may as well just make that a series


Little joker Allura somehow managed to convince Altea’s producers AND Keith to make Lance’s job a little more difficult. 

I may have taken some liberties with Altea’s plot because I don’t remember if it was all that well specified what the series was like.

Just read this beauty by Oliver (go give ‘em love!)



A/N~ Okay, so this is just a short little drabble. I wanted to make maybe this into a 3 part series? So if you guys like it I will continue it. The genre would be, smut and fluff, cause I’m a fluffy bitch. So please don’t be shy and give feedback and if you have any suggestions for the story, please do help! Thank you x 

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“I’m in love with you.” 

Yes, the L word did just slip from your lips. Why and to whom, you may ask… Well, let’s take us back a couple weeks and start at the beginning. The day your heart was crushed, by the person you thought you loved and whom loved you. But that obviously wasn’t true.. on his behalf anyway. 

Well this sad little tale all began when you were sitting on a park bench with your boyfriend. Who just told you he had been ‘seeing’ someone else for quite some time. Meaning he was fucking you and some random bitch, coming home to you at night and wrapping his arms around you…. Asshole! 

Anyway, let’s not dwell. 

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I really didn’t want to hurt you. I really did love you.” He said holding your hands. This bitch… 

“When… When did you fall out of love with me?” You looked up at him, tears clouding your vision. 

“It’s been a couple of months… I meant her at work and I’m sorry but I love her.” He tightened his grip on your hands. Why was he trying to be nice now? What was the point he had already broken your heart. You abruptly stood up, taking your hands out of his grasp. 

“Okay, well you’re a douchebag and I… I have somewhere to be.” You start to basically run out of the park. Why did he have to ruin your favourite park… Asshole! 

This was the start of something new something different. This was one of the moments in life where your are like, what am I doing with my life. You decided you just wanted to have a bit of fun. You had been with your ex forever. He was your first boyfriend, first everything. Due to him you never got to be to wild in high school or college. Well it is your last year in college, maybe it’s time you have a little fun…? 

“You need a rebound!” Your best friend said with excitement. “Come on Y/N. That’s just what you need.” 

“I don’t know…” You stare down at your hands in your lap. You said fun, but who were you kidding! You didn’t know anything other than your ex, it scared you. You wanted to take a step on the wild side for once. You were always a good girl, never breaking the rules, always going for a nice guy instead of the on you really desired. Look how that turned out. 

 “Okay, let’s go out tonight.” 

The next few hours consists of you getting ready. You wanted to look sexy tonight. Tonight was going to be the night you give in to your desire for Park Jimin. 

Who is Park Jimin? 

Well let me tell you who Park fucking Jimin is. He is a bad boy, who shamelessly hits on your every time your in class. He was hot as fuck, but you never said yes to any of his offers. As you were suppose to be ‘in love’, if you had only known this weeks ago. That your not so loyal boyfriend was fucking another girl, you would have taken Jimin up on his offer. 

Last week Jimin had stopped all of his plays to get you in between his sheets. You just hoped he was still in to you, cause fuck this boys thighs.. You’re drooling sweetie. 

So tonight was the night you were show casing that fab body you have, in a tight little number. Your ass was… wow. Well let’s hope it catches Jimin’s attention, cause you needed that booty. 

You and your close friends walk up to the house party of the year. Everyone that had a beating heart in your college was there. As you walk up to the house you see Jimin infamous black BMW. Thank god he’s here, hopefully he hasn’t got a bimbo yet. 

You walk into the party, it’s already in full swing. The house is a black mass of people, there must have been hundreds of people in the house. You left your friends to go get some liquid courage before you could approach Jimin. 

As you walk past people, you got a few ‘Hey girl’ and ‘that ass though’, this dress was a great idea! You found the kitchen and made up a drink for yourself. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot Jimin. He’s talking up a girl, but he hasn’t got his tongue down her throat yet, so.. that’s a plus. 

You glance over at him again, his eyes finds your form. His eyes linger over you, he smirks. Why did he have to smirk, I should have worn flats! You keep eye contact with him for as long as you can, but his gaze is so intense you had to look away. Feeling scared that this was a bad idea, you down your drink and start to make your way back to the living room. You scold yourself, what was I thinking? This is crazy, getting in Park Jimin’s pants. Ugh, I’m just going to go home. Just as your about to wipe out your phone, to inform your friends that you were leaving, Your wrist is grabbed. You turn around to see Jimin smirking at you. 

“You’re not leaving are you?” He asks, flashing you a cocky ass smile. It still killed you. 

“Eh.. yeah, I’m leaving.” You try to pull away from his grip on your arm, but it just tightens. 

“What, no! Have a drink with me.” 

“Oh, thank you for the offer. But I’m just going to leave.” You attempt to walk away, Jimin just pulls you back into the kitchen. 

“So, what will it be?” He points to the table of drink in front of the both of you. 

“Vodka and coke, please.” 

“Hitting it hard? I’ll have the same.” Jimin fills both drinks up for you both. He hands you your drink and takes your hand in the process, leading you to the garden at the back of the house. You sit on the deck, whilst sipping your alcoholic beverage. 

“Can I ask you something?” You turn to face Jimin, he nods. “This going to sound so weird, but em… You usually hit on me in class, why did you stop?” Jimin bursts out laughing. 

“Why do you miss it?” He chuckles. 

“Nevermind, sorry.” You turn away from him, did you really just ask that? Yep, you did. Quite evident by how red your cheeks are… 

“No, I stopped because I heard your boyfriend was a dick and all. so, I thought you could do with some space. You know I always knew you were to good for him. What an asshole. He had the prefect girl and let’s her go.” Jimin didn’t release that he had just rambled all that to you. You look at him in shock. 

“Well, thank you that was considerate of you.” You give him a shy smile. “Jimin, I want you to kiss me.” You set your drink down beside you and turn to see a very shocked Jimin. 

“Are you sure sweetheart?” He raises his eyebrows, you just nod in return. Jimin moves his body closer to yours, he cups your cheeks, looking into your eyes with lust in his eyes. His eyes moves from your lips to your eyes. Until he finally closes the distance and attaches his lips to yours. His lips are so soft, he starts to move his lips against yours. The kiss turning passionate, you grip his arms. You can taste cigarettes, mint and vodka, as your tongue meets his.  

“WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU KISSING MY GIRL!” You and Jimin pull away from each other, to see your ex angrily looking down at the both of you. He pulls you up from the deck, pushing you behind his back. 

“Your girl?” Jimin scoffs. “I’m sorry but are you not the one that was fucking other girls behind her back. Oh, and you broke up with her because you got one of the girls pregnant.” Jimin spits out in angry. 

“You got a girl pregnant, that’s the only reason you told me. You fucking asshole!” You spit out to him. 

“Baby, it was a false alarm! She’s not pregnant and I want you back.” He tries to hold your hand, but before you know it Jimin is turning him around and punching him. He falls to the floor, blood gushing from his nose. 

“She’s not your girl and she will never be again.” Jimin  grabs your hand, he pushes through the people that came out to see the commotion. 

Jimin brings you outside to his car, leaning up against it he puts his hands on your waist. “Are you okay?” 

“Yeah, are you? How’s your hand?” You ask looking into his eyes, he smirks. 

“Babe, that wasn’t my first fight and it wasn’t my worst. He had to ruin our moment though.” He looks down at you, you can tell he is annoyed. “Why did you ask me to kiss you anyway. I didn’t think i was your type.” Jimin smirks, bringing your body closer to his. 

“I think your just my type. Jimin I want you to show me your wild side, I want you to show me all of you.” You put one of your hands at the back of his neck, pulling him in till your lips are touching. You can feel him smirking into the kiss. 

“Baby, I’ll show you whatever you want.” 

Finally, to be kissed by Jimin. Since the moment you laid eyes on Park Jimin you’ve wanted him. You knew all about his ‘bad side’ and his ‘gang’, but you wanted to experience this Jimin. You wanted to feel alive inside! If that was Park Jimin, then so be it. 

“Baby girl, we’re going to have so much fun.” Jimin opens the passenger door for you. 

Are you going to get in?

A/N-  As I said feedback is always appreciated, so please don’t be shy and do so.. Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed! If you want a part 2 message me! 

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The make-up artist

This was originally just gonna be a one-shot but as i was writing it I felt the need for a back-story. Therefore I have decided to make this into a series.

summary: Y/N ends up becoming the person who Peter comes to every time he has an injury he can’t hide from Aunt May with clothing. You cover his bruises up with make-up and as time passes you grow closer and well you’ll just have to read the rest to find out.

Part. 2


You jumped at the noise and whipped your head around your room to find the source, frowning when you saw a figure leant against your window. The mystery persons head moved, coming forward into the light.

There, sat in front of you, was Spider-man. Well apparently an injured spider man as you heard him groan as he moved so he was now facing you. Movement in his mask appeared as though he had smiled at you and you hesitantly went to your window and slid it open, abruptly stepping back as Spider-man stumbled through quickly.

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Well, if it’s true, just say it anyway.

Anyway. Sherlock could have left that word out, but he didn’t. That makes all the difference.

“Well if it’s true, just say it anyway.”

It’s a moment of complete transparency. A heartfelt request gone unnoticed.

He may as well have said: “Well, if it’s true…

-Just say it despite the extreme circumstances.”

-Just say it so I can hear it.”

-Just say it because I believe you.”

After all this time, Sherlock has begun to understand what love is. Maybe he’s even coming to see that he desires it. And damn if he isn’t curious.

Whether or not he is capable of reciprocating doesn’t matter. What does matter is what is done with his newfound understanding. Because of Eurus’ manipulation, Sherlock decides that love is not a chemical defect but a destructive weapon. Fear is the source of his hysteria. And, ultimately, it is the reason Sherlock has trouble connecting.

I think one of the things I liked the most about Zabuza (and one of the things that actually make him one of the series best foils to Naruto himself) is that Zabuza is indeed an underdog. The guy started off with absolutely nothing, no friends. no family, no support, no home, nothing. He has no bloodline, no lineage and no special powers besides an unexplained ‘demon chakra’ that may very well just be all his hate and rage he managed to bullshit into a terrifying but functional ninja technique through sheer force of will. He’s just a guy with a chip on his shoulder and a regenerating but otherwise unremarkable big ass sword. That’s it. The guy wasn’t even meant to be a ninja, and looking at this fucked up awful hell village he already literally changed by himself (and one of their most defining policies too) he decides he wants to be Mizukage.

Unfortunately for him he didn’t have destiny on his side, or a giant chakra monster or a bloodline giving him a boost, so he never really did have a chance. In the Naruto world real underdogs never win.

😂 from an unexpected character too. Mainly, I hate Lydia from the book and from the 2 adaptations (1995/2005 especially the Lydia from 1995) that i’ve watched but this web series makes me love Lydia. She isn’t just an annoying character anymore she has a personality that a lot people especially young people can be related to (well not me bc I’m not really a rebellion ). And Mary Kate is awesome in it. I may not be a rebellion but I adore every rebellious character that I know.


I completed my series of Caring for Enneagram Types articles! These are mostly just things to consider for each type, *repeats self* to promote or at least respect their well-being and growth (and make things better for everyone involved), however they manifest in people. They don’t address and cover ALL issues possible, but many key ones (if I may say so). So I’m hoping they’ll aid you in how you treat both yourself and others.


“???” you might be thinking. “How.”

Here’s how. Leaf is actually subtly acknowledged in Smash, as Jigglypuff can wear her hat. Meanwhile, Fates’ amiibo characters make it more than obvious they come from Smash. That’s right! Smash is semi-canon in Fire Emblem. And they mention “fighting a variety of battlers” - Jigglypuff, no doubt, being one of them. And since Jigglypuff has Leaf’s hat, Leaf is more canon in Fire Emblem.

How sad is that.

Draco Malfoy

okay first of all i would like to say i do not feel my interpretation of the character Draco Malfoy or my interpretation of the ship drarry is fact or law and you can interpret him any way you want, also if you would like to come discuss your view on him as well as any other character or ship I am all for listening and talking to you about it! with that said lets jump right into this ya

  • okay so i would like to discuss Draco for a second 
  • first off i would like to say that, personally, Draco Malfoy is one of the most interesting characters of the series and the MOVIES DID NOT DO HIM JUSTICE why you may ask? because what the movies did was make Draco just the bad guy, they made him the enemy and that is the only perspective we got of him
  • on the flip side i feel the fandom has made Draco something he is not also, like a shadow of his personality almost
  • in a lot of fics and headcanons that i have read he is the flamboyant dramatic sassy character, which is fine if that’s how you see him and that’s how you write him, and its fun to read fics with him like this in there but thats not all he is? i guess is what im trying to say
  • Yes Draco is sassy and dramatic but he has SO much more depth to him and that is left out a lot of the time
  • Draco has grown up under very old way thinking, the standard pureblood way of thinking i guess you could say
  • And he has been surrounded by people, his age and older, that fully support these ideas 
  • so he never really had time or a chance to make his own opinions and decide things for himself
  • i mean he was 17 at the battle of Hogwarts like, they were all so young omfg, thats whats so sad to me about Draco
  • the fact that he was thrust into a war because of his family’s opinions that he didn’t even know if he agreed with, all he knew was “Father knows best and this is what he wants me to do” and he did it why? because he loved and respected his father so much he wanted to make him proud so he joined a literal madman trying to take over the world to please him like, at least thats how it was in the beginning 
  • over the years though we can see Malfoy no longer staying on Voldemort’s side out of loyalty but out of survival
  • Here is another thing i want to make clear and repeat again Draco Malfoy is NOT brave, he is smart(extremely smart), he is cunning and he is sneaky but brave my loves he is not
  • To him it was stay with Voldemort and keep himself and his family safe or risk everything and try to escape, and hes not a risk taker 
  • he plans out things until he is confident in his plans and then does them, but running away from his home, potentially his family and everything he knows? for a side that might not even win? Ofc he wouldn’t do it
  • So he stays on the wrong side of the war and acts like the good little pureblood he is supposed to be, because if he does maybe he’ll survive 
  • there is a pic set i saw a long time ago that had draco and harry in it and it said “the boy who lived” and “the boy who had no choice”and i really liked it  because he,nor Harry, really did not have a choice, their fate was pretty much planned from the moment they were born 
  • and then we read that he didn’t identify harry at the manor, and, at least to me, my whole perception of him changed. 
  • i know a lot of drarry fans, myself included, would like to see it as Draco protecting Harry because he likes him or something
  • and he is protecting Harry, but not because he likes him. He does it because in that moment Draco knows that if Harry is found, if he dies then the war is lost, and maybe a little tiny part of Draco believes that if he helps Harry, if he says no then he would die knowing he had a part in defeating Voldemort. Because the one person Draco hated more then anything in the world other than the mark on his arm, is the man that gave it to him and Draco knows the odds of him surviving are very slim 
  • i think this was one of the bravest things a character has done and it came from one of the most cowardly characters of the series 
  • because if someone found out about Draco lying, and with a home full of dark wizards that probably all knew how to read his mind, it was likely someone would find out, not only would he be dead, but so would his father who even though he was the one that got them into this whole mess he still loves dearly and so would his mother. and i believe Narcissia is the one person Draco would do absolutely anything to protect, as would Narcissia with Draco, this is just my little headcanon but i think they were each others outlets, the one person they could trust in all the mess that was happening
  • and Draco believed enough in Harry Potter that he put all their lives on the line for him
  • so no Draco is not all that good of a person but he is so much more then the evil classmate or the flamboyant lover

So yeah, thats basically just my view on Draco’s character it’s okay if you don’t agree i whole heatedly understand if you don’t but i just saw a lot of these going around and wanted to share my perceptive of him

Hicstrid Theory

Okay, smallish rant. So there’s been a lot of complaining about the level of hicstrid in the series compared to the movies or even Riders of Berk. Now I don’t want to step on anyone, and I may very well be wrong but since most of the writers of the series are my age I’m going to share my theory about what I believe is going on. This is only a theory so every chill.

Okay, so Astrid kissed Hiccup in the original movie, Yay! They’re now a couple! Stop. No their not. At no point was it stated they were girlfriend and boyfriend. They’re fifteen. Astrid kissed Hiccup in Riders of Berk. They’re now a couple! Stop. No. Just because someone kisses someone does not automatically make them a couple or engaged otherwise I have a lot of exes out there I need to apologize to.

You see, Astrid always looked down on Hiccup until he suddenly proved dragons could be their friends. It’s new, exciting and a little mind blowing. Then Hiccup nearly died saving the tribe. Sure Astrid kissed him and maybe they did for a bit but at that age, with things so new (I mean they just because friends after years of Hiccup being treated as an Outcast) maybe they decided to hold off on the dating until they really got to know each other which we see in the series. Astrid is supportive but not afraid to tell Hiccup off. They hug and care for each other but it is still new. Sure Astrid kisses him in public but it’s viewed as puppy love.

Okay, how can I say that, their fifteen and sixteen in ROB and DOB? Here’s my explanation. Like I said, the writer are my age, at least most of them. So let’s say they’re in their mid thirties and forties. Now in my generation, where I grew up and the way I was raised, relationships at that age were rarely ever serious. I had male friends, some very close, some I would kiss and care very deeply for but never had anything serious with because we had other things to focus on, school and grades being the major one. Httyd doesn’t have that in the TV serious but the do have dragons and Hiccup is obsessed with them. Imagine the competition Astrid must have felt whenever she wanted alone time but Hiccup choose Toothless or was gone somewhere with Toothless? In the early stages of Dragon Riders Hiccup’s focus was always on Toothless and dragons so he had very little time for a girl friend even though he dearly wanted one. In one episode he actually states that his first girlfriend is a girlfriend, his dragon no less. But he does have feeling for Astrid and Astrid for him, they just haven’t gotten to the being a couple point. Now I know in viking times they probably would have been married the moment Astrid showed interest in Hiccup but this is the 21st century so it’s not going to be written that way…go watch Viking if you want that type of thing. Awesome show, check it out.

Skip ahead three years. We don’t know what happened in the space of time between DOB and RTTE. We don’t. Did they try dating and it not work out. Did they get consumed in their own lives and dragons that they pushed each other away. We don’t know. What we do know is that Hiccup was searching for new dragons and Astrid grew tired of it and was going to join the Berk Guard. We saw how that announcement affected Hiccup, his heart broke. I know this feeling because my best friend and not so secret crush ended up going to another university than I did. Still in the same city, thank Thor, but he was no longer with me everyday which hurt big time. I had known him since we were nine and fell for him when we were about fourteen. I even kissed him once at that time. Why we didn’t become a couple? I was terrified of losing him if things didn’t work out. This could be a reason why Hiccup and Astrid didn’t push forward in their relationship, or at least the reason the writers didn’t push to make them a couple much earlier in the series. In RTTE they are older and much more mature - usually - and they don’t have the whole tribe watching their every move, every second of the day. Remember, Hiccup is the heir of Berk. Everyone is watching him, judging him, and prepared to knock him down if he should cause the same level of chaos he used to. He has a lot riding on him so any relationship he gets in will be scrutinised to ensure that it’s what’s best for the tribe.

Anyways, that’s my theory. I have a hard time seeing a young teen romance equaling a lasting relationship, but as adults, late teens, I’ve seen many of them work out beautifully. Just remember this writers are not teenagers but grown men and women trying their best to bring the fandom what they want and try to keep everything within the httyd structure so please give them a break. They put a lot of hard work into each episode, just as the artists and actors do. They deserve our respect even if you don’t agree with what they wrote.

Oh, as for my crush…well let’s just say he’s still my best friend.

Sam’s birthday / Fluff appreciation challenge

Hey you guys! So what I’ve decided I’m going to try out is holding a writing competition! I’m doing this for Sam’s birthday, so all the stories must be revolving around Sam! 

The rules are: 

- Due date is May 2nd (Sammy’s birthday!) So make sure your writing is posted before then! 

-  Gender or ship doesn’t matter, so feel free to write a reader insert, or a ship (sabriel, sastiel etc)

- When you post your entry, make sure to tag it with #sammyisapuppyfluffchallenge, and tag me in it just for good measure as well. 

- Make sure it’s fluffy! The whole point of this challenge is to spread the Sam love, so only fluff, unless a lil bit of angst is necessary.

- The writing can be in whatever form you want! The first part of a series, a drabble, one shot, au, or even a poem. It’s a minimum of 150 words though. 

- You must use one of these prompts in your writing. Send me an ask or message me to request a prompt from this list! If two people want to do one prompt, I’ll allow it, but no more than two :)

1. “Is that a flower crown?”

2. “So, why do you love me anyway?”

3. “What would happen if I asked you to marry me?” - @jpadjackles

4. “Who looks that good in pajamas?”

5. “That blanket is so not big enough to share.”

6. “I think we just broke a record for most crappy romcoms watched in a day.”

7. “What do you mean you’ve never baked cupcakes before?” - @hunting-the-grievers

8. “Did you just try to hold my hand?”

9. “What shampoo do you use?” - @supernaturallymarvellous

10. “How do you feel about makeup on guys?”

11. “Birthday boy is a nickname you can never use too many times.”

12. “That was the worst pickup line I’ve ever heard.”

13. “Stop trying to hit on me you douche bag we’re already married.”

14. “What is… personal space?”

15. “Why are you crying? All I said was you look beautiful.”

Tag list + people who might be interested: @superduper-maybenotthatnatural@readerxcharlie@gryffindorable713 @jpadjackles@spanksandkisses@littlesasquatch @supernotnaturalcas @huntingthegrievers@dragonheartstring360@gryffindorkwinchester@destielrecycling@awkwardcupcake95 @samgirlforeverandalways

Tag anyone you think would enjoy participating, and spread the word! I’d love for people to enter so I can read your amazing writing! LOVE YOU 


Jerome is confirmed for at least season 4 of Gotham but I’ve also heard that they may be introducing Harley Quinn. I love Harley and the Joker but just thinking about having Harley in Gotham and interacting with Jerome…well it makes me feel quite jealous haha!

Silly…yes because at the end of the day he’s a fictional character and I have no problem with Harley and Joker in anything else (Cartoon series, Comic, Suicide Squad etc.) but with Jerome in Gotham it’s different xD

So I’m probably the only one who DOESN’T want there to be a Harley Quinn appearance on Gotham haha! Although if she doesn’t have interaction with Jerome then I’m fine it so Harley…you can have Health Ledger joker, Jack Nicholson joker, Jerod Leto joker but keep your hands off Cameron Monaghan Joker (Jerome)…He’s my Puddin’ <3

Don’t come into my tag and tell me the only mainstream woman/woman happy ending I have shouldn’t have happened.


  • I ship Korrasami
  • I totally agree that it could’ve been handled better than it was
  • If you want to critically analyze the series I’m right there with you
  • But don’t come and tell me I shouldn’t have gotten this sliver of representation because it wasn’t done perfectly

I originally had a wall of text here that was getting way too long so I’m just going to bullet point the rest of the post as well.

  • Shipping Makorra doesn’t make you homophobic
  • Telling people with extremely low representation in media that you’d have been a lot happier if they hadn’t gotten their representation *is* an awful, hurtful thing to say no matter how polite you think you are being.
  • As hurtful as the “hetero lenses” remark may have been to some, let’s not pretend heteronormativity hasn’t been a huge, ugly problem in the fandom (and the series, and society as a whole).
  • Makorra and Korrasami will never be on equal standing socially. There is simply no way to reasonably attack heterosexuality by attacking Makorra given how ubiquitously, even oppressively, heterosexuality is displayed, promoted and at times enforced by mainstream culture. The reverse on the other hand, is very much possible.

And last point:While I don’t see Korrasami as pandering… even if it was, I wouldn’t care?

If that’s what it takes to get me some representation at long last as something more than a footnote in someone else’s story, yeah, I’ll take that over never getting anything at all. Yeah, it could’ve been done better, but really, where do we get off calling a wlw couple “pandering” because its execution was less than perfect, but decades upon decades of heterosexuality exploding off of every screen and billboard, that’s somehow not pandering?

Out of over 100 episodes between AtlA and LoK combined, ONE relationship was confirmed as not straight with something more than subtext and implied statements and it was in the very last episode, are we really going to pretend straight people haven’t been pandered to throughout this entire show?

thejarlaxlebaenre replied to your post: // Once I finish reading Sojourn I’m seriously…

{ Oh, one more thing. War of the Spider Queen has some super neat characters in it, and given the type of characters you seem to like, you may very well catch a different muse or a few from it. ;-P The tone of the WotSQ series is very different from the Drizzt books, but they are no less beloved – and perhaps more so – by fans of drow }


I’m gonna read the War of the Spider Queen series and end up getting a muse for Pharaun instead, I just know it.

But that’s okay, because from what little I remember of the first book, he’s a fabulously sassy little shit. Whelp I guess I’m making a Pharaun Mizzrym blog guys. XD

taggerbug  asked:

Do you have any theories on why Omega Flowey, the DT extractor, and Sans' gasterblasters look so similar?

(undertale spoilers)

Lets first take a look at all three elements of the game here. 

As you stated, they all look quite similar, as well as pretty intimidating. In order to connect them, we’re going to make use of the idea that former royal scientist W.D. Gaster was the individual who, at the very least, created the blueprints for the Determination Extractor. Seeing as Alphys herself states that these blueprints were what allowed her to extract determination from the human souls, it’s quite likely that the blueprints had already been there for her to use. 

What else supports the idea of a connection with Gaster? Sans’ Gasterblasters. Interestingly, Sans has his own set of blueprints in his lab. These blueprints could very well be from Gaster as well, considering the strange writing it is in. Aside from the Gasterblaster attack’s name, this blueprint also hints at a connection between Sans and Gaster. And it makes sense that the two creations would look similar in design if created by the same individual. So if W.D. Gaster created the blueprints for the DT Extractor, and created or at least inspired the creation of the Gasterblasters, why is Photoshop Flowey’s design so similar to both?

Flowey was created in the True Lab and probably spent a fair amount of time there. Within the lab, Flowey very likely would have seen the Determination Extractor. This may explain why Photoshop Flowey’s overall design is so similar to it. But how does it connect to the Gasterblasters?

On the fourth completed no-kill neutral route, there is dialogue from Flowey that indicates he has fought Sans before. He states: 

Did you start the Flowey Fan Club?
Ha. I’m just kidding.
I was watching. I know you didn’t.
But I don’t care. Really.
He probably would have invited his garbage brother.
You know. Smiley Trashbag.
If I have ONE piece of advice for you…
Let his brother.
Find out ANYTHING about you.
He’ll… well…
Let’s just say.
He’s caused me more than my fair share of resets.
Stay away from that guy.

This proves that Flowey has encountered Sans. From here, it’s easy to infer that Flowey witnessed the Gasterblasters in action, which could account for this attack.

All in all, it’s extremely likely that Gaster created or inspired the DTE blueprints and the Gasterblasters, and that Photoshop Flowey is similar to both due to having encountered both in his time. 

laulink  asked:

Hello ! I know you really don't like the "Qrow is Ruby's father" theory, but I would like to know why because, aside from the fact that Taiyang took care of Ruby as his own, I don't really see anything in the series that would make it stupid or anything. Really sorry if it bothers you to analyse this theory, but I'm really curious to see your arguments. I hopped on RWBY train not so long ago, so I may have not noticed some things. (Also, I'm French so sorry if my English is not so good)

(Don’t worry. You’re English was just fine~)

Well first off Monty has literally said Yang and Ruby are half-sisters (and Barb said it once but I can not longer get the link) Like, god has said no long before this theory was a thing and it is not like he was saying “maybe”. He flat out stated Yang and Ruby are blood sisters. But there are many, many other reasons.

First off there has been nothing in canon to hint at the fact. All we have is Qrow loves Ruby and loving someone doesn’t mean you have to share blood. Look at Summer and Yang. Summer loved Yang and Yang loved Summer. The two of them share no blood but that didn’t matter. 

We also know Tai and Summer were a thing. Yang said the two were in love in 2.6. So saying that Qrow is Ruby’s dad means Summer would have cheated on Tai and cheating is not right at all. Raven left, she didn’t die, and Tai knew Summer. He could have moved on in ~2 year time span and who’s to say they (Tai, Raven, Summer) where not in a poly relation? 

(This being said also on relationships, Summer died when Yang had to be at max 5 years old. At that time she should have had solid memories. She would have know or have some inkling that Ruby is not her sister if this is true. This is based around people saying that “Qrow told Tai to raise Ruby as his own when Summer died”. Yang would have known)

Another dead give away he isn’t is his talk with Raven in 4.4. He called her out on being a shitty mother. For leaving Yang. If he was Ruby’s dad he then is a hypocrite. He is calling his sister shitty for not caring and all that but yet he then also would have abandoned his “kid”. Qrow very much is about being with his family. He left the tribe that raised him to be with his found family. 

The last thing I will add (cause I can go on about this) is we did this already. Yang did not know that Summer was not her mom. She did not know about Raven. It pretty much destroyed Yang when she found out about it. Having it done again and after so long (Ruby being now at least 16) would be piss poor and lazy writing to repeat the same trope in the same family. 

Again I can go on and I have on my main blog, there is a link on it with more reasons and counter arguments (i can give it to you if you want i just dont want to link it here since there is some personal bias in that post and I want to leave as much bias out on this blog) but this sums it up quite well. 

I was originally going to put this as a reblog but I can’t locate the original post. If anyone comes across it or you’re the poster, let me know since I got inspired by it.

Basically they wanted to know if anyone has made a Servant of Evil AU (A popular Vocaloid song) and I made up my cast. I did a few changes from here and there also there are references to other songs in the Story of Evil series so beware of spoilers~ I hope you enjoy but you may not. ~shrugs~ Also man this got long quick. I ought to put a read more here.

Let’s see… There is Klance, one-sided Mallura (Matt x Allura), Lallura… kind of (Lance x Allura), also just because I can, I am making it a Shallura as well. Explanations below:

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Gallop - Chapter 19 - haircutnamedarthur - 弱虫ペダル | Yowamushi Pedal [Archive of Our Own]
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So I posted this a little over a week (edit: just checked, more like 2 weeks whoopsie) or so ago, but I did it on mobile since my computer totally died and I managed to mess up the tags horribly, so I’m posting it again in case anyone missed it!  For the record, I have a new laptop now which is a huge relief because if you’ve been following this fic for a while, you know I had nothing but trouble with my old one!

Anyway, this is the second to last chapter!  Well, I may or may not post the epilogue as it’s own chapter.  It kinda just depends how things pan out!  Also, I went ahead and made this part of a series on AO3 because I want to write more for this au in the future (both T2 and some other ships) so please subscribe to that if you’re interested!

Please make sure to tell me what you think about the latest chapters!  Comments on this fic mean the world to me because I’ve been working on it for so long it has become quite special to me <3

Bluestar - time of fire...
  • Bluestar - time of fire...

Hey guys! This is a sneak peak of the Bluestar’s Prophecy manga audio!

Thanks to Rain, @apocalyptic-m1nd for the audio, you’re a great Bluestar!

We still need people (all genders!) for characters! Click “keep reading” if you’re interested in hearing what this project is about, and if you would like to audition!

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