may 15th 2013


Table Talk: Selfies, Virgins, & Meg’s Sexy Poster!!

One Week until #Earl Harlan Week!

Yep, it’s that time of year again, almost time for the 3RD ANNUAL #EARL HARLAN WEEK

#Earl Harlan Week is a week where we celebrate minor Welcome to Night Vale character Earl Harlan and the anniversary of his first appearance in the 23rd episode of Night Vale “Eternal Scouts” released on May 15th, 2013 .

Want to participate? It’s easy:

  1. Make stuff featuring Earl Harlan
  2. Post it during the week of May 8th - 15th
  3. Tag it with #Earl Harlan Week

As always, #Earl Harlan Week celebrations are inclusive of ALL types fanworks, and all headcanons and pairings featuring Earl.

If you find yourself in need of some inspiration, there are once again this year theme days. Of course, you may choose to completely ignore these, and may post whatever you’d like on whatever day of the week you wish.

The #Earl Harlan Week 2016 Theme Days are:

  • Sunday, May 8th - Orange Milk
  • Monday, May 9th - Nineteen
  • Tuesday, May 10th - Scoutmaster
  • Wednesday, May 11th - Roger
  • Thursday, May 12th - Sous Chef
  • Friday, May 13th - Tiramisu
  • Saturday, May 14th - Something
  • Sunday, May 15th - Earl Harlan Day!