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Seventeen Joshua Scenario/AU: “The Top Floor”

Anon: Can I request for a smut Joshua scenario? Where like both of your groups are in a party, and you guys go the floor where no one is and he fucks you in the wall?? (Josh and the reader are already a couple) Thank you❤

Okay - So I did it. It’s not good and it’s only ‘mild’ smut lol. I’m such a weirdo - anyways! Hope all you lovelies out there who wanted me to do smut like it…here you go! <3 Luna (

Theme : It’s smut…*Not suitable for all audiences!!! Just saying - don’t read it!!*

Words : 961

*And as always! This is just a reaction, it is in no way real, not made to offend anyone and should not be taken as being in any way serious! gifs are mine!!*

Music thumped through the room. The vibration of the bass moving through the soles of your feet as you jumped around in time to the beat. You were enjoying yourself so much that you didn’t see your boyfriend, or his band, enter the room.

You only felt his arms wrap around your stomach as he purred in your ear, “Did you miss me?” 

With a laugh you spun hugging Joshua tightly. But, it was in that moment of holding him in your arms that you realised tomorrow he would leave for his next tour. That’s why they had decided to throw this party. A leaving party. Up until that moment, it hadn’t felt like you were actually saying goodbye. Again. 

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Luhan’s mini album IMAGINATION Coming soon!! Including “On Call” music video as well!!! ^^

Lol I don’t even know. Sorry. Not considering this as an episode but I am tagging it as one. I just feel bad for not posting this week, but do get excited for Luhan’s mini! ^^ Bye!

okay so like y'all know what happened with the NFL and all but like, nascar ended up making a bigger deal out of this bcuz they’re all like “we stand up for the anthem” and “we give respect” and blah blah blah

well, i get wanting to give respect to the men and women that risk their lives to protect mine, but the reason for protesting and kneeing is different, and i wish that they could see that.

and the reason i’m bringing this up is because my favorite driver, the most popular driver (probably not anymore lol), made a statement that he does not disagree with the protesting. he basically said that

and i just think that the fact that he has said this makes me glad that he’s been my favorite all these years.

there really isn’t much reason for me to make this post other than i’m just glad that my fave driver is voicing his opinion given that his opinion is against most in his sport and accomadates backlash.