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Paradise: Hope (2013) 

Silver fox is silver fox.

The May December Movies You Probably Didn't Know About

We have the Wikipedia list and we have the films that never made it into that list….


The Moth Diaries - 

With Scott Speedman. It’s about an all girls boarding school and this new girl comes along and surprise she’s a vampire. Scott’s the really sexy english teacher. They are always english teachers aren’t they…

Verdict: I thought it was a shit movie. Scott’s hot.
Would I watch it again: Don’t think so.  

Nothing Personal - 

This chic who broke up with her partner leaves everything behind and walks around camping and shit in Ireland. She meets an old dude whose wife passed away and because she’s practically povo and has no home she works for him and in return he gives her food and later a place to stay. A shame he never gave her a shaver for her armpit hair. 

Verdict: Warm, nice, but slow. Typical indie movie. But hey it has some pretty good reviews and heaps of people like it. It’s cute at times but you’re watching it right and it’s like… hurry up and get to ittttt mofos.
Would I watch it again: No. 

Disgrace - 

After John Malkovich has this obsessive affair with his student in which he takes advantage of her (watch it and please discuss this with me, I have a few opinions on this) he visits his daughter who lives in woop whoop and what happen’s there is the rest of the four quarters of this bloody long movie. When I watched it I shat my pants because I saw a teacher at my college acting there and I knew he acted in a few tv shows and films but didn’t realise this was one of them. I used to have a crush on him because he reminded me of Alan Rickman. Not the point. Anyway…

Verdict: I skipped a lot of scenes or just didn’t pay attention. And John Malkovich is kinda gross naked. But I didn’t skip those scenes. 
Would I watch it again: Nahhh

Hick - 

I fucking don’t know what the fuck this was about. Totally lost the plot on me. For me this young chic was like hitchhiking and then the next thing these people are like getting shot and shit and then this older guy gets obsessive over her and and and more people get shot, eggs, alec baldwin then eggs. Lolita directed by shitty tarentino impersonator.

Verdict: Did not like characters, did not like relationship development. It was just fuckennn wierrrd.. Eddie Redmayne. Just watch it for him.  
Would I watch it again: Sadly, no.

So there you have it. I would put this in my ‘may-december films I don’t want to revisit’ list. Then again, my opinion is not yours, so you should just watch them anyway…


Molly Maxwell (2013)

Somebody recommended this student x teacher film a while back, thank you!!!! 


Everyone who follows my page (or whoever you are right now) PREPARE TO DIE:

(Mostly from waiting)

A Royal Affair: 
A young queen, who is married to an insane king, falls secretly in love with his physician - and together they start a revolution that changes a nation forever. -Imdb.

Ah scandalll!! Bitches love scandals. 

23 year age gap for reals. Ah lucky chic. I hate her already. She’s gorgeous but. *cough*whore-.-*cough*



Augustine (2013) 

Look what i found… XD How did I miss this?! 19yo Patient x Doctor… can’t wait to watch it..