may day 2009

HAPPY DELENA DAY !! ❤ its been 8 years ago but we wouldn’t change a thing, to the OTP that made me believe that you can find “A Love That Consumes You, Passion And Adventure And Even A Little Danger” (3x22)


On This Day: Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

FC Barcelona beat Real Madrid 2-6, at the Bernabeu, and the road to the Treble officially started..

The Master Class Magic of Xavi Hernandez
The Brilliance of Lionel Messi
The Heart of Carles Puyol
The Fighting Spirit of Samuel Eto’o
The pure Class of Thierry Henry
The Magic of Andres Iniesta
The Pride of Gerard Pique
FC Barcelona football in the purest and best manner

It was the 158th Clasico, the Blaugrana goals came from:

Min 18′  Thierry Henry (assisted by Lionel Messi) 1-1

Min 20′  Carles Puyol (assisted by Xavi Hernandez) 1-2

Min 35′  Lionel Messi (assisted by Xavi Hernandez) 1-3

Min 58′ Thierry Henry (assisted by Xavi Hernandez) 2-4

Min 75′  Lionel Messi (assisted Xavi Hernandez) 2-5

Min 82′ Gerard Pique (assisted by Samuel Eto’o) 2-6

Madrid goals came from

  • Min 14′ Gonzalo Higuaín (assisted by Sergio Ramos) 1-0
  • Min 56′ Sergio Ramos (assisted by Arjen Robben) 2-3


The new adventure is ok, but you’re not sure if you like it as much as the last one.

It’s weird to think about just how successful Homestuck became after this joke was made. Think about it. Imagine being Andrew Hussie on May 4th, 2009, the day this page came out. At this point, Homestuck has been running for three weeks, and has only introduced the name of one character. The Audience doesn’t know who any of the other characters are in this story yet, or what the world is like outside of John’s house. They’ve seen two people on panel, and been shown dialogue with three more of John’s friends, but that’s it.

Of the three previous MS Paint Adventures, only one has been followed through to completion. At this time, there is legitimately a good chance that Problem Sleuth will be remembered as the most popular story on this website.

That was 2009. 

Now look where we are in 2016.

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Help me understand the significance of Kaners mouth guard?? Lol this is such a weird question but everybody always seems to bring it up like "kaner and his mouth guard just hanging there" I is confused


Ever since I can remember, Kaner’s either been playing without a mouth guard, or with a mouth guard hangin’ out of his mouth. There are RARE moments when you actually see this kid with his mouth guard actually INSIDE HIS MOUTH PROTECTING HIS TEETH. But no, he lets it hang out like some kind of awkward appendage.

Now, a lot of hockey players let their mouth guards just chill out of their mouths like that, but Kaner was, like, the poster child for that kind of thing. Seriously. He was on billboards,

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Okay so I was re-watching last nights Castle when I spotted this. Now this could have easily been a props mistake but this notice was signed by Roy Montgomery on May 4th 2009…5 days before Castle first aired. Paying homage - maybe? 

Side Note - I know very little about NYPD and its protocol so my theory could be out the window feel free to correct me if it is   

The growing up, the falling down, the throwing up, the shame, the silent prayers, the nausea, the game.

- William Finn, the Nausea before the game, In Trousers

Tomorrow night is Bucky’s last Harold Night.

Robber Baron’s first show was May 12, 2009.

I tried writing something long and sentimental about the whole thing but it seems very, very indulgent.

The gist is: I cried a lot after Robber Baron’s early shows (don’t cry at McDonalds, do cry on the steps outside the post office).

I had a really hard time on Harold Night for most of my time here. A lot of Wednesday mornings I woke up from fever dreams about the night before. I’m too insecure, too sensitive.

I emailed or met with every Artistic Director we’ve had (all two) to ask in some passive way the vague question “WHY IS THIS SO HARD FOR ME” (disguised as something else.) And somehow, through the magic of empathy and insight, I got good advice back every time. (Even if I didn’t realize right away.)

But then something happened in the last year of Bucky and it’s been nothing but rich, rewarding, stupid fun. I feel so so lucky that this thing that I loved, that was so hard for so long, finally just became  fun through no work or effort or character growth on my part. (That’s true. This is not a post about perseverance or morality or lessons. This is a valentine to luck.)

I think it maybe happened when Frank gave me a Wonder Woman mug for the teacher’s lounge but it would take a whole post to parse out the significance of that gesture.

Being on Harold Night requires a strength of character that I did not, do not, and never will have. It requires the ability to enjoy a good show even if you weren’t in it that much. And the ability to shut your mouth about certain things even when you’re really, really sure that your opinion is the just and true one and these other numbskulls do not know what they’re talking about. I can still do none of these things. The one time I mentally accepted with grace that I might not be in a monoscene harold very much, Jeremy pulled me on stage to play the most fun matching characters I have ever played.

The hardest thing was consistently appreciating and respecting the seven random fucking yahoos that I didn’t ask anybody to put on MY Harold Team. And then realizing - oh wait - I am also a random fucking yahoo who they didn’t ask anybody to put on THEIR harold team. But really truly, it’s about realizing there is no my harold team or their harold team but only - gross alert - our harold team.

I love the nine random fucking yahoos who have been on Bucky. And tomorrow night I am very, very excited to take the Chelsea stage with the six random fucking yahoos who have been there from the beginning.