Owyn and her squeaky boobs!

Story behind this: I was talking to Owyn on the phone earlier today and she needed to use her hands to fold laundry. So she put me on speaker and stuffed the phone in her bra. Thus, whenever she moved I would get an earful of squeaky boobs. And this came to be! 

Ignore my crappy first attempt at making a GIF. XP


Swiggity Swotherone,

I made another one.

PJ tells about the last time she went to KFC


Line art: Owyn
Colouring: Maxy

I have a thing where I like colouring in my friend’s line art when I’m bored even though I know I suck at colouring. The 2P Fem!England and Snake England is obviously not done, but my tablet broke and I can’t finish it at the moment. I also don’t like how any of them came out, so I will probably go back and redo them when I get a new tablet. Enjoy the crappy colouring.