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Harry Styles’ new album is going to be earth-shattering. Harry is a perfectionist as we all know. He would never settle for less than a completely new innovation. He is honing his skills as a musician in order to be able to produce something beyond expectations. Judging from his widely varied collaborators, this album may very well define what music in this new century should sound like.

Harry Styles’ new album is going to shock the world. That is what fans need to hear. This album is going to be better than what music fans have become all too accustomed to. This isn’t some prefabricated formula for songwriting. It isn’t going to be something five young boys had to rush through with three months to write and record. Harry is stepping as far away from that kind of writing as possible to give fans the music they deserve.


“Neither of them notice Scott standing in the shadows nearby. Having overheard the exchange, he’s smiling with pride in his best friend.”

You know what ? I’m not just happy Yuuri and Viktor kissed.

I’m happy it happened in nice conditions. Like I knew they kissed before watching the episode. But I was afraid it would happen just as a “cheering measure” from Viktor. And it wouldn’t be the same. Like when he was like “should I kiss you ?” I was hoping it wouldn’t be here.

But no. They actually talked. Sure, the way Viktor is like “I don’t know what to do when someone cry / should I kiss you or something ?” may look a bit cold. But to me it’s really because he doesn’t know how to comfort him, especially that he felt he already did a lot. He’s a bit overwhelmed himself by the situation, awkward, and hitting his limit as an unexperimented coach. 

But he didn’t forcefully kissed Yuuri. He suggested it more as a “what should I do ?” and he actually voiced it in front of Yuuri. Consequence ? Yuuri told him. Yuuri voiced his insecurities, the reason of his anxiety, and what he expected from Viktor. He called him on the bad stuff he was starting to do, telling him when he was wrong to do so. It’s communication and it’s so important.

I thought it was so important that the kiss happened after Yuuri’s program because :

  1. It was a true moment of happiness, an impulsive act, but not in the “it was just an impulse it won’t happen again” but a “I’m so so happy for you you’re awesome I just can’t hold it anymore”. It was so genuine and happy, it was healthy. Healthier than just a “cheering measure”.
  2. Yuuri finally put himself at Viktor’s level. He stopped idealizing him, realizing he also had his limits. He realized Viktor had his limits, that he wasn’t all perfect, especially on the coach side. And he put himself at his level by performing his signature jump. He reached to Viktor as he fully realized this “god” he saw before really was just human, a human he adores and love, and that he is able to equal and surpass too. Not just in a “I’m better than you” but a “I’m worthy of you and you are worthy of me”. They’re on the same level, and to me, that the kiss happened after that was important. Because at that moment their relationship is really balanced.
  3. Also the head poking. It was important it was before too. It showed how if Viktor can tease Yuuri, Yuuri doesn’t feel bad for teasing Viktor too. Like the first time he was all panicked apologizing ?? Here he does it willingly just as a bit “you tried to mess with me ? See, I’ll mess with you” but in the most innocent way ? It’s complicity here and I LOVE it.

I should be working and not writing meta on yuri on ice.

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Headcannons for when the 4 see somebody crying

(Done! Sorry for the delay!)

-He is freaking out.
-He’s a cartoon that makes people laugh.
-He is also kind of inexperienced with cheering people up.
-Will try his best though.
-You can expect a lot of cuddles and attention from him.
-He may cry a little bit too.

-Unlike Bendy, Boris has actually dealt with this before.
-Gets your favourite movie, food, some blankets, and curls up on the couch to get your mind off things.
-He will cuddle you through the entire time your sad.
-He won’t even go anywhere without triple checking with you that it’s okay.
-Honestly, with the way he acts around you, you will probably feel better already!
-If not, Boris won’t give up!

-Does everything you ask without hesitation.
-Cooks, cleans, helps with your work, and will play with your hair.
-He will try and deal with the problem that is making you sad, so you don’t have to see it again.
-Legitimately is the sweetest at this point.
-And he’s totally going to sing you songs.

-This boy wants you to get back to your happy, normal self as soon as possible.
-He immediately drops his walls.
-Probably won’t do everything you ask for, but will do most of it.
-He may hum.
-And that’s a big maybe.
-Rubs circles on your back, and if you need too, he will let you cry onto his shoulder.

I just realized we may not see Bellarke together in the same scene again until April 25th… Then the next hiatus starts on May 25th… I’m crying already. I’m not a bit ready for all of this separation.


                i         c  o  u  l  d         n  o  t         l  i  e           

@zombieparadeimpulses replied to your post “The Redwood Rebel: Book One of The Redwood War series by L. Davidson…”

Lorna, I’ve read the two chapters of Redwood Rebel and I like how you set up the start. It’s a strong start, it feels almost cinematic by end of chptr 2. I’ve been recommending it to friends and everything!

Thank you so, so much, I appreciate it more than I can say xx

Critical role is amazing

I’ve only been in this fandom for like a month and in that month i saw Matt Mercer take the bury your gays trope and crush it with a display of the most badass magic. I’m seeing more and more incredible queer characters show up and their sexuality just being taken as completely normal. I saw the cast openly show support for the orlando shooting (something that may have made me cry quite a bit). The fans of the show seem lovely and despite there being thousands of overlapping ships, people arent arses about it (in fact to settle the issue I’m seeing a lot of polyamorous headcanons which is just so great)

For someone who was pretty much giving up hope with most tv shows/webseries/movies with shitty queer representation or bad writing with characters i just don’t care about, I’m so glad I discovered this show.

I’m looking forward to being a part of this fandom and following the insane lives of Vox Machina

I think my heart just shattered

This is a strong, proud, magnificent beast of a man that has realized this is the one time he can’t win, the last time he’ll ever fight again. And Kurapika is demanding to know about the other troupe members, but Uvo doesn’t want this to happen to any of them either, so he just quietly requests death. 

You would think that Uvo would go out with a bang, would die with a crazy grin because that’s how he would have wanted it. Instead, he’s stripped of his powers, beaten, and interrogated, and he can do nothing more than say, “Kill me” over and over. 

I just. I have too many feelings about Uvo. 



‘’Aww, come on, sweetie, don’t cry! MonoBear may be a… little bit rusty, but he’s not a bad bear! How about a little smile for the next photo?’’

Komaeda likes celebrating his birthday on Enoshima’s Family Dinner. Just not when his least favourite animatronic is around :c He’s so scary he makes him cry. He could use a bit of proper maintenance, too…

i tried experimenting a bit with shadows and very little light
those are not highlights (aside from hair a gold/blade), that is regular color

originally i thought it turned out bad because it didnt fit my cel-shading style but i tried out the marker tool to cast a black shadow over her left side and it immediately fixed it!

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