may be my favorite song of his

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Hey! For the headcannon thing, could you do Jason Todd? Thanks!!

{Give me a character and I’ll tell you my headcanon for}

  • What they smell like:

Metal and ashes. And the smell of new clothes out of the box.

  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc):

He may not move a lot while asleep but for some reason he just can’t for the life of him share a bed, it just makes him anxious. 

  • What music they enjoy:

Old dark Jazz. Usually songs similar to “My Funny Valentine” and he almost only listen to them at nights before missions.

  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning:

Depends on “where” he’s going and why, but usually he takes his sweet time getting prepared.

  • Their favorite thing to collect:

Different types of metals.

  • Left or right-handed:

Left-handed (The only reason I said so is because it’s the hand he used to hit Bruce with a pipe when got caught stealing his car’s wheels)

  • Religion (if any):

His parents were Catholics but they didn’t really teach him anything, and at the moment religion is the last thing on his mind so he’s agnostic for the time being.

  • Favorite sport:

Baseball for the longest time, but lately horse-ridding too.

  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc):

Sightseeing, but preferably alone.

  • Favorite kind of weather:

Cloudy but without rain.

  • A weird/obscure fear they have:

Sleeping in the same day after having someone they personally know die (Even if he didn’t like them).

  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail:

Whac-A-Mole (But if Bruce wasn’t looking then he might play with the Water Guns one)

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tell me about ur fav things i will care

you’re so sweet?? thank you. my favorite books and songs means so much to me. my favorite band is twenty one pilots, listening to their music just calms me down when i’m anxious and it makes me happy. also i’m pretty much addicted to youtube. i love dan and phil, david dobrik and all his friends, and thomas sanders (he makes me so happy!!). i read books on wattpad all the time, and i love to write on there too. one of my favorite books is on there and it’s called Anchorage, it’s about a girl who’s brother died and how she copes with his death. it’s a beautiful book and i love it so much. i watch a lot of shows on netflix, my favorite shows are supernatural and doctor who. i really like bo burnham too, i think he’s really funny and i watch ‘make happy’ and ‘what’ a lot. i like to play games like animla crossing new leaf and sims 4. i got the game dream daddy the other day and i love it so much. also dogs.

i think i have rambled enough, but thank you for this. it means a lot and you’re wonderful for asking. 💖💕

Dance With Me

Summary: You and your boyfriend Peter Parker listen to Peter’s favorite song.


also listen to never let her slip away by andrew gold when you read this it’s a beautiful song <3

Peter Parker x Reader

// Masterlist // 

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“You are going to hurt yourself!” I warned my idiotic boyfriend as he did handstands around his room.

“You worry too much, babe!” He screamed, still upside down. I rolled my eyes and grabbed his phone on the bed. I unlocked it and saw a picture of him kissing me on the cheek as his wallpaper. Smiling, I saw that his music app was open. “Ow! Damnit Ned left a part of his Death Star here.” 

I looked up and saw Peter, now right side up, clutching his hand with a lone Lego piece beside him. “Told you you were gonna get hurt.” I went back to scrolling through his playlist.

“Whatcha lookin’ at, huh?” The bed suddenly bounced when Peter flopped down on it. He wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder watching me scroll.

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Boyfriend! Suga

the cutest sleepiest baby my bias wrecker everyone

Dating Suga would include:

  • lots of late night talks
  • but not too late bc suga likes sleep
  • would almost choose sleep over anything else
  • except you
  • when you’re upset or have a nightmare he’ll hum into your ear and wrap his arm around your waist until you calm down
  • that is until you turn to face him and shove your head under his chin which he smiles at and kisses your head
  • the boys find your relationship with suga kinda secretive
  • which is okay by you and suga because all he wants is privacy so he can love on you without hesitation
  • “y/n can you come take a nap with me”
  • “babe”
  • wiggles his eyebrows at you from time to time, giving you his cute lil smile
  • the sex is good
  • no actually its great
  • he’s definitely a bottom
  • because all he wants to do is admire you
  • you beg him to help you with piano
  • but all he does is begin to teach you, then gets distracted and plays a song
  • “suga how do I play this”
  • “ok look it’s easy, just put your first finger on D and continue on from there”
  • “continue on from where??”
  • you guys honestly spend hours sitting at the piano, learning new songs and him showing you how beautifully he can play
  • jealous y/n is his favorite y/n
  • when you fight it can get heated
  • he knows when you yell “MIN YOONGI” without any formalities he’s in trouble
  • fights usual center around him not doing the dishes or cleaning up his socks from the living room
  • “do your own fucking laundry i’m not your maid”
  • “you may not be my maid, but you’d look good AS a maid”
  • and at that comment he wiggles his eyebrows again and takes you upstairs despite your protests
  • he’s a little cutey sleepy baby
  • you love watching him sleep because he’s so relaxed and looks very peaceful
  • when it’s really early in the morning, you’ll wake up next to him and brush his hair out of his face and stroke his cheek
  • suga knows because for a lot of the time he pretends to be asleep so you keep going
  • “i love yous” are rare but it’s so obvious
  • it’ll slip out during sex or when you two are flat out drunk giggling on the couch
  • or when he gets mad or jealous you’ll hug his shoulders and kiss his cheeks over and over again until you hear his lil laugh and an “i love you”
  • the two of you talk about the future a lot
  • he says he only wants one kid but who knows
  • you’ve seen the way he looks at his little cousins or at the random mother and toddler walking down the street while you guys are on your way to buy groceries
  • SHOPPING with suga is a whole other story
  • he’s v picky
  • “jfc just pick a damn lettuce already”
  • “but they’re all bruised!”
  • “your head is gonna be bruised if you don’t hurry up yoongi”
  • to which he throws a lettuce head into a bag with a grumble
  • he begrudgingly holds your hand when you’re walking down the street
  • he totally secretly loves it and squeezes your hand once in awhile
  • and when you two get back home and unload all the groceries, you’ll drag him to the couch and lay down on top of him.
  • he groans playfully but ends up pecking your lips and giving you his lil gummy smile

other members coming soon!

gif is not mine :)

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Okay, so I've been wanting to get into KNK for the longest time, but like do you have anything that could like help me get to know the members and their positions etc.? Also what song would you recommend for a first time listener?

Hello my dear,

Welcome to the fandom! I am going to warn you that what you are doing is brave since you want me to corrupt you with KNK. *cracks knuckles*

dis is KNK in their professional format

And this is how KNK is like 90% of the time

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Things that happened in KNK:

  • ships… like endless ships (these dudes love each other)
  • endless screaming (i wish i was joking but no this is a known fact

  • their official fandom name is Tinkerbell due to the fact that these men are giants (average height is 185 cm) and we are the fairies that protect them
  • Official fandom colors are rose gold and silver 
  • when something is funny the fall in the floor and laugh (these are facts)


This lovely man who I love is called Youjin

Facts on this glorious man:

  • he is a single dad of 4 kids
  • he is always judging the other 4 members in a loving way
  • Voice of angel like this man can belt dem high notes
  • King of dad dance moves
  • hair porn from this man 
  • he likes his personal space (the other 4 are super clingy to dad)
  • has a 9cm mouth and is proud of it
  • Born February 10, 1993
  • His eye smile is blinding (its too beautiful for this world)
  • Takes care of his sons
  • Main Vocalist
  • Was supposed to debut with BAP
  • he is the main reason why the group is 15% normal
  • he may be the quiet one in the group but when he talks its something super witty and funny
  • Oh lord… dis mans legs…. makes me weak (and his thighs)
  • This tall man moves 360 when he is sleeping 


This piece of artwork is called Seungjun

Facts about Mr.Fluffy:

  • he is in love with Jihun (he does not deny it and also waiting for the wedding announcement) 
  • he is the visual of the group but is also the official nerd of the group
  • he is soo nerdy that he carries a wand around and has a vast collection of pokemon and has a ton of knowledge about a variety of anime 
  •  Loves tinkerbells with a passion
  • he is a tol child. he is a 190 cm 
  • Acts like lil 5 year old 
  • Born October 28, 1993
  • former Big Hit Entertainment trainee and he trained with the members of BTS.
  • Trained with got7 
  • Did I say that he loves Jihun
  • He is the main rapper
  • Has a deep voice but is a child at heart
  • Loves doing aegyo
  • Likes to give affection to every single member 
  • Besides his love of Jihun, he loves food… like he has a happy dance for food
  • he is cute 24/7 but looks deadly on stage


This hottie is Inseong

Facts on this cute lil bunny:

  • Is the king of screaming… and man he screams
  • his lover is heejun
  • this mans voice is to die for… like holy moly my heart
  • His thigh games is super strong
  • Born  July 1, 1994
  • He is a former Big Hit Entertainment trainee with Seungjun
  • Tinkerbells want to be blessed by his forehead and we are still waiting to see it
  • He lowkey cheats on heejun with seungjun
  • He has cute bunny teeth 
  • Main Vocalist
  • Skinship is in his middle name
  • loves laugh or screaming on the floor
  • His smile is a blessing to the world
  • His under dying love for tinkerbells
  • He is a meme like a meme
  • Plays the piano 


This cutie dork is called Jihun

Facts on this Babe:

  • In love with seungjun
  • creeps into seungjuns bedroom to get his back scratch
  • He is the leader of the group
  • His dance moves are smooth as butter
  • Seungjun is in love with how big his butt is
  • his thighs are 10 out 10
  • Has a sweet voice when he sings
  • Aegyo master
  • Always makes Seungjun Laugh
  • His derp faces should be put in a museum
  • Is part of the extra squad with Inseong and Heejun
  • Born February 20, 1995
  • Is a cutie patootie 
  • Creates some of the choreo for KNK’s dances


This smol bean is Heejun

Facts about this cutie:

  • Is the shortest member in KNK (he is 180cm)
  • His lover is Inseong but has a crush on Youjin
  • He is a meme 24/7
  • Part of the extra squad
  • Plays the guitar 
  • Raps/ Sings
  • Was an FNC trainee with Inseong
  • Is a troll
  • asks Youjin to sing him to sleep
  • Loves the floor (cuz he always screams or laughs on the floor)
  • born May 8, 1996
  • Blessed us with his forehead selfie
  • Loves his hyungs

Here are some of my Favorite songs of KNK

Things you should watch to watch the extraness that KNK is


Things to watch about KNK is from the Youtube channel KNK SUBS  and these other youtube channels X X X X X


Tinkermom Cami

I Might Let You Kiss Me

Request: Can you do one imagine where you and shawn are both neighbors and you watch eachother from your window (not in a creepy way ofc) and there is a lot of sexual tension but you supposedly hate one another which is not true (it’s exactly the opposite) and it turns out very fluffy

can shawn also be kind of a bad boy plzzz (the shawn and y/n being neighbors request) 

There’s like one swear word

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“Did you enjoy the show last night?” 

You rolled your eyes, an inhaled slowly. Without even looking, you knew it was Shawn who spoke to you and is leaning on the locker beside yours. 

“Hardly,” you answered him flatly.

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They say it won’t matter in a year, but what if it does? What if it still matters? What if I still miss him? What if I still want him to be the one to hold me when I’m sad or I have the best day and immediately want to tell him? When I hear his favorite song, will I still want to scream it at the top of my lungs in the car with him or what about when I order ice cream? Will I get the urge to order what he and I used to split?

Honestly, it may not matter in a year, but what if it does?

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write
An annotated compilation of some of my favorite love songs

listen here  )

Be My Forever – Christina Perri (feat. Ed Sheeran)

“We’re on top of the world now darling so don’t let go…”

This song is one of my favorites by Christina Perri. It’s fun, quirky, and most importantly it features Ed Sheeran (plus Taylor Swift’s laugh towards the end) It’s the ultimate story about a couple who sees themselves being together forever. My favorite lyric is “You’re my bright blue sky // You’re the sun in my eyes // Oh baby you’re my life // You’re the reason why” because it describes that feeling of true love and how magical it can be.

Give Me Love – Ed Sheeran

This song is basically 8 minutes and 46 seconds of pure magic. When I first came across this song I couldn’t believe such a thing existed. It may not be as uplifting as the previous song, but I feel that its story of hopeful romance is really heartwarming and Ed’s way of turning lyrics into something so powerful really puts me in his position of needing love. It is incredible to see how he can take simple phrases and reword them into something so thrilling. When he says, “paint splattered teardrops on my shirt” instead of simply saying he is crying is just crazy to me. This song is one of my favorites by Ed and it is my go-to song whenever I need to calm down.

Fearless – Taylor Swift

“In this moment now // Capture it, remember it”

Throwing it back to Taylor’s country days, this song is a love story about being fearless and not knowing why. “And I don’t know why, but with you I’d dance. In a storm, in my best dress. Fearless” This song is about when you just can’t help how you feel about someone, and you’re nervous and scared, but also excited. It’s cute and really captures the story of someone who just can’t control how they feel. It’s totally a classic T-Swift love song.

From the Ground Up – Dan + Shay

This song is the definition of true love. It’s the story of Dan and Shay’s grandparents, and how they built their love step by step and grew old together. The song starts with, “Grandma and grandpa painted a picture of sixty-five years // And one little house // More than a memory // More than saying I do // Kiss you goodnight’s and I love you’s.” These few opening lines are so powerful because it shows how much love means to them and how their love is not just “saying I Do” at their wedding, but it’s all of the work and effort they put into it. This song is different from other Dan + Shay songs, because most of their songs are the type I would roll down the windows to in the middle on the night during the Summer, but this song is beautiful and meaningful.

Perfect – One Direction

Okay yes, judge me all you want, but I love this song for multiple reasons. 1) It is totally about Taylor Swift and 2) It is actually a really cute story. It’s basically a song about not being the typical “Mr. Perfect”, but being perfect in his own way. It lists off things that aren’t ideal for a boyfriend. “I might never be your knight in shining armour // I might never be the one you take home to mother // And I might never be the one who brings you flowers.” But then it continues into the reasons why he is perfect for this specific girl. “If you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms // And if you like having secret little rendezvous // If you like to do the things you know that we shouldn’t do //Then baby, I’m perfect // Baby, I’m perfect for you.” It’s funny and cute and really gives the listener a sense of the crazy relationship that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift shared.

How Would You Feel – Ed Sheeran

This song literally just came out tonight, and after the first time I heard it I automatically fell in love with it. I love how Ed starts by saying, “You are the one girl, you know that it’s true.” This song is so beautiful and I really love how Ed’s music has evolved into music about pure love, rather than the heartbreak he used to sing about. I love how he says, “Love flows deeper than a river, every moment that I spend with you.” It’s exciting to see his music grow and this song only makes me more excited for his album coming out in March.

All of the songs in this collection share one main similarity in the theme -  Love. They are all different in genre and sound, but they all share the same focus of falling in love, finding a soulmate, or being totally wrong and right for a person at the same time. Each artist brings something different to the theme, but they all leave you with one message – love is inevitable.

Just Jin things

His laugh (he has the most healing laugh that I could listen to for 10 mins…actually I have done that) LONG LIVE THE WINDSHIELD LAUGH. *creek creek hiccup creek* (gifs are not mine)

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The way he blows hand kisses (YOU CANNOT TELL ME THIS MAN ISN’T PURE AND THAT THIS DOESN’T KILL YOU) He makes army’s hearts go boom and I will always go boom for Jin.

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His angelic voice, ITS SO BEAUTIFUL AND NEEDS MORE ATTENTION. AND HIS SONG WITH TAEHYUNG?! JIN YOU ARE GODLY. His solo song has to be one of my favorites on their Wings album. I even set it as my alarm.

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THE DAD JOKES, (Being an international fan is so hard oml). INTERNATIONAL FANS WE MAY NOT UNDERSTAND IT BUT IT’S STILL FUNNY ANYWAYS. Especially the one about the water cat…army we all know which one I’m talking about…

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HIS UNDENIABLE WAVE OF SELF CONFIDENCE, Oh come on, we love mr.worldwide handsome and he makes me feel more confident <3 Thank you JIN

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Just Namjoon Things

Just Yoongi Things

Just Hoseok Things

Just Jimin Things

Just Taehyung Things

Just Jungkook Things

Just Bts Things

This year is proving to be a nightmare and a blessing for kpop

BTS winning an award at the bbmas

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Awesome comebacks!

Twice Signal

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VIXX Shangri-la

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Seventeen Don’t Wanna Cry

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GOT7 Never Ever

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HIGHLIGHT Plz Don’t Be Sad

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DAY6 Dance Dance

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And heartbreaking disbandements


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I Just want to say that I am so very proud of BTS and I hope they do end up on the Hot 100!

To all the groups that are splitting up, I just wish them the very best. I will always follow my favorite groups and their members. Thank you for so many great years and amazing songs! I love you, HISTORY and Sistar! May you have all the best in the years to come!

And though these groups are not disbanding, I would like to add HIGH4′s Sunggu, U-KISS’s Kevin, Royal Pirates’ James, and Teen Top’s L.Joe who made the decision to leave their groups. I love you!!

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Please add any group or comeback that I may have missed and you feel needs recognition!

the bus (Lin Manuel Miranda x reader)

Lim-Manuel Miranda

summary : ur on a bus & Lin happens to be on the same one too & u expose ur fangirlness

warnings : maybe cussing¿? embarrassment ,, awkwardness stupid friends

pronouns : they/them

a/n : the wifi on this bus only apparently works where there’s cell reception idfk wtf and this is that cute idea I thought of… maybe it’s not so cute??? PLSE tell me what u guys think I need to improve my writing !!!

a/n : the previous a/n was the original one, but I’m adding this in here. this may be an ongoing series!!! sorry for the shitty writing in advance GIMME FEEDBACK,,

1 ,, 2 ,, next chatpter in the works

your eyes were dropping. it was about four in the morning, and the tour bus was picking people up. you pressed play on some music and put to full volume. your friend next to you, tanushka, drifted off a few minutes before you. you felt yourself fade into sleep, letting your mind rest.


lin couldn’t believe it. he’d been in queens town for about six days and not a single person recognized him. no matter how peaceful it was, it was also disheartening. he didn’t let it get him down, he signed himself up for an 8 hour bus ride to Millford Sound. he walked onto the bus using the incredibly steep stairs, then heard a familiar beat. he couldn’t place it, but he saw the source of the noise- you. he walked towards your seat and that’s when tanushka noticed him.

she let out a loud gasp, grabbing your phone and opening it to the home screen, a picture of Lin on it. “you’re the guy! with the music play thing! LIT manny or something!” She exclaims in a shout-whisper. he laughs at lit-manny.

“I’m Lin-Manuel Miranda, if that’s what you mean.”

“yeah! That guy! Holy shit y/n FUCKING loves you!” she points at you.

“so you don’t mind if i… sit here?” he asks, wanting to surprise you.

“oh! oh! oh sure!” she gets up, letting him slide in. for the first he examines you. your hands were inside your star labs hoodie, and half of your face as well. he got to notice your hair and your eyes. from the corner of his eyes, in the seat pocket, he spotted glasses. you were cute enough in your own way. now that he was closer to you, he could hear all the music. it seemed your music range varied greatly. one second it was Hamilton, then it was Metallica, then it was twenty one pilots. it was quite amusing. then the bus driver spoke into the speakers, his voice startling you.

“o- what the SHIT? ugh tanushka you never wake me u-” you turned and Lin was smirking. you rubbed your eyes and blinked, fumbling for your glasses.

“what the heckle?” you muttered, letting your eyes clear to reveal Lin, laughing.

“well hello there I’m Lin-”

“Manuel Miranda” you finished, in awe, “no freaking way.”

“well yes freaking way. I kinda just, heard your music, and asked your friend, tanushka I believe?, if I could sit here.” at her cue, she popped up from behind you. “that’s me!”

“anyways, so hey! I guess you have some great music taste!” Lin chuckles. “so what’s you’re name?”

“uh- y/n” you stutter out. then with more confidence, “y/n l/n”.

“well, y/n, what a lovely name might I mention, may I ask you what you’re favorite Hamilton song?” he says, making you laugh.

“I have so many really- uh I guess I really like Washington on your side- ooh! or maybe the Reynolds Pamphlet! Definitely guns and ships! oh! also! RIGHT hand man? and the Schuyler sisters? they’re all so good and so brilliantly put together and the music and t-” his laugh interrupted you.

“I think I’d know how good it is, I spent way too much of my life writing them”

“modest MUCH?” you laugh, then realize how rude you came off. “I’m so sorry I didn’t meant to-”

“it’s fine! don’t be sorry!” he noticed your fidgeting. “nervous?”

“this is… a lot to take in” you breathed out.

“well take your time then.” he jokes, “the dad bod is my best attribute, I believe.” you laugh, and grab your phone.

“is it ok if I take a picture with you?” you ask awkwardly. he nods, and you open up camera. he spots your homescreen and points at it.

“that’s me!”

“well duh” you grin, holding up the camera so you could take a photo. you guys ended up taking maybe fifty because you both couldn’t keep a straight face.

“you don’t mind if I… sit here for the rest of the ride?” he asked, quite nervously. Lin has a crush. yes, it was a school girlish crush, but you had such a bright attractive personality… he couldn’t help it. was that even legal? liking a fan? it seemed like a distant thought, a foreign idea only sought after in fanfiction.

“oh my god of course!” you were practically screaming, a grin so wide that Lin couldn’t help but smile.

“so… let’s get to know each other I guess?” Lin said, then tried to think of a question. “oh! what’s your twitter handle?” he asks and you tell him. a pan formularles in his head on how to get your number.

“can you send me the photos?” Lin asks, reaching for your phone “here I’ll-”

“I’ll just dm it on Twitter!” you smile and type in his handle, sending him the photos. there goes that.

“you don’t mind sending me all the pictures? Maybe it would be faster over text?” he tried again.

“oh it’s fine, you don’t want a fan like me with your number.” you say, not getting the hint.

“I mean-”

“don’t worry about it! there, it should have delivere-”

“goddamit can I please have your number?” he finally blurts. your eyes widen as you look up at him.


“I-uhm” Lin didn’t know how to fix this. he scratches the back of his head, looking towards his feet

“I’d love to give you my number.” You grin, and send it to him over Twitter.

“uh thanks” he grins sheepishly, then posted a photo. your phone rang with the notification for both Lins post & that he tagged you.

“you have me on post notifs?” he laughs, running a hand through his hair. god, he was cute.


“that’s cute.” he says laughing at your blush.

met the most amazing dum dum ever… (your handle)

you blushed again and covered your laugh as you looked at him. “this is so sweet!” you exclaim, and it was his turn to blush as he nervously looked towards the floor.

“and you followed me? what? that’s so cool! oh my gosh!” you gush, smile plastered across your cheeks.

“it’s no problem, really.” he says.

“thank you! well god, I’m tired so you don’t mind if I take a quick nap?” you ask, and he laughs. in the back of his head, he prayed the cliche gods were at work and you would fall asleep onto his shoulders.

to be continued¿

Midnight Dancing

Summary: Bucky misses the 40′s and can’t sleep.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Nah.

A/N: This is my first published thing so uhhhhhh yeah! Any feedback would be great! 

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– Not my gifs. Credit to the owner.

Lately you’ve been waking up in the middle of the night to an empty bed. 

“Bucky?” You call out, grabbing the shirt off the floor and putting it over your head. The shirt fell down your body to the top of your thighs. You make your way to the small library in the apartment you shared with Bucky. You spot him sitting on the recliner, looking out the window in a deep trance watching the water droplets slide down the window. 

“Hey,” you whisper, “what’s wrong?”

The master assassin jumps slightly. You couldn’t help but chuckle. “Y/N! you scared me.”

“It’s the fourth time this week I’ve woken up in the middle of the night and you’re not next to me. Is there something you want to talk about?” You ask as you pad your way to Bucky, sitting on his lap. 

“I just… I just miss the 40s. I miss being amazed my new developing tech, the music, the way certain things used to be, carnivals, the science expos! My favorite! There was this one time I took Stevie to a science expo, Stark was showing off his flying car when the little punk decided to wander off…” as bucky continued to tell you about the things he missed, he began crying softly. You’d occasionally wipe tears away from his cheeks. 

As he replayed memories, you studied his feature. Soft face, teary blue eyes, his hair a mess, his pink lips breaking into a smile when he talked about the adventures him and Steve used to have. There was absolutely no trace of The Winter Soldier. The person you were sitting on was the science nerd from Brooklyn who never asked to become The Winter Soldier. 

“…It’s all so different now. I mean, I get to see Stark develop tech I never thought imaginable. And I’m here with you. The most wonderful girl in the word. But sometimes, I just get a little homesick for the 40′s.”

You give him a quick squeeze and get up. 

“Where are you going? I thought we were having a moment?” Bucky pouts playfully. He watches you as you head over to the record collection and pull out It’s Been a Long, Long Time because you remember bucky saying it was his favorite song, along with a couple other records. 

Placing It’s a Long, Long Time on the record player and playing the needle on it, you strut back to Bucky. 

“Mister James Buchanan Barnes, may I have this dance?”

With tears still in his eyes threatening to spill,Bucky stands up. “Yes, my dear. You can.”

He grabs you ever so gently and guides you through the first dance. “Thank you Y/N. I love you so much.” His voice breaks as he whispers in your ear.

“I love you too”

The rest of the night, you both spend it dancing and reminiscing about the past.

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Top 25 Favorite Composers

No.1: Gustav Mahler (7 July 1860 - 18 May 1911)

We’ve reached the top of my list with a composer who doesn’t need much of an introduction. Mahler was a famous conductor at the turn of the century whose output is very small: nine completed symphonies plus one uncompleted tenth, a handful of song cycles, and an incomplete piano quartet from his student days. That’s all. And yet, through these few works, Mahler was able to capture the zeitgeist of the era, creating a bridge between Wagnerian Romanticism into Viennese Modernism. He can be compared to Beethoven in the fact that both pushed the boundaries of what a symphony is and what it can do. I believe Mahler’s can be more psychological, showing his inner feelings more than trying to be universal, but paradoxically expressed his feelings so accurately, they are relatable. Mahler rarely if ever wrote in parables about fancy names from the past. If any of his symphonies have some “hero”, they have the same hero as Beethoven, which is to say, men and women. Through music Mahler expressed the poetic idea of man transcending death through love, and redemption through love, very religious ideas that are expressed like a “universal” religion, more secular and all encompassing. I could go on, but Mahler is another one of those composers whose music doesn’t need added descriptions to make more interesting or to be elevated. After discovering him back in the late years of high school, each of his symphonies struck a personal chord with me and he’s been my personal favorite since.


10 Youtubers You Need to Watch

By Alayna Zevallos.

1. The Fashion Citizen

Steph and Mel, or smell and punk as they call each other, are Scottsdale, Arizona based twins. Their videos range from fashion based lookbooks and awesome thrift finds. They have such a witty sense of humor, and they post what they call, “semi daily-ish vlogs” which consists of their day to day work life and Starbucks trips that last four hours for editing, and more. These vlogs may showcase the same routine, but they are very amusing. 

 2. Moon Clique

This channel that was once a duo, is now run by Elena Taber. Most of her videos consist of killer look books ranging from groovy 70s style to 90s fashion. The setting of her videos is right outside her West coast University that gives all the great California vibes. My personal favorite of hers is her Groovy 70s Lookbook-the song and outfits together are unbeatable!

3. Exploring with Josh

Now, Josh has his own channel, but is apart of a friend exploring team whom have all their own channels as well. Josh has such an upbeat and energetic personality, not to mention his adventures are amazing to watch. From places across the world like abandoned drug dealers mansion or an abandoned Japanese theme park, to the beautiful terrains of Bali. Trust me, the minute I found his channel, I became obsessed.

4. The Lineup

Best friends and roomies Julia and Maya, I LOVE these two girls from Stockholm. They have killer fashion sense, and their videos have great editing that I wish I could accomplish myself. You can get outfit tips and ideas from styling puffer jackets, to what to wear on a night out. Their monthly favorites videos are my go to’s to watch.

5. i-D

When I first heard about i-D, I was intrigued. It is not a typical comedy youtube channel, nor fashion or beauty youtube channel. On this channel you can find a heap full of videos interviewing different people and subjects from all walks of life, and you learn so much from. Whether you’re meeting girl skaters, learning about Lil Yachty to Vivienne Westwood, or getting emerged into Icelandic hip hop, this channel has a ton to offer.


Ari Fitz is the creative mastermind behind this channel that is different from the fashion norms you see on youtube. Ari Fitz’s channel is dedicated to tomboy fashion, and it is phenomenal. The diversity in style is amazing. The prom fashion videos she has done are so different and so cutting edge on tomboy fashion, and she gives such a different perspective from the typical “tomboy.”

7. Conan Gray

I cannot praise this boy enough. If you haven’t seen or heard about him and his channel, you are not living. Conan has to be one of the most creative souls I’ve ever heard about. From singing songs in a tree to his thrifting tips to chatting while painting or drawing, (which he is so beyond talented at), he gives off such a wonderful aesthetic and you feel like you are in the room with him. Also, do yourself a favor, and listen to his original song and music video, “Idle Town,” you are going to fall in love.

8. Anthony Quintal

Formerly known as Lohanthony with his “Lohanthony’s videos of the wee-ee-eek,” is now grown up and changed, and I like it. Ever since the new year his styles of videos are different than what they use to be. He now, only posts once a month, and those videos are vlogs. But they aren’t your typical vlogs or daily life videos. They are creative masterpieces of compilations of footage from his life mixed with shots from movies, shows, etc. I am loving the innovative feel his channel is giving off, go check out his latest stuff!

9. Sweet Potato Soul

I am so glad I found this vegan channel! Jenne Claiborne is a professional vegan chef and now youtuber. She has some of the greatest soul food vegan recipes to offer. I love the way she films how she makes the food, it makes you want to go to your local grocery store and whip up some tasty vegan treats. She has such a warm manner, you feel like she’s your neighbor inviting you over for a calm Sunday evening dinner on the front porch. Check her out, she will convince anyone to go vegan!

10. Erik Conover

This male model serves some great traveling vlogs. Whether it is about his life in New York City, or traveling to Bangkok, he makes any place a video worth watching. His thumbnails alone attract you to watch his videos, whether its the back splash of a Songkran Festival or a thumbnail of scuba diving alongside a turtle, you won’t want to miss any of his traveling videos. Also, he has really nice looking hair.

Hope you all enjoyed reading and check out these great youtubers and their channels!

x’s and o’s,


love in a time of social media

love in a time of social media
part one. shance. eventual nc-17.
alternate universe. lance is the king of shitposts and selfies. shiro is an artist who loves his dog and fatalistic humor. somehow, they fall in love.
warning! underage drinking and casual use of marijuana


They meet online.

Specifically, they meet on tumblr. Shiro is an artist of middling popularity and Lance is a shitposter of the highest caliber. Shiro follows Lance months before Lance follows him; indeed, Lance is unaware of Shiro’s work until Shiro @’s him in a small comic.

‘I couldn’t resist,’ Shiro types below the image. 'Thank you for the inspiration, @lances-a-lot.’

Shiro—@white_iron—has a simple art style and a sharp sense of humor that makes Lance laugh out loud. He reblogs the comic, telling his followers to check it out, and proceeds to creep on Shiro’s blog. Lance’s first stop is Shiro’s small about section.

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Never Gonna Give You Up

“20 and 18 with Buck please” requested by anonymous
468 words. Both song are linked in the fic.

“I think I may have found a song that accurately describes how I feel toward you." 
"Shhhh. This is my favorite part." 

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It was Saturday morning and Bucky was making pancakes for the pair of you. You were sitting at the kitchen table, playing with your phone, throwing occasional glances at your boyfriend. He flipped a pancake and turned to you. His blue eyes were shining in the morning light, his messy bed hair made him look imperfectly perfect.

“I love you, baby doll.”

He looked so genuinely happy your heart swelled with pride. You were the reason behind his eye-crinkling smile and that thought warmed you up.

He turned back to the stove all the while humming a song from the 40s. He sang it all the time, it was about a man who finally met the girl of his dreams. You put your elbow on the table, resting your cheek in your palm as you looked at him in awe.

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That's Amore

Have some Logicality fluff because why not?

Warrnings : food mention; alcohol mention(one of the songs lyrics mentions wine)

Tagging @the-prince-and-the-emo @dan-yuna @obviouslyelementary and @prinxietyhell if y'all want me to stop tagging just let me know

Morality couldn’t wipe the smile off his face, even if he wanted to. He was in his favorite place in the house, the kitchen. Today he was making pizza, one hundred percent from scratch. Sure he’d made the cheesy goodness before but it usually involved refrigerated dough and sauce from a jar. To make things even better, his lovely boyfriend was helping. He glanced over at Logic who was stirring the homemade sauce, which smelled divine, and his smile grew even bigger. Though they all had the same face, there was something about Logan’s when he was concentrated. He always gave all of  his attention to things with laser like focus, something Morality admired as his own attention tended to bounce from thing to thing in a series of unfinished projects.

Morality gave his dough an experimental toss to stretch it out. It went fairly well and he turned to show Logan his pizza tossing skills. However looking at his focused partner he was struck with a bolt of Dad-like inspiration. So as he tossed his pizza dough he began to sing;

“OH, when the moon hits your eye like a big…Pizza Pie…that’s amore.”

Logan rolled his eyes but smiled at him none the less, removing the finished sauce from the stove.

“When the world seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine, that’s amore.”

“you’re so cheesy,” Logan said, but leaned in and kissed him affectionately before taking the dough from him and placing it on the pan. Now that they were both unencumbered, Mo swept Logan into his arms and attempted to whirl him around the kitchen, and continued singing,

Bells will ring, ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling-a-ling;

And you’ll sing vita bella

Heart’s will play, tippy-tippy-tay, tippy-tippy-tay

Like a gay tarantella “

He laughed as Logan gave in and joined the clumsy dance around the kitchen.  He was utterly shocked when Logic began singing the second verse, well as close to singing as he got. Morality slowed their movements to better hear his whisper soft voice.

“When the stars make you drool, just like pasta fazool, that’s amore,

When you dance down the street with a cloud at your feet, you’re in love.

When you walk in a dream but you know you’re not dreaming, signore

Scuzza me, but you see, back in old Napoli

That’s Amore…”

Morality was blushing furiously, he’d never been serenaded before. What had started out as light hearted joke had turned into a beautiful and heartfelt gesture from his love, after all Logic never did things halfway.  He kissed his boyfriend to hide the tears that were forming in his eyes, but they were interrupted by a disgusted exclamation from Anxiety.

“Do you have to do that where our food is?”

“You know the best food is food made with love.” Morality laughed, winking at the younger trait.

“That may be too literal, even for me. “ Logan joked, pulling startled chuckles from the other two.

“Is the pizza done, I’m starving. “ Anx whined, pulling himself up to sit on the counter.

“No, but if you get your butt off my counter and wash your hands you can help put the toppings on however you like.” Anxiety rolled his eyes but did as he was told, happily over cheesing the whole thing.

Later, as everyone moaned over how good the pie was, Morality couldn’t help humming his new favorite song.

Thanks for reading everyone, this is one of my favorite songs and I couldn’t get the idea of Mo singing it while he was making pizza out of my head. Plus my own headcanon is that this is the type of music Morality listens to: Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong; Ella Fitzgerald….well you get it. Hope you enjoyed, here’s a link if you want to listen to the song!

Also Note: while I was reading the lyrics last night I read the line “gay tarantella” (gay in this case meaning happy and tarantella being a whirling dance from southern Italy) as “Gay tarantula” and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about LGBT+ spiders and if someone decides they want to draw that please tag me in it cuz i really want to see it.

Thinking out loud

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Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Logan Howlett x (teacher)reader
Genres: humor, a bit of bickering, cursing, fluff
Words: 1.650
Summary: Logan and reader fancy each other, but neither of them wants to admit it, even despite Charles’ teasing. Eventually, reader decides to take matters in her hands - requested by @hopelessgarbage

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