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May 4th - Star Wars Day

I didn’t have strength today for a group picture like I usually do for this occasion, so please have this loth-cat and his small padawan friend Ezra Bridger! I picked these two for a reason, because they remind me of why I love Star Wars. It’s for a vast variety of things, but a big factor is how the heroes’ biggest strengths are compassion and understanding.

(I also enjoy the family dynamics, quiet moments in between epic adventures and the quirky alien creatures.)

May the fourth be with you!

366 dias. 366 dias se passaram  com lágrimas, saudades, angústias, raiva, ódio e decepção. 366 dias se passaram com saudades, amor, sorrisos, desejo, desculpas e perdão. 366 dias de brigas, escolhas, erros, acertos, reencontros, tropeços e recaídas. 366 dias se passaram.
Quanto vale 366 dias? “Um ano bissexto”, alguém dirá. Mas para mim, valeu muito mais. 366 dias se passaram, e nós os passamos separados - mais do que a soma de todos os dias que passamos juntos.
366 dias se foram e nos perdemos, mas eu me encontrei. Desses 366 dias, 183 ainda esperei por você e aguardei e guardei aquele beijo que em minha mente seria o recomeço. Nos outros 183, eu resolvi recomeçar.
Quanto vale 366 dias? Para mim valeu a minha redescoberta, o meu amadurecimento, minha transformação de menina para mulher. Foi um percurso longo, sinuoso, com lágrimas e sorrisos, mas um percurso que valeu a pena. Nesses 366 dias, me tornei uma pessoa melhor, com outros valores e prioridades, e uma delas é ser feliz.
E pra você, quanto vale 366 dias?
—  Thalia Gonçalves 

Happy new year, everyone!

Here’s hoping you all have an amazing turn of the year and may the next 366 days bring you nothing but happiness and success! We have tons of new stuff coming from Rick Riordan in the near future (Demigods & Magicians, The Hidden Oracle, The Hammer of Thor, etc), so bring on 2016! We can’t wait to share it all with you guys! =D

(Ridiculously adorable Percy/Annabeth fanart by @thecottonproject!)


133:366-May 12-Victorian Splendour by karen Dunne
Via Flickr:
I love these old Victorian style homes but I can honestly say I would not want to be the one painting this one. Agassiz BC

5.1.16 (68/366) - May Day Sunset

Here’s the thing about photography. This photo looks so peaceful and isolated but there are so many things going on that you would never know. There were “no trespassing” signs all over this stretch of the bank. Just below the tree to the left were about 6 dudes down by the water drinking beers. Just below me to the right was another guy fishing with his dog. Here we all were, taking in the river “illegally”. But this photo captures none of that. Only the magic of the sunset.

Project 366 151/366

Splash Calamansi!


I’m done with enrollment so I can now pronounce myself as an official senior student.  I encountered less hassle with the enrollment process but you must exclude the issue about our tuition fee’s sudden increase without prior notice. Damn miscalculation!

I had a lunch with myself at McDo-RobPlaceMla. It took me two hours before I arrived home. Magallanes traffic made passengers go mad. Thanks to the lovely novel Jane Eyre ‘cause it saved me from intense stagnant boredom.

Fourth year na 'ko! Hep hep hooray!