may 5, 1955

Congratulations ASH, you have been accepted for the role of TILDEN TOOTS ! Make sure to do all of the things on the CHECKLIST and welcome to Legatum. NOTE: From the first read through, we knew that this was the Tilden Toots we had in our minds. We think that you so wonderfully captured the essence of our smol plant child and were able to make them yours as well. You gave him a strong voice overall and we cannot wait to see him on the dash!

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May 5, 1955

In his first major league start, Dodger rookie starter Tommy Lasorda ties a record, throwing three wild pitches in the first inning of the team’s 4-3 victory over St. Louis at Ebbets Field. The future Dodgers’ Hall of Fame manager, in his one inning of work, will be spiked by Wally Moon, covering a play at home plate after throwing one of his errant pitches