may be crying a bit


“Neither of them notice Scott standing in the shadows nearby. Having overheard the exchange, he’s smiling with pride in his best friend.”

how the signs deal with emotions

*check Moon and/or Mars sign

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): They get very overwhelmed. It’s a huge build up of emotions and they feel trapped and overwhelmed. They try to relax and take deep breaths, and have a moment where they let it all go. They usually call or text a friend and unload/rant, and then they usually feel better. They like to take their mind off of it and go have fun or do something they enjoy to make them feel better. 

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): They try to block it out and repress it, not wanting to deal with it. They try to analyze their emotions, trying to know how or why they are feeling this way. They try to solve the problem or make a plan to fix it. They don’t usually cry, but if they get frustrated or if it’s really serious, they will cry. They usually deal with it all internally and by themselves, which is just fine for them. They use logic and reason to help themselves feel better. They look for security when they are upset.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): They try to understand what or how they are feeling before they accept they are feeling it. They try to see all of the factors and influences that would make them feel like that. Once they feel comfortable or they feel like they know what it is, they may go and talk to someone they trust. They talk it out and analyze it and make a plan of action. They don’t make a big deal out of it and once they get over it, that’s the end of it. They are known to distance themselves or get distant when emotional, as they are trying to figure it out by themselves.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): They feel everything so deeply, it consumes them. They can’t stop feeling it or thinking about it. They may cry for a bit, or they try and stop themselves from crying. They deal with it alone most of the time, but if they can’t, they go to someone they trust and break down to them. They ask for help and advice, trying to make sense of things. They usually like physical affection when upset or emotional, it helps them feel better.

Anniversaries with Tom Holland:

  • Anniversaries with Tom would be amazing
  • Let me tell you that boy I such a romantic
  • He’d let you sleep as long as you want
  • But as soon as you wake up he’ll be by your side, kissing every inch of your face
  • “Good morning love! Did you sleep well?”
  • You faced him, just to see him looking at you with the most loving smile ever on his face
  • “Yeah,absolutely perfect!”
  • “Take your time to get ready, Breakfast is waiting for you!” he said, after putting a loving kiss on your lips
  • Boy your heart still explodes when he kisses you

  • After getting ready you head downstairs, having a massive breakfast waiting for you
  • I’m taking about pancakes,waffles basically everything you love
  • The both of you would sit down on the couch and you’d cuddle into him
  • He’d wrap one arm around you loosely while placing a kiss on the top of your head
  • You would watch one of your favorite movies while finishing your breakfast
  • When you finished your breakfast, he’d hand you your gift
  • You being kind of shook cause usually you both agreed that neither of you would buy a gift for each other
  • “Tom what is this?“
  • “Just a little thank you my love.” he said with that god damn charming smile
  • “Darling, we agreed on not buying anything for each other.“
  • “I was away for such a long time, but you stayed with me. Giving you a present is the least that I could do.”
  • Okay not gonna lie, you may or may not start crying a little bit
  • You cried a lot
  • “Love, please don’t cry. I hate seeing you like this!“

  • Girl he’d give you the cutest present ever
  • It’s a little heart necklace with a T on it
  • He helps you putting it on and placed a lot of kisses on your neck and your shoulders

  • Then suddenly it began to rain really bad
  • Like really really bad, London rain drops could actually kill you
  • “Bloody hell, where did this come from??!?”
  • “I guess the world is telling us to just stay here today.“ you said while shrugging your shoulders
  • “But I had everything planned, we would go to that restaurant down the street, which you love so much and we would go shopping and go t-”
  • “Tom it’s okay! I rather just spend time with you,cuddling on the couch, than going out to these fancy places.“

  • So that’s what you end up doing my loves
  • Just cuddling on the couch watching all and I mean ALL of your favorite movies
  • Eventually you take a few naps cause why not it’s raining outside
  • Tom always kissing you
  • Sometimes it turns into a make out scene
  • But really just loving the time you spend together
  • Y'all I want this
  • Like please I’m single
  • Now I’m sad :(

  • This is for my fav @iamnesta cause she helped me calm down yesterday night. ily girl

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In light of Valentines day; could you do scenarios of the Chocobros, Nyx Ulric (if you can) and Cor proposing to their s/o? PS love the stuff you've been writing. :D Tis amazing and brilliant just like you!

I changed up one of them (heheh) just a little bit. Also, I got writer’s block for Cor, I’m so sorry! I’ll do a one-shot for him sometime soon based on this prompt to make up for it. And I still have yet to see Kingsglaive, so for now it’s just our four favourite boys.

This one is pretty long, since it’s a bunch of scenarios, so it’s under the cut. Enjoy! And Happy Valentine’s Day <3

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Domestic family headcanons (with some spoilers for GotG 2)


Sleeping piles become a regular, needed thing, given that they all have nightmares from the fight with Ego.

Rocket blames Kraglin and Peter for it, since the both of them mentioned that it was a well-known habits back with the Ravagers (“Good against cold night cycles out here”) but he also can be found wrapped into a ball on someone’s chest or stomach, or wrapped around someone’s neck like a scarf, Groot huddled into his fur, so everyone just shrugs it off as his usual snark.


Mantis becomes an absolute sucker for hugs, since she finds them great and comforting and finds out that they symbolize affection and comfort.

She’s also in love with all the many emotions she can feel even better through the added contact – her hands alone can let her feel emotions, yes, but that’s amplified by a full-on hug.


Gamora doesn’t even realize that she picks up the habit of cutting Groot’s food into tiny pieces for him to chew better, only notices it herself (with some embarrassment) after she’s held out the food-pieces to either Peter or Drax to blow on to cool it down multiple times already.


Groot wants tattoos like Drax or Kraglin – best would be if he can get both – and it takes them days and days to talk him out of it because his wooden skin wouldn’t work for that.

They still manage to find some long-time paint that will not harm the little tree and paint “tattoos” onto him.

(Peter may or may not be crying a bit when Groot demands and arrow on his tiny-forearm, going “We are Groot” when he’s asked why.)  


Rocket starts using basically everyone as a climbing tree, since Groot is still too tiny to carry him, and the height advantage is something he has relied on for years.

If anyone realizes what a trust this displays, then they are smart enough not to mention it.


Playful fights over food become a common thing, with mock-duels with forks and headlocks and kicks to the shin involved.

The only thing Rocket won’t ever fight over with Peter are those “terrible” Beasties-snacks Peter munches happily enough.

“You are disgusting.”

“They are tasty and full of nutrients, so shut it- ey, Kraglin, those are mine, you jerk!”

“Not anymore.”

Disgusting, the both of you.”


Gamora has to explain to Mantis that insults are not really considered affectionate, and than has to correct herself and add that “Maybe they are for our friends here, though” when Mantis points out that their little family insults each other on a regular basis.


Singing seems to be contagious, because suddenly it’s not only Peter doing it anymore.

“Ahahaha, Rocket is singing!”

“I keep telling you, I was just trying to drown out your terrible voice.”


Peter proposes a karaoke night every month, and there is not that much resistance against that.

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Headcannons for when the 4 see somebody crying

(Done! Sorry for the delay!)

-He is freaking out.
-He’s a cartoon that makes people laugh.
-He is also kind of inexperienced with cheering people up.
-Will try his best though.
-You can expect a lot of cuddles and attention from him.
-He may cry a little bit too.

-Unlike Bendy, Boris has actually dealt with this before.
-Gets your favourite movie, food, some blankets, and curls up on the couch to get your mind off things.
-He will cuddle you through the entire time your sad.
-He won’t even go anywhere without triple checking with you that it’s okay.
-Honestly, with the way he acts around you, you will probably feel better already!
-If not, Boris won’t give up!

-Does everything you ask without hesitation.
-Cooks, cleans, helps with your work, and will play with your hair.
-He will try and deal with the problem that is making you sad, so you don’t have to see it again.
-Legitimately is the sweetest at this point.
-And he’s totally going to sing you songs.

-This boy wants you to get back to your happy, normal self as soon as possible.
-He immediately drops his walls.
-Probably won’t do everything you ask for, but will do most of it.
-He may hum.
-And that’s a big maybe.
-Rubs circles on your back, and if you need too, he will let you cry onto his shoulder.

Lance and Keith being domestic is my favourite thing tbh

-Lance loves to sleep in so every morning that he doesn’t need to be up early, he sleeps in until Keith literally rips him out of bed
-Keith wakes up almost every morning at 6 or something like that. He doesn’t understand how Lance can sleep for so long
-Do not talk to Lance until he’s done his morning routine or else he usually just glares and pouts
-Keith is usually waiting for him with a cup of coffee
-Lance talks Keith into having at least a “beauty night” at least once every two weeks
-Keith loves watching Lance dance, whether it be goofy dancing or sensual dancing or anything in between. He loves the way Lance seems to move so fluidly
-Sometimes when Keith comes home late, he usually finds Lance passed out on the couch(no, he wasn’t waiting) and will have to wake him up to take him to the room
-Keith hogs the blankets. They have separate blankets but will share whenever they cuddle(Lance still wakes up freezing and has to rip the blankets out from under Keith who always cocoons himself in them)
-Lance never thought of himself as a jealous person, but seeing people hit on Keith… He may or may not become a lot more hands on or even kiss Keith in front of the other person
-Keith finds it adorable. However, whenever he notices someone flirting with Lance, he usually walks up and whispers something into Lance’s ear which usually makes the other completely red
-Pidge finds them disgustingly sweet whenever they watch movies and Lance and Keith are usually cuddled up
-When they’re drunk, they both get into some weird competition over who loves who more
-It ends with Hunk and Pidge taking them home because both are plastered and trying to get into each other’s pants
-Pidge now watches how much they drink
-Lance introduced Keith to conditioner. Keith still doesn’t understand why it’s such a big deal
-Keith first noticed he was in love with Lance when they were at one of Lance’s family BBQ’s and he watched the way Lance was with all the kids and how bright his laughter was
-Lance first noticed he was in love with Keith when Keith was a drunken mess, hair everywhere and clutching a pail like his life depended on it. “Lance I think I might be drunk” he slurred horribly and grinned and Lance just knew. (The moment was a bit ruined by said grinning boy puking a second later)
-The first time Keith said “I love you” was in an agreement, and was more along the lines of “Why do I have to be in love with you??”
-Lance may have started crying a bit and replied “I love you too”
-The fight ended there and ended with mushy hugs
-Lance is taller than Keith by literally 3 inches and hordes it over him. “Oh, do you need me to grab ____ from the top shelf? I got you.”
-Keith is stronger than Lance and horses that over him. “Beat me in an arm wrestle and I’ll let you go first”
-When Lance goes through his moods, Keith cuddles him and kisses the tip of his head while reassuring him
-When Keith becomes more withdrawn, Lance usually pulls him into hugs and becomes a lot more affectionate
-Lance doesn’t have panic attacks often but the first time he has one around Keith, Hunk is called to help. Keith asks Hunk to teach him how to help Lance
-Keith once agreed to let Lance do his make up. He forgot he had it on and left to a job interview with it. He got the job but never realized he had it on until he was washing his face before bed
-Lance will still swear to this day that his eyeliner and shadow was “a million” times better than Shiro’s
-Shiro was offended at that because excuse you, his is obviously the best
-Lance once bleached his hair and Keith didn’t recognize him
-Keith cut his hair once and Lance wouldn’t shut up about it for a week (Keith realized Lance really did like his mullet)
-Keith loves embarrassing Lance in public. Not in a mean way, but saying something that no one else knows about and Lance going red and covering his mouth “Shut up omg”
-Keith not getting social qu’s sometimes so he just watches whatever Lance’s reaction is and copying it
-Lance is almost always fixing Keith’s hair for him

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My son has moon conjunct saturn in his 11th H and after reading various interpetations im terrified of me becoming an emotionally distant mother because i have trouble with affection/nurturing already (i have moon square uranus 5th H)

i can sympathise with this on this level bc my daughter has moon opposite neptune (in the 4th and 10th to add to the severity lol) and it says ‘the mother effects emotional development by being mentally ill and dependant and overly emotional and the child feels unsafe’ so it can be very confronting but what i want you and others to do is also just understand this is  the internal temperament of the child and its possible response to the behaviours you could have and lack insight on. i thought about it. you know i do cry in front of my daughter may be a bit much, so it did help me realise she has a more sensitive response to this than other kids. and she is the kind of child that more than others needs that safe place, whereas other kids it goes over their heads ok. like in this scenario a normal, integrated, and otherwise validating mother even with all the care and consideration cant quite possibly meet the needs of a very sensitive and emotional child even if all siblings were treated the same but that one had that temperament that felt a certain coldness.i hope this made sense, its kind of hard to explain. i mean the fact you are worried about being a cold and distant mother is kind of a clue that you are very caring and concerned already. -C

hello i heard you liked minkuri so i drew something. silly for  u. ur hella cool i hope u have a Nice Day :’y

this is exactly what I needed after episode 9

you’re a treasure and I feel so very honored thank you so much ;v;