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Can you elaborate a little about dex's depression? Like what triggered it and how long did it take Isaac and his close friends to realize? Did he treat it? And in the novella by brianne he has a girlfriend, do you picture him with her as well? And if so how did she comfort him during his tough time (since she's so far away)? Thank you so much

I would like to actually! I might write about it someday because, as you may or may not know, this is a topic that has become very relevant and significant to me. But I’ll try to answer your questions without going too much into detail. 

I picture Dex going a bit downhill in his 2nd/3rd and/or maybe even final year of uni. As we saw from this beautifully charming and painful piece written by Brianne, Dex and Meggie end their relationship in their first year apart from one another. I wouldn’t say that triggers his depression, but I would say it’s something he reflects on a lot when he’s in the throes of it–he had two long-term girlfriends in a row (one before Meggie), and then after that, he decided to take a break from commitment for a while and be a bit more casual with relationships. And while parts of that were fun, he really did miss being in a relationship and having someone he could rely on in that way–so that was a part of it, and he did think of Meggie a lot during this time, but never reached out to her.

Isaac was the first one in the Fitzpatrick-Styles family to realize something was not quite right with Dex, but he wasn’t the first overall. Dex’s childhood bff Romy attends the same uni and, while she and Dex tried to find their own separate paths for a while (esp. that first one or two years), they always checked in on each other, went for coffee/drinks, had each other over for dinner, went to a movie, etc. once every couple weeks or so. While Dex’s uni friends may have been “too” close to the situation, seeing him every day and therefore not necessarily witnessing a gradual decline in his spirit, Romy noticed a change almost instantly. It didn’t take Isaac much longer to find out, as he’d spend the weekend at Dex’s place every so often and they’re fairly regularly in touch, so when Dex sort of dropped off the map and stopped making efforts to see him, Isaac knew something was not right. 

As for whether he treated it or how he managed it, I think I’ll withhold that information in case I decide to hunker down and write the story that’s currently clanging around in my head!