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anonymous asked:



although weirdly enough out of all the people i can remember pete interacting with in the show, as far as i can tell, hes only taller than sonny and daniela,, which is weird to think about, he just seems really tall because he literally only stands by tiny tiny sonny

even so! he’s the perfect height,,

the perfect height difference for hugs and forehead kisses,, how lucky we all are

Close Call ~PART 2

Read Part 1 First

Catch this fic on AO3

Guess who’s back with more angst! It’s me!

Essentially (if this comes up in your tags and you haven’t read the first part), Keith and Lance get captured and separated. It doesn’t work out too well for anyone. Go read that one first. This one is longer because the parts just get progressively longer okay let me live.

I’m gonna just @taylor-tut and @dogsahoy and @voltronpaella since I tagged you three blessings in the first part so I may as well tag you in this, too.

This part is what’s currently happening with our favorite blue paladin. Enjoy! or don’t enjoy because everything i write is sad af

“You’re awake.”

The voice carried immeasurable relief, which Lance couldn’t help but consider odd, seeing as he didn’t recognize it.

He blinked, eyes adjusting blearily to the dim prison cell. Consciousness, unfortunately, brought the pain in his side with it. He shifted his gaze to the person leaning over him, who appeared to be pressing a cloth to the stab wound.

And Lance sucked in a breath. He knew those eyes. The color of the hair, the pale skin, even down to the small build. Lance recognized it all.

Despite never seeing the boy in person before, Lance knew without a shred of doubt that he was looking at none other than Matt Holt.

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Seto Kaiba may have had some of the worst animation quality- but

…he has also had some of the best~

A few more since someone said since those were all from the movie //which I already knew and said so in the tags // SO here’s a few from DM as well~
PLUS my Kaiba post from a couple years ago – (x)


mermaid swamp spam     “I want you to live..”

Divided We Fall

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Request: I was thinking maybe the reader is Tony’s daughter and her and Bucky have a thing going and then Civil War takes place and the reader is laying there after getting the living Christ beaten out of her by Steve and she watches as Tony gets double teamed by Cap and Bucky and she uses all of her strength to get up and intervene and persuade Bucky to stop

A/N: YES, TWO IMAGINES IN A DAY. Do not expect this to become a habit… So I decided to write part one about how Bucky and the reader (along with the others) feel about this situation and how it affects them. I also tried to bring up some emotions. I just wanted some kind of a backstory and not jump right into the part about Tony and the reader fighting Steve and Bucky. Now, I haven’t even started to write the second part so if you want to know when it’s posted, tell me so I can add you to the tag list for this imagine! (It might take a lot of time) Hopefully you’ll like this one… It does get sad, though. I may have gone a little too dramatic but… oh well

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Words: 4,174

Warning(s): ANGST, mentions of sex, some making out

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I think I found a solution to the issue of the length of Phineas and Ferb’s summer.

So we all know that Milo Murphy’s Law starts on the day immediately after Phineas and Ferb ends. We also know that MML takes place in either 2016 or 2017 because of Zack’s retelling of his boy band back story, where he says ‘It was the year 2016…’. Therefore, this would also mean that every single episode of PnF (bar holiday specials, etc) also takes place in 2016 or 2017.

Which can’t happen, because that would mean over the course of three months, everyone went from using flip phones to using smart phones and calling CDs antiques. You could argue that due to PnF’s incredible and advanced technology, such a rapid increase compared to our world would make sense. However, many characters go on to express how long the summer feels; far more than 104 days and seemingly going on for even years (and yes I know these are just fourth wall jokes but listen. I can do what I want).

So what I’m suggesting is that the reason PnF’s summer went on for eight years was at the fault of Cavendish and Dakota.

So far we’re not sure why they’re hated by the agency so much, but it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that it was due to some disastrous mistake that could’ve cost them their secrecy and possibly endangered lives. What if they messed with some sort of time altering device that they shouldn’t have and then fumbled it up in some way that caused all of Danville to slow their time relative to the rest of the world? The agency would try to cover it up as best they could, convincing people stuck in time that ‘gosh, this summer just seems to drag on, doesn’t it?’, at the very best leaving a few head scratches and mild confusion. Cavendish and Dakota would be shunned and hated by all other agents for causing such a devastating mistake; pushed to the side and given the most inconsequential task possible, so there was absolutely no chance of them being able to screw up time again.

Idk this may have all been said before by others but I don’t frequent the MML tag enough to have noticed. In any case I’m not entirely sure how well this all holds up, I was just trying to make sense of this inconsistency without just saying 'don’t think about it.’ It’s almost 1am and I need to get up at six tomorrow. I’m going to go to sleep.

Hey so here's to converts to Judaism

To converts who started this journey with their family, and those who face rejection; to those too nervous to practice in public, or to even admit to their loved ones;
To converts who are ethnically Jewish and reconnecting to their faith, and to newcomers joining the tribe;
To converts of all races and ethnicities and nationalities; to LGBT converts;

You are all loved, by me and by Hashem. May your journey go well, and welcome to the family ❤️❤️

F1 drivers in suits

First off we have Valtteri Bottas mixing his patterns in the best and most pleasing way and proving to the fashion world once and for all that hard-boiled eggs do look good in suits (even if the suit could stand to be tailored a little more…). Also, that patterned grey won’t show cat hair making him a egg man who thinks about where his cat is going to sleep when he buys his clothes.   1000000/10 Humpty Dumpty would be proud.

Next up Romain Grosjean wearing his customary expression of existential dread (mortalterror.jpg). He did not tie that tie himself but rather opted for a very obvious clip-on and I am going to shame him for it forever. Love the choice of collar though. He may be a drama bitch but the man knows his classic fashion (of course he does he’s french). 10/10 calm your tits. 

Thirdly, Antonio Giovinazzi looking for some reason like he is in the pits of hell but that’s the fault of the photographer, not his outfit. Classic shawl collar navy and black satin- no fault with the classics.  He looks like an elven prince who was unceremoniously stolen from the middle of his fairy ball and is confused by where he ended up.  infinity/10 stop sleeping on this suave and talented boy. 

Marcus Ericsson.  Why does he look like he wants to eat me? also if you are going to wear a notched collar like that without a breast pocket for a pocket square you need a boutonniere or at the very least a lapel pin gawd.  176/10 because he would devour my brain if I rated him any lower.

Next we have Daniil Kvyat who does have the top breast pocket but with no pocket square in it (the horror!!!!). The tie is great though I love the tie. He is trying to prove that even basement gremlins can dress up and have fun once in a while. I support him. 9000/10 support your local basement gremlin.

Last but not least we have Stoffel Vandoorne who is gazing longingly at a cheeto someone has dropped on the floor. There is no fault to be found with charcoal and blue, ever. It is one of the truly perfect color combinations in fashion. There is, however, fault to be found with these specific shades of charcoal and blue on him particularly, as well as with the cut of this suit. Please help this chld, his sleeves are too long and the colors make him look orange. Please send him a tailor and a proper stylist asap.  200/10 a soft orange waffle is still a soft waffle.  

May 24th : Sleep

here some sleeping eremika *Q* It’s been a while since my last sleeping drawing :D I had a lot of fun drawing it c: I really had problems with the pose this time but I really wanted to draw eren and mikasa enjoying the warm weather and relaxing together after training so I thought that the topic’’sleep’’ would suit for it pretty well c: thank you for all the nice tags and comments on my other eremikaweek entries It always makes me really happy ;w; I hope you like this one too <3

bixxbyte  asked:

hello once again! here's the request for MC having a fraternal twin and what RFA + V and Saeran thinks! I thought this would be a fun idea since I'm a twin and my brother had actually had mystic messenger before me. he didn't really like it that much unfortunately but obviously I did! anyway, thank you for writing this in advance! :DD

Whoa, your brother sounds like an awesome person but how could he not love Mystic Messenger! xD That’s so neat though that he was the one who introduced it to you, that automatically makes him a cool person! I tried making my older sister play but she only liked Jumin and called them all “weird anime characters” but at least your brother gave it a shot! I also want to sincerely thank you and everyone else who’s requested for your patience while writing, I greatly appreciate it! Now, I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Yoosung is so excited to meet your fraternal twin when you tell him about them
  • So when you tell him that you’re going to invite your twin over for dinner, Yoosung goes all out
  • He really wants to impress them so he cooks a nice dinner, sets the table properly, and even wears a button down shirt with khaki pants
  • But this poor boy gets so nervous when your twin finally comes and thinks that he’s going to mess everything up
  • Yoosung asks if you and your twin have special twin powers like if you know what each other are thinking
  • And he turns crimson red when you and your twin laugh, Yoosung silently mutters how he’s going to murder Seven for telling him to ask
  • At the end of the night, your twin is really impressed with Yoosung and gives him a thumbs up of approval, making Yoosung feel relieved
  • Yoosung tells you that he wants to invite your twin over more to keep showing off his top notch manners and awesome cooking skills, making sure to ignore Seven’s ‘advice’


  • Zen decides that he’s going to make the greatest first impression when you tell him that your fraternal twin is coming over for a visit
  • He’s swoon your heart so winning over respect from your twin seems like a piece of cake to Zen
  • But the minute your twin walks in, he internally panics since he thinks if he can’t win the approval of your twin then he isn’t fit to be with you
  • Zen actually ends up getting lowkey jealous of how good of a relationship you and your twin have, also slightly jealous that he couldn’t have that type of bond with his own brother
  • But your twin talks to Zen about what types of musicals he’s been in and he perks right up again
  • While of course being over dramatic, Zen tells your twin about how he once had to play the role of a twin but nothing could compare to the bond you and your own twin had
  • The day ends with Zen getting you and your twin tickets to his next musical with Zen be relieved that your twin was such an understanding person


  • Jaehee is nervous when you ask her to go with you to visit your fraternal twin
  • You’ve said to Jaehee that you hadn’t told you family that you were dating her yet
  • So visiting your twin, the first of your family members that she’s going to meet, makes her feel uneasy
  • She’s anxious since she’s not sure how your twin is going to react to their sister dating another girl
  • But Jaehee loves you and agrees to go with you because she still wants to meet your twin
  • When the two of you get there, your twin is super kind and supportive of the two of you, making Jaehee’s fear vanish
  • The three of you enjoy the day as Jaehee highly praised you while your twin was impressed by her social skills
  • When it’s time for the two of you to leave, Jaehee gives your twin a big hug, surprising both you and your twin
  • A small tear escapes her eye as Jaehee thanks your twin for accepting her and yours relationship, promising to make them the best cup of coffee when your twin visits the two of you


  • When you ask Jumin if he wants to meet your fraternal twin and have them over for dinner, this man goes all out
  • Since he’s never really had any siblings to rely on in his own life, Jumin is quite interested to meet your twin
  • He’s excited whenever they come over, even greeting them with a quick hug which shocks you
  • Much to your surprise and happiness, Jumin’s comfortable around your twin as he asks questions about the two of you
  • The night is filled with laughter as your twin recalls embarrassing stories from your childhood much to your displeasure but Jumin’s amusement
  • He even opens up a little bit about his own childhood, saying that he wished he had siblings as kind and sincere as you and your twin
  • By the end of the night you realized that Jumin’s never smiled as much as you’ve seen him tonight with you and your twin
  • He thanks your twin for coming over, telling both you and them that they’re welcome over to his house anytime since they’re apart of the family


  • Seven is actually the one who suggested that you two go visit your fraternal twin
  • He’s never met anyone else with a twin before and it interested to see if you and your twin act like him and Saeran at all
  • The entire ride there, Seven’s practically jumping up and down in his seat because of his hype
  • He gives your twin a big hug when he meets them, asking about a hundred questions about you and themselves
  • Your twin’s curious about Seven and Saeran and he’s more then happy to talk about his own special twin connection
  • Seven loves seeing the deep bond that only a pit of twins could share, making him happy for the two of you
  • He impresses your twin with his vast knowledge of tech and his unique sense of humor
  • By the end of the night, you and your twin’s side hurts because of how much Seven made the two of you laugh
  • Your twin asks for you and Seven to visit more often because seeing the love between you and Seven makes them happy, which in turn makes Seven’s heart sing with joy


  • V’s been wanting to meet your family for a while now, especially since you told him that your have a fraternal twin
  • He finds twins endearing and says that if they’re anything like you, then they’ll be sweet and kind
  • This man and his smooth words
  • So you and V invite your twin over one day and he adores them since they are like you in their own unique way
  • V loves seeing how you and your twin interact with each other, so of course he gets out his camera and starts taking a bunch of photos of the two of you
  • Your twin loves looking through V’s photos and he enjoys and feels proud of himself seeing their eyes widen in wonder as they view them
  • The night is ended with your twin wrapping their arm around your shoulder and telling V to continue to take good care of you, even though they don’t think it’ll be an issue since V’s such a gentleman
  • V tells them to visit again anytime and is sincerely happy that he’s able to be apart of your family


  • Saeran’s on the more nervous side when you suggest meeting your fraternal twin one afternoon
  • He’s still self-conscious about himself and the last thing he wants to do is have your twin develop a terrible impression of him
  • Once you tell him how understanding and kind your twin is, he slowly warms up to the idea of visiting them and one day agrees
  • Saeran has Seven tag along too so he can help break the ice if needed
  • But Saeran realizes that he may not have needed Seven to come along since your twin is, like you said, a really awesome person
  • He attempts to make a few jokes and even cracks a smile, something that the three of you love seeing
  • Saeran enjoys seeing how well you and your twin get along and it makes him want to try and be nicer to Seven
  • At the end of the day, Saeran shy asks for you, your twin, Seven, and himself to take a photo together, to which you all agree, and Saeran treasures the photo as he keeps it with him to remind him that he finally has a true family

quick leorai doodle before bed 


Well May was a very hectic month for me: I had finals, my birthday, started a new job, and went on a trip to a different state! 

Well here’s a shot of part of one of my walls and one of my journal spreads from May. The spread was from a weekend when I had to write like 15 pages of my screenplay and so it’s inspired by my script.

Also, thanks for 150 followers!

Out for the Night

Originally posted by dailyspiderman

After being on house arrest for awhile you decide it’s time to sneak out with your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man

Featuring: Tony, Peter Parker, Steve
Warnings: Mentions of death

Ever since Tony had installed the new security in the tower, you had been dying to sneak out and spend a night on the town. Sadly the new security was installed for said purpose. To keep you in and to keep you safe.

One month earlier:

You had a serious case of cabin fever. Four weeks ago there was some intel picked up that there would be an attempt to kidnap you and if the occasion allowed for it Spider-Man as well. The threat had been taken care of, but all the Avengers still worried about you. Peter, they couldn’t exactly keep in the tower due to his aunt but you. You were in full lockdown. You would constantly remind your overprotective friends that you could take care of yourself, but no one would listen. Tony had put you on lockdown in the tower. Steve came up with an excellent idea of putting a tag on you, knowing you would try and get out of the tower. Well, they weren’t wrong.

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U of YT AU- Web Design

Originally posted by martziplier98

Request:  What about a fanfiction where Ethan and the reader (and the rest of the gang) go to a university or college made for youtubers? And Ethan and the reader like each other or are dating? Sorry I’m horrible with coming up with ideas! If you do my idea can there be some fluff tho? I would write this on my own but I’m not fully sure I know how to tell it, but if I come up with more I can write my own version too, of that’s ok! And btw I love your writing! Oh and sorry that I ramble.

Summary: Fem!Reader goes to University of Youtube with the gang. Heres a glimpse into what a typical day with the gang is like in class.

A/N: Behold, the literal only gif I could find of the entire gang. This was a cool request! I saw a fic in the markiplier x reader tag similar to this about a youtube university with markiplier and jacksepticeye so if you want to read some more youtube college stuff I’d definitely recommend checking that out! The fic is by @septiceyesweetheart and it’s really good! I love it a lot (may or may not be because I’m also latina and can relate to Bella)! Anyway, back to the fic. No Amy and Kathryn in this one :( because I haven’t gotten the hang of writing them well just yet and the fic was getting waaaaaay too long with them. It’s already pretty long as it is. I really like this idea though and if anyone wants me to make this into an AU sorta thing, feel free to request some more! Hope you enjoy!

Wordcount: 1462

Warnings: I cursed a couple times I think

Thanks for the awesome request! Request some more please!

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Why do people think there are hardly any leafy blogs?

I’ve seen a lot of people when saying there are active leafy blogs they only mention about 5 or 6. There are wayyyyyyyyyy more leafy blogs that are still active. You just have to find them. I know quite a few, some are well known, some are not as well known but still my favs <3 Here they are ;)

@isleofcalvin @love-me-leafy @leafy-cult @nayeli-winchester @leafy-intolerant @leafygirlishere @leafyhere @leafyiscalvininamask@roastmeleafy @itsleafboi @leafbot777 @cinnamonleafy @leafydrabbles @leafythepositiveviber @caleafy @leafyismylizardgod @leafy-s3npai @leafyisnowhere @ya-boi-leaf @coffeemaahtay @leafyisherereptile @leafyishereedits @i-hear-you-leafin @leafyisheremorelikeleafyiskawaii @leafyiscreamy @leaf-y @smileafy @inlovewithaleaf@leafyishere (for some reason the last one wouldn’t tag)

Some of them you may already follow there are heaps more but i’m too lazy to get up and check what they are I might add them in later but feel free to add to this list!

You Mysterious Prick

Originally posted by fiveguysfiction

Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Length: 793 words

Warnings: slight profanity, mention of blood and gore

“Jesus, Eggsy!” Panic flooded your body, as well as your expression. Your eyes grew wide, at the sight of your boyfriend, the shock of his appearance stunning you. Eggsy was stood in the doorway of the kitchen, in your shared flat, clad in one of his usual work suits that he wore at the tailor shop every day. Only, the blazer was glistening in the kitchen lights, shiny, clearly due to the blood on it. He had small cuts all over his face, with blood dribbling down his dark blonde eyebrow, eventually dripping onto the suit and adding to the mess on his suit. The plate you’d been in the process of drying, dropped onto the floor, shattering. “Shit, Eggsy! A-Are you okay?” You rushed over to him, gently tugging him into the large bathroom down the hall. “What’s happened?”

“I’m alright, love.” Eggsy’s voice told you he was trying to be casual, but you heard a clear strain in it. What the bloody hell had happened to him?

You softly pushed him, urging him to sit along the rim of your claw-footed bath. Bustling over to the cabinets, you fumbled around, looking for the first aid kit you’d put inside when you’d first moved in, several months ago. “Babe, you need to tell me what happened. Are you bleeding, anywhere other than your face?” Eggsy nodded softly, his eyes avoiding looking directly into yours, looking slightly guilt-ridden. “Where, love?”

“My side.”

“Is that it?” He looked like he’d just fought in a war, or had bathed in blood, which meant you didn’t truly believe his statement about only being hurt on his side. “Eggsy, you’re soaked! If you’re hurt somewhere else, you have to tell me!” As you spoke, you were stripping your boyfriend from his soaked jacket, and then nearly ripped off the truly un-saveable oxford shirt, to get access to his side. Like usual, you felt yourself flush slightly at the sight of his toned torso, but you were soon distracted by the cut along his left side. Despite the fact the cut looked ghastly, it seemed to be the only injury on his torso – not including the small bruises along the bottom of his ribs, surrounding the abrasion.

Eggsy watched my face pale. “You should see the other guy.” That was his attempt to calm me, but it made you realised you still didn’t know what happened to him.

“You were in a fight?” Your question was nearly shouted, as you were completely worried now, “Love, were you mugged?”

Eggsy shook his head, “Can you stitch me up first, before we talk? Please?” He watched as you nodded, albeit hesitantly, “Thank you, love.” You worked diligently, now happy that you’d taken several first aid courses growing up. Carefully, you cleansed, sterilised and stitched up his wound, placing a pad over to secure it. “Okay, I’m going to wash my face, and sort it out, then I’ll meet you outside. Is that okay, love?” You eyed him for a moment, before nodding hesitantly, “Alright, I’ll be out in a second.”

“Fine.” You were aware that you were being short with him, but you were too worried to care. Nearly storming out of the bathroom, you made your way into the kitchen, heading straight to Eggsy’s liquor cabinet – where he kept his posh liquors, as well as his cheap canned lagers. By the time he came out from the bathroom, you’d already grabbed one of the lagers, and popped it open, taking a long slurp. Eggsy came back out dressed in one of his Ralph Lauren polo’s, from his ‘common-wear’ section of his wardrobe. “Tell me what’s going on, Eggsy.”

He spoke bluntly, “Love, I’m not a tailor.” When you said nothing, he continued, “I work in covert operations, and I’m really sorry love, but that’s all I can tell you.”

It probably wasn’t possible for your eyes to widen anymore. “Eggsy…”

“I know.  I know you want to know more, but I can’t.” You curled into his non-wounded side, processing his words. A lot of things were beginning to make sense… like the secrecy he kept about his ‘work’, his odd behaviours when you two were out, as well as the fact he absolutely failed to repair that button on your jacket last week. “I’m being as safe as I can, I promise you, love. Making sure I come home to you… Maybe one day, I can tell you all about how I’m such a hero, and about how I’m so sexy and strong…” Lightly punching Eggsy’s shoulder, you cut off his ‘humble’ brags. “I love you.”

You pressed a kiss to his cheek, being careful not to brush any cut he may have, “I love you too, you mysterious prick.”


@iamwarrenspeace, @stilesloverdaily, @itsnotnormalteen

Jacob Frye Lovers, do read!

I’m aware a new AC game will come out and all that good stuff, but no worries. For those die-hard hardcore Jacob Frye lovers out there, this blog will FOREVER remain loyal to our sweet English Assassin. I know that by now Tumblr, and to many reading this, the hype of Origins is catching up and soon all I will see in fellow AC blogs will be nothing but Egypt here and Bayek there. But if you must know, updates on things related to our stylish goofball will always be found here and as much as perhaps the Frye twins, along with the rest of the Assassins for that matter, will go on a vacation while Origins gets released, just remember that this will remain Jacob Frye territory only. I know this may sound dramatic and cheesy but it’s a friendly reminder to those Jacob fans because you and I…yes…YOU will start panicking that he will become a thing of the past. NEVER! Now, you may continue to scroll along this post and rest well at night knowing someone here will have your daily dose of Jacob ready for you. Also, I got you @lllmissfryelll! One-shots and more will be updated there too for Jacob Frye writing so let us hope us JF lovers remain strong as the huge wave of the Origins excitement comes our way! 😙
A forever loyal fan to Jacob Frye
Tagging: @stories-of-an-assassin, @jenshepard, @thepandadrawer, @lillsunx, @muffin-princess, @nacre-spring and other lovers out there!

Forgeru: This time it’s not a performance featuring all the members, and it feels like it’s my first stage play, I have almost no idea about the main cast and what the play will be like, but I will do my best!
Further details about the schedule will be announced later, and I would appreciate if you come see the play! 🙏