may day actions

Today, I tried.
That’s enough.

don’t use people’s struggles and hardships in the real world and even think to compare them to roleplay for your arguments while getting in people’s faces.

Marichat May Day 11: “I almost lost you”

word count: 727
notes: first day back at writing in a year, and first time back at fanfiction in like 6 years. Gimme a few more days before critics please! lol. This is mostly warm up.

She had to get as many people out as possible.

The heat was intense and smoke threatened her every breath but Marinette couldn’t focus on herself, not with all her classmates in danger. She counted them as they left the classroom, Max, Kim, Alix, Nathaniel, she kept a mental note as she rushed them out of harm’s way. Where the fire had started from she hadn’t known, but it was spreading with a hunger that devoured everything it touched. You’d think that fire drills would have helped, but it turns out that having an actual fire, hundreds of terrified teenagers, and the building crashing down around you made it much more difficult to walk quietly in a single file line down the stairs and out through the entrance.

Alya had been standing with her the entire time, fearless as ever. If Marinette had the time she would admire her best friend for staying level-headed, but she could hardly choke out a word with the smoke filling her lungs. She had considered transforming in the hopes that the smoke would affect her less significantly, but the fire had started too abruptly; she hadn’t dared waste time looking for a place to transform. Besides, she was Ladybug with or without the suit. If there was an akuma involved she could deal with it later. Right now everyone’s immediate safety came first.

Finally, the last of her classmates seemed to file out of the classroom, Alya being strong enough to push them along. But something was still wrong. As Alya began to help her classmates down the hall with their teacher leading the way, Marinette felt a pull in her stomach. No one was left in the classroom, but she still went through all the faces that had passed her by on their way out the door. Max, Kim, Alix, Nathaniel…her heart stopped. Adrien. Adrien had just left the class before the flames had licked the walls. Before anyone could notice, she turned the direction opposite of the stairs and she bolted.

Running through a burning building, frantic, and without her suit was perhaps the dumbest thing Marinette had ever done. She heard a small, choked and worried, “Marinette!” from Tikki in her purse, but she ignored her. All she thought about was making sure Adrien was safe. The fire department hadn’t arrived yet and Adrien was still trapped in the school. She was Ladybug; she could, no, she would find him.

Her feet had automatically carried her to the boy’s bathroom. “Adrien!” she croaked. Speaking had caused her to go into a violent coughing fit. She bent over, hands on her knees, and realized that she was becoming dizzy. She was running out of oxygen. Running in a fire was turning out to be a very very bad idea. She heaved as she stared at the ground, but she was still desperate for her classmate. “Adrien!” she tried again, taking a few steps forward. But the flames were getting larger, the smoke getting thicker, her breath getting shallower. If she could just make sure that he was safe…She took one final step forward before collapsing onto the floor.

She awoke slowly, first feeling the oxygen enter her lungs. It was full and rich and allowed her brain to start thinking again, if only slowly. An oxygen mask, she thought simply as she felt her chest fill up with the blessed air. But she could sense more than just the mask around her face. She was in a lap, arms holding her loosely in a bridal style, but the hands gripped her tight. But not just hands. She dully noted claws were digging into her skin, although she could feel no pain. 

Chat, she decided, still unable to form complete thoughts. She willed her senses to awaken further; her eyelids resisted her so she went for her ears instead. She could vaguely hear sirens and as her ears opened furthered she could make note of the softest sob. “My God, Marinette,” she heard. It was Chat who was whispering, his voice quavering. “Why would you even…if I-if I hadn’t been here…” Marinette now felt the claws sink deeper into her skin. Chat’s forehead lightly touched her own, bringing a warmth with it. “I almost lost you,” Chat whispered. Marinette felt one last inhale of oxygen before becoming unconscious once more.

100 years of American Fear

The US government has a history of targeting vulnerable groups.

Here are 11 groups targeted during 100 years of government action.

Chinese exclusion act

Adkins V. Childrens Hospital, Truax V. Corrigan, Bailey V. Drexel Furniture Co.

Mexican Repatriation

Executive Order 9066

Communist Control Act


Kent State, May Day Action, Wounded Knee Occupation

Helms Amendment

The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act

Patriot Act

Arizona SB 1070, Georgia HB 87

More will be added soon if we do not end the demagoguery by the conservatives in the government.

Monday: Marta Popivoda discusses her film Yugoslavia, How Ideology Moved Our Collective Body (2013), which explores how an ideology reveals itself through mass performance. Popivoda collected and analyzed film and video footage from the Yugoslavia years (1945–2000), focusing on state performances (youth work actions, May Day parades, celebrations of the Youth Day, etc.) and counter-demonstrations (student and civic demonstrations in 1968 and the 1990s, the 5 October Overthrow of 2000, etc.). 

[Marta Popivoda. “Yugoslavia, How Ideology Moved our Collective Body.” 2013. Video, 62 minutes. Courtesy the artist]

This Year

May you create more than you consume.

May you say no to things that don’t inspire you and yes to the things that scare you with their possibility of a better future.

May you listen to yourself - to your gut, to your heart, to your head - and not to the people who have opinions but no importance.

May you find quiet for a few minutes each day.

May you stop multitasking, and start paying attention to each moment. A year is a collection of moments. String them together like beads and make this year beautiful.

May you have compassion for everyone, but especially for yourself. Forgive yourself. You can learn from your mistakes, but you do not need to let them define you.

May you stop living by someone else’s to-do list.

May you love yourself a little bit better each day. 

May your actions reflect your values.

May you recognize the good moments while they are happening.

May you spend your time with more care than you spend your money.

May you find joy in the journey and peace in the process.

May you always act with love.

Lord, remind me of the legacy that I am building every day. May my actions and reactions never betray the woman You’ve called me to be. I pray that I am known for laughter, perspective, discernment, fun, faithfulness, integrity, and genuineness. Keep these characteristics always in the front of my mind so as life marches on, I stay the course toward the legacy I so desire. Lord, more than anything, may the message of my life make You and those I love, smile. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.