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I have officially decided that if the first part to the big kadi analysis isn’t posted before the end of March, I will post whatever I have ready on April 1st, because I think it would be funny to post it on kxk’s anniversary lmao. Plus i’ve been putting it off for so long and it’s unfair to you guys especially since lately I have time to work on it but have either been lazy or too drained from the day to work on it. But, Even if I finish it completely (I’m in the process of fine tuning some small things) before then, I might still just upload it on April 1st to be Petty I guess lol.


Okay. I avoid this subject normally but lately I’ve been really frustrated and here’s why: I love Grell Sutcliff. I really, really do. And, as is the case when I’m a major fan of a character, I like to waste valuable time reading different analyses of their personality traits by searching google. IT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO DO THIS WITH GRELL. It seems like all anyone talks about is Grell’s gender, which yes, is interesting, but the debate is so saturated by now and if I want to look for opinions on Grell’s personality traits, Grell’s relative ‘sanity’, apparent masochism, true nature, relation to job as a reaper etc ETC., I usually can’t find a single good analysis or discussion that doesn’t quickly devolve into The Gender Debate. Yes, I understand that your interpretation of Grell’s gender will bleed into how you interpret other aspects of the character, but instead of acknowledging that this influences you and moving on, it devolves into an argument about gender far too often and whatever the original topic was is forgotten. This is really disheartening and it CAN’T be all anyone cares about I mean what a waste, PLS 😢

Not sure where else to post this… so here I go.

So yesterday I went to a book tour of Wing Jones by Katharine W//ebber, and Caraval by Stephanie G//arber. It was mostly good fun, but I wanted to address something here specifically about Caraval.

The protagonist of Caraval, Scarlett, is stated in text to have “their mother’s darker colouring” and “olive skin”. Her sister, Tella, is said to have blonde hair. No reference to her skin colour, or their father’s, whom Tella takes after.

One of the questions asked at the tour was “If you could cast an actress as your main character, who would you cast?” (Paraphrased)

G//arber replied that she would love Scarlett to be played by Lily James… who is white…

She added “or Tella” as well. Regardless, it shouldn’t be an or, because, in her own words, Scarlett is a WOC… ?

I don’t wanna start discourse or anything, but I also don’t really know what to think about this, and it’s been bothering me since the tour…