may as well post the other two too

I realized it’s going to take me ages to finish a more refined piece/ref of this, so I may as well go ahead and post it!

This is the concept sketch for Volya’s Oberon, Anaed. He’s so in-tune with nature that he literally changes with the seasons~ But as I still wanna do a proper profile picture/post for him, I’ll just leave it at that for now.

Agonized over his design for weeks but needed a finished version for a few other things I wanna do so had to bear with it. ;~; But I’m pretty happy with it!

Harry Styles - Boys Make Fun of Relationship - Imagine


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Is it weird I see Junkrat and Symmetra as “Brainweird friends” Like swapping stim techniques and talking shade about others and engineering tips over chai and bubble tea? The two having an unspoken arrangement of “We are both light years from what may be considered neurotypical and both have backgrounds of extreme poverty but if I spend longer than an hour in your chaotic/stuck-up presence I may just kill you.”

Maybe Mako hangs out sometimes as well. I can see her not minding him too much, he’s a quiet person.

anonymous asked:

Katie... how dare you! That Wonder Boy Imagine was so good!!! My greedy ass wants a 2nd part of that now and I wanna find out which of his teammate was talking! But I have a feeling it's Mitch and William but I wanna know who said what. Is there any chance you could make a second part?

All right, I’ve gotten like fourteen (14) anons and like three messages asking for part 2 of Wonder Boy which is more asks than I’ve ever gotten cumulative on this hellsite, so I’ll cut y’all a deal. If I make Wonder Boy a multi-parter, I’m going to make Torn Up a Willy fic, because I just can’t see myself doing two Auston series at the same time. That being said, I have like 7 or 8 other requests that I have to do as well, so it may take longer in between postings for everything but Torn Up because I already have that written. 

On another note; This ask made me smile so big?? Thank you for reading and enjoying my shitty stories! And hun, your ass isn’t greedy, apparently a ton of other people liked it too lol

I’ll Be There - Part 10

|Part 1| |Part 2| |Part 3| |Part 4| |Part  5| |Part 6| |Part 7| |Part 8| |Part 9| |Part 11| |Part 12| |Part 13| |Part 14| |Part 15| |Epilogue|

Member: Hoseok

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word Count: 4172

Summary: You and Hoseok are best friends and just like any story that starts like this, nothing good ever happens. One night when Hoseok is in his drunken state, he says some things that make you reconsider how much worth you actually have in his life.

A/N: Hello everyone! I’m going to be changing my update schedule to Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday :) It’s still 3 updates a week, but now they’re spaced out more evenly so I have enough time to write everything. Enjoy part 10 Xx 

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Today is the day.

You’re finally graduating from high school. It has been a long journey and it only gets tougher from this point on, but you’re more than ecstatic to get out of this place. People always tell you the you should enjoy your years in school, but that what scares you. If high school is already so bad, how much worse is it going to be? You push away all these thoughts and focus on the now. It’s all over after today anyways so what’s the point in worrying?

“Y/N! Can you help me with something?” Hoseok shouts from across the hallway.

“I’m a little busy!” You reply while carefully setting one of the curls you just made in your hair.

“Please! I don’t think I’m doing this right…” His voice grows louder and when you looks up from the mirror you see Hoseok, almost strangling himself to death with his own tie.

“Ahh, come here.” You set down your curling iron and turn your attention to Hoseok’s sad attempt at doing his own tie.

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Here are two of my OCs that appeared in the Chapter! I will give ya a little info on them:

Abdiel is the soft spoken one of the two, mainly keeping Max from getting into too much trouble when they go out to hunt. He loves to read and travel with his bud as well as with the other bounty hunters. It may have been hard to see in the chapter, but he can manipulate shadows of all kinds at his own will. It will be seen more as the story progresses!

Maximelia, aka Max, is definitely the wild one of the two. She can be hard headed and jump into trouble without really thinking it through. Without Abdiel there, she would most likely be in a sour spot. She’s very out going and can do some damage with that big paddle of hers. She does have other abilities, but let’s save that for the future! uvu/

TVD 1x10 Review

Hi all! Welcome to the tenth review of TVD season 1. Considering that I haven’t like sat down to watch a full episode of the past seasons of TVD in a few years and my memory might not be the greatest I think I will start with my usual disclaimer: I will write my thoughts in real time so if I make a mistake at the beginning of this post, it will be corrected by the end. There will be anti-Damon and anti-Delena sentiments (I’m only mentioning these two because it’s the beginning of the series), and I feel the need to say that there may be some anti-Jenna sentiments too. I will probably bring up other shows and call attention to misogynoir, racism, anti-blackness etc. Ready? Let’s go. 

You know, I never get the sense that MF is affected by the vampirism, like we see that Damon has killed Tanner and Vicki’s friends and, well, everyone and while there are reports of animal attacks, it doesn’t feel like the residents care or even know. With True Blood, everyone was on fucking edge because people kept dying, with Sunnydale people aren’t exactly on edge but they know their town is weird with the constant mysterious deaths and because the stakes themselves are actually like End of the World big, we already get the hysteria of something terrible is about to happen so we need to stop it. Even in Teen Wolf, Beacon Hills is under curfew. Everyone is chillin’ in MF. Oh I bring this up because Logan Fell killed that random jogger because he’s a newbie vampire.

“But we’re a team, we can travel the world together!” When have you two ever actually been a team, though? Like in the past. Even when they liked each other as humans, Damon was never on Stefan’s team. He was Team Katherine.

“Kids are too young to be brought into this.” This is what Liz says about Stefan to Damon regarding the Council. “Kids are too young to be brought into this”. This is what Liz says about the boy who is going to school with her daughter to the man she saw her daughter dating. Like SERIOUSLY TVD.

Matt and Caroline legit look cute and them talking about TV is adorbz. Yes, Zal ships this POS with Queen Caroline, anons.

I like how moody Elena gets when Bonnie is like, what kind of future could you have with Stefan even if he stayed? She just gets grouchy, lmao.

I like how Damon says that he wouldn’t have been so obvious about how he killed people if he’d been the one who killed the jogger as if his messy ass killing people isn’t what alerted the Council about vampires coming back to MF in the first place.

“Until you become ‘we’ people … we can’t make it to the party, we can’t make it to the game, we don’t like the colour red” lol.

Logan’s transition still doesn’t make sense to me. Damon said that he killed him but didn’t turn him, another vampire found him and give him their blood — Anna, but like, Logan was DEAD when Damon attacked him so like when the hell did Anna give him her blood?

“For once, Mayor, we actually know where our kids are.” WHERE COULD THEY BE IN A SMALL TOWN LIKE MF?

Poor Matt. “It’s not a big deal…” looking at Elena with those hopeful eyes and she’s legit just ribbing on him like a friend.

“Well you probably love her” there’s absolutely nothing to suggest that Logan loved Jenna.

I love Dobsley standing next to each other, they’re such an attractive pairing.

I really like when Elena says “I appreciate you looking out for me but please if you’re going t leave then just go” and her voice quavers as she says it because him being around but not being with her is painful.

And their intense stare before Jenna comes and asks Elena to hide her from her ex-boyfriend.


LOL Stefan staring Logan down being like “Don’t ever. Threaten me. Again.” And then walking away, Logan has no idea what to do with himself. With Damon he was snarky and actually pretty confident, with Stefan he’s like … … …

“Bonnie, where are you I’m ready to go” OK Caroline but maybe Bonnie isn’t? LIKE? And even HERE, we don’t see what Bonnie wants to be when she grows up. Tyler draws, Caroline wants to be a broadcast journalist, Matt used to want to be an astronaut, Stefan wanted to be a doctor, we find out later Elena wanted to be a writer and Bonnie what, doesn’t need to have any background because she’s a witch?

“Alpha male douchebag” oooooooooooh werewolf reference.

“Yeah I’m starting to see a lot of things, Stefan” like the fact that he is a good man who will protect her and her friends and therefore a person she’s in love with.
Moon over Tyler, lmao, I booked that in season 1 too.

Awww, the teary gazes between Stefan and Elena.

And the SE love scene! I’ve written so many posts on it I’m just going to link them here:

Needless to say it’s such a transcendental scene.

And I love that Elena gasps right before Stefan kisses her.

Also, I like that “Cut” is an accompaniment to the scene, it doesn’t overpower it. With DE scenes, what you remember is the song, you remember Never Let Me Go and I Was Wrong because it’s blaring and overpowers what’s actually happening. With the SE scene, they are the main event and the song doesn’t blare until after they’ve given themselves over to each other in the living room.

I have it paused because my mother won’t leave me alone but it’s paused at when Stefan turns away from Elena and the expression on Paul’s face is full of such vulnerability and fear at Elena discovering the part of himself he hates the most.

And when he says “Elena I can’t” it legit looks like it tears him up inside.

I’m just realizing I usually focus on Elena when I watch the “don’t hide from me” scene but I’m looking at Stefan and when she puts her hand on his face, the way his mouth parts, like being touched on his face affects him so deeply and thoroughly.

Nina’s shining fucking eyes man.

Still love that she takes him by the hand and guides him to his own room in his own his house

They want to talk about how the necklace is a DE symbol even though they focus on it during the SE love scene.

Seriously, Elena’s face when Stefan’s kissing her neck.

OK so it turns out I did have a few things to say about the love scene.

“LOOK, I like Caroline, she has this thing, this way about her and I like her!” SO high school. Yeah Matt, stand up to Tyler!

I also like that Matt looks at Tyler like wtf is up with you when he just accepts that he likes Caroline and isn’t being a raging douche bag.

Also it still bothers me that they’re friends considering how FOUL Tyler treated Vicki.

Still totally love that Elena is in Stefan’s shirt, cuddling with Stefan after sleeping with Stefan, like you just want to be wrapped up in him, girl.

Stefan being all considerate and asking if she needs a drink of water.

And the way Elena is so giddy and cuddles his pillow.


Here is the thing that bothers me. OK Elena is upset that Stefan didn’t tell her she resembled Katherine, like fine, I get that, but why the fuck would she leave the vervain necklace, like that DOESN’T make sense. “But maybe it’s a token of their relationship” yeah it’s also what keeps her from being compelled. LIKE. IT IS AN ILLOGICAL AND STUPID MOVE.

I also want to know how the car works. Like, Bonnie consistently drives Elena to school but Elena’s driving the jeep or SUV or whatever from Stefan’s place and it’s not the weekend so like, why does she get it tonight? Are she and Jenna sharing the car?

Thanks for reading!

Yuri!!! On Ice: Hogwarts Houses

so this is gonna be my first bigger description of the Yuri On Ice characters and I hope this is gonna turn out good.

So, recently I had a dream where Viktor and Yuuri were in a Harry Potter setting (which you can read here) and in there Yuuri was in Slytherin and Viktor in Ravenclaw and since then I can’t stop thinking about which character would be in which house. The purpose of this post is me trying to place the characters in Hogwarts houses based on their personality (and probably how I view them) and this post will include other skaters too, not just them.

To avoid any confusion, I’ll use Yuuri Katsuki’s name with two ‘u’ and Yuri Plisetsky’s with one.

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At long last! I finally made a ZevYas sketch again >///<  ♥  It’s been way too long if you ask me… But I’ve been so busy with other projects and commissions and stuff recently that there simply wasn’t any time - and let me tell you, it felt damn good to draw those two again ♥

By the way, this sketch is based on a series of doodles I made a few months ago, illustrating the scene where Zevran recites his lovely poetry to Yasao - this scene never fails to make me smile x//3 
Some of you may even remember this post (as it got surprisingly popular o//.//o) which is actually part of the same scene and based on the same doodles. I’m also already working on a third part of this, but ah… Who knows when I’m going to finish that one x//.//x

I still have a lot to do and I keep telling myself “You need to draw things for other people first, they are waiting for their aceos and sketches, once you’re done, you can draw something for yourself”, but… I just miss Zevran. A lot T//.//T So a big sorry to all those who’re still waiting for a drawing from me D//:  I haven’t forgotten you, I just need some time for myself with my sweet elf ♥

Dylan Klebold Rolling Playlist...

Post a song that perfectly captures the essence of Dylan Klebold for you personally, tag a couple of other people to add to it and reblog and halcyon on and on and on in musical BLISS.  Pretty soon we’ll have a interactive, growing Dylan Klebold Playlist created from our  very own Columbiner TCC Collective Consciousness. <3 :) 


When you select your song think about why percisely it reminds you of Dyl…

  • Do all or some of the lyrics capture him in some way?  
  • Does the musical melody or rhythm seem like him?  If so, why?
  • Is it a bit of both, the lyrics and the melody combined?
  • Can you remember when you first heard the song and having an epiphany that it it’s a perfect Dylan song?


  • Post your Dylan song in a youtube embedded video format.  
  • If the youtube video does not include the lyrics, and if the lyrics are an important component to the significance of your Dylan song, post the lyrics under a cut.   You can also post a spotify, soundcloud or other Tumblr approved audio clip of the song. However, youtube vids is the easiest/preferred format for most to experience your Dylan tune.  
  • Having been tagged, you may either reblog and post your song so that a handful of songs are reblogged on one post - that way people can build their Dyl playlist based off of your rec as well as a few reblogs of others recs -or- you can simply post as a standalone  especially if the reblog is getting to cumbersome - it’s entirely up to you. This is an experiment reblogging a string of songs on so if it’s too much to reblog so many, just start as a new post. .

    Just be sure that if you start up a new post to INCLUDE THESE GUIDELINES ALONG WITH IT.


TAG two or  three other people to keep the organic Dylan Playlist rolling along down the infinite Lost Highway of love. :) 


Fine. I’ll start then… ;) 

This song “Strange and Beautiful” by Aqualung reminds me of Dylan in it’s slow tempo and dreamy, floaty feeling and it’s perfect lyric of secret, unrequited love.  It’s a little tragic romantic like ‘Beautiful” by Smashing Pumpkins or “Creep” by Radiohead in it’s pining away sentiment.

It captures Dylan’s sense of invisibility to This Girl he loves so much and his longing for her and how “perfect” she’d be for him, his watching and endless waiting from the wings, his fantasizing and dreaming of her from afar and his hopes she will one day wake up to really see him, to realize the depth of his love for her. Infinitely spellbound..   

Sometimes the last thing you want comes in first
Sometimes the first thing you want never comes
But I know.. that waiting is all you can do, Sometimes…

 I tag h4le-bopp, thedragonrampant and thoughtsofhalcyon  :)

I don’t care what you think...

The Maiko relationship has yet to be a healthy one, especially when compared to the friendship (possibly one sided crush) between Zuko and Suki. Mai always shut Zuko off in the past. Why does she have a right to break up with him when he starts to realize this and resorts to speak with others? That’s silly. The Smoke and Shadow part 3 made me feel sad. Well not necessarily the comic itself but rather the Maiko shippers declaring victory all over tumblr, especially when nothing has been finalized yet. Even Kiyi thinks Suki is cute! She ASKED Zuko what he thought about Suki. Kiyi supports it. Some people say Ty Lee in one of the S&s Part 3 panels looked like she was sick of Mai trying to kid herself into being in love with Kei Lo. Well let me remind you of this panel from the Search. 

Is this something too or no? Because it looks pretty evident to me that Ty Lee is smiling fondly at this interaction between Zuko and Suki. Not to mention this is where the “I’m–we’re glad to have you back Zuko” occurs. Why would she correct herself if there wasn’t more to what she was feeling behind those words? Once again, referring back to an earlier post, why add in two other possible love interests if they were just going to be used and heartbroken in the end and we were gonna be settled with what the series left off with in the beginning? They could have easily made Sukka and Maiko like Kataang and had no worries. If Maiko and Sukka does happen in the comics, then what explains Suki and Sokka’s future in Republic City and Toph’s second baby daddy whose daughter happens to look like the descendent of a water tribe member (look at first picture in post as a reference)??? Does their skin tones not match??? Aren’t water tribe members known for their distinct regional tan skin (EDIT: Okay so someone made a good point in the comments that Jet Li and some earthbenders have been shown to have tan skin too. So therefore, this may be invalid. However, if the authors DO show that Tokka became canon, then we can see why Suyin had that skin color :D Plus there are other reasons why I still believe Sokka is Suyin’s father due to the way her [Suyin] children act - among other things - but that’s for another post…)?? Zuko and Suki’s skin tone could easily make Izumi just as Maiko can. I seriously hope Maiko doesn’t happen unless there are MAJOR changes in the relationship. 

SO the other day I bought some new (cheap) acrylic paint as well as two small canvas’ (15cm by 15cm) and oh my lord I had so much fun painting psyduck! I hate water, with a freaking passion, both digitally and traditionally but I felt like going outside of my comfort zone…anywho, point is, I may or may not try to post more traditional art that has effort put into it! Unlike my usual sketches…


Asexual & Aromantic Inquisitors Project - PART 3.

Here are another ten of the 100 marvelous Inquisitors who are on the Asexual and/or Aromantic spectrums gathered together to defeat all sorts of evils (in this project, I bet my winter hat there are other out there, too!)

-        All Inquisitors have been drawn based on what references I was given.

-        Those who didn’t specify outfits in their submissions were given new & unique outfits, or put into armor they seem to wear most often based on screenshots, or some variant of some other in-game armor, because I didn’t just want to paint 50 variants of the Skyhold jammies. I Apologies if they aren’t in-character! I did try to look through the character tag for inspiration for most outfits, but that wasn’t possible with everyone due to reasons like ‘no tag to be found’ and such.

Thank you for your support and patience, guys! ^^ Much appreciated!

Now to get boringly official (rules&regulations stuff under cut, please read if you’re in the project, or want to share pictures outside of Tumblr!)

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711 speculation

Ok, so you know how in 710, Ian has pretty strong reactions whenever Mickey implies that they won’t ever see each other again?

1. When Mickey walks away from Ian under the bleachers, and Ian immediately asks how he’s gonna find Mickey (he knows he’s gonna have to).

2. After they first kiss and Mickey says, “Tell me goodbye then.”

3. The morning after in the van when Mickey says, “Am I gonna see you again?”

4. Obviously, the last scene when Mickey says, “This goodbye?”

In the second two cases, Ian gets practically mad at the thought that this could be his last time seeing Mickey. He acts kind of defensively almost, and he kisses Mickey passionately, and a little possessively both times. So, to me this indicates that Ian does not want to let go.

Yesterday, someone wrote a great post about how Mickey knows this is the end, and that he and Ian are on borrowed time. He’ll take whatever he can get. Well, I’m here to say that Ian knows that too. They both know it. They are gonna try to stay together, but it’s not under tenable circumstances. They’re just trying to hang onto each other however the fuck they can until it has to be over.

Based on those 711 promo pics, it looks like the two of them in the desert at night drinking beers may just be their last scene together. Look at Mickey’s face in the one frame. They’re gonna get a chance to finally slow down and talk, and Ian’s gonna say something (and I really don’t think Trenever has anything to do with it), and Mickey is going to make the decision to go on without him.

I don’t even think he’ll say it explicitly. I think Ian will wake up the next day, and Mickey will just be gone. They’ll be together one last time, that night, and Mickey will realize Ian needs to go back home to his family, or whatever-the-fuck, and that will be that.

So at least Ian won’t leave Mickey? 

Serpico, Farnese, and the Behelit

Alright, so I was just thinking back on my recent Farnese/Serpico post about all the examples of their relationship being framed as two halves of a whole and them being same-but-opposite mirror images. And right then, I happened to remember some choice quotes from the Black Swordsman arc too…and…um…

[Images, internal screaming, and behelit-related speculation under the cut]

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Herb of the Week-Motherwort


Lion’s Ear
Lion’s Tail
Lion’s Tart
Although motherwort is indigenous to Europe, over the years, the plant has acclimatized itself to the different conditions all over North America. Presently, motherwort is found in the terrain ranging from Nova Scotia to Montreal and southern parts of North America to Texas and North Carolina. The plant thrives best in vacant plots and other wastelands.

The motherwort is a perpetual plant often growing up to a height of five feet. The herb bears leaves that are hairy and have an unkempt and disheveled look and often resembles the tail of a lion. Owing to the leaves’ appearance to the lion’s tail, the herb is also known by other common nicknames like lion’s ear, lion’s tart and of course, lion’s tail. The each leaf of motherwort comprises three hemispheres that are shaped like javelins. The herb bears pink, white or purple colored petite flowers that normally blossom between June and September. The motherwort flowers normally blossom in clusters or groups.

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Asexual and Aromantic Inquisitors Project - part 2

Here are another ten of the 100 marvelous Inquisitors who are on the Asexual and/or Aromantic spectrums gathered together to defeat all sorts of evils (in this project, I bet my winter hat there are other out there, too!

-        All Inquisitors have been drawn based on what references I was given.

-        Those who didn’t specify outfits in their submissions were given new & unique outfits, or put into armor they seem to wear most often based on screenshots because I didn’t just want to paint 50 variants of the Skyhold jammies. I Apologies if they aren’t in-character! I did try to look through the character tag for inspiration for most outfits, but that wasn’t possible with everyone due to reasons like ‘no tag to be found’ and such.

Thank you for your support and patience, guys! ^^ Much appreciated!

Now to get boringly official (rules&regulations stuff under cut, please read if you’re in the project, or want to share pictures outside of Tumblr!)

ETA: ARGH meant to post this on SATURDAY! D8 I clicked too hastily and didn’t save as a draft *sigh*. Oh well, don’t really want to delete it now that it’s out there already, so… two updates this week, then? :D

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Things I am going to point out about the Sherlock Christmas special




Things that may in future come together to crush us;

- “It’s never twins.”
- In the books, Moriarty had a twin brother.
- there was a lot of debate about there being two people in the show, including a very important point in which after seeing Moriarty a few hours either in the cab, he had a good amount of stubble in kitty apartment. I’ll tag the post of I can find it.

- Sherlock let it slip that Molly had found a body just like his so he could fake the fall.
- “Well, we both know what happened to out other brother.”

((^^probably nothing but I’m too tired to care))


Moriarty was in a dress.

He said they should just elope already.
“Would you mind?”
Are they they going to get married???
John throws a man to his death.

SOOOOOOOO much symbolism going on in that water fall part.


Gaytiss was in a fat suit.

Blurred teenlock

It said redbeard in mycroft’s little black book, in which he put the ripped up list of the drugs Sherlock was on, in.


Watson asked about sherlock’s “experience” and “impulses” ….

Accurate and enjoyable commentary on Mrs Hudson, an how little a part she plays in the books.

Everything was fake???

We made five minutes of progress in those 90 minutes.

Mystrade shipper for the win

Sheriarty shippers for the win

Where was Irene after that photo?? I was kind of expecting her to be the one in the wedding gown but then it was Jim and I just

Molly had a better mustache than John Watson pass it on

John was about to tear Sherlock head off after reading what he was on and if that isn’t a form of love than I don’t know what is.

Everyone won, and everyone lost.

I hope you enjoyed my potato.

They took a lot of lines from the books, while sticking to their own version of Sherlock, which is entirely unique, because, as it was stated in the episode, John writes him to be a machine without a heart, but it is still sugarcoated as it is told from watsons point of view.

Before watching it I dug around a lot in the chapter index for the words abominable or bride and came up with nothing so anyone want to tell me where it came from?


Big brother mycroft is all I need in life


When is season four?


Even though the latest chapter isn’t out yet, I came to read a summary of it. The picture above is also a picture from the chapter. Maybe some of you already read the summaries, but for those who didn’t here is a little summary of the summary and afterwards a prediction of the next chapters:

The main part is the conflict between Gray and the other Ice-mage and also their conversation about the darkness that exists in Gray. He also uses his demon-form which kind of attacks the user’s heart at some point. All in all it seems to be much talking and less fighting but then the Ice-mage uses a special spell or trick on Gray and Juvia! This spell let the heart of its victims become ice and let them fight to death. And that’s exactly what’s happening in the picture above. Juvia has to fight the love of her life and in my opinion it’s the same for Gray. Well, the summary may not be to 100% correct but considering the next chapter’s title something like this will happen. You see, the next title is “Gray and Juvia”

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