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so I made a major rookie move and when posting the ask that this was requested in had it set to a private reply. What a fucking idiot. So anyways, here’s this! sorry this took so long sweetheart! I’ve been trying to figure out how to write it in a way I’m comfortable with?? No shade in any way on what you requested, but that kind of thing just doesn’t sit well with me and personally I kind of block all that kind of thing out - no reflection on anyone else, this is totally all me - but I hope this is still okay for you! x

Ugly remarks had been fired back and forth for God knows how long, skin raw and buzzing with anger, the remnants of the harsh words thrown at one another lingering on your skin much like splats after a round of paintball except invisible and digging far deeper than any plastic pellet could. However, in the same sense, this was going to leave you both bruised for days. Fighting wasn’t anything new to your relationship. It wasn’t a regular occurrence - jesus, neither of you would survive if you put yourselves through that - but you were well versed in this situation, used to nursing the emotional injuries inflicted from such conflict.

But this had to be one of, if not the, worst one yet. You were both red in the face, even the air around you feeling hot with raw anger pouring from you both like plumes of steam. It had begun with such a remedial issue, you voicing your concerns about him coming home late all the time which soon led to him assuming you had a problem with his lifestyle, regardless of the how’s and why’s you’d both been so desperate to let out some of your frustration that the temptation of screaming it out had beckoned to you like the flick of an index finger, both blindly following the path it led you down. Except this time it looked like you both went so far you’d left the beaten path. This time both of you were getting personal. Unnecessarily so.

“You don’t fucking understand what it’s like!” He barked, hands wild in their gestures as his chest heaved with the force he was exerting with every syllable. “I’m working my ass off to be the best at what we’re doing, I’m not in this alone you know. This isn’t just my life on the line.”

You crossed your arms forcefully, exaggerating the rolling of your eyes. “Oh boo-hoo, poor little superstar can’t take the pressure of thousands upon thousands of people adoring him, of being invited to - and attending practically all of, I may add - party after party.” You sneered, eyes clouded in malice. “What a shame for you, you know what you’re right. How dare I ask you to come home maybe two nights a week before midnight, how fucking dare I have the audacity to ask you for a little help around here!” You shouted, hands flying out to point to the various boxes that still lay unpacked around you both. Evidently the stress of moving into your first shared apartment as a couple paired with his skyrocketing career was becoming too much but neither side wanted to admit defeat, to kneel down to the other and say you know what, you’re right.

“This is exactly what I mean! That’s not all I do. We work hard and you know it as well as I do, you’ve just got your head shoved so far up your own ass you can’t see it!” He heaved, hands on his hips now as his glare stabbed through you. “Not all of us are happy with working 40 hours a week sitting pretty at a desk and answering the occasional phone call, you know.”

Your jaw physically dropped at his ugly words. He knew you didn’t like your job. He knew you were only doing it to make some money til you worked out what exactly it was you wanted to do with your life. He was also aware of you making jokes about you being nothing but a redundant welcome party to anyone who entered the office. But it was only okay when you made that joke and yet here he was using the very notion you could only make light of through jokes to hurt you.

He was aware of how far he’d pushed it too, his lungs already felt like they were filling up with liquid dread but he panted through it. You’d both egged each other on, speeding past the usual warning signs that brought this disaster to a halt before it all went up in flames. But this time it seemed like you’d both pressed down too hard on the pedal and you were going to run it into the ground, consequences be damned.

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Pitchers Who Rake

Bartolo Colon’s home run may be the best thing we will see until October, but you have to give credit all around the Mets pitching staff for their hitting abilities this season. As of now, they currently rank sixth in the National League in batting average and put together a five game stretch from May 7-11 where they combined to hit .400 (6-15) with two doubles, three homers and seven RBI. This is a monumental improvement from a few seasons ago when they ranked second to last in hitting in the National League (2014).

Before the season, all the talk was about how dominant this Mets pitching staff was going to be on the mound. They have not disappointed, helping the team to begin the season with a 21-12 record, third best in all of baseball. But over the last few games, we’ve all begun to realize they’re no longer an easy out at the plate. Check this out: 

May 7 - Barolo Colon Home Run

May 8 - Matt Harvey RBI double

May 8 - Steven Matz RBI double

The specific games above served as the first time since June 12-14, 1988 that the Mets had a pitcher record an extra-base hit in three straight games. The pitchers to accomplish the feat back in ‘88 were Sid Fernandez, David Cone and Bobby Ojeda.

Noah Syndergaard’s historic Wednesday night on May 11th may have been after the party was started, but he grabbed all of the spotlight with two 400-foot plus homers against the Dodgers in a 4-3 win.

May 11 - Syndergaard two home runs

There is no doubt this pitching staff will achieve some remarkable things this season, but who knew it would also be with the bats.

Excelent Use of Mythic Power

CONTEXT: May, 1867. The Party, after being betrayed by the emperor they worked for, were thrown into prison for 4 years, to which they escaped and found out they are destined to be Mythic Heroes. They attempt to establish a base of operations in a Dwarven Reservation (displaced by the now vilified empire) where they’d be safe. This meant they had to work with the mercenary company that served as their guards for a few jobs.

In the guest quarters, the party allotted time within the bathroom to take care of…needs…and it was the Paladin’s turn. His name is William.

Upon his entry, he heard the sounds of an Airship landing, peering out the window, he sees the ship brandishing the flag of that empire.

I was the GM.

GM: You hear the sounds of an Airship landing in the yard nearby. You peer out the window and see ship, and the flag of Tayloria (the empire) flying above it’s bridge.

William: I masturbate furiously.

GM: Expend a Mythic Power.

Party dies laughing.

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