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May or may not do a mini-series of this McHanzo!Au.

I have so many headcanons, some really happy.
… And some really really sad.

But don’t worry, everything’s gonna end well. <3

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Remember these quick Sonic Boom character sprites I posted some time ago, and I mentioned that I may try and do the rest of the cast from Sonic Boom and then some more? Well, I may have done more than I initially planned…

Again, I made these from entertaining the idea of a Sonic Boom RPG game. And before some asks: Yes, Undertale was kind of the influence I took how I wanted to make these sprites- but, only partially, as in in terms of keeping the sprites more simple in looks. The main inspiration came from the Earthbound/Mother series, because, again I think the type of more simple sprite style, and the more lighthearted and quirky tone of those games would fit quite well for the Sonic Boom universe. I’m also just a fan of the Earthbound/Series in general.

I tried to make just about almost every single minor and background character from the Sonic Boom TV series. Tried.

I also made some Sonic X character sprites for exposition flashback purposes.(It kind of makes sense in context.) I just did the alternate formal and spacesuit sprites for fun. The OCs were basically the result of me practicing on making all of these character sprites.

I didn’t just make a buttload of new characters sprites, either. I went and altered, or even outright completely remade, certain sprites from the original sheet. It shouldn’t be hard to tell which ones were.

The characters in order:

- Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Sticks, Orbot, Eggman, Cubot, Shadow, Dave’s mom(design by @drawloverlala), Dave, Chris(design by me), T.W. Barker, Zooey, Perci, Staci(design by me), Og, Foreman Fred/Earl, Fastidious Beaver, Mike.

- Wild Cat, Wolfie, Lady Goat, Fennec Male, Rabbit Girl, Reindeer Girl, Child Monkey, Beth, Sheep Villager, Warthog Male, Leroy the Turtle, Walrus Baby, Lady Walrus, Walrus Child, Male Walrus, Old Monkey, Mrs.Vandersnout, Willy Walrus, Monkey Boy.

- Male Fennec, Beaver Policeman, Wolf Policeman, Ice Cream Vendor, Tan Gogoba, Gogoba Chief, Grey Gogoba, Comedy Chimp, Wolf Sidekick, Soar the Eagle, Justin Beaver, Tommy Thunder, Dixon, Diane Ardvark, Pierre, Gunther.

- Mayor Fink, Beaverton, Professor Cluckins, Mr. Slate, D.B. Platypus, Gentleman Wolf.

- Charlie, Belinda, Mark the Tapir, Weasel Bandits, T.W.Barker(layer outfit), Lightning Bolt Socity(Dave, Willy, Weaseal Bandit, and Tree Spy), Swifty, Nominatus, “Steve Eggman”.

- Formal Alternate Outfits and Spacesuit Alternate Outfits.

- Sonic X Cast: Sonic, Tails, Amy, Cheese, Cream, Vanilla, Knuckles, Chris, Cosmo, Maria, Shadow, Rouge, Topaz, Nazo Sonic and Dark Sonic. OCs: Lemon and Splash(both belong to @drawloverlala). Aurora and C.C.(both belong to @e-vay).

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JILY CHALLENGE | @howlingremus​ vs @queensaphrodite
         lonely hearts club (marina and the diamonds) + muggle librarian!au

for my amazing partner, @queensaphrodite! and for elena (@meraudurs) and nai (@hiddenpolkadots​), for inspiring me to write and create (and for helping me edit this <3)

The library closes far too early, in her opinion. Sure, it closes at eight, and sure, maybe she ought to try just showing up earlier, but in her defense, it isn’t solely her fault. She only gets off work at five, and there are just so many books to read. How are three hours anywhere near enough?

She frequents the place almost every day, knows it like the back of her hand. But there’s something off about it today. Maybe it’s the fact that the historical fiction section switched places with the biography section, but that was last week.

Lily grabs her books and walks up to the counter to ask Peggy whether or not there’s a copy of Everything, Everything available and oh shit that’s what’s different.

There’s a different librarian - a bloke - at the desk, with hair too messy to be legal, glasses too outdated to be unintentionally bought, and a shirt too wrinkled to ever have come in contact with an iron. He’s the kind of fellow who’d be perfect as the main character as one of the books Lily wants to check out - maybe a Peter Pan or a Percy Jackson kind of fellow.

Lily blinks.

Well, fuck.

He looks up from fiddling with the cuffs of his button-down, meets her gaze for a moment, and cocks an eyebrow.

“You’re the first person under forty I’ve seen so far.” His voice almost seems to echo, and it’s much louder than most librarians tend to be.

Lily can’t even tell if he’s being dense or just kind of cocky, but she’ll place her bet on the latter. It’s clear as day in the way he holds himself - self-assured, unashamed, even a bit arrogant but still good-natured.

She crosses her arms. “That’s not true, and you know it. You’re literally right next to the freaking children’s section.”

The bloke laughs, a sound almost out of place in this quiet library. She owes herself twenty dollars.

“Check and mate, I guess. But then again, it’s not like I can really see them.” He taps his glasses with a ridiculously long finger. “They’re getting smaller every day, I swear.”

Lily even smiles at that for a second, before stuffing it back where it came from. This arrogant, loud-mouthed (they’re in a fucking library, has he no sense of volume?), far-too-handsome idiot has no place in this library of hers.

(All the same, she wouldn’t mind reading about someone like him.)

“Yeah, sure” she says, quickly, trying to get to the point. “Listen, do you guys have another copy of Everything, Everything?”

He shrugs. “Hell if I know.”

Lily is done with this bloke. She makes her way around the desk to where he’s sitting, pushes away his chair (“Oi, what d’ya think you’re doing?” but he doesn’t sound particularly annoyed, just curious), opens up the catalog page on the monitor in front of him (the first thing she sees when she opens it up is a March Madness bracket - she now kind-of-sort-of-really wants to punch the guy), and soundlessly types in the words Everything, Everything.

No more copies available, but there’s one currently on hold. And it’s not hers. Damnit.

The guy standing behind her takes a look at her screen, and she can hear him let out a breath. “Oh, shit, that book? Isn’t that the one with like the mysterious guy and the girl who’s supposed to be sick but - “

Lily hastily shoves out her hand, as if to slap it over his rambling mouth. “No spoilers!” she all but yells. And she realizes that she’s being such a hypocrite right now, so she adds, a little bit more quietly, “Please.”

The bloke smirks, like he knows exactly what she’s thinking. “Alright, then.” He peers over at the screen once more, and Lily presses the power button. She gets up, and moves over to the side of the desk that she ought to be on.

“Well,” she says curtly, trying not to smile (for some reason) at this endearing annoying stranger. “Thanks.”

He grins at her. “Don’t mention it.”

Suddenly, something occurs to Lily. “Hold on,” she says slowly. “You’ve read this book?”

For some reason, the bloke turns red. “Er - um, no? I got it for my friend…Marlene? And like I read the summary on the back -”

Lily smirks. “Liar. You’ve totally read it.”

If possible, he turns even redder - it’s quite a funny sight. “I was bored, alright? And it was lying around - I really had bought it for Marlene - and I…may have skimmed it?”

Lily laughs and tucks a strand of red hair behind her ear.  “Why are you acting so defensive? It’s just a book, relax.”

“Well, it’s not as good as the Percy Jackson series.” Besides the point, but Lily can’t deny that it’s true.

“Fair,” she admits.

She notices a watch on his hand (it looks extraordinarily beat-up, made of old leather and a face of cracked glass), and checks the time. Crap, the library closes in a few minutes. “I really should be going,” she says, making sure she has all the books she wants before turning around.

(She’s not sure if she’s imagining it, but the librarian’s face seems to fall slightly.)

Just as Lily’s about to head back, she hears a quiet “Wait.” She turns around.

“What is it?”

“Er.” The librarian looks…pretty sheepish, and he rubs the back of his neck. “What - what does it say on your shirt?”

Lily almost rolls her eyes, and she pulls back the cardigan she’s wearing.

I left my heart in a book,” the guy reads. He looks back up at her.

“Is that, like, for a book club or something?”

Lily stares at him in confusion. “Sorry?”

“The shirt - you must’ve got it from some sort of club.”

“I…got it from Macy’s? So no, not a book club.”

He looks quizzically at her. “You know, you should probably make that shirt a book club, then.”

Lily raises an eyebrow. “For hearts in books?”

“Yeah, something like that. Like, aggressive bibliophiles or something.”

She perches herself on the desk, her legs starting to get tired of standing, and almost ends up knocking over a stapler. “Who’d join?”

“I would.”


“Yeah, and I’d grab some friends, too. Get some drinks, maybe some fries, and master the art of abandoning our poor, forsaken hearts in some dusty old books.”

Lily actually lets out a laugh. “I - don’t think that’s what it means.”

“But wouldn’t that be more dramatic?”

Come to think of it, it would be. Lily tries to envision it, but the only thing that really comes to mind is some sort of cult with an obsession for Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley. And they, of course, take their fries with a small cup of blood.

Anyways. She shrugs, and gets off the desk. “You do have a flair for the dramatics, then. Say, who the hell are you?”

His hands fly up to his hair - for what, to make it even messier? - and ends up almost knocking his glasses off the bridge of his nose.

“Stop giggling, bloody hell. And it’s James.”

Against her better judgement (sod it all, rational thought), she reaches over and pushes up his glasses. His hazel eyes follow her fingers, and he looks a little bit cross-eyed. It’s all a little bit sweet.

“James, is it? Well, I’m Lily, founder of the Hearts in Books Club.” The bloke - James, now - snorts at that, only causing to Lily to giggle even more.

James looks down at his watch . “I think the library closes right about now, you’d best be off.”

Lily swears under her breath, and James raises an eyebrow.

“Now, what was that?” The accent he’s putting on sounds a bit like some old-fashioned English professor, which kind of goes with the button-down, but not with the hair. “You do know you’re near the children’s section, next to so many impressionable young minds - you wouldn’t want to give them the wrong idea -”

“Oh, sod off,” she says, but not before glancing over to see if there’s anyone under the age of ten watching them. She checks to see if she still has all her books, and actually turns to leave.

“See you, Jimmy.” She smirks.



Once she turns the corner, she can’t stop smiling. And even once she gets home and picks up her books and tries to - tries to lose her heart in them, damnit, she can’t stop thinking of James and the Hearts in Books Club and that damn hair.

Fuck, she thinks.


Lily returns to the library the next day, of course - she needs to pick up the sequel to Six of Crows, the novel she just finished.

(And she may or may not want to see if James is there.)

(He isn’t. Peggy is back, and though she loves Peggy, she’s a bit disappointed.)

(What is wrong with me, she thinks.)

After finding Crooked Kingdom, finally, she traipses over to the holds section. As far as she remembers, she doesn’t have anything on hold, but it’s always good to check.

There’s a book in her slot.

Furrowing her brows, she reaches up (and, quite embarrassingly, has to get up her tippy-toes; damn her lack of height), and grabs it. It’s hardcover, feels pretty new, and strangely enough, it doesn’t have that clear library binding around it.

The cover reads Everything, Everything. It’s the book she wanted yesterday - the one that the library shouldn’t have an available copy of. Confused, Lily opens the front cover, and the first thing she sees is a little note on a yellow Post-It, scribbled in Sharpie.


Can this be the first book of the Hearts in Books Club?

See you Thursdays and Tuesdays.

- James.

There’s a little smiley face doodled next to her name, and Lily feels a strange, swooping feeling that she normally only feels at the end of a really good book.

And oh, fuck, she can’t stop grinning.

(But maybe, when she gets home, it’s something more than the book itself - something having to do with the note on the inside front cover - that prompts her to read it over and over again).

(Maybe. Just maybe).

Chart Overlay Series

Sun in your Partner’s House  (Synastry/Compatibility)

Other than synastry compatibility based off aspects, and of course planets and asteroids, astrology has much more depth in compatibility. In a synastry chart overlay, one person’s natal birth chart is layered on top of another person’s chart to show how your signs, planets, and houses work together. Especially where their planets are in your chart. It’s this that explains why rising signs are so important, you can still use this if you don’t know their time, but you’ll need to know at least one person’s time. You of course will have more understanding with both rising signs. The point is to see where their/your planet falls in your/their chart and the specific house, to see the influence it has on your relationship and bond. Remember to take both combinations of yours and theirs together. If you don’t know their rising and therefore their houses, look at their planets in your houses for now. These are the characteristic of their/your sun, in your/their house:

Your sun in their first 

A really good blend of energies, as it builds self-confidence in each other because of how complimentary this placement is. Both of you seem to click together very well because of how alike you guys are to each other, always being on the same page. In fact, you guys probably drive each other to do the best. The sun has a strong sense of expression that opens the first house person thirst to do the same; it’s often a cooperating energy or competitive energy. I definitely think their is potential to click well though, similarities smoothen and compliment the bond like icing on the cake; there is a promise of attraction. 

Your sun in their second 

The sun person admires the house person a lot and builds their esteem. It makes them feel loved and talented so in turn the house person spoils and treasures the sun person. It can help put the house person’s energy to create more material security. The problem is that the Sun person may become too dependent financially on the house person and make them feel used, or the house person can become too dependent on the sun person to build self-esteem. All in all, this is the house of possessions so you guys help each other financially grow and feel secure. This isn’t necessarily all work and no play, you guys desire each other a lot and can become possessive of each other. 

Your sun in their third 

Both of you will have strong mental connection, creating intellectual rapport and similar interests. Their won’t be many misunderstandings, as the sun person makes the house person feel understood. There’s promise of deep talks and conversations that seem endless and have no expiration timing, they could go on forever. It also means that you guys can communicate well in other forms other than verbal communication, such as writing, texting, and perhaps ways a long-distance relationship can benefit from. This placement actually plays well if you guys are around each other physically, as you guys feel very comfortable with each other. It’s not an emotional connection, so make sure planets or other overlays form that. 

Your sun in their fourth 

It may feel like a deep and meaningful connection, almost an instant attraction. You often find home within each other, and perhaps make each other get a taste of home or family that’s far away. The house person makes the sun person feel comfortable with talking about family and other deep issues/topics ,letting them confine to the house person. The sun person always wants to protect and defend the house person, as the house person is deeply sensitive towards them. You both can be emotional dependent on each other, as it lets out the youthful aura in the house person. Regardless there is a strong connection between you two. 

Your sun in their fifth 

It’s a very playful and beautiful overlay; it unleashes love, playfulness, romance, and so much more. Both of you are active together and perhaps risky, always having fun in life. The problem is you look at this house for dating (dating is short-term) so you have to make sure the flame doesn’t die out, because it’ll be frustrating for you both when the honeymoon phase dies out (of course other placements matter). You guys may want children, and this can be challenged if the sun is harshly aspected. Both of you may be jealous and possessive but this is more shown from the sun person. Nonetheless you both have romance boiling between each other with a zest of fun. It screams fire, just like the sign ruling this house. 

Your sun in their sixth 

With this overlay, you have to be careful not to give too much servitude to each other as it can go unbalanced, as one can do too much. You guys seem to build and understand an orderly routine together, even if it’s discussing work or helping each other with health and/or other duties. You guys may be critical of each other. The sun person can help their health a lot, as their efforts in work too. It makes me paint the picture that you both are reliable and stable to each other, it’s very supportive. Difficult aspects can make many of these things a burden, like being completely criticized and overly watched over. Almost like being babied, yet this placement works between with flowing aspects between personal planets. As I said, it’s highly supportive. 

Your sun in their seventh 

You both have traits that you both admire in each other, yet balance each other out in the areas you guys lack in. This placement indicates respect, admiration, romance, support, and a strong connection between each other. You both love each other’s company and yet help each other blossom in the world too. This placement is great for not only partnerships, but business too. The strong, “meant to be connection” is more felt for the house person,as the sun person has traits of the ideal partner they need. The sun person has to be wary about this because they’ll demand more alone time and be protective as well. The match can also go downhill and have lots of resentment and more. Nonetheless it’s a magnetic attraction that can go both ways depending on how you allow it to manifest. 

Your sun in their eighth 

You guys can make great financial partners or/and the sexual attraction sizzles between you guys; the sun person helps the eighth house person go through the transformation their 8th calls them to do so. The sun person is deeply, deeply attracted to the house person that it often feels magnetizing. Or the sun person can feel uneasy with the house person. The affect is more detectable on the house person, as you affect them greatly. The house person sees the connection as very intimate and strong. They have more sensitivity towards their partner but the problem is that the sun person may not feel the same, yet they can (it goes both ways). 

Your sun in their ninth 

Extremely, extremely good for romantic compatibly. You’d except the seventh to be but that’s merely the house of opposites and learning from the partner. The ninth house is of second marriages which makes sense. In fact I rather have my partner have their sun in my 9th than 7th (why would you want the first, when you can have the last). The Ninth house is about everything being elevated; truth, expansion, growth, happiness, and profound love. In the long run you want a love that has respect, shared ideals, and makes you feel hope. This person has a high possibility of being your life long partner, because the relationship is constantly growing and expanding. It never gets stale. You two inspire each other and share many ideals. In fact, you guys help each other open the eyes about world. It’s like becoming a newborn baby and exploring every layer and corner of the world, mentally and physically. There’s also a possibility of adventure between you two, is this the person you travel the world with? Possibly so. 

Your sun in their tenth 

The sun person values the house person’s identity a lot in society. The house person may see you as someone with status or class. The problem is not a lot of attraction can fizzle here, but that depends on compatibility as a whole. Such as other planets in the houses and the compatibility of the planets together itself. You guys inspire and improve each other’s work, pushing each other. This is much more evidently done by the sun person. You have to be careful not to be overbearing or overwhelming for the house person. The sun person may feel strongly awed by the house person; they admire you, want the qualities you have, and have the desire to impress you. You’re the sun person’s precious gem. The sun person may even be more responsible and patient with you. In return, you help them with their career and ambitions a lot, something they want. There’s a lot of admiration between you guys but other aspects and placements will help build more chemistry. 

Your sun in their eleventh 

You both want friendship and find it in each other, finding an equal in each other. Both of you may share common interest and even friends. It helps you guys express your individuality, freedom, and greatness, often creating a relationship that is even a “best friend” bond. Both of you are nonjudgmental of each other but at the same time you have to look for other aspects and placements because you guys might just see each other as only friends, which doesn’t necessarily have to happen but it can. I feel like air signs would benefit from this, in a sense of gaining comfort and freedom with a partner. 

Your sun in their twelfth 

Both of you are fascinated by each other, but it’s this mysterious aura that can cause misunderstandings under the illusive charm this overlay creates. The sun person is capable of making the house person feel an array of emotions. It’s a sacrificial match as the house person can give up much; it can cause heartache and it also may cause the relationship to be too private or a secret as well. Nonetheless, and just like the 12th house, it can be highly rewarding. There can be a strong karmic connection between the two. The sun person can put the house person on many, and sometime extreme, emotional highs and lows. Yet the sun person helps them discover themselves when the waves aren’t crashing in. In return the house person makes the sun person dig deeper to discover themselves too. It’s a very spiritual and sensitive bond, yet confusing. It’s highly influential. 

i’m gonna piss everyone off with this, but

“not everyone has to like SU’s filler episodes”

yeah. you’re right. did i ever say you were wrong? i know not everyone has to like them.

what pisses me off is when people say SU is nothing BUT filler, or that the filler episodes aren’t important.

what pisses me off is when people say “i like SU but i only watch the plot episodes”, or that certain episodes serve no purpose.

first of all, what IS your definition of a “plot episode”? anything that involves the gems, or mentions the diamonds? if that’s what you believe the “plot episodes” are, then it is not an opinion. it’s straight up false.

steven universe does not have a singular plot, nor does it NEED to have one. cartoons don’t need to have overarching plots to be entertaining. yes, SU has plot, but not just a singular plot. it has multiple story arcs. some are seperate, some overlap.

for instance, the zoo arc and peridot’s redemption arc are two entirely different arcs. they involve different stories, different characters, and different moods.

there is no singular plot in steven universe, just multiple story arcs that come together to make a whole series. like…a comic book. and rebecca sugar, the show’s creator, was a comic book artist BEFORE she worked on SU.

and another thing, SU isn’t complete without its “filler episodes”. there needs to be a balance. steven is half gem and half human. we need a good balance of both gem episodes and human episodes. steven may be half alien, and every one of you out there may love aliens, but steven is a human child as well. and some of you forget that.

these “filler episodes” give steven the human interaction that he needs in his crazy alien-filled life, and they develop on the human characters, who, like them or not, ARE important to the show.

once again…i know. nobody HAS to enjoy the “filler episodes”. i know i groan at them sometimes myself. but…that isn’t the problem here.

if you think that only episodes that involve rose, the gems, and the diamonds are “important episodes”, then maybe steven universe isn’t your type of show. if you want “plot”, take your ass somewhere else, because whatever you’re looking for isn’t here.

BTS: S/O Has To Do A Sex Scene For A Film

(I wasn’t exactly sure whether you wanted their reaction to their s/o telling them about it, or actually doing it in front of them, but I just made it to where she’s telling them. I hope you like it anon! (((: Very slight angst, slight smut, a lot of fluff. Enjoy c:)


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Love Divided Ch. 1 (Peter Parker x reader)

Hello darlings! I just got confirmed to go to the D23 expo this summer and I’m so excited! I hope you’re all doing well, I’m trying to put my Bucky cosplay together.. I may or may not have the first chapter of Run Away Baby up tonight because I’m swamped with other things today. I’ll try and make up for it with a sexy one shot for tomorrow! Enjoy! xoxo

Description:The brewing conflict between Tony and Steve are finally surfacing, causing everyone to choose a side. The heat within the team is rising, and everyone is beginning to realize what is to come. What happens when your relationship with Peter is divided? Will you choose your love? Or your morals?  

Warnings: Cursing



His words were like a knife in the heart. You sat there on the bed, completely taken aback. Hurt was written all over your face as tears began to well up in your eyes. 

“What do you mean?” You furrowed your brows, your voice cracking as you spoke. 

“You know exactly what I mean.” His voice was monotone, matching his expressionless face as he stared right at you. “If you do this, we can’t-” There was long pause before he spoke the words that would make his heart ache. “We can’t be together anymore.” You could tell that in his eyes that this was something he fought himself on, and it was hurting him just as much as it was hurting you. You bit your lip, fighting back to hot tears that began to sting your eyes. He watched your pain, and he couldn’t bear to look at you anymore. Peter turned away from you and walk to the door. He stopped in the doorway when you spoke. 

“Don’t make me choose. Please.” You whispered on choked sobs, your eyes pleading him to stay. He turned his head to the side to look at you through his peripheral vision. 

“I’m sorry.” He felt his heart drop. Before anymore words were said, he walked down the hall, quickly wiping away any stray tears that might have fallen. 

Weeks went by with minimal contact. Peter was waiting for your decision, but you couldn’t make one. He was making you choose between him, and what you stood for. How were you supposed to make up your mind? The signing of the Accords was tomorrow, and you still had no final decision. You agreed with Peter that you would travel to Wakanda with the team, but you never voiced whether you would sign or not. 

“F/N, you need to choose. Are you going to sign or not?” Tony raised his eyebrows at you, his arms crossed over his chest. He needed to know, and he needed to know now. “I don’t care that you’re coming with us, but I need to know if you’ll be signing the Accords.” 

You sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose. “Tony, I can’t sign. I’m sorry.” You raised your head to look at him. “But, do not tell Peter. I’ll go with you to Wakanda, but I won’t show up at the conference. Nobody tells him.” You eyes begged him to do this. “Do this last favor for me before everything goes to shit. Please, Tony.” 

He debated in his mind, pursing his lips. “Fine. I’m sorry to see you go though, F/N.” He gave you a slightly disappointed smile before walking off back to his lab. 

The ride on the quinjet was awkward. It seemed that Nat found out that you weren’t signing, but she also knew she wasn’t to say a word about it. She would often glance back at you and give you sad smiles. Peter would often place his hand over yours, in hope that you coming with them was a sign that you weren’t going to leave him. He wanted you to stay, he loved you more than anything, but all he could do was hope and wait. 

“We’re about to land, so I suggest everyone take their seats.” Tony called over his shoulder and everyone buckled themselves back in, waiting for the wheels to touch ground again. 

When you finally landed in Wakanda, the private airport was flooded with journalists pestering each of you with questions about your recent actions and the signing. You all agreed that there would be no comments made, and you all made your way to the car in silence, dodging every question. You were to stop at the hotel first to drop off your luggage, then head straight to the embassy. 

“Go to your rooms, do what you need to do. There are separate cars waiting outside for each of you. Take one when you’re ready and we will all meet at the conference.” Tony was messing with a screen in the car, finalizing the plans. You all nodded. Everyone knew what you were going to do next, besides the one person that it really mattered to. 

As you walked to your room, you were holding back tears that begged to fall on your cheeks. You didn’t want to choose, but you had to. You loved him, but you couldn’t be with him and ignore all that you stood for. When you unlocked the door, you quickly stepped in, locking the door behind you. You threw your stuff on the bed, and looked out the window. On the street below you were a line of cars, the ones that Tony told you about. 

You were never to get in you car. You were going to stay here, or if anything, get away from there. With the crisis going on, the governments didn’t need an Avenger showing up to mock them by not signing. Over the next hour you saw Nat and Tony get in their cars, leaving the hotel. All that was left was Peter’s car, and yours. 

You had to make it look like you were running late, so that he wouldn’t get suspicious. Emotionally, you weren’t going to be able to have a confrontation with him. Not now. Looking out your window, you saw Peter get into his car, but not before he looked up at your side of the building. You quickly hid yourself out of view, hoping that he would just leave. And finally, he did. As you watched him leave, the hot tears came back and spilled onto your cheeks. It felt like someone was tearing your heart out, and your whole body ached. You fell to the floor, sobbing into your hands to muffle your cries. There was something you had to do; you couldn’t leave without giving Peter some type of closure. You were already going to cause him an immense amount of pain, and to leave without saying a word was going to make it even worse. 

Your sleeves were soaked with tears, but you managed to stifle your sobs and pick yourself off of the floor. You made your way over to the desk, and wrote a short letter. 

Dear Peter, 

You made me choose. I chose. Neither decision was perfect and each had its cons. I can’t go against everything that I believe in and sit and watch horrible things happen to the world. This was the hardest thing for me to do, and I hope that we get another shot at this, but I can’t love you in vain. I’m sorry. 

The amount that I love you will never change. I’ll always love you. 


A few tears smeared the ink on the page, but you finished, and folded it in your before heading out into the hallway. You slipped the note under his door, praying that he would see it. You gently placed your hand on his door. 

“I’m sorry, Peter. Please forgive me one day.” 

I hoped you liked it! I had a good time writing this, and I cannot wait to write the next chapter! Enjoy the rest of your day! xoxo



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“ 과호흡 ”  

 I wanted to cover something on the artist who created this BL piece. Firstly, she is based in Korea. Part of her living is depended on commissions, and selling pieces such as these animations. She began this series out of originality, spanning over a course of 6 weeks since January 27th, 2017. 

Episode 3 of “ 과호흡 “ had NSFW content, and this lead to legal issues with Youtube holding up her videos. She decided to put restrictions (so minors could not view the full version of Ep. 3) and replaced the original Ep. 3 on her account with the trailer, which had pieced together pieces of other clips from the episode.

Many online viewers of the animated series began to attack and harass the creator. Many began to post and re-upload the restricted episode onto their own domains without the owner’s permission. This was causing “ 과호흡 “ to lose it’s cost. Many as well used her as a target for art theft and insult Due to the severity of cyber attacks, she has delayed the creation of the series, and may cancel the rest of the animating.

I just want to get this point across:

She committed to make a piece that a vast majority of people wanted her to do. So stop being so shitty for fUCKS SAKE.




This week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine is especially exciting for me because I am a big fan of both of the main guest stars (Nathan Fillion and Greg Germann), so I’ve really been looking forward to sharing with you all how hilarious this episode is.  There’s a few different storylines this episode within the precinct, so I’m going to just dive right in.

After Terry’s ex (guest star Kimberly Herbert Gregory) replaces Teddy in evaluating the precinct,  the majority of the precinct is focusing on what they can do to fix their current predicament in whatever way that may be.  

Meanwhile, Jake and Rosa get distracted by a burglary case that took place on the set of one of their favorite detective TV Shows.  Jake easily gets caught up in the moment with both the series star (guest star Nathan Fillion) as well as the producer (guest star Greg Germann), who meddle in the case by charming Jake, while Rosa keeps a watchful eye out for the true culprit.

Back at the precinct, Amy and Gina are quite literally interrogating Terry to find out just what he did to make Veronica so angry with him.  At first there seems to be no evidence of any missteps on his part, that is until they realize a simple mistake may lead them to the reason behind the animosity she has towards him.

During all of this, Boyle and Holt try and arrange an “impromptu” meeting with the commissioner, who is also Veronica’s boss, to go over her head and correct their current situation.  Things, unfortunately, don’t go according to plan.  But they may just have a couple of tricks up their sleeves.

This episode was so funny and completely lived up to my expectations regarding the guest stars this week.  Here are a few things to look forward to:

  • Amy’s version of “girl talk”
  • Terry’s breakup strategies
  • Rosa showing her vulnerable side
  • Boyle and Holt teaming up
  • Jake’s brief moment in the spotlight

Don’t miss an all-new episode of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE airing Tuesday, April 18 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

As always, feel free to send any questions you have my way and I will answer, as long as they aren’t too spoilery!

Protector PT. 1

Characters: Derek x Reader

Summary: You are Derek’s long time girlfriend, with no knowledge of the supernatural. 

A/N: This first chapter is before any craziness ensues. It’s kind of giving Derek the life he’s always wanted.


You sighed as you looked at the clock 11:39PM flashed bright red. This had become a routine and you didn’t like it. You watched as the store bought marinara sauce began to boil. He’d been coming home late more and more; later and later, you began cooking later and later. Once the sauce was done, you took the meatballs out of the small oven that the trailer provided and mixed the pasta in. Why did it have to be this way? Nearly every night you found yourself serving separate plates and putting the second one in the microwave, tonight was no different. It was almost sad how  more often than not you sat in front of the TV with your dinner, watching a rented movie from the video store on your crappy 20" television than in front of your beautiful brooding boyfriend. Who are you kidding? Hell it was sad.

An annoying song was playing. Then again. And it began again. You peeled your eyes open and recognized the title sequence of the DVD you’d been watching, pressing play just to make it stop. Checking your phone you saw that it was 3:13AM, you had fallen asleep. You rolled on your side and lay awake, thinking about your current situation. How did you go from being a librarian in Portland, Oregon with promising references of a promotion, you might add, to a having a 3 day a week 5 hour a day bookstore job in a nowhere town in Nebraska? Your thoughts would have to wait, because at this moment in time headlights shone through your window signalling that he was home.

You listened as the engine cut off, sputtering as it did. You listened as he opened the car door and heard his boots hit the gravel as he traveled the short distance to the door of your trailer. You listened as he got inside and sighed as he sat on the couch and took off his work boots. You listened as he heated his food up in the microwave for less than 30 seconds. You held in a giggle as he ate it in less than five minutes. You listened as he cleaned all the dishes that were used for tonight’s dinner and the few cups in the small sink, a smile appeared on your lips, you taught him well. You listened as he stripped down to his underwear. You felt the blanket lift and let out a breath, you didn’t realize you were holding as he wrapped his arm around you and pulled himself to you.

“Thank you baby, it was delicious” he kissed the back of your head. He always knew when you were awake, somehow.

“How’d it go?” You stopped asking how work went, it killed him to lie to you.

“Nothing tonight.” He mumbled curtly. That’s really all you ever got out of him. “I love you” no more questions.

“I love you back” you whispered and nestled against him tighter as you fell asleep.
“Get up, baby” Derek pushed his nose in the crook of your neck and took a deep inhale, you smiled to yourself, he did this everyday, he says he wants to keep your scent when you’re away. It was strange but, for some reason it comforted you, it made you feel special.

“Nooo, work is gross” you whined and rolled to face him, you weren’t being serious… Not completely at least. He chuckled and kissed your shoulder.

“You don’t have to work, you know” he always tried to convince you to stay home.

“And do what all day? Watch every DVD in the video store? Pretty sure I’m almost there” you scrunched your nose.

“True. Plus, who are all those old men gonna flirt with?” he let out a rythmic laugh and pulled you on top of him so you were straddling him.

“You’re right, it is my civic duty after all.” You flipped your hair dramatically. You leaned down and kissed him softly, his lips moving with yours in unison.

After you both pulled away, you climbed off of Derek and grabbed your clothes for the day, jeans and a simple long sleeve shirt with three buttons at the top. You placed them on top of the toilet in the tiny restroom of your trailer and took a quick 10 minute shower, any longer and you’d get bombarded with ice cold water. After getting dressed and doing your hair and makeup you walked over to Derek who handed you a breakfast sandwich, you took it greatfully.

As you began eating, you thought back to last night. “Why’d you get home so late?” You paused. “Again.” He needed to see how annoyed you were.

“I’m sorry [Y/N], I didn’t think it would take that long” he rubbed the back of his neck and looked down.

“What? What were you doing?” You sat in the dining area, he was always so secretive. Nearly two and a half years into a relationship with this man and he still couldn’t tell you about his job. He’d made up some story about being a wild animal researcher and tracker, a story he knew that you knew was a lie. Wild animal researchers don’t look like that. But, you dropped it.

“You know I can’t tell you” he looked at you with pleading eyes. “Not yet” your eyes scanned his face and you stood, sighing as you did.

“It better be soon,” you walked up to him and placed your hands on both his arms “This is the third town we’ve lived in, in five months Der. I need to know what we’re running from or who you’re searching for. I love you, and you can’t change that, no matter what you tell me” his eyes watered but, he never let the tears fall out.

“I love you, I love you so much. I have to protect you, I will tell you soon, I promise” his arms snaked around your body and he pressed his lips to your hair, you both stayed like that for a while.

“I have to get to work” you pulled away and kissed his lips “but you promised” you reminded him and put on your boots, “I’m taking the truck” you told him as he walked back to the bedroom to go back to sleep, presumably.

You drove to work and sat behind the counter. Working at the bookstore wasn’t very exciting, usually it was just the older men and women, a few teenagers and a couple people your age came in to the store, mostly because you were the only place in town with wifi and a few computers. Nothing to it, you opened your laptop and used it to update your social media.

Having a great time traveling with the beuax.

Accompanying the post was a photo of you two, well, of your silhouettes, Derek didn’t want anyone to see his face for your protection, which was okay, you weren’t too much of a social media maven anyhow. But sometimes it was hard not being able to show off a man that fine. The day went off without a hitch and when 3pm came ‘round, you were surprised to see Derek walk in with just​ an undershirt on, his shirt draped over his shoulder, he’d walked the 3 miles it took to get there without breaking a sweat. Janie, your nineteen year old co-worker, began blushing profusely.

“Who is that and where can I get one?” She whispered in your ear and you laughed, it’s been nearly three months since you lived in this town and Derek was rarely seen.

“That one belongs to me” you tossed your bag over your shoulder and smiled.

“Ooohh, get it, girl” she gave you a wink and you shook your head walking over to Derek.

“Well, this is unexpected” you watched as he flicked his fingers along the spines of a few books.

“Good, I was trying to surprise you.” He looked down at you, amusement showing through his eyes. “I just wanted to see you” something was happening. He pressed his lips to yours and before you got a chance to deepen the kiss Janie cleared her throat.

“Janie, Derek, Derek, Janie.” You introduced them and Janie gave a small wave, he gave a nod and looked ready to go. You left the store and hopped into your truck and headed back to what you called home.

Your legs were draped across Derek’s lap and he was using your legs to hold his plate of pizza. Both of you were watching the screen,eager to know what came next. Derek hadn’t watched a ton of movies when he was younger, his family was more of the outdoorsy type, at least from what you knew. So whenever he got the chance to watch anything he was enamored with it, pausing if he had to get up, rewinding if he missed a line, it was quite cute, actually.

“How come only bad guys are shown pooping in movies?” You asked once the movie finished.

“What?” He looked at you quizzically a smile playing on the edge of his lips.

“Seriously! You never see any good guys pooping but like, the bad guy always dies on the toilet or something” you remarked, sneaking a bite of his pizza. His laugh was beautiful and hearty, a deep rumble coming from his chest, you couldn’t help but follow with one of your own. He opened his mouth to respond but then stood abruptly, opening the trailer door.

“Oh!” The redhead woman yelled, surprised. You stood behind Derek, curious. “Well, you just about scared me half to death!” Her southern accent thick as she held her hand to her chest and threw in a little chuckle. Being scared half to death didn’t stop her eyes from scoping out his body.

“How can we help you?” Derek said quickly, you giggled softly and pushed his shoulder, reminding him to be nice. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and his posture softened immediately at the touch. Anchor, that’s what he called you, that’s what you were to him. It was hard to understand at first but, he says you bring him back to where he needs to be.

“Forgive him. Straight to the point. This one” you offered a smile and patted his chest, her eyes lingered on it for a second and then went back to your faces.

“Well, some of us just noticed that y'all haven’t been to the monthly potluck the past two months, and I just wanted to personally invite ya” she smiled and Derek remained tight lipped.

“Oh wow, that sounds great, when is it?” You asked, hell if you were gonna stay here, you may as well make a few friends.

“Oh well, it started about thirty minutes ago” she pointed over to the group of people dancing, eating, hanging about. You wanted to go.

“We don’t have a dish” both of you looked at Derek when he spoke. Your furrowed your eyebrows and gave him your best ‘Derek staredown’, basically trying to mimick Derek when he gets stern. He sighed “Can we bring beer?” He gave her his best friendly smile.

“So what do you do?” You asked Derek as you were both getting a little more dressed for the potluck. Shirlene, you’d learned the redheads name, had gone to tell some of the neighbors the good news.

“I’m a nocturnal animal researcher” he tilted his head at you.

“No one’s gonna believe that lie” you smiled at him and took a few steps towards him. “We’d have much better digs, if that were true.” You kissed his chin when you reached him. “Plus, what would you need all this muscle for?” You smacked his arm.

“I’ll come up with something” he bit your bottom lip softly, you loved when he did that, it was so subtle, but so longing “How long have you known?”

“Hmmm… Probably after our six month anniversary, you came to mine with a ripped shirt and dried blood on your pants” you smiled and smoothed his shirt.

“Didn’t think you’d noticed that” he muttered

“Of course I did silly, it’s not an everyday occurrence” you rolled your eyes and put your shoes on as Derek shrugged his leather jacket over his dark blue short sleeve shirt, only he could wear such simple attire and look so put together. You wore a white plaid button down with leggings and black boots. You both left the trailer and made the short walk to the potluck.

Before you arrived Derek whispered, “Don’t eat anything and don’t drink anything that I don’t give you.” He kissed your shoulder. You arrived at the party before he could hear your protest. Always so protective, it brought a smile to your face.

“Derek! [Y/N]!” Shirlene squealed and ran over, hugging you both. Derek excused himself to get drinks as Shirlene began introducing you to the girls, he came back and gave you some type of wine cooler and was dragged away by a guy named Barry.

The women that you were introduced to were nice enough, there was this woman though, Katrina, her name was… She was odd, cryptic.

“So how did you two meet?” Katrina asked watching Derek, you glared at her, you weren’t shy when it came to him.

“He was traveling for work and he kept bothering me” you smiled “The rest is history” you looked at the man whose eyes were trained on you and tilted your bottled towards him, he did the same.

Two years ago you’d been working as a librarian in Portland, when a scruffy man with broad shoulders and a leather jacket wanted to know where your Italian folk lore section was located. He came in every day for a new cultures lore and phenomenon until finally he came to you and told you, that if you didn’t go on a date with him, he would have no choice but to read every book in the library. Who could put a man through that much misery? You smiled at the fond memory.

“Huh, and he just whisked you away?” The smile she gave you was fake, it was almost convincing though. “Romantic” she took a drink of her wine and walked away. You turned and looked at Derek and shook your head as he was about to make his way towards you. You regrouped with Shirlene and the rest of the girls.

Later on in the night you and Derek next to each other with your hand resting on top of his. Shirlene and her husband Arnie were there, with a few others, Fred, Danielle, Rachel, John and Bobby. Everyone sat in a circle on various lawn chairs and benches. You remarked on what a great night this was, it was one you’d both needed.

“So what do you do again?” Arnie asked looking pointedly at Derek, he’d had a lot to drink tonight so his words were slurred a bit.

“I’m a nocturnal animal tracker” the group looked at Derek, quiet.

“Well, what does that mean?” Rachel voiced everyone’s question.

“Well, you know, mountain lions, cayotes, wolves. If they get too close to civilization I track them and make sure they don’t get too close” he told them. Good lie, you thought. If he’d told you that, maybe you would have believed him.

“Oh my Gosh, do you kill them?” Danielle asked with a gasp and leaned forward, showing interest, and her cleavage. Derek looked at you, seeming annoyed at her flirting, you smiled at him, biting back your laughter. His look matched yours almost instantly. His gaze went steely again though, when it was time to answer the question.

“If I have to” he took a drink and looked straight ahead.

“So basically… you’re Animal Control” Arnie said drunkenly. Derek’s hand clenched under yours. Arnie was a jealous man, he wasn’t ugly, his blonde hair was in a buzz cut with a little scruff on his face, he was a little shorter than Derek and on the thinner side, save for his small beer gut. Maybe he was the type of guy that couldn’t handle a better looking person around.

“Only the dangerous ones” he looked into Arnie’s eyes with a look that you would never like to be on the other end of. Arnie wasn’t dangerous but, Derek definitely was. You gripped Derek’s hand tightly.

“You know, I heard that a big ol’ group of people just came in town and just about rented the whole motel up.” Shirlene changed the subject quickly.

The rest of the evening went by smoothly, you both headed back to your trailer, waving to the few leftover people that stayed. It was nearing Midnight and you were getting tired. Once you got inside you stripped off all your clothes, and turned to face Derek, a little tipsy.

“That was fun,you have to admit” you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Yeah, I guess it was” He smiled and placed his hands on your waist.

“I’m still mad at you for not letting me have a slice of cake” you pouted and bit your lip.

“Babygirl, if you wanted dessert, you should have said something” he picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist.

“I want dessert” you said lightly. He pressed his lips to yours hungrily and walked you both back to the bedroom.

azquine  asked:

I was wondering if you knew any cool fanfics that don't have any real sort of shipping (or shipping mainly being hinted or background?)

You came to the right place.  Even though I deeply love certain ships, I am primarily a gen writer, and I seek out and cherish the little bit of genfic I find.  It’s few and far between in this fandom, unfortunately, and most of them are short, which is reflected in this rec list.

Another Brother by AvocadoLove: It was a mission of revenge. There weren’t supposed to be any survivors, but Chief Hakoda couldn’t bring himself to kill the Fire Nation boy. Against his better judgment, he brought him home. A Zuko joins the Water Tribe story. 224,540 words, WIP []

This is one of the best fics in the fandom, bar none.  It’s long, plotty, and character driven, full of family politics and family bonds.  Just an amazing fic.

Aftermath by @somariel: Iroh receives word of the Gaang’s victories and gives someone a well-earned tongue-lashing.  2661 words [AO3]

Iroh visits Ozai in prison and gives him a piece of his mind.

The Airbending Master by Lizbee: Teaching airbenders is not the same as restoring the Air Nomads. 354 words [AO3]

Short and sweet pre-comics fic about Aang teaching airbending Ty Lee.

Gilded Green by Caelum Blue: At the end of Iroh’s Siege, the Dai Li decide to test their brainwashing abilities on a Fire Nation soldier. They don’t know that their guinea pig-rat happens to be a supposedly-dead prince. First in a series. AU, DaiLi!LuTen.  96,189 words, WIP [AO3]

A long, plotty take on one of my favorite nightmare AU scenarios. Full of well developed and interesting OCs, overtly creepy and unsettlingly domestic by turns. Great fic.

Tea with Destiny by AvocadoLove: After the shock of Lu Ten’s death, Iroh makes a fateful journey into the Spirit World. The tea there is exquisite, but the company may give Iroh a run for his money. 2,659 words []

Beautiful fic, just read.

Lessons in Thin Air by Lisse: What Zuko learns at the Western Air Temple, whether he wants to or not. 1,293  words []

This short character study about Zuko and the gaang packs a real punch.

Five Generations of Facepalms by Lazy8: It’s a curse every generation wishes on the next one at some point in their lives. The Fire Nation royal family is no exception. 2859 words [AO3]

Fire Nation Royal Family comedy about the ways the children manage to appall their parents.  Al kinds of fun.

The Dragon Incident by Wrongfun: Everytime Aang, Katara and Toph had some business to do, they dumped their kids in Zuko’s court. Cue, chaos. 4638 words [AO3]

Very very funny look at Zuko attempting to babysit the gaang’s offspring.  Suyin wants a dragon.  Druk, Zuko, and the architecture of the palace suffer.

Five Ways Toph Created Her Own Family (Whether She Liked It or Not) by lady ganesh: [Dreamwidth]

Wonderful Toph character study about building a family of choice and becoming an adult.

Eight Principals of Yong by psocoptera: The pen is mightier than the sword, or how Zuko saves the day via the power of good penmanship. 3686 words  [AO3]

Amazing post Last Agni Kai Zuko character study about Zuko and Katara figuring out what to o next with the Fire Nation.

Red is the Color of the End of the World by @sholiofic: Post-series, Katara is adjusting to the new shape of the world. They all are. 4241 words [AO3]

Immediately post-canon Katara character study, lush, beautiful, and a touching exploration of friendship.

The Ember Island Portraits: Katara offers Zuko friendship by repeatedly doing something that annoys him. 1666 words [AO3]

I am such an enormous sucker for Katara and Zuko friendship fics, and this is one of the very best.

Stupid in Love

Summary: Sometimes Dean can get controlling, and that just doesn’t go over well. Luckily, he’s willing to make it up to you.
Warnings: Fighting
A.N. - Hey guys! Been awhile I know, this is for @luci-in-trenchcoats. I’m so sorry this took so long to post. This is number 23. I do my best to make things right, whatever that may be. Hope you all enjoy!
———————————————You had no right!“ I screamed at the man in front of me, his eyes rolling.
"It was too dangerous! I didn’t want you to get hurt!”
“This is our job Dean! We hunt! It’s dangerous! That doesn’t give you the right to lock me in the bunker for three days.” Now I promise you, I’m not being overemotional. Four days ago, Sam had found a demon hunt in Colorado. After I’d gone to pack, Dean followed to express his displeasure at my hunting. That eventually escalated into a screaming match that ended with him storming out, and when I attempted to follow, only managed to hit a barrier at the rooms exit. I saw Cas standing there, extremely uncomfortable and Dean with a too smug smirk on those plump lips. He’d used Cas to keep me trapped in our room, and three hours later, simply confined to the bunker itself. When he returned, he found I’d moved out of our shared room, and now here we are, standing in my old bedroom screaming at each other once again.
“I was trying to keep you safe!”
“That’s not your decision to make!” I rolled my eyes at his attempts.
“Yes it is!” He roared “You’re mine! I’m not going to let you make decisions that get you hurt!” My eyes widened in shock at that, and I scoffed before glaring at him.
“I’m not ‘yours.’ We’re in a relationship. I don’t belong to you, and you don’t 'let’ me do anything. Now get out.” He seemed surprised at that, staring at me with wide eyes.
“Babe come on you know what I -”
“I don’t care” I interrupted. “Get out” He sighed, rubbing over his scalp as he walked to the door, closing it gently behind him. I sat down on the bed, the cold sheets being no comfort. My hands were still shaking with anger, my heart still pounding. For awhile I simply focused on calming down, then grabbed a book from my shelf to attempt to get my mind off of things. Dean and I had been fighting a lot, and it was by far my least favorite thing to do. For hours I lost myself in my book, but soon, I heard music wafting down the corridor, soft jazz reaching my ears. I sighed, standing to go tell Sam to turn it down, but saw a trail of rose petals outside the door instead. I frowned, walking down the corridor towards the library, gasping at what I found there. Dean had set up a library table with candles and roses, the lighting dim and some jazz music wafting from the record player. I laughed a little at the pizza boxes from my favorite pizza parlor on the table, a box of brownies from my favorite bakery sitting next to it.
“What’s all this?” I asked, seeing Dean smile sheepishly at me as he walked closer.
“I wanted to say I’m sorry. What I said was wrong. I don’t control you, and you don’t belong to me, but I love you. And I always want to protect you.” I sighed, reaching up to cup his cheek, laying a soft kiss to his lips.
“You can’t keep doing that. This is my job, my life, as well as yours.” He nodded, moving to hug me to his body, pressing his lips to my head.
“I know. I’m sorry.” I smiled into the crook of his neck, pressing a kiss to his skin, feeling him shudder underneath me. I looked past him and too the romantic setting behind him.
“I know. You know, you didn’t need to do all this.” He shrugged, moving back to smile and take my hands in his.
“I do my best to make things right, whatever that may be. I wanted to show you I was sorry. That I cared, that I was serious about making it up to you.”
“Dean. As long as you stop being so damn stubborn and realize this is my life too, we’re alright. Now let’s enjoy that pizza, it smells fantastic” He nodded at me, gently pulling me to a chair and pushing it in once I sat down. Sometimes he could be stubborn, and we fought like any other couple, but I loved him nonetheless.


Chapter one | Chapter two | Chapter three

What happens when Yoongi plays truth or dare with the jerk who splashed him on a rainy day?

Characters: Min Yoongi x Jeon JungKook | ft Kim Taehyung

Word count: 3438

Warnings: Smuttish content

A/N: this was originally on my AO3 which doesn’t exist anymore and it had only two chapters, but I’m planning on making it a mini series hopefully

Originally posted by tearsavi

It was raining. Again. The 10th, no 13th time that week.

Great! Just great! Fantastic!” Yoongi mumbled to himself.

He was trying to walk through the thick rain without an umbrella but he realized very soon that this idea didn’t have any chances of success.

And you may wonder: “Why didn’t he have this very useful object with him that day? That’s what a sane person would do, right?” Well, my darling, first of all, our dear Yoongi is not that normal, not insane per say, but peculiar for many people that have encountered him.

Keep reading


Dear shipper of great love stories!
Dear POTENTIAL EVAK “trial” shipper!
Brace yourselves, this is a long, but important message to you:

The shippers of SKAM is a very varied fandom. The “Skamily” ranges from 12 to 80 years of age. We are of all colors and genders and we live on all continents. What we have in common is that we have all bonded quite recently over our love for SKAM – especially brought on by season 3 and the stories that were told through Isak and Evens struggles.
And against all odds, EVAK and the Skamily managed to reach the final in the E-online TV-couple 2017 poll, and we are so proud to be competing against Malec in the end game – they are a tough crowd and worthy competitors!

A long the way, we were fortunate enough to be paired up with some very tough competition and beating some very popular couples. We do understand that these ships are important to you, but, we are writing this to be sincere; We are hoping that if you learn a little bit more about SKAM and watch a few of the episodes from season 3, you might feel for EVAK and maybe experience that they sort of represent something in you as well.  I would like to take the opportunity to offer a few important facts about SKAM that may make you want to watch it, and also maybe want to “trial” ship our couple just a tiny bit. Just enough for you to want to vote for them (in massive amounts of course;) in the finale happening as we speak.

1. SKAM is a small low budget production, mainly made for the people of a country with a population of 5 million. Three full seasons cost approx. 1,1 million dollars to produce – a fraction of what larger TV-series productions normally cost. It is produced by NRK - the Norwegian National Public Broadcasting Company. NRK is financed by the people, therefore the price tag on SKAM is a sober one.

2. The actors are real teenagers, with blemishes and all infirmities that go along with that. Most are without any prior acting experience. A few of them are exceptions to this but none of them were well known before SKAM. Also, the SKAM cast is made up of some of the best acting talents in the country. Especially Henrik Holm and Tarjei Sandvik Moe, who play Even and Isak, are raw outstanding talents. They play the difficult and challinging roles of Isak and Even with such force and credibility that one is blown away. We have no other two actors who can act like this in Norway. It’s true.
These are some of the key reasons the SKAM universe is so very believable and relatable to the viewer. We feel them. We are them. No matter our background or where we are from.

3. SKAM is originally made especially for young people (target audience was girls 15-17). But as the subject matters and troubles of the characters are so universally recognizable and relatable the show has become a big hit in all age groups. At first only in Norway and Scandinavia, but suddenly, with season 3, also a big hit in so many corners of the world. And that is because the challenges the characters are confronted with are relatable not only to Scandinavians but to people on a global scale.

4. SKAM is made primarily for watching and following on the internet. It is really smartly integrated and interweaved with the character’s communicating via FB Messenger, Instagram and SMS (texts) in between film clips. Everything is posted in “real time” so you get the feeling that it is happening right now. The concept brings you even closer to the SKAM universe and draws you in. All clips during one week are collected in a 18-30 min. episode available online as well as being aired on traditional linear TV every Friday during the season. Only watching the Friday episode makes you miss out on all the social media communication between the main character and his/her friends and family, but you can still follow the story line by only watching the film clips.

5. Season 3 with EVAK gave SKAM its big break through internationally (due to devoted fans subtitling and spreading the show on their own). Isak and Evens bumpy road to becoming comfortable in their own skin and finding love is about acceptance, tolerance, friendships, support, mental health and a lot of things we ALL struggle with every day, no matter the color of your skin, your gender, your nationality, your age or your religion. It really touched so many people’s hearts all over the globe. There is really nothing more and nothing less to it. All is LOVE as the show states.

Our fragmented Skamily has been faced with claims that we cheated our way through the previous voting rounds. To that we just need to say that we really didn’t. We are just totally ordinary people who found each other online because of our love for SKAM and Isak and Even. This ship is very new and not really an organized one at that. I think that the majority of EVAK and SKAM fans have never shipped anyone before and have no real experience being part of a fandom, this just happened a bit suddenly and we are still trying to get to grips with it. I don’t even think we think of it that way – that we are part of a fandom. We just love EVAK and SKAM. So, where do we go from here over the next few days? As season 3 really touched so many people, that’s why people globally are voting their asses off for EVAK. And, there will in fact never be a new chance for EVAK to win this again because the SKAM concept of every season having its own character that we follow, puts the previous characters in the background and their story is not really a priority. So most likely, EVAK is history by the end of this year.

Now, we would really love for EVAK to win this, and thus show that:
1. you don’t need to bring out the big guns (money) to create a show of quality that touches people.
2. a quality show can come from a small country many can’t really place on the map.
3. a quality show can be in a foreign language (with subs rather than dubbing to make it more realistic) and can teach you about other places, other people, other lives - that are different, but yet sometimes also the same…
4. a low budget production from the other side of the world can stand up to 63 American TV-productions with lots more bucks in their pockets.
5. it’s OK to be different
6. underdogs are lovable too

So, we hope you give EVAK a shot and watch some of the episodes with subs generously offered by devoted fans (see links below). And if you actually think it’s any good (which we are sure you will after pressing play) we would love your support and “trial” ship of EVAK. We know you will not regret it!
And, whoever you decide to give your vote(s) - the coming days and nights will be exiting and exhausting where we all will give our all – on both sides. We respect that everybody will fight with what they’ve got.
So, with no hidden agenda, no ulterior motive, no shame - only LOVE; Happy voting and happy shipping from Skamdinavia!

Alt er LOVE.

Watch SKAM season 1-3 here:

Watch SKAM season 3 Isak+Even here (18-30 min. episodes): 

You can vote as many times as you like, all day and all night if you want.
Please note that you should cross of pics in a Captcha for your vote to count. The Captcha appears when you check the box for not being a robot. If you don’t see the Captcha and only get the green V confirming you have voted, it still might not be registered. So please vote in a browser that shows the Captcha. There are discussions about the importance of the Captcahs going around, but to be on the safe side it is smart to do it.

Watch @skamtrashme

+ 2 nice fan videoes:

Until it’s Gone (Loki Imagine) Pt. 1

Hey guys! So this is a fic that I wrote a while ago. It’s quite long so I’m going to make a mini series out of it as well! :) 

Basic concept: Loki decides to destroy a planet on your Wedding day. (Typical Loki right? Lol! XD )

I just wanted to say, I know with fanfics and imagines most people like to keep the background short and “get to the point” (aka fluffy romance & such- which I adore don’t get me wrong here!) but I think writing the background is part of the fun, you know? I feel like it then makes the romance that much sweeter. I promise I won’t do that with all my fics, but in these series type stories that’s pretty much what may go on. Just an FYI! :)

I hope you guys enjoy this Loki series! :)

“Where is she?” I boomed as the heavy golden doors of my fathers court swung open at my arrival. He watched me carefully; I new the games he would play, I knew them before I walked through the door. And he hated having the lower hand. “Answer me!” I yelled at Odin. I’d hated him before, but my feelings were murderous now, and if he didn’t speak plainly there would be life to pay. 

And his was one I would gladly take. 

Keep reading


It’s been one and a half year since I’m in the Inazuma Eleven fandom.
Yes, it’s not a lot of time. Some people have been here for way more, but I’m glad I ended up being in such a wonderful fandom!

I have no words to describe how much I love this series. How much they mean to me. How much they’ve done for me. How much they changed me in a good way. How many amazing people I met and how wonderful fandom I found.
I made this video a long time ago, but never upload it here, because back then I didn’t know people who would like to watch this. Now I know there is and I want to share it with you, guys, because for me it’s like you’re my family. I just feel like I should tell you this. 
One big thank you to all of you for choosing Inazuma as one of your fandoms as well. For posting, rebloging and sharing things about this amazing anime.
I love you. Every single one of you. Thank you for existing. Thank you for being alive. Thank you for being here. 

I tried combing every season of the series (Ina11, Go, Chrono Stone and Galaxy) in this amv and I think it turned out pretty good. (yes, it could be better but back then I just started making amvs, so it’s not the best, but still…)
You may ask why is there lyrics on the screen? Well, just listen to the song, read the words and watch the scenes. You’ll understand!
Hope you like it. This is for all of you!

anonymous asked:

Firstly, I really love how responsive and friendly you are to anons who ask you strange Silm questions sort of out of nowhere. You are such a delight to this fandom! Secondly, if it's not too much trouble, I was curious about whether you generally have very strong mental images of characters, and if so, would you like to share any of them? I ask because I saw you had great fancasts for some of your OCs, and I wanted to know if you had clear pictures in mind for any canon ones too.

Lovely, kind Anon! You are incredibly sweet to say so! I am actually incredibly bad at fancasts (you will note I do not have one for the ostensible protagonist of an original series I’ve been working on for idk how many years) but I love you so I’ll give it a go. 

I’m not the first person to note this but Cykeem White makes a gorgeous Fingon

Michael Lockley as Aegnor? Pretty enough to be an elven prince and the hair

Zoe Kravitz as Aredhel? White Lady of Gondolin and I Just Killed This Thing And Now I’m Gonna Wear It (And Maybe Kill You Too)

Sophie Turner as Maedhros because I confuse him and Sansa in fanart enough anyway, may as well go for broke. Also, she’s like 9ft tall. 

anonymous asked:

1) I have a question that may or may not have to do with acowar (that you don't have to bother with if you don't want to). I had all of these opinions while reading the book - good, wholesome opinions about how much I loved certain plot points, certain ships, etc. I finish it, pretty happy (though admittedly not as happy as after acomaf), and go back on Tumblr... only to find everyone sort of hates it. I read through a lot of posts expressing really good points that I hadn't considered...

2) like how poorly Mor and Lucien were treated, how Rhys’s character kind of regressed, how Feyre was not cool in the Spring court, and some ace- and biphobic shit. I realised I agree with most of it, and it made me feel kind of narrow-minded and stupid both for not noticing and for still liking the book even with all of its problematic aspects. I’m not even really sure what I’m asking, but you’re really smart and nice and I want to know what you think? About the book and Tumblr’s hate? (sorry)

Okay, first off, tumblr is a filthy salt pit where nothing is good and everything is vile and Problematic. I agree that I am a member of the current forming salt goblin army but…I think there’s an unhealthy mentality on here that everything must be bad and if there is one bad thing then you must burn the entire thing and all those who support it. It fosters this unhealthy hivemind and encourages you to just…Oh well that person is saying it’s bad I must accept this or else I am bad. 

Engage critically with media but do it on your own terms. If you like something this is fine! If you don’t that’s also fine! If you think it has good parts and bad parts then you’re probably doing this thing right. Nothing is perfect. But nothing is entirely condemnable either. Make up your own mind. (Which I’m aware you have done like it’s fine to see things from another person’s perspective and realise that you agree and alter your opinions but…Critically engaging with media is important but so is critically engaging with…the criticism.) OKAY. SERMON OVER. ONWARDS AND UPWARDS. 

I’m not really sure what you’re asking either tbh but I will just…Just pick at the points you mentioned and give you my gut reactions on them just now okay? (These may change when I have reread the thing which I’m planning on doing soon-ish. I require it to process properly) but as for now… 

Mor was treated poorly. Mor was, as a friend succinctly put it, hit by a plane and then a train and then a bus and then a car, just to be quite sure. I am not happy with the way Mor was treated in this book. At all. And I’ve been someone who has made posts about this (which I am not sure whether you have read or not but??) I stand by those. As a queer woman and as an abuse survivor her narrative was gross. I think she was used to generate angst and conflict within the Circle and was then shoved aside when that moment of conflict had passed and sjm didn’t really want to bother following-through with the consequences. This is an opinion it’s probably going to be hard to shift me off of tbh. 

Lucien….I know some people have complained about this but…Honestly? I wasn’t personally bothered my first read through? Or…I don’t think it was as bad as what happened to Mor. He got out of the Spring Court. He found a purpose again and people who wanted to put him to good use as opposed to just using him. I was not a fan of any of the Ianthe stuff especially as it got swept under a rug and was never dealt with (like…he was sexually assaulted twice…and….Not a whisper) And the comment about not asking Tamlin’s forgiveness incensed me like nothing else. I wanted that relationship being explicitly picked apart and said to be unhealthy. I would have liked to have seen him more, at the meeting with the High Lords, during the battle but…I think….It could have been worse. And it wasn’t wholly bad like Mor’s where she was repeatedly fucked over again and again and again. There were some moments with Lucien that I liked - seeing him in the Autumn Court, his journey with Feyre, some of the Elain scenes (NOT the library one where Feyre slipped into his head what the fuck was that) and his ending I felt was..Hopeful. This is something I want to think about a lot more when I re-read but..I can deal with what we got. 

I, personally, don’t think Rhys’ character regressed. I think the decisions that he made were perfectly IC and the things he did lined up with him. I don’t think it’s a regression to remind the readers that Rhys is morally grey and fucked up at times as well. (Especially with how black and white Feyre tends to be with people in her narrative - if she loves them she forgives them nearly everything, her response to Tamlin and how it changed when she fell out of love with him is a good example of this) I think the way the story then handled this sucked. See: The Mor/CoN incident. I don’t think that was OOC for Rhys. But I wanted far more lasting consequences. Grey morality is only a useful plot point if you actually make it grey and make it mean something. If you just have a character do something questionable then shrug your shoulders and five pages later have it all be smoothed over for them then what’s the point? I don’t have an issue with Rhys’ characterisation personally, this may change on a reread as I know others did but…I more have an issue with execution than content here. 

Feyre at the Spring Court is a similar problem to Rhys: they make mistakes that have a lasting impact on other people but it doesn’t affect them. There’s no repercussions it just gets glossed over and ‘oh well oopsy daisy’ which is just lazy writing tbh.  

I don’t know if this helps you?? I think there are problematic aspects of this book (that I have and will continue to criticise) but…if you still get something out of this series that’s valid? There are problems with it but I think we were all attached to these characters and your opinion is your own. Engage with the criticism (or don’t) but make up your own mind about how you feel. I just…Said what I thought here, this was my take on things…and it’s all subject to change when I reread it but…As it stands. Tehre were parts of this book that I liked (mostly character stuff) and I will probably remain in the fandom and keep ficcing things and the like and…I don’t think this was very helpful at all but…i don’t know, this was I felt? 

Future predictions/Jashi/ending

Well, we’ve come down to the final five and I still say they should’ve made it 13 episodes like the previous seasons but who knows maybe gendy thought it was enough.
Anyway It’s been a friggin’ blast so far, there hasn’t been a dull episode at all. Seeing jacks character going through this drastic chance since we last saw him in the fourth season 12 years ago, he want from hopeful and determined to lost and broken.
So the point of this post is to make predictions on what’s going to happen in the remaining 5 episodes.

Future predictions

Well from what I pretty much guessed since the third episode, I had a hunch that for the final episode there was going to be an all out war between all the people Jack has saved and aku. And seeing the newest episode pretty much confirmed it, when the Scotsman said “we’ll raise up a bigger army” and he’ll find jack. This leads me to believe that he intends Jack to lead them in the revolution to take earth back from aku, honestly it makes sense that it would go down this route. Also seeing the preview for this upcoming episode (6) we see that the woollies have made a return saying “we won’t allow you to hurt the samurai”…here’s a thought what if they’ve been planning this for years all the people that jack has saved and waiting for the right moment to come together and fight (plays godsmacks cover of come together)
My prediction is by end of episode eight we will see it all come together. Like Imagine the Scotsman appearing at the end of the episode saying “Jack you need to come with us laddy” and there’s a whole massive camp of all the people Jack’s saved. He’s like “we’re going war and we need a leader” and episode 9 I would think would mostly be about Jack preparing everybody. I see Jack, ashi and The Scotsman taking lead. Pure bad assness 🤘🏻
Another prediction I have comes from the preview of the upcoming episode. When the woollies say “are you sure she was the one ? Aku’s bounty hunter ?”
Now, this could be a stretch but what if… One of Ashi’s sisters survived the fall off the cliff at the end of episode 3. My guess is the one with the spear, because she was simply thrown off…not like the other one who got punched so hard that her neck literally snapped. What if the sister with the spear survived and continued her hunt looking for jack ? And made a name for herself.
I mean why else with the woollies mistaken ashi for this so called “aku’s bounty hunter” if she didn’t look similar to them. Which in reality all of the sisters were similar in appearance except for their hair styles.
So what if, near the end of the season she makes an appearance and Jack and Ashi have to fight her. I think that would be pretty cool actually.


Now with the way the episodes of been going so far and with the new preview we know it’s coming. It’s just a matter of how fast it’ll progress. I’ve mentioned it in a recent post how the last shot of the preview of her looking up with the rhinestone eyes makes it look more like “she’s developing romantic feelings for him” eyes, not “I need to find my friend” “that’s my dad” eyes. Now that being said I don’t put down the people on Tumblr that see them more as a father/daughter or mentor/Student team but this is just what I see. people also can say that it’s unproven information but it’s the vibe that I feel and I simply see it more as a romantic thing then anything else and given the clues and foreshadowing that we have gotten in the previous episodes….you can see why some of us jashi fans are optimistic about it. There has also been the whole yin and Yang observation going around about how they’re both very similar but very different and can balance each other out. Which honestly makes a whole lot of sense, ashi was raised in the darkness but was brought into the light, while Jack bathed in the light and has descended into darkness, which by the next episode she will definitely save him before he does something he’ll regret and this just proves to me that they are meant for each other.
Anyway I feel like a broken record repeating the same things I’ve said in previous posts and I know there are other tumblers that go into far more detail than I do lol but yeah I’m still going to stand by my prediction and say by the end of episode seven they’re going to kiss, I’m calling it 👍🏻


Well as I’ve said there’s going to be a war between the innocent inhabitants of earth versus Aku and his minions. It’s going to be an epic battle to the finish there will probably be casualties as well. I see the Scotsman taking charge of everyone while Jack and ashi go on ahead to face Aku, I also see the high priestess confronting them with aku and it’ll probably end up being A two on two battle MAYBE (just a prediction) anyway if all of you have seen that one spoiler video that was posted of the “ending” of the series by @burstangelmay
It shows the voice actor of jack and the voice actresses of Ashi and the high priestess in the recording room, showing what looks to be a scene from the final episode. There was a description underneath the video saying during the battle ashi dies, YES I know I’m upset too but there’s more to that. It also says it gives Jack the strength and power to slay Aku for good. Now what I imagine it would happen is that all of the minions and robots that are powered by a Aku would immediately disappear, because if their master is no longer around why should they be right ? I’d imagine after they find out Jack has won and Ashi was killed in battle, we get a pretty emotional scene of her funeral. Then it cuts to a few years later and Jack (who has become king) has come back to the portal that the guardian was keeping safe. I imagine there is a intense fight between the two but Jack ultimately overpowers him and beats him, making him worthy to use the portal and instead of actually going back to his own time
he goes back to that moment before ashi is killed, destroys aku and saves her life. Because of the change in time future jack begins to fade from existence now, because the whole reason of them going back in time was to save ashi and now that she’s alive jack has no reason to use the portal now because he can spend the rest of his life with Ashi happy and they can BOTH rebuild the future together. Gendy did say the ending would “have people bawling” and it makes total sense that this would be the ending. Now I have NO IDEA if the leak was real or not but I’m honestly leaning towards real because it seems like a possible ending and I would be totally satisfied with it. Because jack needs a goddamn happy ending, not a depressing or bittersweet ending…happy ! 😌

I really don’t want this show to end but it would be nice for gendy’s next project they can make a continuation show just called “jack and ashi” and it follows them a few years later. Now I’m not a HUGE fan of next generation type things because it’s super cliché but they have a daughter, The whole series would be jack in Ashi going throughout the world purging the remaining of Aku’s evil. What evil you say ? well his robot in minions may be gone but not the people who worshipped him. What if the cult of aku that raised ashi was still around in hiding preparing a resurgence. Yeah this is a stretch but what if the cult does some necromancer shit and brings back the rest of Ashi’s sisters (assuming they kill the one sister I mentioned) and uses them to kidnap Jack and ashi’s child. That alone is enough motivation to make maybe one or two seasons. You’re probably thinking why would they kidnap of their daughter well what if they needed another child to make seven members of The daughters of Aku again and sacrifice them too resurrect aku. Obviously it wouldn’t be as simple as that because they would have to try and brainwash Jack and ashi’s daughter and they couldn’t use Ashi herself because the evil has been purged from her and is now righteous. Anyway ! I’ve gone on long enough lol

I have no idea who else is going to read this but if you have any predictions and speculations of what will happen or if you agree with me with what I said then talk away cause I’m open to hearing what everyone has to say 😋👍🏻

Naruto Couples

I just feel like ranting for a bit… this is just how I feel about the Naruto couples. Argue if you want to.

NaruHina: I don’t really ship them but I don’t mind them. I wished they showed more developments on how Naruto starts to fall for Hinata and move on from Sakura. Because all this time, even after Hinata confessed to him and all, it seems he still hasn’t gotten over Sakura. The movie “The Last”, totally skipped the part on how did Naruto really fell for Hinata…it only showed how Naruto and Hinata got together.

SasuSaku: I don’t really care if they end up together or not, because honestly I find the both of them annoying. I respect Sakura’s growth in strength, it impressed me and makes me want to cheer her on, but then she started crying again over Sasuke which just makes her look really pathetic. Crying over a crush she’s crazy for who doesn’t love her back. Look Idek if I’m ranting about ships or am I ranting on characters now… Idk if Sasuke is some ‘tsundere’ guy who tries to hide his feelings by killing Sakura, or is it he got interested after seeing how powerful she became, he’s still a total asshole. Sasuke takes advantage of Sakura, and Sakura takes advantage of Naruto -.-

ShikaTema: I didn’t like Temari at first because I thought she was a bad person and is like every other girl who’s interested in Sasuke. Then as the series goes by, I started liking her. Especially ever since Naruto Shippudden. I like how Shikamaru and Temari have grown closer and started respecting and trusting each other over the series. Both have been side by side alot on screen and they just make the perfect team . Temari may be harsh but she has a soft side towards Shikamaru. She probably stopped teasing him because she started to respect him as a great shinobi. Shikamaru seems to like being around Temari and finds her quite charming as well. He respects her as a cruel yet great shinobi too. It takes awhile for the both of them to noticed their feelings, but I’m glad they ended up together, they’re meant for each other :))))

InoSai: I’m glad that Ino found someone else. She gave up Sasuke for Sakura. Although there was no developments between Ino and Sai’s relationship throughout the series, atleast the series shows how Sai started falling for Ino when she saved him. And we all know that Ino has been interested in Sai. Then, they started dating and gotten even closer…I like them together :)

ChouKarui: Idk how they ended up together, but I’m curious to know. I think it would be a funny story yet sweet. I’m hoping they’ll finally show how they got together in a Boruto episode or omake.