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Hi! I know it may sound OOC at first glance, but do you think there could be a moment in which Severus calls or thinks his SO is cute or adorable? If that is the case, could you write a oneshot about it? Thank you so much! You are AWESOME and your blog is GOLDEN.

Oh, anon. Severus thinks his SO is cute/adorable ALL. DAMN. DAY. LONG.

He thinks about it when he wakes up curled next to SO.

He thinks about it when he serves SO breakfast and SO yawns wide enough to show off their molars.

He thinks about it when SO is hopping over puddles in shiny red rainboots on their afternoon walk.

He thinks about it when they’re having lunch at the Great Hall.

He thinks about it when SO takes points from students for running in the halls.

He thinks about it when he bends down a bit at SO’s request to receive kisses and hugs more easily.

He thinks about it when SO makes that cute noise he loves.

He thinks about it when SO feeds the owls.

He thinks about it when SO takes care of the thestrels.

And then, that night, curled up against SO when he’s almost certain that SO is asleep, he whispers, “Merlin, you’re adorable, my love.”

SO mumbles back, “As are you, Severus. As are you.”

Severus flushes scarlet and holds SO even more tightly, because this is the most adorable thing he’s ever experienced in his life.

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Falling in love is the worst thing to have ever happened to me. I was so good at controlling my emotions. I had found the off switch years ago. And then he found me and he is everything I could have ever dreamed about. He is perfect. He makes me so happy. And he doesn't love me. We're friends, but that's all. And I can't find the off switch anymore. And I can't bear to see him but I can't bear to be without him. It would have been easier if we never met, but then I wouldn't know how to smile.

I’m sorry. That sounds very painful to go through. At the same time though, I feel like you’ve found a silver lining. Turning off your emotions, not knowing how to smile..all of these things sound a lot more detrimental than they may seem at first read. It’s a good thing that you know how to smile now. And if one person can make you feel this way, another person will someday. In the meantime, you can do that for yourself. I wish you the best, love. You’ll be okay. 

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Is anyone else worried about the potential writer's strike? Which, if a deal isn't made would go into effect on May 1st, the anticipated first day of filming/production for cast and crew. Assuming 8x01 and perhaps 8x02 are written, if there is a strike - the October premiere date might have to be pushed back. Can you even imagine?!

Yep, it definitely worries me. (And a lot of other people, I’m sure. Every article I’ve seen about the strike, TWD is the first show mentioned.) The last writers’ strike ruined quite a few seasons. But hey, they should pay writers. Especially when what they’re asking for is simply fair treatment. This is ridiculous.

I do wonder if the show was anticipating this though, because they seem to be starting with filming a few weeks earlier than usual? (Can they film what’s already written if there’s a strike?) But the writers typically begin at the start of the year, so I imagine they’ve got a few episodes complete already. Scott Gimple mentioned “the first four” at the start of April, so by now, maybe they’ve gotten through five or six. So if there’s a strike, hopefully it gets resolved quickly enough that it won’t be disastrous to production. But I’m certain we’ll see the effects, one way or another, once October rolls around. Which is why they should pay 👏🏾 the 👏🏾 writers. 👏🏾


Shespeakssimlish’s Braid Series Hair Dump

Whoop another hair dump! As you may have seen in my last hair dump, I recolored one of the hairs in @shespeakssimlish‘s braid series. Well, I loved all of the other ones so much that I just had to recolor them all! I actually meant to release these a while ago, but since it’s pretty close to my 1 year anniversary on tumblr (which is crazy btw), I figured i’d do this now. Anyway, I hope you like these as much as I do!


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Meshes *from left to right*

1 + 2

3 + 4 + 5

Thank you to @shespeakssimlish for creating the original meshes!


For we are all Hana Mizuno, and we all fell in love.

Happy 1st Anniversary to Asagao Academy, to Illus Seed and to the community this game created.

Asagao Academy was the parody dating sim I expected it to be, and so much more. When I first heard about it I barely believed it was a real thing, and then forgot about it until maybe three months before it was released. And what an amazing surprise it was, to expect a game to be full of geeky jokes and You Tube references and then be greeted with full, engrossing stories that made us laugh and cry and band together for our enjoyment of this experience. 

Hana has become that sweet avatar through which we have all stood in the place of and come to hold high as a beloved character absolutely in her own right. I have become more creatively active over the last year than I have in many previous and broken through a long standing bout of depression, I have witnessed so much more special engagements between these You Tubers and seen eyes be opened to the presence of others. And most importantly, I made true, wonderful friends thanks to the fandom that cropped up around Asagao Academy, and for that I could not be more thankful. 

To the Normal Boots and Hidden Block boys as the inspiration for this game, to Cara and Danielle who spearheaded and built the game and to their hired staff, and to the friends who shared with me my love of the game and enriched my life. THANK YOU. 

Thanks to Asagao Academy, it’s been an incredible year. And I can’t wait for the next one.

- Love


phil coulson + the women of agents of shield 

everything pron. 1. all that exists. 2. all that relates. 3. all that is important: she means everything to me