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Rogue One - Initial Spoiler-y Thoughts

I have just been to see Rogue One and want to quickly chronicle my immediate response to it in the aftermath. This post will go crazy with the spoilers, which is why it uses a cut and is tagged accordingly. 

In short, do not read on if you don’t want to be spoiled for Rogue One!

Kirsty and I will discuss the film at length tomorrow for the Scavenger’s Hoard podcast, so keep your eyes peeled for the next episode. 

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Here it is! The self care journal challenge!

You can do this however you want. I will be completing each prompt one day at a time for the next twenty days. There may be a day I’m too tired, no biggie I’ll do it the next day. You can do whatever you want. Jump around in order, do them at any random time, etc. This is for you so please do it whatever way works best for you!

If you would like to share your writing/drawing use the tags #journalspo and #self care challenge! I’ll be looking and will reblog!

Shout out to my beautiful best friend stumbleine-superqueen who helped me come up with these prompts!


and the long awaited part two! this is the one with all the good stuff B)
part one got so popular so fast (which was so flattering omg) that i figured i may as well get this one done tonight too! as before,  if you want me to add anyone feel free to ask, and also feel free to reblog with your results~
part one

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You said you put a lot of time into and it shows! Everything is done very well so I think however much time you spent on it was worth it. I hope you're feeling up to doing the other ones you said you didn't get to yet, I'm sure those will be sweet too :)

Thank you so much… thank you so much!! I will probably get to them later on but I generally feel really uncomfortable tagging artists that I like so I may- n o t

10 Questions Tag

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rules: answer the 10 questions I give you. tag 10 people and give them new questions to answer as well.

1. What was your first language? English 

2. Ultimate Bias? I’m too afraid of commitment to give anyone this title yet, eep! Everyone is so wonderful! But there are some leading the pack, so I may have an answer one day.

3. Where’s one place you would want to live and why? Oh, this one is so hard. London for the comedy scene, Florence for the atmosphere, Seoul for the language, Toronto for the life I am making for myself now, and the Rocky Mountains because I desperately miss my family, but don’t want to live in Vancouver. 

4. Favourite pastime? Re-reading favourite books or fanfics. 

5. Chocolate ice cream or vanilla? Chocolate by itself, vanilla with other things like in sundaes or on pies. But I’m allergic to ice cream, so I don’t eat it anyways.

6. Favourite song to dance to? The Old Black Rum has an unholy power to make my body move in ways that I will regret.

7. Where have you traveled? Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, United States, Canada. 

8. Favourite game? I don’t know what it’s called, but when you pick a weird word from the dictionary and people have to make up definitions, and then people vote on which one they think is true. I like making people uncomfortable by thinking up the most realistic-sounding but perverse sexual definition.

9. Number of family members? I don’t really know how to answer this question anymore - I guess there’s three of us? 

10. Favourite/ lucky number? Don’t have one. The concept of a lucky anything makes me irrationally irritated.

My questions

1. First ever bias?

2. Favorite place to visit and why?

3. Favourite song to fall asleep to?

4. Favourite thing about your ultimate bias?

5. How often do you talk to your closest friend?

6. Languages that you know?

7. Favourite book?

8. Favourite thing about the person you most admire?

9. Favourite dessert?

10. Favourite album in its entirety?

I’m going be brave and tag some people that I would like to get to know better. No pressure to actually do it! If I miss you and you want to do it, consider yourself tagged too!

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rules: tell us one favorite character from ten shows & tag ten people 

  • Dana Scully ( X Files )
  • Mycroft Holmes ( Sherlock )
  • Bedelia du Maurier ( Hannibal )
  • Stella Gibson ( The Fall )
  • Eleven ( Stranger Things )
  • Joan Watson ( Elementary ) 
  • Miss Havisham ( Great Expectations )
  • Natasha Rostova ( War & Peace ) 
  • Clarice Orsini ( Da Vinci’s Demons )
  • Erin Watts ( Spooks ) 

( Apologies if you’ve been tagged already  ; 3 ; – just ignore it along the waaaayy ) 

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May 24th : Sleep

here some sleeping eremika *Q* It’s been a while since my last sleeping drawing :D I had a lot of fun drawing it c: I really had problems with the pose this time but I really wanted to draw eren and mikasa enjoying the warm weather and relaxing together after training so I thought that the topic’’sleep’’ would suit for it pretty well c: thank you for all the nice tags and comments on my other eremikaweek entries It always makes me really happy ;w; I hope you like this one too <3


I felt too bad about disappointing people so I figured I may as well give it a shot. Sorry if it’s not as inspired as the others…

The strong and resilient yet prideful member of the group, Magician’s Red, and his stand, Genesis, who defends his allies by absorbing incoming attacks until seconds from death before revealing his true face and unleashing the stored energy in a devastating shockwave. 

August Daily Draw Challenge

by dreamersamulet

A Divination Challenge that is all about self exploration and self care!
Putting this up early so you guys have more time to see it :)

- You can use whatever kind of divination you like to use, or even mix them up
- If you want to get a more detailed result to one of the topics, you may come up with your own spread as well
- Have fun!

If you want to share your results on tumblr, please tag them with #dreamersdailydraw so that others can find them!
If you want to keep them to yourself, that is just fine, too :)

If you have any questions about the challenge, feel free to message me an ask and I will try to answer you as soon as possible!

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First impression: super intimidating, seemed very kind and made wonderful thought out posts Now: kind, funny, one of my very favorite fic writers (update soon? ;))) ), amazingly well thought out posts that make me feel like you're in my head, one of my favorite blogs and just all around way too good for me cause you're the best 😘

But KC you’re the best!!! Because you send me things like this! 😙😙

I find it wild that anyone would think I’m intimidating I’m such a massive dork 😂

Also I may or may not be intending on spending tomorrow writing…😉

Thanks you beaut ❤ loves ya

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seph, actual child: stomps through flowers that remind her, or anyone, of genesis. claims ignorance if ever confronted. he aches, even thinking of the man's name. one day he'll ask her what makes a friend, and why he shouldn't be wrathful when they leave.

it is too late for them now, their petals have already been torn asunder, ripped beyond whatever recognition may weigh on her tongue. lilies the colour of milk, the burning hues of peonies at dusk & marigolds    all gone. memory burns. memory bubbles. he cannot help but rage war against what remembrance stirs inside his ribcage, like a shadow that dances along the sharpness of his cheeks. he curses one name ‘neath his breath & at first it is a strange sound, an all too familiar sound  (  what a red sound ; a carrion call, a dying sparrow’s last lament  )

weep, wail … scream if you must but do not destroy. do not destroy all that you once were. your feathers have already been stained black, bloodied with another man’s name upon your skin. 

he burns them out of ceremony for a dead friend he never knew. not truly at least. mayhap that is why he strings up those flowers by the very roots of their sinews, spilling forth their sweet-smelling innards across the soil below. it is an almost unholy desecration of memory. it would disgust her     she who he too has come to know. in time he may come to scorn her name ‘neath his tongue for she has brought him nothing but lightness, burden & grief. she fears that he will never forgive the firebird that flew too far & the wolf who showed him nothing but softness. 

you will learn to bleed like this, splintered & bruised without reason. hate me if you must but do not hate them. 

you will remember long after they have died. you will remember … but i will forget. 

how long has it been since she bore witness to such cruelty  ?  seconds, moons, decades —  she does not know anymore. visions of a past life blur behind her eyes & dig themselves deep into the subtle curve of her stomach, the silver sheen of her hide. he is so very selfish to tarnish not just his memory, but her own out of mere spite for what wounds he could not clean. he could not clean the dirt out in time. oh, but she has come, she has come bearing spring in the undertow & a lump in her throat with gaze thin & stern. 

how soft her voice is. how deep this sadness was. 

   you did not give them time to bloom.  


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FIVE TIMES KISSED (from este xoxo)

( five times kissed | selectively accepting ) @saintspoken


      either frank welch didn’t know how he felt, or he was just one helluva good liar. his eyes never showed anything ( they couldn’t, not around david, not at work, not in the world ) and with a wedding ring on his finger from a relationship with a woman foreign to him, one may just as well presume he never swung that well, never would. that same woman turned his back to him, and turned his child’s back to him too. perhaps it was for the best.

      but with that badge, everything had to be quiet. you couldn’t suggest anything like that. you’d be fired for being homosexual. that ? mass hysteria. that’s another thing buried alongside all his other issues with the war, with the drinking, with the family … and it was being uncovered.

      that first kiss on the rooftop made frank welch no longer have doubts. he isn’t out of his own head, for being that way. the man he cared about most assured him that everything, about himself, was going to be okay.


      the world felt differently in the year of 1963. not about gays, no, that wasn’t on their minds yet – but about communists. the chinese. the russians. the cubans. propaganda was all the world thought about. frank welch knew. he was placed at the head of the operation to expose foreign intelligence within the C.I.A., and it started with investigating his lover.

      no objections were made at first, despite frank welch having no reason to believe that david castro was a communist spy. he only followed the orders given.

      this changed in 1965, when david castro and frank welch resigned from the C.I.A. after sharing the prejudice faced within work boundaries. after signing the papers, the two of them walked down the steps outside of the intelligence building and shared their first kiss in public.


      frank had gone near ten years without alcohol, a case of nightmares, or any major regrets. he lived happily with his partner, away from the past 6 years of their relationship filled with racism and blatant homophobia. and according to a cover on time magazine, the world was ready for a new change. a gay right’s movement that appeared successful. dozens coming out to the media on live television. somewhere in that crowd, frank and david are protesting.

     harvey milk runs for office. david castro is hired to be on his committee. the first day of work, frank kisses him goodbye.


      it wasn’t their last.

      the year was 1981. david castro had just been admitted into a general hospital.

     frank didn’t leave the bedside and did everything from tell stories, to read books, to even singing songs. nothing took away from the fact that his partner was dying. complications due to AIDS, a mysterious problem that hadn’t been around in the early days with the agency. the treatment had been hard on him, hard on them both.

     their last night was spent together laughing. hands placed at the side of his cheeks, frank held him for the last time and smiled, unknowingly, that his lover would die the next morning. there’s a joke about two birds and a kiss goodnight before they both drift off to sleep. 

      the following afternoon, frank’s 23-year-old son visits him for the first time.


      he remembered him every day. for a man who’s life had been full of self-hatred, death, poverty and familial issues, frank welch was a happy man. the processing of the relationship with david had changed his life forever, changed his viewpoints forever, made him realize everything he had to live for. the thought without him astonished him. the suffering would have been catastrophic.

     his saint. his savior. his other attachment to himself.

     every morning frank welch kisses the picture frame of the two of them. 

Spent the weekend with family Crimson, and played with my nephews, while Mr. Crimson got to be an adult with my siblings and other family.

ColdFlash idea. Barry (who no one other than Len knows is actually The Flash) is called over to babysit Michael during a Rogues meeting, and proceeds to play ball tag around the safe house with him, and later blackout hide and seek in the storage room, where Len eventually finds Barry under a pile of blankets.

By the end of the night, Michael is happily asleep and in love with Barry as his babysitter. The Rogues might be a little too charmed by Barry as well. Barry smiles and plays innocent, but after he ‘leaves’, The Flash may or may not sneak into Len’s room that night to reap his rewards for playing so nice, not just with Michael which he’d do anyway, but with the other Rogues too, especially one in particularly who he really enjoys ‘playing nice’ with. ;-)

Little ghosty Jack (inspired by Afterlife: The Game) :D
This may be one of my fav Jack’s videos ^^ It’s just so funny, fast and well edited + all the references xD I just love it xD

One day, one rhyme- Day 761

The light in you that burns so bright
Could seem to do away with night,
I need no sun except for you
And you tell me that I shine too.
Two stars so near can’t stay apart,
Our light mingles as stellar art
And all this burning bright and fast
May well end in a cosmic blast-
Such a blazing, glorious fuss,
We might take galaxies with us.
I know I should be terrified,
Ain’t it pretty when stars collide?


this isn’t so much a “all my 2015 cosplays” because that would just b too much. too much. 

SO! this is like a “favorite photos” of 2015. (even though one is a gif ha ha ha)