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Twenty-One Questions - Peter Parker

Words: 6,320 (sorry its super long, I got carried away)

Warnings: Unedited, very mild makeout session (;

Paring: Tony Stark’s Daughter x Peter Parker

The Avengers compound was quieter than normal Saturday night. The television flickered in the corner as the men switched flipped back and forth between NFL games. Natasha and Wanda chatted amongst themselves ignoring the sporting event like it was their job. Shouting resulted to a bare minimum much to the surprise of the young teenager propped on the kitchen bar stool. Peter Parker had been apart of the Avengers for a little over three months and never in his time apart of the team had he witnessed them so lifeless. The Avengers slumped around like deflated balloons lacking interest in all activities.

A soft sigh fell from Peter’s soft lips while he pushed himself off the metal seat. His warm brown eyes fell to the watch fasten around his wrist. 10:06, Aunt May would expect him home by midnight but with the lack of activity, calling it a night didn’t seem like such a horrible option. Peter was use to hating the time that rolled around when he was forced to take the long haul back to his apartment. The train rides were sketchy, the walk in the cold was gruesome, and the local New York civilians had a tendency to be the most bitter people in the world. But out of all the things Peter hated about having to leaving the tower, Y/n was by far the most.

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Chissà come finiremo io e te, magari non finiremo mai e lo spero tanto.
Magari resteremo insieme, cosi da aiurarmi a crescere, a rialzarmi quando crollerò, proprio come io faró con te, sempre.
Ho fatto errori con te e mi sento mancare al solo pensiero, errori che spero un giorno tu potrai perdonarmi totalmente. Continuerò a lottare per noi, cercando di rimediare e non scivolare più via da te. Farò follie per te in ogni istante della mia vita.
Sei la persona più importante della mia vita, spero solo tu te ne accorga e se non è così vuol dire che te lo dimostrerò, dandoti tutta me stessa ancora di più di adesso.
Tutte le volte che abbiamo litigato, un pezzo del mio cuore si staccava e mi lasciava un vuoto dentro bruttissimo, ma mai una volta, questi litigi mi hanno allontanato da te.
Il sentimento che provo per te è così forte e non ci sono parole per poterlo spiegare, non c'è modo da poterlo esprimere, semplicemente posso dire di aver scoperto cos'è il vero amore, quello come nelle favole e mai nessun litigio ci allontanerà.
Mai nessuno mi aveva preso così tanto..
Per me non conta solo il presente, ti vedo anche nel mio futuro.
Mi immagino io e te a vivere in una casa calda e accogliente.
Lontano dal resto del mondo, solo io e te. Mi immagino, noi due sul divano abbracciati, con una coperta addosso a guardare film horror.
Mi immagino litigare come dannati e poi vedere il tuo sorriso e abbracciarti forte forte chiedendoti scusa.
Mi immagino io e te, in quelle sere di piogga, dove si sente solo il rumore della pioggia, i nostri respiri e i nostri cuori che battono all'unisono.
Magari si, è solo un sogno di una ragazzina, ma è  tutto ciò che voglio da questa vita.
Ho provato ad immaginare una vita senza te, ma tutto mi è sembrato incompleto.
Ho provato a resistere al pensiero di lasciarti andare, perché sono consapevole che certe volte ti faccio più male che bene, ma non riesco a lasciarti andare via del tutto, perché tu ormai fai parte di me, nonostante sia passato poco tempo, mi sembra di conoscerti da una vita.
Credimi, tutto è incompleto senza te..💔🔚

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12x15 Picspam Episode Vomit

Mannnn. Dean hasn’t been thrown into anything in a long, long time. Pretty sure Yockey was the last one to do it. C’mon, guys. I’m jonesing.

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Ted Bundy Victims - Washington State

Karen Lee Sparks (21) - 4325 8th Avenue NE, Seattle

Date : January 04, 1974

Ted battered Karen while she was asleep in her bed. She was found the following evening by her roommates. She suffered internal injuries and brain damages but she survived. (no picture available)

Karen’s room after the attack.

Linda Ann Healy (21) - 5517 12th Avenue NE, Seattle 

Date : February 01, 1974

Ted abducted her from her basement bedroom. Her skull was found on Taylor Mountain, 20 miles east of Seattle. Ted dismembered her head and took it home. Forensic indication : bludgeoned. Linda was the morning voice of radio listeners. Every morning she announced the ski conditions for the west Washington area.

Donna Gail Mason (19) - Evergreen State College, Olympia

Date : March 12, 1974

Donna disappeared between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm that night as she was on her way to a jazz concert on campus. Her body was never found. Ted told Bob Keppel that he burned her skull to ashes in Liz’s fireplace.

Susan Elaine Rancourt (18) - Central Washington State College, Ellensburg

Date: April 17, 1974.

Ted abducted Susan around 10:00pm that night. She was on her way to a meeting at Munson Hall and was planning to see a German movie afterward. Her skull was found on Taylor Mountain.

Roberta Kathleen Parks (20) - Oregon State University Campus, Corvallis

Date : May 06, 1974

Ted abducted Roberta around 11:00pm that night. The circumstances of her abduction are unknown. Ted probably lured her to his car. Her skull was found on Taylor Mountain.

Brenda Carol Ball (22) - Flame Tavern, Burien

Date : June 01, 1974

Brenda was seen at the Flame Tavern by people who knew her where she stayed until closing time at 2:00 am. She was last seen on the parking lot speaking with a handsome brown-haired man who had his arm in a sling. Her skull was found on Taylor Mountain.

Georgeann Hawkins (18) - Seattle University District

Date : June 12, 1974

Georgeann was known as George by her friends and had a Spanish test coming up. That’s the informations Ted learned during the time Georgeann was in his car. Ted lured her by using a briefcase and some crutches. She agreed to help him carry his briefcase to his car, which she did. He then knocked her unconscious with the crowbar. He dumped her body at the Issaquah site.

Map drawn by Ted of her dump site.

The afterward of the murder.

Janice Ann Ott (24) - Lake Sammamish State Park

Date : July 14, 1974

Janice was a juvenile probation caseworker at the King County Juvenile Court in Seattle at the time of her disappearance. Ted was seen by multiple witnesses talking to Janice on the beach. She followed him willingly to his car to help him with his sailboat after asking him if there was room for her bike. Skeletal remains were found at the Issaquah site.

Newspapers articles related to her disappearance.

Denise Naslund (19) - Lake Sammamish State Park

Date : July 14, 1974

Denise was at the park with her boyfriend and a few friends that day. She was accosted by Ted to the toilet block only a few hours after Janice Ott abduction. She was last seen around 4:30 pm, leaving with a man. Remains were found at the Issaquah site.

Newspapers articles related to her disappearance.

Utah State Victims

i smell like puke and perfume (prom night)

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Why I love… Amber Riley
Sure, she has screen presence, but it’s her voice that is truly arresting
By Bim Adewunmi

Contrary to the bombastic voiceover at the start of reality TV music competitions, we know that finding that one-in-a-million star is… rare. Most talent show alumni get a couple of money-making years if they’re lucky, or eke out a C-list existence. Then a tiny act surprises us by rising to incredible heights. Enter American singer and actor Amber Riley. She performs as if she was born on stage.I didn’t even know Riley, 31, had tried her luck on American Idol (at 17, she didn’t get past the audition stages), butI remember seeing her on musical TV comedy-drama Glee. Riley played talented-but-overlooked Mercedes for six years, covering all the greats, from Whitney Houston to Aretha Franklin. I loved Mercedes, especially because she got relatively little affection from the Glee fans.

Sure, Riley has screen presence, but it’s her voice that is truly arresting: warm like honey and ginger tea, joyful like babies’ laughter. Whisper it, but her cover of Aretha’s Ain’t No Way has kinda usurped the original for me.

In 2013, she took part in the US version of Strictly, Dancing With The Stars, and won (the first black woman to do so) with a samba and a quickstep. A couple of years later she charmed on TV as Addaperle, the good witch of the north, in the classic musical The Wiz. Her voice sounded better than ever.

In 2016, she came to the London stage, playing Effie White in Dreamgirls (she’d sung Effie’s signature song, And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going, years ago, on Glee). Naturally, and excitingly, she’s just won her first Olivier. I imagine it won’t be her last.