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Three letters - two handwritten and one typed - written by George Harrison in reply to a fan, Dianne, in 1963. Along with the letters, Bonhams is also selling autographs, three unpublished photos (taken by the fan in Worcester, presumably on 28 May 1963) - including this one of George - and two ticket stubs.

The letters read:

Dear Dianne,

Thanks for your letter. I haven’t really got much time to answer, but I thought I had better try now, otherwise I’ll never do it.
My brothers are Peter 22 Harry 25
parents Louise and Harry
Car Ford Zephyr.
Harry and the box are friends of ours. no favourite food in particular.
Cheerio love from
George Harrison
(John is married and has been since before we started making records.)

* * *

23rd July, 1963
Dear Dianne,

Thanks for your letter and also the jelly babies which John and I ‘scoffed’. As I ate most of the jelly babies the others said I should write to you.
Unfortunately, as we receive thousands of letters each week, it is extremely difficult for us to read through all of them never mind reply to them all, as much as we would like to.
We really appreciate your comments concerning our group and as the reception we received at Worcester was ‘fab,’ we hope that it won’t be too long before we will be able to come again.
I am enclosing life-lines of the four of us which might interest you.
John, Paul and Ringo send their love.
Best wishes,
P.S. Sorry the letter had to be typed but we are extremely busy.

* * *


Dear Dianne,

Thanks for the letter. I taught myself to play the guitar, my car number is L.T.U. 409.
I can speak a little German. My parents names are Louise, and Harry, and I have visited Germany, Spain + Holland.
Billy Fury must be 23 too!