may delete later lol

  • mom when I go to school and don't tell her I'm sick: wth !!!! you gotta tell me these things I can't read your mind geeze
  • mom when I ask not to go to school and tell her I'm sick: it's your fault lol suck it up just go you always make excuses

Luhan’s mini album IMAGINATION Coming soon!! Including “On Call” music video as well!!! ^^

Lol I don’t even know. Sorry. Not considering this as an episode but I am tagging it as one. I just feel bad for not posting this week, but do get excited for Luhan’s mini! ^^ Bye!

Get this post to 1000 notes and I’ll write a full in-depth analysis about how bts’s win at billboard signifies the cultural shift of entertainment globally, and how that reflects upon societal progress in technology, economy, and policy among different countries

Practicing facial expressions with Xia <3 (Time limit I set for each expression was about 15 mins each) 

I finally decided on her colors too, so I kind of did the coloring last min. too lol 


The night sky once ruled my imagination.
Now I turn the dials with careful calculation.
After a while, I thought I’d never find you.
I convinced myself that I would never find you,
When suddenly I saw you.