smiled and hopped onto the bed, blue eyes trained on you.

“People love baby koalas,” he told you with a smirk.

You laughed. “Oh, do they?”

“Mhmm,” he nodded, crawling closer to where you sat at the head of the bed. “’sides, love, you’re the one that picked the room. All a ploy to get me into bed, yeah?”

You scoffed, your face heating up at the insinuation. That may not have been your original intention, but it wasn’t as much of burden as you pretended.

“Definitely,” you said. “It didn’t have anything to do with the fact that I booked the room last minute and a single was all they had left.”

“Coulda had the penthouse,” he pointed out, rolling over and leaning against the headboard.

“I see ‘discretion’ isn’t in the Kingsmen handbook,” you said with an eyeroll.

Eggsy shifted in the bed, folding his hands behind his head and glancing down at your lap.

“It is,” he argued, smirk still firmly in place. “It’s just not as important as style.”

“Figures,” you laughed.

He groaned in response, reaching across you and turning off the bedside lamp before inching under the covers.

“Whatever ya say, Yank. Put your socks on and turn in.”


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There’s no use dwelling on what could have been… It’s not a reality, nor will it ever be. It may have been a hope, a dream or a possibility once – but now it exists only in your mind. It is now nothing more than smoke from the flicker of hope that has been blown out… a dream you once had that has now become a haunting nightmare and it’s time to face the fact that any possibility of happiness now lies in front of you – not behind.
So don’t let it torture you any longer.
Stop punishing yourself for the chances not taken, the choices not made and the road not traveled… Look around you at what you still have… look ahead to all the potential futures that still exist for you… You’ve already missed an opportunity once – don’t dwell on it so much you end up missing another that was right in front of you all along… if only you’d opened your eyes and seen it…
Facts, Logic, and Canon: Lucy’s feelings for Natsu

   Fairy Tail seems to be reaching it’s climax, and as such the pairings in which Hiro Mashima is pushing for is becoming more and more obvious. Likewise, the pushback from fans who oppose these ships is becoming more and more apparent, and I am beginning to notice a disturbing trend. Discussions about pairings are becoming less and less about facts and logical interpretations of the canon material, and becoming more and more about accusing the other fanbase of acting in ways that triggers them. No more. It’s time for a return to form. 

This is the cover page of chapter 416. Now, I cannot possibly cover all of Natsu and Lucy’s relationship in one post. There is simply far too much content. To make things far less time consuming for me, I will limit this post to only material since the X791-X792 timeskip. Material from the omake specials, movie, OVA, and anime, will also be largely excluded. Most of the fanservice will also be excluded. I simply cannot go through all of the material in one post. 

This is from chapter 419.  After Fairy Tail disbanded, the one Lucy most wanted to see was Natsu. This is not an opinion, and there is not much room for interpretation. Plain and simple, this is definitive proof that Lucy missed Natsu the most. 

Lucy chased after Natsu when she found out he was leaving from his letter. Lucy did not have the same reaction to anyone else when Fairy Tail disbanded - and seeing as none of them purposely tried to avoid her when they left, it would have been far easier for her to follow them. 

This is Lucy’s outburst for Natsu leaving her behind. This was in response to Natsu criticizing Gray for leaving Juvia behind. 

 When Lucy thought Dimaria was about to stab out her eyes, her last thought was Natsu. Interpret this how you will. Lucy may have been calling out for Natsu to save her. Or she may have been worried about what would happen to him. Or she may have simply thought of him because it gives her hope. Either way, all roads lead back to the same conclusion.

Upon waking up from the aftermath, finding Natsu was Lucy’s first priority. In fact, Lucy was in such a rush to find Natsu that she forgot she was naked.

When Lucy finally arrived at where Natsu was, she rushed to hug him. If it wasn’t obvious how much Lucy cared about Natsu by her actions and thoughts up until this point, it should be fairly obvious now. It will continue to get more obvious below. 

Not to say that Lucy doesn’t care about Juvia and Gray’s conditions, but you can clearly tell that Lucy was the most worried for Natsu. This is evident in both the way she carries Natsu…

… and by the way she cradles him after Irene’s attack.

Lucy is willing to strip down and use her body heat to warm up Natsu. 

Upon Natsu waking up, Lucy can be shown visibly shaking due to relief. 

Lucy’s first instinct is to hug him once he wakes up. Once again, you get Lucy calling Natsu a dummy. You get Lucy saying how worried she was over Natsu. You get Lucy so caught up in the moment, she forget she’s naked.  

…And this is Lucy’s reaction when he thanks her. 

 If everything up until this point wasn’t clear enough, this is how Lucy acts when she is drunk during the Christmas Special.   

I’ve said this before, and I will say it again. If you’ve been keeping up with Fairy Tail and are not in constant denial because of personal bias, you can clearly see that Lucy has feelings for Natsu. Even with a reasonable degree of bias, you cannot deny that Lucy having feelings a higher probability than her not. It is only when you are unreasonably biased against NaLu, that you would deny this. The evidence for is overwhelming compared to the evidence against, and we are long past the the point of plausible deniability. I will stand by what I say, and what I say is that Lucy having feelings for Natsu is the simplest and most direct conclusion after having observed her various actions throughout the most current arc. 

The Freedom Fighters never turn down people in need, not even in the real world!  As I’m sure you all know, the states of Texas and Louisiana have recently been hit with a Category 4 hurricane, Hurricane Harvey.  Among the affected areas was Houston, one of the biggest cities in the US.  Simple fact is, not everyone can escape from such a huge storm in time, and even if they can they’ll most likely have to leave many things behind.  The hurricane has since regressed to a tropical storm, but the damage has been done- thousands of houses destroyed, countless precious belongings damaged beyond repair, hundreds of thousands of people flooded out of their homes and stuck in overcrowded shelters.  As if that wasn’t enough, another major hurricane, Irma, is currently preparing to rage the Caribbean Islands and may even reach the East Coast.  For the affected areas to truly recover from these disasters will take many years, but in the meantime there are innocent victims that need our help.

So where do we at ASO come in?  This October, we’re planning to hold a Sonic gaming stream to raise relief money!  Hosted by a member of our staff, @ian-pk, watch us play Sonic games that you audience members vote for!  Of course, as this is still a non-profit project, 100% of the donations generated during this event will be instantly transferred to trustworthy charities that will ensure that the victims of both storms are given the proper care.  Our project may currently be small and humble, but we still want to do our part to help out a good cause.  We have no idea how well the stream will go, but it’s our hope that our beloved audience will do their best to spread the word and help this endeavor be as successful as it can be!  And of course, we do have incentive- we have some exclusive ASO previews for the more generous donors!

As of right now, there are still quite a few details that need to be worked out, but you can all look forward to some updates soon!  Even the Freedom Fighters can’t tackle this tragedy alone- we need your help!  Whether it’s through spreading the word or donating during the stream, every little bit helps!  It’s times like these when the true power of teamwork makes itself known, so let’s do it to it!  

Art by @drawloverlala

in which y/n buys harry starbucks…

“Next in line, please.”

A few seconds went by.

“Next in line, please.”

She heard what the barista was saying, but she wasn’t processing anything. She was frozen in place. It wasn’t until the person in line behind her cleared their throat that she finally moved forward the couple of feet, coming face to face with the barista.  

“What can I get for you ma'am?”

Her eyes skirted around the menu for a few moments, as if she hadn’t been to Starbucks a million times. “May I get a grande white chocolate mocha? And also…” she looked in the pastry display, not quite finding what she was looking for, “Do you still have those pumpkin cream cheese muffins?”

“Yes, we do,” he said with a smile. 

“I’ll have one of those as well,” she replied, smiling back while pulling up the app on her phone. Normally, she’d already be prepared with her order and payment, but the fact that she watched Harry Styles walk into the place and was currently standing three people behind her was throwing her through a loop. 

Once her order was paid for, she leaned forward and gave the barista a ten dollar bill. “Harry Styles is standing a couple of feet down. Use that to pay for his drink and you can keep the change.”

He let out a short burst of laughter, but nodded his head along anyway. “Alright, love. I’ve got you.” He winked at her, as she went to go sit at the table with her belongings.

She had come there in hopes that a change of scenery would do her writing some good, but all chances of getting any work done flew out the window the second Harry Styles walked in. She spent the time waiting for her drink and muffin stealing glances at him from behind her laptop. 

They called her name and she scurried over to the counter to collect her refreshments just as Harry was moving up to the register. She was sure to keep her head down. Eye contact with him was the last thing she needed. She was just getting settled back in her seat when she looked up, prepared to sneak another peek at him when instead she saw the barista pointing at her. Quickly, she shot her head down before Harry caught her gaze, eyes bulging out of her skull. He wasn’t supposed to tell him! All she wanted was to do something nice for someone she was such a huge fan of. Now, he was walking her way. 

She plucked a piece of her muffin off, stuffing it in her mouth and chasing it with her drink, attempting to look engaged in anything that wasn't him.

“Mind if I sit here?" 

"No, of course not,” she choked out. 

She had planned out what she was going to say or do if she ever met him a million times over for a million different scenarios, but she never actually thought it’d happen. Still, she figured the key to this sort of thing would be to act natural. 

“Y/N was it?”

She nodded.

“Thank you for paying for my drink. You didn’t have to,” he said, smiling warmly at her. 

She smiled tightly at him in return. “I wanted to,” she said, glancing upward for a moment before looking back down. “And, I didn’t, like, do it so you’d…” she gestured between them, “I didn't—don’t—expect anything in return.” She hadn’t held any eye contact until she finished her sentence, but when she did, she found him already looking back at her, listening intently.

“Well, I appreciate it, anyway. I’ve never had a stranger buy me coffee before,” he admitted sheepishly.

She shrugged, finding it easier to talk to him than she imagined. “I like to keep my men both wined and dined.”

He snorted before bursting into a full bellied laugh. “I don’t even have any food.”

She pushed out the muffin she ordered for herself, silently offering him a piece.

He wrinkled his nose up at it. “What is it?”

“Pumpkin cream cheese muffin. It’s really good.” She thought for a moment. “Or are you not eating like carbs or gluten or something right now?”

He shook his head in amusement. “Where do you guys get this stuff from?”

She raised her eyebrows. “You literally admitted to doing a juice cleanse on national television. And, you’re, like, really fit.”

His face broke into a splitting grin. “You think I’m fit?”

“Not, like, British fit, like American fit, like, you’re always going to the gym and ugh!” she ended, burying her face in her hands.

He pried her hands from her face, laughing lightly. “Kidding.”

She opened her mouth to say something, breath hitching from the contact they held but was cut off by a pinging sound coming from Harry’s phone. 

He dropped her hands in favour of reading the message on the screen. She took a sip of her beverage in an attempt to avert her attention away from him. “I have to go,” he piped up a couple seconds later, grabbing his coffee and standing up to exit the building.

“It was lovely meeting you, Harry,” she responded, smiling graciously.

“The pleasure was all mine.” He picked up her hand and planted a small kiss on it causing her to squeak.

She watched him take a few steps towards the door, then spun on his heel walking back to her. To say she was confused was an understatement. “Did you leave something?” she questioned at the same time he sputtered out “Do you have tickets?”

“Pardon?” she said, furrowing her eyebrows.

He released a nervous breath. “Do you have tickets? To my show tonight?”

“I… do not.”

“Would you… like some?”

“Tickets? To your show?”


She was taken aback, so much so that she didn’t say anything for several seconds. Harry stood there nervously shifting from foot to foot. “You don’t have to,” he spat out.

“I’d love to.”

“Cool. Cool. Also, there’s gonna be an after party, and I’d really like it if you would stick around.”

She was certain she looked like a fish out of water with the amount of times her mouth opened and closed. “That sounds like something I would be interested in,” she finally said overly composing herself. 

“I’ll see you later then?”

“That you will, my dear, that you will.”

She watched him walk out the door and turn right before she freaked out over what had just happened.


Eggsy Unwin x Reader

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“the constellations

of stars

                   s c a t t e r e d

across his


is the


that guides me


each time

i find myself


                -you are my home

a/n; this is just pure fluff because eggsy unwin is such an unbelievably soft boy and i’ve loved him for the longest time!! so pls read and give me feedback & criticism & validation bc this my first time writing for him. enjoy!!

tags; @mvximoff @paperclipmac @alexsunmners @rax-writes (if u love eggsy and wanna be tagged hmu!)

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His skin is like silk, you think to yourself, as your hand dances across the length of his spine. It’s so soft.

You’re not sure what time it is because at a time like this, when you were sure you both were going to die in a mission gone sideways, the only thing that matters is him and you and that you’re both alive and okay, and that you get one more chance to be together when you swore there might’ve been a chance that one of you could’ve been six feet under by now.

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Picking Daisies, Picking People

Pairing: Daniel Howell & AmazingPhil (Phan)

Genre: Fluff, Pastel!Dan/Punk!Phil

Word Count: 1100

Summary: Dan has an obsessions with flowers. Phil can’t understand it. And so, Dan plans to explain in only the best way possible. 

Author Note: Shoutout to @pantsudan for the incredibly sweet prompt

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Last night had blasted by. You’d decided it would be a laugh to try and get an archangel drunk, but in return you had to drink three times your body weight to compensate for his drunkenness. Gabriel had been an acquaintance of yours and you wouldn’t exactly call him a friend, in fact, you kind of assumed he just wanted to have his way with you and that would be it.

You’d drank so much and Gabriel had been so sweet to you that one thing lead to another….

It was early when you woke up. Too early to hear the birds chirping outside and too early for the sun to peak through the curtains behind you. You decided you may as well go back to sleep for a few hours until your alarm clock woke you, but as you closed your eyes you felt something snake it’s way around your waist and pull you close. You ripped whatever it was away from your body and jumped out of bed faster than a woman at a shoe sale.

Your breath was racing, but finally your eyes adjusted as you stood a few meters away from your bed.

“…What are you doin’?” a groggy voice asked. Gabriel came into vision. He was sprawled out on his stomach, naked. Luckily for you his lower half was covered by your covers. You’d forgotten about last nights events almost entirely until you saw the very light sheen of sweat on his forehead that his hair was now sticking to.

“W-what are you still doing here?” You questioned the celestial. This is when he opened one eye, looking at you.

“Huh? What are you talking about, Y/N?”

“Usually one night stands don’t tend to stick around, Gabriel.” Okay. That sentence came out more aggressive than you’d wanted. It was obvious the effects of the alcohol hadn’t completely warn off you yet.

“Was…….was this what this was?……….right…..” Gabriel looked down. He looked a little heartbroken. “…That’s embarrassing……You give all your love to a woman and she throws it in your face the next morning.” He grumbled, looking severely disappointing. What alarmed you was that he didn’t even look angry, just upset.

“What? But you’re always lingering around me and flirting with me. You can’t possibly think I’d believe you wanted more than just……that.”

“Why do you refer to sex as ‘that’? It’s not a sin, Y/N. All though…….what you did last night could probably be counted as a sin in a lot of heavens.”

“Gabriel!” You scolded him for joking this early in the morning.

“Sorry….the point is…….” He began to fidget with the covers next to him and the pillow his face was slumped into. “It’s forbidden for angels to be in love with humans. Yet here I am.” He gave you a simple smile. “It kinda hurts when you call it a one night stand. Especially when I know it was a lot more than that for both of us.”

You stared back at him for a while, trying to think of something to say. You did have feelings for the archangel. Feelings you didn’t think in a millennium he would return. You opened your mouth, nervously trying to say something to him. But no words would come out. You were too scared. Before you could panic any further, Gabriel reached his arm out across the bed to you.

“Come and keep me warm.” He said. You were amazed by him sometimes. He could say one thing and everybody would know he meant something completely different. To anybody else ‘Come and keep me warm’ simply meant what it was. But coming from Gabriel, you knew there was more to it than that. Gabriel saying ‘Come and keep me warm’ instead meant ‘It’s okay that you can’t think of what to say, but I want you close to me’.

So that’s what you did. You grabbed his hand and climbed back into bed. You lay on your back staring at the ceiling, the nerves eating away your stomach. The archangel wrapped both arms around you and pulled you against him, pulling the covers over both of you. He nestled his head on top of yours, keeping you warm next to his chest and you both fell asleep to the sound of each others breathing. You were safe and warm in the arms of an angel. And he got to hold his favourite soul close to him.


anonymous asked:

Helloo,, ive been studying for exams and doing my projects that are really advanced and i want to choke and i really need a pick me up :((( May i request a fluffy fantasy hoshi scenario?? If it's okay djjsjdjjsjs thanks in advance!!!!

i hope you do well!! here is a kitsune!hoshi ive been meaning to write
(id use kumiho but i believe they’re traditionally only women in korean folklore so,,,please feel free to correct me if im wrong!!)  

  • hoshi has always been aware of the fact that he isn’t like other people, not when he spends most of his time in the body of a red fox trotting up and down the forest paths - tail swishing behind him
  • unlike other kitsune in his family, who have devoted years to keeping their identity a secret - the only time they came out as foxes was deep into the night, unseen to hikers or wandering children
  • hoshi liked running around, exploring in his natural form under the light of the sun,,,,,
  • he even liked humans,,,,,well actually he liked playing little tricks on them
  • rustling tree branches to drop leaves on their heads, threading between their legs to make them lose balance, even trying to steal tidbits from their bags when they put them down to rest
  • it was all in good natured fun, for hoshi there was nothing stopping him from doing what he did as a human or as a fox
  • in his human form, he was lean and slim. his eyes were highlighted by slightly darker outlines that made people sometimes suspect he was wearing makeup - but it was just a foxish trait that was common among kitsune
  • when he smiled wide enough, one could notice the sharper canines shine in the light
  • hoshi was just,,,,,,,wildly handsome in both personality and look,,,,to put it simply. 
  • people always double taked when he walked by on the crowded streets - they thought oh, an idol? a model? he got compliments on the way he resembled the fox - those always cracked him up
  • and you had never seen someone like hoshi before,,,,,,,leaning against the wall of a nearby bus stop - the bus you were taking to get up into the countryside and see an old friend of yours
  • from one sideways glance, hoshi caught you staring and you felt your face go red as you switched your gaze to your phone in your hands
  • the bus came at some point, you got on and slipped into the backseat where you were sure no one would bother you
  • not until you felt the weight of a person sit beside you
  • looking over, you were greeted with a smile - cute lips curved upwards - like when a fox laughs
  • “i couldn’t help but notice, you were looking at me as if we’ve meet before?”
  • hoshi asked and you opened your mouth partially in shock
  • “u-uh,,,no,,,,i just,,,”
  • he tilted his head, looking down at your phone which had the directions to your friends house open
  • “oh! you’re going to the same stop as me. you’ll have to walk through the forest to get there.”
  • you blinked, somehow charmed just by his presence. hoshi knew he had this way about him, but with how you were staring he could only find it kind of cute
  • he decided that he’d help, he knew the forest very well
  • after getting over the initial surprise of this handsome boy talking to you, you introduced yourself
  • hoshi shook your hand and for a moment you noticed that his nails weren’t long to say - but they seemed sharper,,, more pointed
  • you two chatted and at some point you asked what his family did and hoshi let out a deep chuckle
  • “shrine keepers?” 
  • your eyes widen and you quickly try to make some kind of gesture of respect, but hoshi laughs and pats your shoulder
  • “it’s ok, im not one. yet.” he looks out the window and the lights of the city fade as the bus enters the countryside
  • before you know it, the streets outside are dark and you nervously wonder if you’ll find your friends home in the dark
  • you arrive at your stop, hoshi gets up first and leads the way to the entrance of the forest - all around you are tall trees and untrimmed grass
  • “you can trust me, ive lived here my whole life.”
  • his voice sounds confident so you think maybe this isn’t such a bad idea - following a beautiful looking man into the wilderness ,,,,,, 
  • hoshi walks with absolute ease, while you are a squinting mess behind him - using the flash on your phone for extra lightening 
  • “how can you see so well in the  dark?”
  • hoshi turns around with half a smirk, for a moment you think his eyes look like a deep,,,,almost reddish brown. like a foxes. but you’re sure it’s the flash of your phone
  • “i just,,,,,,,know the path well.”
  • you walkl and walk, at some point a noise startles you and you reach out to hold the back of hoshi’s shirt. you only realize how embarrassing that is when he turns
  • you want to apologize, but hoshi takes your hand gently into his own before giving it a squeeze “we should stick close!” 
  • your whole face goes red and you think to yourself why of all places did your friend have to live in the middle of nowhere
  • but,,,,,,,you enjoy the warmth that radiates from hoshi’s hand to yours,,,,it’s comforting in the dark
  • “hmm,,,,it should be somewhere here.” he stops and sniffs the air - you think that’s weird but there are many weirder things happening today
  • suddenly you feel something scamper across your foot, you look down and in a flash you see red and black fur
  • “a fox!” you exclaim
  • and hoshi turns around, “what?”
  • you point to the bushes where the animal has disappeared “a fox just ran b-”
  • “must be time to hunt,,,” he mumbles and you feel your heartbeat stop for a moment - what does he mean
  • hoshi takes another step and you follow him again,,,,,his hand is still warm ,,,,, you still feel like it’s ok to trust him,,,,,,you hope
  • and you almost cry tears of relief when you see a light in the distance, the front porch of the small cabin your friend bought comes into view and you let go of hoshi’s hand to walk in front and call out a greeting
  • you grin when you see more lights go on inside, but before the door opens you turn to thank hoshi
  • but,,,,,,,,,,he’s gone
  • in his place,,,,,,is a red fox. it’s seated right in the middle of the path. it tilts its head at you
  • “thank you,,,,” you still whisper to it and it gets up to trot off into the woods
  • your friend appears on the porch and calls out your name, but you just stare at the spot,,,,,,,,,,,,that fox,,,,,,,,,was it-
  • “no, it can’t be.” you tell yourself and turn away
  • that night, you lie in the guest bed of your friends home, you think about hoshi,,,,,,,those long eyes, sharp nails, familiarity with the forest,,,,
  • “kitsune?” you say the word to yourself before falling asleep
  • somewhere in the clearings, hoshi sits in his fox form and watches the other kitsune,,,,,he knows this is where he belongs but he can’t help but think of you - your hand in his,,,,fingers entwined ,,,,,
  • you both dream that night,,,the same dream,,,,
  • you sit in between the wild flowers under the bright blue sky, curled up in your lap is a red fox. it nuzzles your palm sleepily as you pet its fur
  • but when you look down it’s gone, and you turn to see hoshi standing behind you smiling
  • he helps you up and you lean in, his head tilted to let you kiss him
  • as you walk from the clearing, hand in hand, you check over your shoulder and see the tail of a fox on hoshi. you shrug, you really don’t mind it at all 
june - peter parker

description: no one is sure if things will ever be okay again. 

song: june - briston maroney 

pairing: peter parker x fem!reader

warnings: blood and pain and tears and trauma

author’s note: hi. i have so many things to say lol. 1. do any of y'all have macbeth research paper topics? 2. hey did any of you ever watch degrassi? let me know if you watched degrassi. also i refuse to proofread this because i have??? a macbeth research paper??? 

Nothing is okay. 

The war ended a long time ago. Both sides laid down their weapons, the warcraft in the skies vanished either willingly or in fiery heaps, but the blood you’ve tried so hard to scrub off your hands remains stained to your skin. You walk the streets alone, sure, yet the manifestation of your sorrows seems to follow behind you, arms open and ready to snatch you back into its talons at any moment. But you push on, you’ve been pushing on, because there are things more important to think about than just you. 

The afternoons blend together nowadays. 

It’s hot, even for a summer in the city, yet as you pace back to the Parker apartment, a chill runs down the length of your spine, forcing you instinctively to look up to the sky in worry. This time, like every time, there’s nothing there, but one day not too long ago there was, leaving you behind with the all encompassing feeling that one of these times, you’ll look up and he’ll be back, and this time, he’ll take you too. 

Opening the door to Peter’s apartment, you’re met with silence (not that you expected otherwise.) Afternoon light streams through the cracks in overdrawn curtains, illuminating the flecks of dust dancing around the room. Despite the heat of the day, the room is freezing cold, empty, and dark. Sighing, you place your backpack on the dining room table, but you can’t help but to plant your hands on the wood, gripping the table’s edge. You hate how the silence that has taken over the home that was once enlightened with laughter and smiles despite all hardship. You loathe how dark it is, how the vibrancy of the wall paint and the rugs and the chairs is lost to a deep gray. And you detest the cold, because you know it’s not just because of broken vents or failing fans, but because the warmth that once lived here has been replaced with a ghost. 

You can’t even look at May in the eye anymore, because if you forced yourself to see the brokenness behind her glassy eyes, you would have to confront the fact that you allowed her boy to be ruined. Your grip on the table intensifies as you fixate on the moment when you practically dragged her beaten and bloody nephew back into his apartment, her eagerness to see Peter completely deflated when she saw how utterly empty he looked. 

She was attentive at first, helping you carry him into his room and lay him down on his bed, but she quickly pried you away in order to grill you about the events that transpired. She had seen the news, and of course she had seen the giant floating ring over the Manhattan skyline, but the last time she saw her nephew before that night was a while ago, when she watched worriedly as one of Tony’s cars sent him away. May closed Peter’s bedroom door and took you by the wrist into the kitchen, looking down at you with a frown etched into her mature, but still obscenely gorgeous features. Looking back on it, she questioned you for a while before you answered her for the first time, as it was only when she held your cheeks in her hands and forced you to look at her that the ringing in your ears subsided. 

(Y/N).” May repeated, her voice stern and forceful. Her heart broke when you flinched in response, your eyes filling up with unshed tears. She felt even more terrible in an instant, the reality of the extent your pain starting to dawn on her, but even though you were like a daughter to her, she needed to know what happened to Peter. Smoothing your dry and matted hair off of your face, she repeated your name, this time making her voice more gentle. 

“(Y/N).” She murmured, stroking your cheeks in an attempt to draw you back into reality, “Tell me what happened.” 

You blinked twice and broke your eye contact as you looked off to the side. Your face contorted in confusion as you realized that you couldn’t remember it all, merely moments of the 72 hours prior. You opened your mouth, your voice hoarse from - Screaming? Maybe? - and started to speak. 

“There were… there were monsters.” You murmured, your hands at your sides starting to ball up. “He was, he was so big, so strong…” You squeezed your eyes shut as flashes of the purple man towering above you invade your memory. “He wanted to k- to k-kill us and… and Peter…” You started to shake your head, the memories becoming more persistent, faster now, like a blank film reel starting to fill up with images you couldn’t process. “No… no…. no….” Your eyes had started to become glassy, but you felt no tears as you looked back up at a stricken May, who was stunned into silence. In your palms, you realized, you had drawn blood from the sheer tightness of your fists, but you could barely feel it at all. 

“Peter,” You said, suddenly, snapping your head in the direction of his closed door. If there was one thing you knew, it was that he was undeniably worse off than you. Peter, he hadn’t looked at you, he hadn’t spoken and he hadn’t moved, and although you were trembling in his aunt’s arms, your chest feeling like it was filled to the brim with thick cement, he needed you. You released your hold on your skin but didn’t spare your bloodied hands a glance as you took started to walk away.

May rushed to your side, grabbing your wrist and immediately regretting it when you ripped away from her touch, glaring at her incredulously. She put her hands up in surrender and took a tentative step forward, off put by this defensive, animalistic side that she had never encountered in the years of knowing you. “(Y/N), you have obviously been through something,” She paused, “Terrifying, but,” May’s voice cracked and she put her hands over mouth, a small sob escaping her lips, “You ha- you have to sit down or lie down or go home if that’s what you want but you have to-” 

No.” You said, your voice steady and purposeful. “I need to help him. I need to take care of him…” You trailed off, becoming unsure if you’re telling May or yourself, but you turned around anyway, determination in every one of your footsteps as you made your way back into Peter’s room. 

Peter was just as you left him only minutes before - his body was stiff atop of a messily made bed, his long hair hanging over his face. As you walked closer to him, crouching down to his level, you realized his brown, hollow eyes were open, his breathing shallow. Tentatively, you raised your slightly shaky fingers and brush the hair out of his eyes, careful not to let your drying blood touch his skin. You were still unable to exhale - and you were not sure when you would be able to - so you just gasped, trying your best to hold in your tears as you rest your forehead on his. 

It was a gesture you had done a billion times before. Sometimes, resting your forehead on his for a while was the only way you could calm down from a hard day from work or school. Those times, Peter would take your hand in his and place it over his heart, asking you to remember that he would always be there for you. But that night, only for a minute did you allow yourself to rest your forehead on his, letting your swollen and tired eyes flutter shut as you felt for heartbeat under your palm. A part of you was worried you would feel nothing, but nevertheless his heart was still there, still beating, assuring you that no matter what, your Peter was still there. 

“I’m going to take care of you.” You whispered to him, nodding to yourself. “I’m going to be there for you just like you’ve been there for me. You’ll be better, I promise.” You pressed your chapped lips to Peter’s forehead, standing up and swearing to yourself that you would be strong for him, no matter what it took. 

You release your grip on the edge of the table, biting your lip as you started to extract items from your bag. When you touch it, your phone lit up with yet another message from May, asking you how Peter was doing. You sigh, typing I just bought food and I’m going to try to get him to eat and hitting send. The Delmar’s sandwich was just how he liked it, extra pickles and smushed down and all, but at this point, you’re not confident that he’ll spare it a second glance. However, you take off your shoes anyway, quickly getting a plate and napkins from the kitchen cabinet and making your way down the familiar path to Peter’s room. 

Peter’s room hardly resembles what it was at this point a year ago. Since the first night the two of you got back, you’ve chosen to get what little sleep you have while sitting on his floor, with your back resting on the side of his mattress, protecting him like a watchdog. Your possessions have slowly started accumulating in the small space, but both of your tattered suits are tucked under the bed, out of sight but not out of mind. You close the door behind you and take a seat on the chair you placed next to his bed. 

Despite the situation, you can’t deny the fact that Peter has remained undeniably gorgeous. His curls have grown out, framing his freckly cheeks. At points in the day like this one, golden light streams through the window and reaches the side of his face, revealing long lashes that beat slightly against the top of his cheeks with each blink. You’ve probably spent hours sitting in this chair just observing him, reassuring yourself that what you’re doing is right, that he’s breathing and when he comes out of this, it’ll all be okay. 

Sighing, you give him a strained smile that he doesn’t see and comb through his hair, trying to coax him to open his eyes. “Hi sweetheart. I’m back.” You coo, using your other hand to interlace your fingers. “I brought you some food. A sandwich from Delmar’s and some water.” You wait for any sign of awareness, but Peter offers none.

“I know you’re not hungry but you need to eat. You haven’t had anything since two nights ago and I’m worried.” You continue, squeezing his large, but limp hand. “Peter baby, if you don’t eat today, May said she’ll have to take you to the hospital and I know you don’t want to do that.” It’s like you’re bargaining with a child, you think, but you bring your mouth to his ear anyway and speak again. “Please eat for me Peach. Just a few bites for me and I’ll leave you alone if you want me to.” 

Peter opens his eyes then, peering up at you through squinted eyes. He’s only said a few words in the past few months, forcing you to interpret his occasional whimpers or groans. This time, he must be feeling courteous, because he shakes his head twice before rolling over, drawing the blue covers over his head. 

Peter,” You plead, putting your hand on his covered shoulder and shaking him lightly. “Peter you have to eat something. You have to drink water and take a shower and eat and just do something.” You take a deep breath, shaking your head to yourself as you move to sit on the edge of his bed, leaning back over his body. “May is driving herself crazy. I heard her talking to someone about taking you to the hospital… to the psych ward. She doesn’t want to send you away but she doesn’t know what to do and I don’t know what to do and she’s leaning on me…” You trail off, trying your best to remain as calm and sweet as possible, but it’s hard. You’ve been holding in your breath since you got back and somehow, with each passing day staying in the Parker apartment, you’re growing weaker. The last thing you want is to send Peter away, for him to feel alone and to resent you because of it. 

“Just give me something Peter. Anything.” You whisper, your voice hardly audible. You lean over, pressing your lips to the small exposed part of his cheek for a long, drawn out kiss. You pull away and you start to leave, but not without giving him one last solemn glance before shutting the door behind you. 

For the next few hours, you sit on the living room fire escape and watch the world turn below you. Although you’re only a few feet above them - the before people, you call them - you feel detached, alien even. The before people are just like you were, before, before the war, before the blood, before the death and and before the destruction. They walk hand in hand with the people they love, they smile and laugh and move past things, they talk and they sing and they thank the after people - like you and Peter - for ‘saving’ the world yet again. But to you, it’s their world now. Over the past few months, you struggle to find beauty in the things you once loved, not from music or nature and definitely not from the fucking sky that can split open, unleashing the demons from above at any moment. 

Your memory has been crippled enough to leave you unable to find any resemblance between before you and after you, besides the fact that you occupy the same body. Sometimes, when you’ve been watching them from long enough, you’ll have to pinch the healed cuts on your palm to bring yourself from far away back into your body. On days like today, you’ll be outside long enough that the sun will set and night will fall upon you without you even noticing, your newfound fear of the darkness of the night forcing you to retreat back inside. 

When you’re safely back inside, you turn on the living room light and take a seat on the dining room table, taking other half of the Delmar’s sandwich and taking a bite. You eat in silence, careful not to over stuff yourself, because although your eating habits aren’t as bad as Peter’s, you’ve been having a hard time keeping it down. When you’re halfway done, your phone starts to vibrate, May’s contact lighting up your screen yet again. 

After four rings, you sigh, swiping the screen and putting your phone up to your face. “Hello?” 

Hey (Y/N).” May starts, her voice crackling through the phone. In the background, you can hear the sounds of the hospital and shuffling footsteps. “I’m stuck at the hospital for the night, working the graveyard shift. You’ll have to find something to eat.” She doesn’t bother to insinuate that there is a possibility you won’t be staying. 



“How’s Peter?” May asks, even though she knows it’s a stupid question. 

You glance towards Peter’s shut door, slowly resting your head on your bony forearm. “I tried to get him to eat but he won’t do it. He’s not hungry May.” 

“(Y/N) he can’t continue like this. I was talking to an orderly here, she doesn’t know about the details of the situation but if he isn’t eating-” 

“He’ll eat, May.” You interrupt, your tired, soft voice suddenly turning into a defensive growl. “You cannot send him away. He’ll never forgive either of us.” 

“He won’t be able to resent anyone if he’s DEAD.” May barks, her equally if not more aggressive tone making you flinch, not only at the volume, but at the thought. While beautiful, Peter’s freckles cover gaunt cheeks, hallowed from malnutrition. In the past few weeks, feeding him has been especially difficult, and while the thought of him getting too sick has crossed your mind, until now, you’ve tried not to dwell on the terrifying thought. 

Hearing only your silence, May clears her throat and starts to speak. “I know you are doing everything you can for him but you are only a teenager honey. He’s sick. I hate to admit it but we may not be able to save him.”

You inhale sharply, as while her tone has softened, her words are sharp and dig into straight into your heart. You stare at the scar on your left arm, and for a second you swear you can feel the pain of being stabbed there by your enemies. “I don’t want to abandon him.” You whimper after a while, feeling that persistent pressure build in the back of your throat. “He,” Your voice trips over your shallow breaths, “He’s all I have now. I don’t want to leave him.” 

“You won’t be abandoning him (Y/N).” She answers, her voice now calm, despite the strain. “We can talk about this when I get home. I’ll be back tomorrow night.” 

You take your bottom lip between you teeth and nod, squeezing your eyes shut. “Okay.” You mumble, sparing yourself from hearing her goodbye when you hang up the phone, tossing it to the side.

You rub your fingertips against your eyes and slowly stand up, quickly walking back into Peter’s room and turning on one of his lamps. Again, you take a seat in the chair, as Peter has rolled back over. The cold sandwich rests on a plate at your feet and you stare it. “You didn’t eat.” You comment, your voice colder than you intended. He opens his eyes and looks up at you, curiously at that. You frown, still fixated on the sandwich. “May just called me. She wants to send you away, she thinks you’re sick and she thinks I’m not helping you. Honestly at this point so do I.” You chuckle humorlessly, without even a hint of a smile on your face as you finally look back at him. 

You lean down, shifting so that you can look at him, searching his eyes for any sign of life behind the emptiness. “Please tell me if I’m helping you. Tell me if I should leave or if I should stay or if you feel at least a little bit better Peter. Please.” You plead with him for what feels like the thousandth time. But just as he has for the thousandth time, he blinks at you, his silence hitting you harder than any malicious words ever could. 

So badly you want to give up and collapse, you want him to hold you like he used to as you let out all the pain that has manifested deep in you since the war. You want him back, you want to force this shell of him to leave and you want to fill him back up with his light and you want to look into the depths of his eyes and see your Peter again. You want your Peter to make you laugh again, you want your Peter to hold you again, and you want to let out your goddamn fucking breath- 

“No.” You say, springing upwards with what little energy you can call upon. You push the cold sandwich to the side and reach back down to the withered boy, ripping the covers off of Peter’s body and exposing the comfortable clothes you put him a while ago. “Get up.” You grumble, taking his stiff biceps in your arms and dragging him towards you, watching has his eyes widen with shock at the aggressiveness of your motions. Peter stumbles into your arms, but he barely has time to find his footing before you’re dragging him out of his room, across the hallway and into the bathroom. 

In an instant, you’ve exposed him to the brightness of the bathroom lights and you’ve turned on the shower. Your breathing becomes frantic as you pull off your sweatshirt, then his, but not out of lust or desire, but pure desperation. “You will not do this anymore. I won’t let you!” You scream, tearing off his t-shirt and throwing it to the side. “You will not sit in your room and you will not go another day without eating and you will take a shower because you’re fucking disgusting and I can’t take it anymore!”

Peter stares at you, bewildered as you shove your bodies into the shower, letting the ice cold water hit the both of you like a shock of electricity. You’ve pushed him against the tile, letting the stream of water hit his shocked face and his heaving chest. “Say something! Say something!” You cry, feeling a sudden wave of anger hit you at the sight of the face that only hours ago, you admired for its beauty. “What about me!?” You demand, the unshed tears from months of trying to be strong finally falling down your cheeks in a hot, waterfall-like stream that offers a contrast to the shower water around you. “I was with you and I was there and you don’t even care!” 

The sound of the shower stream hitting your bodies and the chipped bathroom tiles fills your ringing ears, harmonizing with the sound of your choked sobs and gasps for breath. You don’t take note of the black dots creeping into your already cloudy vision until you’re crumbling to the bottom of the bathtub, Peter falling atop you in a heap. While you can barely make out his figure, you know he’s looking at you with the same empty stare. 

After a few seconds, “Why are you doing this to me?”

You close your eyes then, praying that he’ll get up and leave you in a puddle of shower water to shiver in your own misery. If he does, you think, you won’t feel any more alone than you do sitting with him in his porcelain bathtub. With your eyes shut and water surrounding you, images of lying next to a busted pipe flash through your mind, rendering you short of breath. You feel yourself fading in and out of consciousness, like you’ve been struck upside the head or like you’re running out of oxygen, like the war is still going on…

“I’m sorry.” 

Peter’s voice, soft and scratchy from underuse, barely whispers in your ear.   You almost think you imagined it, but when he repeats the sentence in a voice that is quiet and shy but undeniably his, your eyes open back up and you feel like you’re about to start sobbing all over again. You watch as Peter reaches for your shoulders and pulls you into the muscles of his chest, his palms pressed into the side of your face as he holds you there. Your legs are being crushed by the constraints of the bathtub but you hardly take notice of it, instead choosing to cling onto his bare skin like he’s about to disappear on you again. 

“I don’t know what to do,” Peter confesses, his voice slightly louder but just as broken sounding as yours, “I don’t know how to be me anymore.” 

“I don’t know how to be before me either.” You whisper, looking up towards him. Although he’s only said a few words to you, you start to feel like your shoulders are starting to relax and your hands are steadying just being in his embrace. 

Peter rests his cheek atop your head - despite spending a lot of time in and out of sleep, the past few minutes in this shower have rendered him exhausted - and lets out a deep breath he didn’t know he was holding in. “We’re not the same people we were before.”

“I know.” 

He sighs. 

“You took care of me and I wasn’t fair to you-” 

“-Peter don’t-” 

Peter tilts his head to the side, looking deep into your eyes with a presence behind his that you haven’t seen in god knows how long. “No, (Y/N) listen.” He adjusts his body so that his legs are spread and you’re resting between the two of them. “I should’ve been there and I should’ve,” He pauses, his train of thought drifting to the only thing that’s been occupying his mind, “I’m just so scared.” His voice cracks and you feel his chest start to rise and fall rapidly as quiet cries start impeding on his words. “(Y/N) I’m so fucking terrified and I don’t know what to do.”  

You feel a flow of tears fall onto your head, his cries of hopeless grief piercing your chest. Even in his trembling, Peter’s clutching you tight against him, not bothering to wipe away at his cheeks. “People died trying to protect us and I-” He shudders violently, making you look up at him worriedly, “-I miss him (Y/N). He didn’t deserve to die he-he didn’t deserve it.” 

His candor makes you shiver, because you know Peter isn’t wrong, and you know that that must’ve been what killed him the most. You shake your head, trying your best to push the overwhelming grief for those you’ve lost out of your mind before you begin to speak. “We’ll have to fight again.” You say, pushing yourself off of Peter until your back hits the other side of the tub. “We’ll fight for him.” You place your palms on his cheeks and rub them gently, your heart lurching as your thumbs brush against the swollen skin around his reddened eyes. “But I can’t do it without you.” 

Peter places his hands over yours and guides them away from his face, moving them downward until they’re resting over his ribs. In one swift motion, his hands are on your cheeks and his lips are moving against yours. You realize that you’ve forgotten what it feels like to kiss him, but despite both of your salty tears and the freezing cold water, you still manage to feel warmth flood your entire body. His lips move against yours slowly, the rough texture overpowered by the gentleness that manages to make the passion behind it feel chaste. 

Starting to feel lightheaded, Peter pulls away slightly, letting you rest your forehead on his as he reaches back down to intertwine your two hands. “You know I love you right?” He asks, squeezing your fingers lightly. The last thing Peter wants, or would ever want, is to see you suffer a moment longer because of him. 

Nodding, “I know you do,” You whisper, nudging your noses together. “I love you too. No matter what I’m gonna love you. I’m gonna love you forever.” You don’t know it, nor will you ever know it, but Peter has, and will never feel more relieved than hearing you say it: you’ll stay with him, he knows it now, he just has to be there for you. 

When he closes his eyes for the last time that night, Peter doesn’t meet flashes of his worst nightmares, leaving him gripping his sheets in terror. Instead, in Peter’s dreams, he sees the beautiful things, the curve of your lips when you smile, the sound of your laughter in his ears, the everlasting comfort he feels when you look at him in the eyes with the tenderness and understanding of an actual angel.

When you close your eyes for the last time that night, slack and tangled in his limbs, knowing that the boy in your arms, your Peter, is safe, you finally allow yourself to let out the breath you’ve been holding in, believing, in all sincerity, that everything will be okay.  

Best Friend [p.p.]

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Summary: Peter is practically in love with you, but there’s one problem: your best friend doesn’t like him.


You scrambled about your room, trying to locate your other shoe as you looked at the clock.

7:40 a.m.

You groaned out loud as you heard the familiar sound of a car horn honking and proceeded to step into the living room, gasping in delight when you saw your shoe under the couch. You quickly lunged for it, pulling it onto your sock-clad foot as you left your apartment, making sure to lock the door.

You slid your shoe on just as the door next to you opened, causing you to stumble and fall against the person who had just emerged.

“Woah, (Y/N), are you okay?” You heard a familiar voice ask as hand flew to your shoulders to steady you.

You mentally sighed as you looked up, locking eyes with none other than Peter Parker. “Yeah Peter, I’m fine, thanks!”

You both stood in the hallway, looking at one another as shy smiles and blushes grew on your faces. The peaceful silence was broken by your phone, which rang loudly in the quiet building.

Peter leaned against the wall as you smiled at him in an apologetic way. He watched you as you spoke, noticing the adorable way you’d tilt your head to the side and listen to whatever you were being told, letting out the occasional ‘yeah’ to let the other person know that you were listening.

After a few minutes, you hung up, stuffing your phone into your back pocket. “Sorry Peter. I really should be going. I don’t want to be late.”

A blinding smile and a quick wave later, you were gone, leaving Peter breathless and with a pounding heart.

“Chill!” You screamed at your best friend, raising your voice in order to be heard over the incessant honking of the car horn.

Your best friend simply smirked, turning on the car as you hopped in. “I wouldn’t have had to do this if you weren’t running late, wouldn’t I?”

“I got a bit caught up,” you mumbled, feeling your face heat up.

“Sure. I bet you probably just overslept.”

You rolled your eyes as your best friend chuckled. “Whatever. Just drive, Eugene.”

Flash’s smirk faltered as he pressed down on the accelerator, zooming through the streets of Queens as he made his way to school.

You sat in your usual spot at lunch, Liz sitting on your left as Flash sat on your right.

You had been looking at dumb memes with Flash, throwing your head back and laughing whenever you got to a really good one.

Your laughter was interrupted to a harsh nudge from Liz, drawing your attention to the small smirk on her face. “Guess who’s staring at you yet again (Y/N/N)?”

Flash groaned, leaning in towards the both of you. “Are you talking about Penis Parker and his creepy staring again?”

You lightly smacked Flash’s chest. “Be nice.”

Flash rolled his eyes, slinging his arm around your waist and tickling your sides as you squirmed around, trying to escape.

“Uh-oh, guess who’s jealous?” Liz chimed, causing you and Flash to separate.

You scoffed lightly. “First of all, he has no reason to be jealous. No offense Flash, I love you but ew.”

“Are you kidding me?” Flash spoke. “You’re practically my sister. That’s disgusting.”

“Second of all,” you continued. “He was staring at you, Liz. Not me. You’re the ridiculously gorgeous one.”

Flash nodded his head in agreement.

“Whatever you say (Y/N),” Liz chuckled. “But mark my words. Peter Parker is smitten with you.”

Flash made a face of disgust before leaning his cheek on his hand. “If Parker likes you, he’ll have to ask me for my blessing.”

You felt your face flush as Liz spoke once more. “Then let’s hope you get wasted enough at my party to give it.”

The news of Liz’s weekend party spread like wildfire.

Everyone had been invited, even the freshmen, and the person who was most excited for the event was Ned Leeds.

Ned was buzzing with excitement as he and Peter trudged up the walkway to Liz’s front door. Peter, however, was a complete contrast to his adorable best friend. He walked with a slight frown on his face, not wanting to see you having the time of your life with Flash.

The duo twirled around quickly when they heard a voice shouting their names.

“Ned! Peter! Wait up you guys!” You cried out slightly, rushing up the walkway to catch up to them. You shot them a wide grin, causing Ned to smile back and also causing Peter’s heart to speed up.

“Hey (Y/N),” Ned greeted, pulling you into a quick hug.

“Hey Neddy,” you said. “Great hat by the way!”

Ned blushed slightly as he bowed his head, giving you the opportunity to snatch his hat and place it upon your own head.

“(Y/N)!” Ned groaned, causing you to throw your head back and laugh.

Peter was almost certain that he’d go into cardiac arrest at any moment.

Peter could feel himself staring at you. Staring at the way your (H/C) hair framed your face perfectly, at the way your eyes crinkled when you laughed, at the way you smiled at him as you spoke…

Oh wait, you were speaking to him.

“…so I’ll go look for Flash now! See you around guys,” you said as you bounded up to the door, letting yourself in.

Ned smacked the back of Peter’s head. “Dude! She was trying to have a conversation with you.”

“W-what?” Peter asked.

“Yeah. She was talking to you but when you made it clear you obviously didn’t want to speak to her; she left,” Ned clarified before groaning. “And she took my hat!”

Peter ran a hand through his hair. “She was trying to talk to me?”

Ned walked up to the door. “She asked if we wanted to hang out with her at the party. I said yes, you said nothing. She left to go look for Flash instead.”

Peter gasped. “Ned, no way, really? You should’ve slapped me or something!”

Ned snickered. “Yeah. She looked kind of upset.”

Peter groaned before bursting into the house, looking around the room for you. He couldn’t see you anywhere and sighed in defeat, leaning against the wall as he mentally scolded himself for not listening to you.

“Liz I swear to god he hates me!” You exclaimed. “I told you that he was actually staring at you!”

After your embarrassing display with Ned and Peter, you had dashed upstairs to Liz’s room. You frowned as you kept replaying the moment inside your head. You had asked if you could stay with them and Ned had agreed enthusiastically. Peter on the other hand, had looked at you strangely, just staring at you blankly before shaking his head slightly. You had quickly left afterwards, biting your lip in embarrassment. Of course Peter doesn’t like you. Why would he?

“Stop stressing (Y/N/N),” Flash’s voice rang as he walked into the room. “So what if he actually likes Liz? You’re too good for him anyways.”

“Yeah,” you muttered in agreement. “Who cares if he has big, sparkling brown eyes? O-or the cutest chocolate curls ever? Or the fact that he’s literally the sweetest person ever? I mean it’s not like-”

“Wow,” Liz interrupted your little speech.

“You really like Penis Parker, don’t you?” Flash asked, face scrunching up slightly in disgust.

You chewed slightly on your bottom lip. “Y-yeah. I guess I do.”

Flash ran his hand over his face before gesturing to the door. “I’m gonna go get a drink…or ten. I’m gonna need them if I have to listen to you rant about Parker.”

You followed Flash downstairs and into the kitchen, where he proceeded to take a half-empty bottle of some alcoholic drink and dump it into a cup. He raised the cup and took a sip, making a sound of disgust as he dumped the drink down the sink.

“Ugh! I don’t know why I always try it if I know I’m not gonna like it,” Flash muttered as you giggled.

“Let’s just look for some snacks Eugene,” you replied, hopping up onto the counter as he scowled at you.

You pointed to the cabinet and Flash went over to it, picking out a bag of your favorite chips and walking over to you.

The two of you stayed in the kitchen for a while, chatting with whomever stumbled in and eating your chips in silence the rest of the time.

“So were you serious about your crush?” Flash asked as he leaned against the counter and lowered his voice.

You looked around slightly before leaning in, speaking in an equally hushed voice. “I mean, I know you don’t like him Flash, but he’s not a bad guy.”

Flash frowned slightly. “It’s just, I don’t know. I don’t like that thought of you two together.”

“Jealous, Flash?” You smirked, quirking an eyebrow as you observed your best friend.

“Yes,” Flash replied, wincing as your eyes widened in shock. “But not in the way you think!”

“Then?” You asked, prompting him to keep speaking.

“It’s just, what if you spend too much time together?” Flash asked. “You’re my best friend (Y/N) and I don’t want to get left behind.”

You froze for a moment. Flash had never been this vulnerable before and honestly, you thought it was a bit heartbreaking.

“Flash,” you started, pulling him in front of you and placing your hand on his shoulders. “Listen to me, okay? You are way too important to me to be replaced by anyone else. Yeah, you may be a dick sometimes and yeah, maybe your ego is way too overinflated, but that does not change the fact that you have always been there for me. And you probably always will. I love you, okay Flash? And no matter what the future brings, I hope that we always stay besides each other.”

Flash nodded solemnly as you leaned in and pressed a kiss to his forehead. “Now let’s go get this party started.”

Flash smirked and he rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah. I love you too.”

You motioned for him to go on without you. “Go ahead Flash. I’ll get us some nice drinks and catch up with you.”

Flash snorted and left, flipping you off playfully as he exited the kitchen.

Flash’s exit was quickly interrupted when he slammed into a solid body. Quickly apologizing, Flash proceeded to sneer at the person when he met their eyes.

Parker,” he spat, straightening up.

Peter avoided his eyes, choosing to glance down at the floor before allowing his eyes to flicker over to where you were sitting.

Flash’s eyes widened slightly at the strangely heartbroken look in Peter’s eyes and proceeded to grab him by the collar, pushing him up against the wall.

“Now you’re going to listen to me okay Parker?” Flash spoke lowly, mentally yelling at himself for what he was about to do.

Peter gulped and nodded, fighting the urge to push Flash off of him and web him to the wall.

“I have a lovesick best friend in the kitchen,” Flash hissed. “And I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but you better go in there and confess or I swear to god that I will break you. Understood?”

Peter nodded, eyes wide. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard and assumed it was some sort of hallucination caused by the adrenaline pumping in his veins.

“Good,” Flash continued. “Now go and don’t mess it up. I won’t give you another chance at this.”

With one last shove and a glare, Flash stalked off, leaving Peter to stare at you dreamily before breathing in deeply and walking into the kitchen.

He froze almost immediately. There you were, sitting on top of the counter as you scrolled through your phone, absentmindedly swinging you legs and causing them to lightly tap the cabinets beneath you.

Peter walked over slowly and stopped once he was in front of you. Awkwardly, he cleared his throat, grabbing your attention as you finally noticed him standing in front of you.

“P-peter!” You stuttered, hopping down from the counter and rushing to make yourself seem more presentable.

Unfortunately, your ankle faltered when you hit the ground and you were sent stumbling into Peter.

Your cheeks heated up in embarrassment and you mentally screamed when you felt Peter’s arms around your waist. You regained your balance and stood up straight, your hands landing on Peter’s arms.

Your blush only worsened when you felt his muscles flex involuntarily and you realized that Peter wasn’t as scrawny as he seemed.

Was Peter Parker always this fit?

“Hey (Y/N),” Peter finally spoke, drawing your attention to him.

“Hey Pete,” you whispered, trying to avoid his eyes. “What’s up?”

“Well I saw Flash leave you here and decided it was the perfect time to talk to you about earlier.”

You flinched slightly at the memory of his small rejection. “Yeah, about that, it’s no big deal Peter. Really. I’m sorry I ever suggested hanging out in the first place.”

Peter’s eyes widened at your words. “No! I’m sorry for not replying earlier. I wanted to hang out with you but I just assumed that you and Flash were…dating.”

You giggled, resting your head on his chest slightly. “Never! Flash is like the older brother I’m glad I never had.”

Peter sighed. “Well that’s good. That’s great!”

You furrowed your brows. “What do you mean?”

Peter took a deep breath, calming himself down before he leaned down, connecting his lips to yours.

You stood there, shocked. Peter began to panic and immediately loosened his grasp on your waist, backing away when you didn’t kiss back.

Your lips chased his, however, and you wound your arms around his neck, pulling him down to you as he let out a surprised squeak.

You gasped slightly when Peter nipped your bottom lip, allowing him to deepen the kiss as he pressed you up against the counter before lifting you up and setting you down on it.

Even though the kiss had become more intense, you could still feel the softness behind it. The shyness and awkwardness was still there as your lips moved against one another. It was shy and hesitant and so utterly Peter that you couldn’t help but feel your heart swell with emotion.

You were kissing Peter Parker.

And he was pretty damn good at it.


“What the…”

You both sprung apart and turned towards the door, seeing a shocked Ned and and a grinning Liz.

“You guys were kissing!” Ned spoke, pointing at the two of you.

“W-what? No we werent,” Peter denied as you tried to smooth down your outfit.

“Your hair is messed up, your lips are swollen, and your hand are all over her,” Liz spoke smugly, a victorious smile on her face.

Your face heated up as you took in Peter’s apeearance. His hair was indeed all messed up, his curls going every direction. His lips were red and swollen, and you felt your cheeks heat up even more when he caught your gaze and his lips went up into a smirk.

“We weren’t kissing, Liz!” You exclaimed, trying to hide your embarrassment.

“Mmmhmm,” Liz hummed. “Just please don’t make a mess in my kitchen, yeah?”

She winked at the both of you before pulling Ned away, chatting about his missing hat.“

“So,” Peter spoke, drawing your attention back to him. “I kinda, really, really like you (Y/N).”

Peter had his head down, a bright blush adorning his cheek. You giggled loudly, causing his head to snap up as he looked at you in confusion.

“Oh Peter. I really like you too you dork,” you proclaimed, bringing a grin to his face.

“Well that’s great! If not, then this would have been really awkward,” he muttered.

You rolled your eyes as you leaned in again. “You’re really cute Peter Parker.”

Your lips met once more, this time in a kiss that was soft and sweet and a lot more slow than your previous one. Just as Peter’s hands landed on your thigh, you were interrupted by another voice.

“C'mon Penis Parker! In the middle of the kitchen? Really?”

“Get out of here Flash!”

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sunshine ☀️

Me? Using my own emotional issues to write fics? It’s more common than you think.

Anyway this is a continuation to this drabble about soulmates reddie and this is the mark they both have.

Eddie couldn’t help it. It was like he wasn’t in control of his own self, his fingers tracing the thin lines of Richie’s mark again and again. He couldn’t quite believe that this was all real. For someone who spent the majority of their life convincing himself that he wouldn’t ever have and didn’t deserve a soulmate, it was all quite overwhelming to have a warm, solid body fit next to him.

Richie didn’t begrudge his request, pulling his shirt over his head as soon as Eddie whispered out a desire to see the sun on his ribs. It was intimate, especially since they’d barely known each other for less than an hour. The others left them alone, which given the fact that a rush of emotions came with the first time soulmates met, may not have been the greatest idea.

“You keep looking at me like you think I’ll disappear,” Richie said.

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A very important discovery has been made!

You guys all recall the (devastatingly beautiful) piece of music that plays when Sherlock smashes Molly’s coffin in TFP? 

Right. Well.  

Turns out that particular phrase - the fifteen gorgeous notes played almost exclusively by the orchestra’s string section - are also featured on the soundtrack of ‘Casino Royale’, (for which we also have David Arnold’s wonderful compositional talents to thank).

But get this, they were used in the theme of one specific character. And guess who that character was…

Vesper Lynd! 

Yep, Vesper - ubiquitously the only woman with whom Bond ever actually fell in love. Or so seems to be the general consensus, from what I have so far been able to research on the subject. It is widely assumed that, were it not for Vesper’s untimely death, she and Bond may have ended up together. Her loss in Casino Royale is thought to have been the main driving force behind Bond’s cold, inscrutable and ultimately emotionally-avoidant persona that is manifest throughout the following films. But with Vesper… it was perhaps the closest we’ve ever seen Bond to surrendering himself to a life of domesticity. 

Someone pointed out this fact in the comment section for the Season 4 soundtrack. 

The piece itself is simply called ‘Vesper’ and can be found both on YouTube and Spotify :) 

Not the Cake!

This came to mind after I read this amazing Jason short and I love it so much. Anyway, this is about the reader and Jason at their wedding and Jason gets cold feet and leaves but Bruce has a plan for getting him back on track.

Requests are open! I’d appreciate getting some from you!

Originally posted by arichgirlsluxuryworld

You wanted a family only wedding. You were a little disappointed you couldn’t invite your friends but inviting them would also mean explaining why most of the world’s superheroes were at your wedding and yes they counted as family to you.

As you waited behind the curtain breathing hard you closed your eyes and took a deep breath. You were so nervous I mean you were about to walk down the aisle! Something that, you hoped, would only happen once in your life.

You put on a big smile and opened your eyes turning around to see Bruce walking towards you.

”Are you ready?” he asked a wide smile also on his face. ”Yes, absolutely,” you replied immediately. You may have been nervous but you knew for a fact that you wanted to marry Jason you didn’t doubt it a bit.

”Good because it’s time for us to go.” he held out his arm and you sloped your arm through it just as the music began playing. You let the others go first as you looked up at Bruce. Due to unforeseen circumstances, your own father couldn’t make it so you asked Bruce to walk you down the aisle in his place.

You were so happy you did too. Bruce was an amazing man who you loved like a father already. After today it would be official.

Finally, it was your turn and with Bruce, by your side, you stepped out and began your walk the music was beautiful everything was perfect. Except for the murmurs going through the crowd. Instead of awe everyone was looking at you with sympathy.

Confused you look at the end of the aisle and saw the preacher and such standing there. The only one missing was Jason.

Fear in your eyes you let go of Bruce’s arm and yelled ”Cut the music!” the music stopped and you looked around until your eyes settled on Clark.

”Where is he?” you asked a winner in your voice Clark looked to you pain in his eyes.

”Y/N, he just…ran out. I’m so sor-” you didn’t bother listening to the rest as you ran out of the room and back into your dressing room fat tears running down your face.

Bruce watched you go not pain but pure anger in his eyes. He saw you as his daughter and Jason had just broken his little girl’s heart. He was completely livid.

Clark walked up to him and placed his hand on Bruce’s shoulder. ”Go talk to him, he’ll listen to you.”

Bruce shook Clark’s hand off and walked out of room to go find Jason.

He knew exactly where he went because of the tracker Bruce had placed on his phone a while back.

Jason hadn’t gone far just to the woods beyond the building they were in. He was pretty far in but Bruce got there quickly and found Jason in his tux his tie on the ground with his hands over his head.

Bruce walked up to him glaring and stood there until Jason noticed his presence. ”Bruce I can feel your glare I know you’re there.” Jason mumbled

”Good. What the hell are you doing Jason? Do you realize that Y/N is in there right now sobbing her eyes out?” Bruce said his anger bleeding through into his little speech.

”Yes, Bruce! I do know that but…I just.. I’ve never felt this way before. How do I know it’s really love, Bruce? How do I know it’s not just a temporary infatuation?” Jason replied panic in his voice. Bruce could hear that he’s been crying and shook his head.

Bruce knew that Jason loved her. Just from the way, he looked at her and when you threw in the way Jason treated her like a princess it was obvious to even the dumbest of people.

Apparently, Jason was the most idiotic person ever. Bruce sighed trying to think of something, anything to get Jason to see this. Jason was love blind and wouldn’t realize it with a simple pep talk so how could he make him realize.

Suddenly Bruce got a call he picked up his phone to see is was Dick calling. Bruce smiled devilishly getting a wicked plan. He answered the phone turning his acting skills as high up as possible.

”Hey, Bruce people are getting antsy over here. What do I tell them? Should I-” Dick started but Bruce interrupted him with a sharp ”What!”

”Ummh I said that people are getting antsy. Wha-” Dick tried again but Bruce quickly interuppted once again.

”There’s an attack at the wedding?” he pretended to question Dick.

”No old man are you losing your hearing or something? I said what-”

”Were on our way, Dick!” Bruce abruptly hung up on the now confused as hell ex-robin.

During the call, Jason had stood to attention and was already throwing on his helmet and loading his guns that he never left home without.

Before Bruce could say anything Jason was running back to the wedding, guns in hand, like a madman.

All Jason could think about after he left was whether or not he loved you. As he ran to, what he thought, was your rescue he realized that this may be the last time he ever saw you and that he couldn’t live without you.

Spotting the building Jason quickly jumped through the window leading to the wedding praying you were ok.


After sobbing your eyes out you quickly cleaned up and walked back to where everyone sat. As you walked down the aisle you almost laughed to yourself thinking about how this wasn’t exactly how you imagined this moment.

You turned to the guests which were most of the Justice League and all of the Bat family.

”Everyone, the wedding is canceled-” you were interrupted by the smashing of the window on the left side of the room. Whoever had just smashed it also destroyed the table that was in front of it holding the giant wedding cake and such. The cake splattered on the floor and the intruder moved so fast that they didn’t notice this and slipped on the now smashed cake landing on their back.

All the guests quickly stood up (or flew up) preparing for a fight.

As you looked over, however, you could see that familiar red hood.

Tears gathered in your eyes as you ran over to him. ”Jason, what are you doing?” you questioned the tears that you’d thought you had previously stopped now coming down in waterfalls once again.

Jason jumped up and pointed his guns around the room. When he spotted no signs of the danger he put his guns down and pulled off his helmet.

”Where are the attackers?” he asked looking at the many superheroe guests in the crowd. Everyone returned his question with dumb and confused stares.

Suddenly Jason realized what had happened and looked down bringing his hand to his face. ”Fucking, Bruce!” he muttered then shook his head.

He turned towards you and grabbed your shaking shoulders. You couldn’t believe he was back even if it was for some made up attack and his backside was completely covered with cake. You were just so happy to see him.

Jason looked at you guilt in his eyes and brought you close to him looking straight into your eyes.

”I’m so sorry baby I made a horrible, unforgivable mistake. If you want to forget about me I’d completely under-” Jason tried to apologize but you stopped him from talking by smashing your lips to his and holding him close.

As you stood in front of your guests making out with Jason Bruce walked in smirking happy that his plan had worked.

All the sudden a red flash blew into the room disrupting the decorations and causing some flowers to fly lose.

You and Jason broke off the kiss but continued hugging and you both looked over at the sudden disruption.

Standing in front of you both was Barry in his flash get up. “Sorry I’m late what’d I miss?” He said looking around at the completely recked room. Some of the damage done by Jason and the rest from Barry’s late arrival.

As his eyes came to you two he looked down to the floor where the cake laid smashed and smeared all over the floor.

”No, not the cake!”

Alright, who’s ready to get emotional over Until Dawn again, because I just realized something.

I don’t think Beth Washington died immediately.

When Sam and Mike find Hannah’s journal in the mines, the first entry tells us that the fall killed Beth, leaving Hannah alone and trapped. The fall killed her, not she died in the fall. And the next sentence? I watched the color drain from her face. The blood draining from someone’s face is something that happens immediately after death, since the blood stops circulating as soon as the heart stops pumping it, and Hannah saw this happen. Considering the fact that she seemed to be in pretty bad shape herself directly after the fall, looking stunned or unconscious in the close-up of them lying there, we can probably assume that she wouldn’t have been able to sit/stand and see Beth (who fell behind her) for a while after that.

Beth’s injuries from the fall may have killed her, but everything points to this being somewhat drawn-out rather than instant. Hannah had to actually watch the moment life drained out of her little sister. What if she was conscious? What if she had the chance to say something to Hannah before she died, to comfort her or make an ‘if I don’t make it’ speech? What if Hannah was holding her, trying to tell her it would be okay? Why does my heart hurt so much? 


those who barely missed becoming historic: marius pontmercy

Marius was clear-eyed, and he required the true light. The half-lights of doubt pained him. Whatever may have been his desire to remain where he was, he could not halt there, he was irresistibly constrained to continue, to advance, to examine, to think, to march further. Whither would this lead him? He was in accord neither with his grandfather nor with his friends; daring in the eyes of the one, he was behind the times in the eyes of the others, and he recognized the fact that he was doubly isolated, on the side of age and on the side of youth.

Beneath Me

Summary: Ever wanted to read the classic ‘giving head under the desk when someone walks in on you’ for our this handsome fella? Look no further.
Requested by: my thirsty ass. ( gif credit. )
Pairing: Merlin x female Reader
Warnings: This whole thing is basically porn without plot, so entirely NSFW.
Do not read if you’re under the age of 18.
Word Count: 2.4k. I need help.

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Characters: Jimin x You

Genre: ceo!jimin || arranged marriage (I have no idea at this point)


next part 

It is tiring to be standing in front of all these people. All of them looking up at him expectantly, waiting upon his next words like hungry wolves. He is the bait that is dangled in front of them, and once he is dropped, they will pounce and devour until nothing is left.

The cameras flash again in his face, and the white spots swarm in his vision. Loud chatter fills his ears from his spot on the stage and he resists all temptation to turn on his heels to walk away. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.

Amongst all the chaos, he is slightly calmed down by the sight of one person who remains unmoving. You stand – stoic and without expression – hands folded in front of you in a manner that is the same if not more serious than him.

“Jimin,” he hears you say the two syllables.

They fall flat, a name that over the years has accumulated many emotion but now, contain nothing.

He looks at you, standing beside him with your face towards the crowd in front. With a deep breath, he walks up towards all the reporters and opens his mouth. They all drop silent and wait.

“Yes, we are divorced.”

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blood nose

h2ovanoss oneshot - [ highschool au ]
warnings: none
2224 words

for @crimsonbluemoon’s birthday!! i wanted to do something small and random as a gift for this amazing friend (and wife) of mine! just a lil bit of cutesy h2ovanoss for the soul, i hope it can make you smile, crim!


It wasn’t like Jon was dumb. Really – he wasn’t.

He had a tendency to make silly mistakes, and sometimes he made up his own words when he couldn’t find the right one. People had told him he had a stutter and a small slur, his hair never sat quite right and he barely even noticed when he dropped f-bombs around younger kids.

But he wasn’t dumb! Even if his literature grade was currently a C-minus, he wasn’t stupid.

He just… struggled?

Aaaaand he may have been a small bit uncoordinated which really came out at the worst of times.

For example: standing in the lunch-line, thinking about the lasagne he was very excited to eat when a weird-looking bug decided the back of his hand was a perfect place to nest.

A small fun-fact about Jon: he really didn’t like bugs, so it was quite the achievement that he managed to contain the high-pitched squeal rising behind his lips. It wasn’t surprising through when his first instinct was to fling his hand as far away from his body (and face) as possible as to hopefully launch the small critter and its big red wings off of him. Which worked – but also meant he slapped Evan Fong right across the face from where the guy was standing innocently behind him also waiting for a plate of lasagne.

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Luffy x Nami: Huge Hint by Oda in Film Gold

I’m seeing a lot of talk about the Film Gold scene, and quite a few differing opinions, which is ok, I understand if you don’t see the parallel. If you guys are open to the idea, I can try my best to explain and show (with evidence) why we LuNatics think this is a huge hint.

Feel free to disagree or point out what you think is not logical 

Fact#1 - Oda states this is a movie in which he’s had a ton of involvement in, including over 2 years of meeting with the Director.

Fact#2 - A staff member wanted to include romance in the movie and Oda thought it was a good idea

Fact#3 - Oda wrote the story behind Tesoro’s past and romance with Stella

Fact#4 - Oda drew Stella and Tesoro’s character, and Stella looks similar to Nami, which may/may not have been intentional.

Fact#5 - Oda rewrote the entire climax and drew the storyboard himself, because he was not happy with the climax that the director had planned.

So it wasn’t a matter of Oda approving this scene, he took it upon himself to do it. The last time Oda got directly involved in a movie like this, we got Strong World. 

On the note by the parallel scene, Oda wrote Tesoro “saw the Tesoro of that day” in Luffy. That day meaning the day Tesoro was beaten and lost Stella. Oda calls back on this by showing Luffy beaten and about to lose Nami, it’s not that hard to see.

Oda decided to incorporate his romance between Tesoro and Stella, that he wrote, into the climax that he wrote between Luffy and Nami, the two people he chose.

The parallel happens when Luffy says “LET HER GO IMMEDIATELY”. Tesoro saw the parallel because he said the same thing when"the Tesoro of that day" was beaten on the ground and about to lose Stella. Luffy is beaten on the ground and about to lose Nami.

Fact#6 - We had Carina as a possible female lead to play the “damsel” part with Tesoro, which would’ve made more sense, but Oda decided to make the climax with a conflict between Luffy, Nami and Tesoro.

Fact#7 - Luffy was beaten down (like Tesoro of the past) and on the ground until Tesoro grabbed Nami. In which Luffy got super pissed.

Fact#8 - After the parallel is shown, the camera cuts to Tesoro’s shocked face, because he remembers that’s how he was when he lost Stella, Oda then cuts the camera to Nami, to reaffirm watchers this is similar to how it was for Tesoro, that’s a implicit parallel between Stella and Nami, and then Oda focuses on Luffy, then back to Tesoro smirking because he sees the similarities of the situation.

Finally, Tesoro throws Nami saying he can do what he wants with his property, and Oda uses this moment to make Luffy go Gear 4th of all times, and yell back “My nakama are not your property!”.

At the end of the day, Oda wrote a romance between two people, and called back on it, during the only scene he wrote, with Luffy and Nami.